Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bob Marley T-Shirt

Well the IUI went great yesterday...I guess. Hard to say really. The doctor seemed to think that it went really well. It took all of 30 seconds, so you know...seemed fine to me. I then came home and slept the rest of the day away. I took a nap for a couple of hours, then when Nick and Missy got home we ordered pizza and watched American Idol. After the show Nick cleaned the kitchen and Missy changed the laundry. And I just stayed on the couch. It was lovely.

When Missy came to put the laundry away she held up the old holey t-shirt and said, "Whose is this?" Nick and I both look up, and Nick says "Oh. That's Sarah's". Missy just says "I LOVE it! I wore it to work the other day and got a million compliments on it."I look at it. I had totally forgotten about this t-shirt. I had gotten it as a free gift for filling out credit card applications when I was a freshman in college. Did they have those people set up at your schools? Well, when I was a freshman they were ALL OVER UK. Whitney and I would go around filling out dozens of applications and then be thrilled (THRILLED) with our two free two liters and a free beer coozy. I am pretty sure they ban people from doing this later in my college life because one day, they were just gone. Lurking on the outskirts of campus, but not right outside your dorm room.

Anyway, one day we walked up to a booth that had T-SHIRTS! This was the mother load. Take advantage of my innocent credit and this time you at least give me actual clothing! I am totally in!! So I believe for the mere price of four applications I got this one crappy Bob Marley t-shirt. It already had a little hole in it, but I didn't care. I wore the crap out of this t-shirt that entire year. Nothing was cooler. Nothing. Then that summer Nick and I started going out. He also had a love for the Bob Marley t-shirt, so I let him borrow it. After that I would wear it some, but it had become Nick's. I LOVED him in it. After several more years Nick out grew the old Marley shirt and it made it's way back to me. It was a little more holey now, and very well broken in. I don't think I really wore it after that. Only on lazy days. It had lost it's charm.

Then, last night Missy held it up. The love was back. I hadn't seen it in ages. It old favorite t-shirt! I wanted to tell it, "I have missed you!! I love you!! I will never leave you again!" So today I am once again wearing my Bob Marley shirt. Everyone else might see an old holey t-shirt, but I see a piece of my past. It is by far the best credit card application reward I have ever gotten!

**For the record, we were denied for about 95% of these credit cards because we had no credit to begin with. Still, it isn't a good idea to fill out dozens of credit card app's for a 2 liter...not a good idea at all.***

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Baby

Well it seemed like a good day to post some pictures of the baby we already have! After Boo's shower, Nick and I went over to her and Chris's house to take a look at all her new loot. While there, I managed to snap a few pictures with our perfect baby girl...

Here is her and her Papa And then one of her and her Papa looking at each other with love in their eyes...I have no idea how I even took this picture... And then her and her Aunt BooBoo...and I think Ellie looks a little scared...but the love is there And then of course one with her Mama. Clearly she loves me best (and no she DOES NOT look that happy because her Papa is holding the camera...that love is for ME!)

That's it. Wish us luck and keep us in your thoughts and prayers around two o'clock!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Shower!!

My sister Boo is getting her little girl from Guatemala really that means it was time for a baby shower! my little sister Missy, my aunt Mrs. Who, and my cousin Liz (who made an adorable video with her pic's from the shower and managed to get WAY more people photographed) all went in together to throw her a great shower. Here are some pics from the weekend festivities...

The Mama to be!

The Shower room all set up before guests arrived...see all those balloon's....those are a driving hazard. Also, see the little tiny cups of m&m's holding them down? (I know you can't I just want to mention them)When Missy and I went to get those (in all the cute baby colors because seriously, who wants the classic?) we managed to fill up three big bags in order to fully fill the baby bottles we had as center pieces...the the guy said "Your total comes to $78" with a big grin. I yelled "FOR M&M's!!!! I am sorry buddy. You are going to have to put all those back. He did look horrified. I can see why...being that we had managed to mix to colors up really well...and they all had to be separated out...te hehe...but seriously $78!!
Back to the shower pictures and not me ranting...Here is my perfect mom and my sisters...and me, clearly
And my mom-in-law and sister-in-law...and me. A repeating theme in all pictures I take...

My Nana isn't big on having her picture taken, but I got one of her! Here is her and my aunt both looking wonderful!

And then we have the three generations of Gerish. (I am almost sure that is the right name. Totally could have made that up)

Little Missy with her two best friends Mandy and Becky. (As I wave feverishly at Mandy...who is a bio girl reader)

A good picture of Boo and Rhi

me and Boo showing off the adorable Bengal's attire that my dad got baby Avery!

The ZPO's

And finally the ZPO's and the ZPO mama's. I just love this picture

That is basically it for my pictures. Sorry to all people not pictured. I do love you and was so glad you were there!! I just forgot to get the photographic evidence...Boo, we love you and can't wait for you to bring sweet baby Avery home!

Friday, April 25, 2008

IUI #2

Well it looks like we are a go for IUI #2! I am so excited. I just had this feeling that my right ovary was on the fritz and that was why I had the month of no ovulation back two months ago. Apparently that fear is not correct because I am indeed ovulating! I am actually ovulating two eggs again, one from each side this time. For some reason I feel that this increases our odds. I do not think it actually does at all, but the idea that there is one coming from each direction makes me feel like I am covering more area...

Also, he said my cyst has shrank down to much smaller than it was last month. He told me it was possible it was because of the cyst that I had all the early bleeding last month, and he was very pleased to see that it was going away. Anyway, I will be giving myself my shot on Sunday (or I might have Boo do it this time. When I went to have lunch with Nick after my appointment I asked if he wanted to give it to me and he looked horrified....I took it as a no.) and then we go in for the insemination on Tuesday. Let's hope we get a better result this time!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The One Where I Complain...

I figured if I give the post a title like that, then you might not find all the complaining as know...because you are prepared....

This has been one hell of a week. Actually, I guess it started last Friday on the work front. Our server crashed...and then our back up server crashed. Of course we were assured that THAT would never happen in a million years. It is hard to even describe how dependent the lab is on the computers. I would say just as dependent as most of you all are on yours. We keep all client information, all reporting, all results... We use NO PAPER. We start tests, end tests, and file all within the magical untouchable server. has been a special week. The crash happened Thursday night. We got the computers back Tuesday evening. The fact that it went over a weekend helps most of the lab, but the Bio lab works weekends. A requirement when you work with things that are alive...

Anyway, we had about a million pieces of paper that had to have the data transferred into the system. It was incredibly time consuming. Then we of course have all the work that was not getting done because there was just no reporting. It has been....a serious task. We have been taking loads of stuff home, and as of ten thirty last night we are nearly there. Just in time too, because tomorrow is my Friday off, and after a week like this, a three day weekend is a must!

So, to add to my complaining post...just while I am getting it out there...I am now doped up on Clomid again. I have actually already taken all the pills and go in tomorrow for the ultrasound to see if I am ovulating. (Fingers crossed!!!!) Amazing how fast time goes when you start early, and are incredibly busy. I cannot believe I am back around to our next complaints there!

Anyway, with the Clomid comes the hot flashes. The new problem....with the spring comes the allergies. With the allergies comes the sneezing.....with the sneezing comes....THE HOT FLASHES. So, imagine me sitting there, nose red and running. Nose skin flaking a little where I CANNOT STOP BLOWING IT. Eyes running, making weird noises out of the back of my throat to get that little tickle...and then, just for fun...I am bright red and sweating. Nearly in flames. It. Is. Terrible. Seriously, sneeze...*woosh of heat*. blow nose. Wait five minutes. Repeat. I am now on allergy medication, so it is getting better. Plus, with the Clomid done, I should be going back to normal soon. Just felt the need to get it out there that I am a little miserable...tomorrow can not come fast enough for me!

**Oh, and just be be an even bigger baby, I burnt my finger last night when I was taking the BBQ chicken off the grill and now I have the huge blister right in the crease of my pinky finger. Yes I was a dork for grabbing the meat thermometer while it was scorching hot, but I am afraid of uncooked chicken...and apparently I paid the price...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So Lady Like

So last night Nick and I were laying on the couch. I tell him I am heading to bed, that my allergies are killing me and I just need to lay down in the nice dark room. I guess my mention of my allergies reminded him of the night before, because he gets tickled. He then tells me that he woke up on the couch that night around 2:30. He went to get up and come join me in the bed when he realized what had actually woke him was me. Snoring. In the bedroom. With the door closed.

That's right people. I was snoring so loudly that it actually woke him up in the other room. He was so ticked trying to do an impression of what I sounded like. I wanted to say he was being ridiculous, that there was NO WAY it was that loud, but then when I think about had to be some serious snoring to wake him up...IN THE OTHER ROOM! I argued that it is only because my allergies are so bad! That I don't always snore like that! He seemed unconvinced. He said he would just plan on sleeping all night on the couch this time...I am a picture of grace and elegance...lucky Nick.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Pictures

Well, I had to go and talk up these pictures from the weekend, and then I go to load them and I have like five...and only from the one party. None at all from my sisters party...bad bad sister. Anyway, here are a few pictures to keep you all and the girls. You can see my adorable new purse from Boo's party there on my shoulder...of course it is all wonky in this picture...because that's how I roll...Then we have Charing and Scott....although you cannot tell here, Scott did enjoy the party!Me and Tarp...what adorable Biologists...Me and Jim...not sure why I didn't find it important to actually take a picture of Tarp and Jim together, rather than each with me....I guess I felt that I was the most important requirement of these photographs....

And finally, me and Drew. At the last minute Drew yells "WAIT! Chins up! Chins up!!" I believed this was to be sure we did not have double chins in the picture. Drew looks fine, but I seem to have a distractingly long neck which I never noticed before...I think I will risk the chin down from now on...

So, that's it. A little bit of a let down, right? Sorry I didn't take more pictures. I will try to do better. All in all it was a great weekend. Saturday Nick and I did most of our planting. We need to pick up some more mulch, but the front and back yard are really looking great. I will try to get some pictures up of that soon!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I had an great night last night. Nothing like earth moving happened (by the way, did you all know there was a earth quake? Of course you did because, unlike me, you actually watch the news. I only knew because it woke up Charing...not that is has anything to do with anything...). Anyway...last night. I will tell you all about it. Tomorrow...maybe. Depends when I get some pictures loaded. What I will tell you now is that I am so happy that it is finally spring. I went to two parties last night. TWO! On a Friday night!! Not to sound crazy old, but that is a lot for me on a Friday night. I am more of a dinner and movie Friday night gal.

The story for today, because you know how I love to share my humiliation with you all...occurred at the second party. Tarp and Jim (I am pretty sure I have some new readers joining the ranks, so I will tell you Tarp is my good friend from work and Jim is his boyfriend) had their first summer party. They have great parties. They have this roof top deck, which is perfect for big crowds. There were about 50 people up playing, dancing, merriment all around. The party was a "Margarita Mania" Party, know...everyone was enjoying themselves.

I was the designated driver. I was not drinking. Okay, I had one Margarita (obviously) but I was totally sober. And I decided I had to go to the bathroom. I headed down the rather steep stairs to get back to the main part of the house. I was...lets say...five steps into the 20 step stairs, when it happened. Oh lord people. It was bad. I lost control. My right foot slid off the step and flew (FLEW!!!!) into the air. I did the bump-bump-bump down five or six stairs with one foot in the air(looking marvelous I might add with the new pedicure and with sandals on for the first time this season) and the other bent down acting as a torpedo as it hurtled me down the stairs. I was out of control. My arm was up it the air...grasping for something...ANYTHING. I finally grabbed on to the rail with both hands, and totally spun around in the other direction. I came to a stop. I was alive.

Let me tell you, had I actually been drinking last night, this would have been a TERRIBLE fall. It was on the brink of terrible, even when I was able to focus all of my concentration on staying upright. As I sit here writing, I can tell you my back is ACHING because I pulled something when I spun around....I was shaking. I kinda wanted to burst into tears. My arm was stinging where it scraped across the wood banister. There was blood. BLOOD! (okay, not a lot of blood...but a little...) I looked back up the stairs and saw Scott...he just said (wide eyed) "ARE YOU OKAY????". "Fine!!" I say. Smiling. "HAHAHA...I almost fell...HAHAHA...not big deal!!" I couldn't say, "My GOD. Did you see that? I could have DIED! Look at the blood on my arm!! My back!! My aching back!!" I didn't say any of that. I just laughed. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it...I didn't want to be MORE embarrassed... but seriously, looking back on it, it was one hell of a close call!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sleeping Arrangements

I did take a pregnancy test this morning. It was unquestionably negative. This is not the point of the post...because there is not much more you can say about a negative test than "yep...negative". Obviously it was not a surprise, and I am really okay. Just happy to know and be able to move on to the next cycle! a total change of subject...

So this was going to be worked in to the 100 Things post, but I just ran out of numbers. That's what I get for stretching things out I guess....obviously it isn't even one of the really good ones, or I would have made sure to work it in...makes you want to keep reading with baited breath, right?

So, here goes...Nick and I do not have assigned spots in the bed. We totally rotate. Not like each night we say, "Okay, my turn on the left!". It is more like, "oh, you are getting up first in the sleep by the alarm clock", or "I wanna watch TV...switch me sides". We used to have set sides in our old room, but once we got the king size bed, it all just went to pot. I think it actually started because he was a little jealous of my side. I would find him rolled over and sleeping in it when I got out of the shower...and he told me he always slept over there when I was out of town. So, eventually I was like, "Do you want to switch?" I guess the switch never really stuck...because now both sides are totally up for grabs.

As a second odd note on sleeping in this house, Nick is currently asleep on the couch. He fell asleep there, and just stayed. We will both sleep on the couch on a regular basis. We used to try to get each other up, but it just seemed...pointless. If we wake up and want to get in bed, then we will! Mind you, when you are the second to bed, you never know which side to climb in on...but that is just a hazard of refusing to pick a side...anyway, we have one of those foam mattress beds, so honestly half the time I think he has stayed on the couch, just to find him sleeping right there when I roll over...I just didn't feel him get in the bed. I am not sure why this has recently struck me as so odd, but it has. Don't most people have "there side"? I know my parents do. I guess to each their own...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You All are Great

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, emails and phone calls. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many people in my life and through my blog who care about me and want this to work for us. I had a really annoying day, and you all made it a little easier to handle.

When I woke up this morning I was bleeding more, so I went ahead and called the doctor. Being that it is day 26, I figured a blood test might be accurate enough now, so I could stop with all the guessing. I told the nurse that I was still spotting, that it was getting heavier, and that I hoped they could tell me something. She said for me to come right in for a blood test. I was so excited! I would actually know. Now, I will say I was a little frustrated they hadn't told me on Monday that I did not actually have to wait until Friday, but still...they could just end the debate in my head TODAY.

I go it, get the test run, and head to work. I end up calling them around 1:30 and they tell me the test was negative. I say, "So that is final, even with me only at day 26?" and the nurse says, "WHAT? You are only on day 26?? this blood test is pointless! The earliest a blood test will go positive is day 28. I assumed you were further along."

That's right. My nurse just ASSUMED I was past day 28. I talked to her on Monday and told her my days, and I made the mistake of ASSUMING she remembered...or maybe that she would have glanced at my chart. Anyway, she told me to just keep waiting, and to test...on Friday. Riiiiggghhht. By the end of the day I was feeling really shitty....body aches, nausea, terrible back aches. All signs that I am starting. Then...I started. No more spotting. Period. The doc said even if I really look like I start, that he still does not want me on any pain meds until I can test on Friday. Just to be sure. I am home now feeling emotionally drained (I could cry right now...okay, I am actually crying right now...but just a little) and aching all over. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for us. Keep those fingers crossed that next month might work out a lot better! I am going to lay down...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Over...I Think...

This post is most likely way to much personal information for most of you. If you do not find the details of WHY I believe this pregnancy attempt to be over, then you may just want to skip on down to the post of the girl thinking I am 18, or just come back tomorrow....also, I am a fan of the intro paragraph in italics..makes it seem like we are talking about something very important...

Still here? Well, don't say I didn't warn you. I think I am starting my period. I know you are all sitting there thinking, "you THINK?? Wouldn't you KNOW??" and that is a very good question. Unfortunately the answer is no. I started spotting on Sunday (day 23 of my cycle, 9 days after IUI). I was not crushed. I was not in tears. I was honestly shocked. Not that it didn't work, but really that I was bleeding this early. I am a late starter. Day 30-35. This was odd. It went away that day, but then was back yesterday morning...and it was more starting period like. (details details...details that most likely nobody is interested in but me...but if I don't talk about it, it will drive me mad...).

Anyway, yesterday I decided I was in fact starting. The only issue was that the Clomid did say it could cause bleeding, and to take a pregnancy test before I started the pills (day three of new cycle). Extra problem, I know a pregnancy test would not be accurate at day 24 of this cycle. I do know that implantation bleeding also exists, but for some reason I don't want to cry "Implantation bleeding!!" because I feel like that is what all infertile girls think when they start their period. I am really avoiding false hope...but I did call my doctor. I didn't want to start the Clomid if it is just random bleeding. I didn't want to not start counting my days if this is my see the problem. HOW DO I KNOOOOOOW??

Doc says it is not my period. day 23 is way to early. That is, of course, unless it doesn't stop and it does get heavier know...a period. Then it is my period after all and who ever heard of a period on day 23...amazing medical mysteries!! They say all I can do is wait. Take a test in a few days. Cross fingers. Pray. This gave me hope...maybe it IS implantation bleeding!!

The thing last night and this morning rolled on I am still bleeding...lightly, but bleeding. Not enough to call it a period, but enough to know it doesn't seem like a good start to a pregnancy. Plus, my lower back is starting to hurt...a well known sign for me that I am starting. In all fairness I should mention that back aches was also included with symptoms of implantation bleeding...but to be honest, I just don't feel it. Maybe it is me protecting myself, or maybe it is just me being honest, I am not sure. But if my vote counts for something (and it better on my own blog!) then I say we are coming to an end of this first cycle...only time will tell.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A True Story

I am going to tell you a story...but I swear on my life it is true. This happened to me in South Carolina...and although it is not some ghost story ( repeat NOT A GHOST STORY! that would be much more exciting and much more worth writing about...this is just a nothing story...), it still has the feeling of something that is...a little if I have filled in the blanks with what I believed someone to be thinking rather than what they actually said...this is not the case. This is the exact conversation as it happened...

So I am out shopping with my MIL, her sister, and her sisters daughter. The four of us are enjoying ourselves, having a pleasant day and what not. We decide we are hungry so we run over to Five Guy's for a burger. Five Guy's is just a walk up and order kinda place...which happens to have DELICIOUS burgers. Anyway, we walk up to the register to order, and my MIL and her sis start to argue a little about who is paying. No big deal, but we stand at the register for a few minutes. I am the last of the four of us to order. I walk up, place my order and then step back (I am not jumping into the paying argument...I will happily take free lunch! Plus I never would have won the fight...) So, here is where it gets a interesting...

We had not been talking to the clerk besides to place the order. She is pleasant enough, but there was not chit chat. She was an average sized black girl who was around 18-20. She looks at me and says, "Are you married?!?!" Honestly I am taken aback. Do I not look like marriage material?? I mean, why does she seem so SHOCKED! I tell her that yes, I am indeed married. The conversation went on as follows.

Check Out Clerk: "Really? How OLD are you??"

Me: " Ummm..(takes me a minute to remember sometimes...damn old age) 28"

Lovely Check Out Clerk: " OH MY GOD! I would have guessed you were 18!!"

Me, my MIL, and family: "WHAT?? Well, thank you, but I am indeed 28"

My favorite Check Out Clerk Ever: " Seriously, you look younger than me." Turns to everyone working behind her "She is 28! Don't you think she looks younger than me?? Doesn't she look so YOUNG!" (everyone nods head in family shakes heads in disagreement...)

Me: "Well, thank you! You have just totally made my day" and we walk away.

That's it. The end. For the record. She looked every bit of 18. She looked like she just got out of high school. In NO WAY did I look younger than her. Also, what a weird thing to ask a stranger, right?? We guess that she saw my rings, and was just surprised to see I was married, but STILL. What would she have said if I did say I was 18? I took her aback with my age, so we will never know...but I do know one thing. I will be going back to Five Guy's next time I am in SC...just to see my favorite check out girl again...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

South Carolina Bound

Well, Nick and I are leaving for South Carolina tomorrow. I am going in early to work so we can get on the road at four. His mom is coming with us, so that will be nice. We are actually going to spend time with Nick's grandma (MawMaw) and the rest of his mom's side of the family. Nick's MawMaw isn't your typical grandma, she is...well...out spoken. She will tell you what she thinks all the time. All the time. And then she says "And if you don't like it, I don't give a shit!". She is a chain smoking Yahtzee playing fool. She will be up all hours of the night, drinking sweet tea and telling ghost stories that would make your skin crawl. She is constantly gardening and cooking, and she loves her family fiercely. I love her more than I could ever explain, and I cannot believe we have let a year go by since we last went to visit. As an added bonus, Nick's cousin Matt will be there, and we are really close with him should be a great trip.

Speaking of good old South Carolina, have you all ever been to Sticky Fingers? It is a BBQ place that they have there. I am sure it is in other states as well...I have no idea which ones. What I do know is that they have the most heavenly BBQ I have ever tasted. This is the kind of BBQ you could have dreams about. So, imagine my excitement when I was grocery shopping and I saw that WALMART IS NOW CARRYING THE STICKY FINGERS BBQ SAUCE! Chalk one up for shopping at the large impersonal super store! They have four flavors at Walmart, but I went with the Carolina Sweet. We grilled chicken last night...oh lord. It was amazing. AMAZING! Now that I think about it, the timing might not have been the best since I am now going back to SC, and could have just gone to the restaurant, but whatever. It was delicious. You should pick some up!

So, anyway, sorry for the Sticky Fingers commercial...I'm hungry. I guess I am out of here. I don't think I will be posting tight on time. I know I wont be posting is South Carolina. MawMaw does not have next week!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So I had to move my focus. I had to find something else to think about. There was just no way the next two weeks could be "what-if" focused. I mean, this is THE FIRST ATTEMPT. I would like to believe that it will get easier if it doesn't work. That I will then go back to knowing it is hard, knowing it doesn't just work for everyone. I am just not sure. What I do know is this time it is hard. Anyway, my substitute obsession...I am planning Boo's baby shower! She has found out that they will be going to get their little girl really soon, so it was time for a shower so she can get everything she needs! Me, Liz, Mrs. Who, and my sister Missy are all throwing her an in town shower. My sweet mom is throwing her a family shower as she will have a couple of Avery focused weekends!

I didn't realize I was spending so much time thinking about the shower until last night. Liz made these amazing invitations, which Missy and I got addressed last night. Then we went and picked out all the decorations. Sounds normal, right. Not for me. I went to bed, and I COULD NOT STOP thinking about it. " would be cute if we..", "what about....", "I bet we could...". I am so excited to be working on it. I am so excited with how well it is coming together. Nobody deserves a perfect baby shower as much as Boo. Plus, I am so happy to have the distraction...the only problem...I was so tired. SO TIRED, and yet I could not turn off my mind. "Shower". As long as my days have felt lately, and slow as time seems to be moving, can't a girl catch a break and actually be able to fall asleep before three in the morning??

Monday, April 7, 2008

Some Sort of Topic...

Seriously, can anyone give me any topic to think about, talk about or write about besides the "I have twelve days before I can take a pregnancy test" topic. I mean, that is going to get really old. Twelve...eleven....oh look, I didn't post, so now we are down to nine. God, I am annoying to myself, but I swear that is all my mind can think about right now. It shoots back and forth from, "Well now, don't get your hopes know the odds" to " But it is possible" to "but you can't do anything for twelve more days so just stop thinking about it!!"

So, I will try to not obsess on it. Really. I am going to South Carolina next weekend, and that will help to break up the time. I am sure I will get back into my work routine and it will also has just been the last three days off I have had so much time to just think. You know how dangerous that can be!

I did manage to get a few things done in between all the thinking. I took a picture of my new hair! It isn't that exciting, basically like my old hair, but remember, a new girl did it! I have serious anxiety about who touches my hair, so I am so happy she did such a good job...
I actually have some bangs going on, but I was not smart enough to take the picture from the side of my head that those are visible....they are cute though. You are just going to have to trust me on that...also, the roots are not dark, I guess it was just the way the flash hit it. Trust me again, it is all that same color...

Besides diggin' the new hair, I have felt kinda bla this weekend. I want to tell myself that I am sick to my stomach and incredibly tired (like fell asleep on Saturday night at 8:30 kinda tired) due to the obvious pregnancy, but CLEARLY I do know that 48 hours pregnant does not make you tired or sick. I am guessing it is all the hormones I have been on, topped off with the injection on Thursday.

Yesterday Nick and I went out to his dad's house for birthday dinner. That was extremely enjoyable. We grilled out, and then hooked up the Wii so all the kids could play it. We got the entire family involved and it ended up being a really great night. I did manage to stay awake until 11:30, so it looks like my body is getting back on track. That's all I've got for you now...I will really try to think of other things to discuss over the next twelve days...not that I am counting or anything...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great Day

So I was off work yesterday. God I love my Fridays off. It is one of those things I don't think about to often, but what am amazing perk of my job...every third Friday you are off work...amazing! Anyway, my sister Boo did a picture post from yesterday, and since I spent at least half my day with her, it kinda covers what I did too. Plus, her picture post is genius and adorable and totally worth looking at... Now, you might assume I will leave you with that, but you are wrong. Even though parts of my day is captured in pictures, I fill the need to fill in the blanks...AND to use my many many words to tell you about my feelings and all that crap.

So, in order to tell you how the day actually started, I need to back up to Thursday. On Thursday afternoon I went back into the Fertility doc to get my ultrasound to see if I will be ovulating. I have to tell you, I would not have been in good shape if they said I was not. Lucky for everyone around me, I WAS OVULATING! Amazingly enough, my appointment was originally for Friday morning, but I just had this feeling (see, I told you I needed to talk about my feelings) that I was ovulating earlier this month. I called and moved the appointment to Thursday, then felt very stupid because it was only day 13 of my cycle and I had been ovulating on day 19-20. Well, I lay down for the ultrasound and he says, "Oh, you are ovulating tomorrow morning!" HA! Chalk one up for knowing my body (ignore all chalk marks on site of "so sure I know then find out I am totally wrong").

After the ultrasound and the doctors magical calculations he informed me that I was ovulating two (TWO) egg's, and that would increase our chance of conception. He then threw in that on the side with both of the eggs, there was also a nice new cyst. Awesome. He told me to come back tomorrow with Nick for the actual insemination, and that I was going to have to GIVE MYSELF A SHOT as soon as I go pick it up from the pharmacy. That's right people. I gave myself a shot. I actually stuck myself twice before really getting the job done. I would go to do it, then as soon as the needle hit my skin, I would pull back. So I have three tiny needle holes, buy I did finally got it done!

Soooo....yesterday morning Nick and I went and had the insemination done. This means we are officially in our first attempt at a fertility treatment!! We know our odds are so low of this working, but we (I) just cannot help but be a little excited about the idea of maybe...I think I am ready for it not to work, but I am just so hopeful that it does...we will know in a couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed!!

After the doctor I went home to relax for a bit, ran a quick errand for Boo's baby shower (!!!) and then went to lunch with some of my sweet girlfriends. (this is where Boo's pictures kick in for me). We had an amazing time at lunch, then Boo took me and Missy for Manicures and Pedicures. What an amazing sister!! It was exactly what I needed!! After that I actually went and had my hair cut and colored from my new hair girl. I have been with the same guy for YEARS, but decided it was time to find someone new (the main (only) reason is money. I love him, but with all the baby stuff I just needed to find someone who could do it for less). I found her. I love her. She is amazing!! Thanks Shawna for sending me her way!!

Anyway, after the new lovely hair cut, Boo and I went to pick Nick up from work. We were all going to do dinner together, but I was so beat. I guess it was just all the hormones, but I could hardly keep my eyes open. We ended up dropping Boo off, then Nick and I picked up dinner and went home. We watched some TV, I napped, Nick played me music on his guitar, we went and got blizzards at Dairy Queen....basically the perfect in to a nearly perfect if we end up getting pregnant on this day...then it will most definitely go from nearly perfect to completely perfect!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

100 Things

It's true. I am caving under the pressure and doing a 100-things-about-me post. I should throw credit for the mess that is this post to Whitney, who talked me into it, and Mandy, who inspired me with her 100 things on her myspace page (your one about how you ended each prayer in your prayer journal with "and please lord give me a boyfriend..." oh the joy it gives me...). And now to the 100....

1. I am 28 years old.

2. Nick is 27 (as of the 31st).

3. I am actually a year and a half older than him, but he insists on saying that I am two years older from October to March.

4. For this reason I insisted that we get married between March and October when we are only one year apart.

5. I would like to also set this rule for when our children are born, but I am not sure if it is possible...

6. I have always thought the idea of playing an instrument would be cool.

7. I decided in order to achieve this goal I would take up the clarinet in elementary school.

8. Playing the clarinet is not cool.

9. In order to increase the cool factor, I took up the BASS clarinet in middle school.

10. The base clarinet is much more nerdy than the old fashion clarinet. Positively not cooler.

11. I had a fake ID when I was 19.

12. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

13. I only tried to use it one time.

14. When I gave the ID to the clerk, he laughed and said "It's gotta be a picture of you dear..."

15. I was to scared to ever use it again, but I kept it with me just to prove I was cool enough to have one...

16. My little sister folded me up in a hide-a-bed when I was in the 6th grade.

17. She couldn't get me out and we had to call 911.

18. We told everyone that that the couch just folded up and ate me.

19. They were so sure I was all mutilated inside there, but when they opened it I was laying there horizontally with my arms and legs crossed...the gig was up.

20. I started a new school when I was in the second grade.

21. On my first day we were sitting working away...and I accidentally farted.

22. I knew that this was bad. I was the new kid...I would never live it down. I made the decision in a flash...I spun around and said "Ewww Kevin...GROSS!!". Kevin swore it wasn't him, but nobody believed him.

23. Socially, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Boys can totally get away with farting...

24. I was in a gymnastics glass when I was little.

25. At the big end of the year performance my parents sat in amusement as all the other kids did cart wheels....and boo and I were forced to do somersaults (yes I looked it up and that is how you spell it...would have guessed summer saults myself...).

26. We were not in gymnastics the next year.

27. I am left handed

28. I went to several week long, over-night summer camps when I was little.

29. At one camp I actually learned to shoot a bow and arrow. I was excellent at it.

30. I still tell people that I am very good at archery, even though I have not held a bow since I left that camp in the sixth grade.

31. I am the middle child.

32. I have never struggled with "middle child syndrome" as far as I can tell...

33. I currently live in the house my parents owned when I was in kindergarten to second grade.

34. I bought the house from my great uncle when I was a semester away from graduating college.

35. I somehow convinced the bank to give me a loan even though I was totally unemployed at the time.

36. My eye's are a very golden brown.

37. They have been known to look very green when I wear the color.

38. Due to this fact, when I was in second grade and we were making a chart of eye color, I said mine were Hazel.

39. My teacher called me a liar and told me to stop trying to make my eyes more exciting and to put my mark under brown.

40. I have never said I have hazel eyes since.

41. I haven't noticed them looking green in years, and think maybe I was just trying to make them more exciting

42. When I was in the 9th grade I had a vast sticker collection that covered the inside of my locker.

43. In hindsight, I find this age much to old for any form of a sticker collection.

44. I did not get a job until I was nearly 18.

45. When I finally broke down, I started working at a coffee shop here in town.

46. I worked there for four years.

47. Nick and I met while working there.

48. Nick and I have been together for nearly nine years.

49. I am completely and utterly tone deaf.

50. I was in a church choir for three years while in high school, even though I cannot sing (but we danced too, and went on tour to places like you see why I wanted to be in it).

51. At one point in a practice someone was off key (me), so the director went down the row to find out who it was.

52. When he got to me, I burst into tears so I would not have to sing alone.

53. In middle school I tried out for the basketball team.

54. I had no idea how to play basketball.

55. I remember trying to hold on to the girls jersey that I was "guarding" so she wouldn't run down the court so damn fast, and the coach was like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??"

56. I did not make the team.

57. I did manage to make the middle school track team.

58. I went to the county championship in the triple jump (I lost) and I came in first in the mile run during a race.

59. I feel that this small amount of athleticism (that did not continue in high school) allows me to join in when people reminisce about their athletic days.

60. When I speak of my track experience, I rarely mention that it was only in the 7th and 8th grade.

70. My teeth were seriously messed up when I was little.

71. I had this full head gear when I was in second grade (and had it until 5th) that I thought was so cool that I wanted to wear it to school to show it off.

72. I only had to wear it at night.

73. I remember the look of shock on my teachers face when I walked in wearing it.

74. I ended up in braces and had them until high school.

75. My teeth are currently not straight now due to me not being able to ever wear my retainer.

76. The dentist keeps telling me I need to get them back on.

77. I have a deep love of school and learning.

78. In the ninth grade I tried out for a play and got a small roll.

79. This led to me being positive I was going to be famous and move to New York City to pursue my acting after graduation.

80. I had one line in the play and my character was called "witches helper".

81. I am one of those people who says "I love all types of music", but with me it is totally true.

82. I have seen Aerosmith, Bush, REM, Tom Petty (2X), Ben Fold's Five, Garth Brooks (2X), Dixie Chicks (2X), DC Talk, Audio Adrenalin, Counting Crows, Nickel Creek, and many more in concert

83. When I went to see the Counting Crows we ended up breaking down about 100 miles away from the show.

84. We had free towing for up to 100 miles, so we just had the car towed to the concert, which was 4 hours from our home town.

85. We had to stay the night, but there was the little league world series in town, so we couldn't find a room.

86. Finally we found a place that had one room with one king bed, which is where all three of us slept. The concert waas totally worth it.

87. As dorky as I sound in the 100 things, I actually have always had many very wonderful friends.

88. I was always that kinda quirky funny girl...but I didn't know it at the time.

89. When I was in the sixth grade I had a huge project to make and I said I was building a fort.

90. Each day the teacher asked how my fort was coming and I just RAVED about it....but I had not started.

91. On the day it was due, I told the teacher that my dog ate it.

92. She did not buy it, and called my mom.

93. I am a pack rat.

94. When cleaning out my boxes of "keeper" stuff that I had so carefully boxed away all during my childhood, I found things such as empty perfume boxes that I thought were pretty, pieces of blank paper I just couldn't part with, happy meal toys, rubber bands, dried up was ridiculous.

95. If it wasn't for Boo and Nick I would still be terrible about this.

96. My entire life my family has vacationed in Pensacola Florida.

97. I have been many other places, but Pensacola still feels like the perfect vacationing spot.

98. I HATE Bananas. Never sneak them into something, or I will know...and then I will never trust you again.

99. I have a deep desire to see the Arora Borealis in Alaska, so it is on our lifetime to do list to take a cruise there.

100. I have a tendency to cut corners, so you will notice that in this 100 things, I broke nearly each entry into between two and five numbers on the list...I stretch it for all it's worth!!

And that is 100, maybe it was because of the stretching, but it wasn't as hard as I was expecting!...enjoy, and you should all give it a try as well!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick!

Well, this isn't really for Nick seeing as how he doesn't read my blog, but still I think it is worth mentioning that yesterday was his birthday! We went out to dinner with his mom and sister, then Candice and Davis came back to the house for presents and cake. Look at how cute he is with his cookie cake...

The candles are all bunched together because he said I always put them around the circle and they are impossible to get in one breath...he did manage to blow out all 27. We were so proud. I will mention that for a constant lip singer, having to sing "Happy Birthday" with four people is not my favorite thing...

Also, off subject, Happy April Fools! Google almost got me with the entire "Time Stamp" on emails, but the I remembered it was April Fool's...tricky tricky.

Also again, I am working on a 100 Things-About-Me should be up tomorrow. It will be long. Be prepared!