Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Meet Sunny (Oh, and hello)

Oh hello. 

So it's been awhile.  I think about this space every now and again, and consider getting back into the routine of blogging.

But life seems to be so busy these days.  Full of fun and laughter, but also of hard work and concentration.  And those things combine to leave very little time for blogging. 

Although I must admit, opening up this screen made me smile.  More than I expected, if I am being completely honest.  I was going to just post pictures of our newest family member and be done. But damn, this is actually pretty nice.  Being back here. 

So maybe today is the start of something... or maybe it isn't.  I guess time will tell. For today, it feels nice to be back. 

And with that, let me tell you why opened up this window in the first place.  I have pretty big news.  Blogging level news.  The Bio Girl family has grown by one, four legged, very hairy, member.

And we are in love.

Meet Sunny.  She is our new one year old Golden Retriever. 

Henry has wanted a dog for a very long time. But the loss of our sweet Ellie girl hit us hard, plus we had a hard time seeing how a puppy could fit into this crazy busy life we have. 

Then, a few months ago, I learned of service dog training program which needs to place well trained dogs in good homes who weren't a good fit for service dog work.  So we got on the list.  and two weeks ago we got the call that there was a dog available, if we were interested. 

We were interested.  And guys, rarely does one of my crazy ideas work out as well as this one has.  Sunny is such an amazing dog, and we are all falling more in love with her as the days go by. 
So happy Halloween from the Bio Girl family.  I may not be on the blog much anymore, but know all is well.