Saturday, April 19, 2008


I had an great night last night. Nothing like earth moving happened (by the way, did you all know there was a earth quake? Of course you did because, unlike me, you actually watch the news. I only knew because it woke up Charing...not that is has anything to do with anything...). Anyway...last night. I will tell you all about it. Tomorrow...maybe. Depends when I get some pictures loaded. What I will tell you now is that I am so happy that it is finally spring. I went to two parties last night. TWO! On a Friday night!! Not to sound crazy old, but that is a lot for me on a Friday night. I am more of a dinner and movie Friday night gal.

The story for today, because you know how I love to share my humiliation with you all...occurred at the second party. Tarp and Jim (I am pretty sure I have some new readers joining the ranks, so I will tell you Tarp is my good friend from work and Jim is his boyfriend) had their first summer party. They have great parties. They have this roof top deck, which is perfect for big crowds. There were about 50 people up playing, dancing, merriment all around. The party was a "Margarita Mania" Party, know...everyone was enjoying themselves.

I was the designated driver. I was not drinking. Okay, I had one Margarita (obviously) but I was totally sober. And I decided I had to go to the bathroom. I headed down the rather steep stairs to get back to the main part of the house. I was...lets say...five steps into the 20 step stairs, when it happened. Oh lord people. It was bad. I lost control. My right foot slid off the step and flew (FLEW!!!!) into the air. I did the bump-bump-bump down five or six stairs with one foot in the air(looking marvelous I might add with the new pedicure and with sandals on for the first time this season) and the other bent down acting as a torpedo as it hurtled me down the stairs. I was out of control. My arm was up it the air...grasping for something...ANYTHING. I finally grabbed on to the rail with both hands, and totally spun around in the other direction. I came to a stop. I was alive.

Let me tell you, had I actually been drinking last night, this would have been a TERRIBLE fall. It was on the brink of terrible, even when I was able to focus all of my concentration on staying upright. As I sit here writing, I can tell you my back is ACHING because I pulled something when I spun around....I was shaking. I kinda wanted to burst into tears. My arm was stinging where it scraped across the wood banister. There was blood. BLOOD! (okay, not a lot of blood...but a little...) I looked back up the stairs and saw Scott...he just said (wide eyed) "ARE YOU OKAY????". "Fine!!" I say. Smiling. "HAHAHA...I almost fell...HAHAHA...not big deal!!" I couldn't say, "My GOD. Did you see that? I could have DIED! Look at the blood on my arm!! My back!! My aching back!!" I didn't say any of that. I just laughed. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it...I didn't want to be MORE embarrassed... but seriously, looking back on it, it was one hell of a close call!

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  1. Mkay, I don't mean to laugh at your expense, but I was sitting here laughing out loud -- getting strange looks from my hubby. The way you wrote it was funny, though I am sorry you were hurt.

    Oh man, that is so something I would have done. At least you looked good doing it!