Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pain Management

My endometriosis is causing me serious problems today. The last two months have honestly been two of the easiest I have had since I was diagnosed several years ago. I am not sure why different months can be so different on my system, but clearly this is the case. I had hopes last month, as a second month in a row of low levels of pain, that maybe something had changed. Maybe I was better. Maybe I was CURED! Not so much.

I knew yesterday. It was becoming clear this was going to be one of the bad months. There is more I can do to handle things when I am home. I can lay on my heating pad. I can take more pain medication. I can sleep. When I am working, things get a little trickier. Today, for instance, there is a delicate balance of taking enough pain medication to be able to numb the pain, and not taking so much as to render me completely out of it and worthless...Tarp finds this line a little amusing...I can't say I blame him. I am just slightly in a fog. Just slightly not here. And when I say this, don't think I am on like thirty pills. I am on two (Risk Taker!! Dare Devil!!). Two is even written on the bottle. take one to two pills as needed for pain. For me, one equals normal me, two equals a me that should be in bed. A me that's favorite word becomes "What?" or, more accurately, "Huh?". Classy, I know.

So, I should be in bed. The meds are giving me this terrible heartburn, which I totally never have and is making me angry, but with them I will make it through this workday. I will get home, most likely cry some (I cannot stop from crying when I feel bad. I can hold it in at work, but it will come out as soon as I get home. I kinda feel like I am about to cry right now...) and fall asleep. I am off work tomorrow, so I just have to finish today. By Monday I will be better... but for now I will just find a way to manage the pain.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Couple of Pictures...

Well, I looked through the hundred and fifty pictures (seriously) that Tarp took of the weekend, and I figured only two were worth posting on here. Mainly because I was only in like five of them, and....well, don't we really only want to see the ones of me?
How great is this picture of me and Charing? Seriously, I am in love with it. Tarp keeps saying what an amazing photographer he is, and I keep ignoring him, but in this one, I think he did great! This is now my new myspace profile pic....because I love Charing.

And then there is this one, that really isn't even that good. I wouldn't have posted it, but it just seemed wrong to have the lone picture of the night out. I am not sure why my head is turned all the way to the side, but I am sure it had something to do with the fact that I took the picture. Were there tons of people around who could have taken it for us? Why yes, yes there were. I need to stop with the addiction to self portraits at some point...

Anyway, that is about all that I have going on. Nick and Missy made an amazing dinner of chicken parmigiana last night. Did you hear me? Nick and Missy made it. And then the two of them cleaned the kitchen. I just might be in heaven.

Monday, January 28, 2008


So here we are, one year in on Bio-Girl. I think back to several years ago when we were cleaning out my parents house. My little sister was going through my closet, and found my diary. She came out of the room with this huge grin on her face. I look up in horror. She begins to read...My mind starts racing. What could I have written?? I don't even remember that diary, but I am sure I poured my soul into it! Oh GOD....thankfully these thoughts were short. The reading did not take long. She clears her throat and says:

"Dear Diary,

I am going to write in you every...."

That was it. I didn't even write out the word "day". This was the only entry into my beloved diary. Oh. Right. Guess there was nothing to worry about after all. This diary entry is commonly quoted in my family when it sounds like I might be getting a little hyped up over something (or anytime just for a good laugh). I have a tendency to get ahead of myself. To get so passionate about something that I am just so sure I will stick to and will totally change my life! Make me a better person, a cultured person, a person with hobbies!

Have I told you that I have a Spanish game and I will be speaking Spanish by the end of the year? Did I mention my art easel I got for my birthday with all my unopened oil paints (but I AM Going to use those!! For sure...just need to clear a place out of the garage for my painting space. then...magic) I am a person full of good intentions, but then commonly life gets in the way. I am busy. I have wonderful friends and family and a husband who I adore and love spending time with. A house that is under construction. Those things call for my attention, therefore taking away the time I need for painting, or Spanish (which I am totally still working on) or a diary...

So when I started writing on this blog it was with a promise to post everyday for a year. This was a joke to myself due to my lofty goals with my last attempt at writing. Big promises, little results. I wanted to write, wanted to record my life. Wanted to share with my family and friends the day to day events that make me, me. I just wasn't sure I would keep up with it. Would life yet again get in the way and this thing that I enjoy move into the category of burden, or annoyance, eventually falling to the side as something I just don't want to mess with? Only time would tell.

So, here we are a year later. I did not post everyday, but I did pretty damn good! Looks like there were 185 posts. 185 times in 365 days that I sat down and wrote. I wrote about the small things and the life changing big things. I wrote of my work and my family. My mistakes and my achievements. My loves, my life, myself. As I look back and read of how I have grown over the last year. My first full year of marriage to the perfect husband, of our baby trials, of surgeries, or heart aches, of my dreams for the future. I look through posts with pictures and just smile. How we have changed even over this one year. And I think, think of how glad I am to have it recorded. I love anyone who reads this blog, but know you are few. This does not bother me. As much as the blog is for you all to share with me, it is for myself. My future self so I can look back and see the stories that would be lost in day to day life. See the pictures of our joys. See the ways that we change, and the ways that we are always the same. Repeating my same problems, but knowing that they define me.

So, thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for being a part of my past year. The one thing I can say is that I have embraced my blog, and I can say with confidence that I am here to stay.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Night Out...and a Movie

Well, I caved. I couldn't help it. I have been out of town...I haven't had time to hang out with my friends...I haven't DONE anything in a while (ignore the post on Chicago with Nancy....that is different). I went out last night. I said I wasn't doing 80's night. Cold, Tired, NOOOOO. Then Charing called. Maybe we could just do a drink....nothing late, nothing big. Just out for a drink. That sounds much more my style!

So I started off last night with Nick, Boo, Chris, Missy and Weston. We all headed out to a Japanese place for dinner. I am always amazed with the good old Hibachi grills. We had a wonderful sister dinner. Once dinner was over we all parted ways. Nick and I went home and Charing came to get me. We ended up at a new bar downtown that was really great. It doesn't really seem like a bar in our city, which is enjoyable. It is nice, but not to nice. It has character. And it has good Cosmopolitans. Always key. We were there early enough to get one of the big tables, so that was awesome. A little later Tarp and a couple of friends showed up, so we had so much fun with them. Tarp was acting as group photographer, so we have many pictures which I will steal and post on here later.

The night was great. We were home by midnight (although Charing and I were basically pulled from the bar kicking and screaming due to the need to pick Morgan up from a movie) and I was able to do breakfast this morning before work. Sounds like a perfect compromise on the evening to me!

Now, on a totally (TOTALLY) different subject. Like so far off the subject I am not sure why I am not putting it into a totally separate post...except it doesn't seem worthy of its own entry...seems like an add on, just maybe this isn't the best post for it to tag on to....oh well. I believe I have over hyped. Here it is...I watched the movie 1408 with Nick, Missy and Tarp the other night. Over hype? Off the subject? Whatever. Have you all seen this movie? Justin told me it was "not scary. I little suspenseful...more like a thriller". lies. LIES. This movies was SCARY. So scary that I kept having to turn my face away. And Tarp kept laughing at the movie...because that is how he handles fear. Between my face buried in the couch and Tarp's giggles I believe that Missy and Nick had quite a show!

Anyway, my problem here is that we watched the unrated directors cut. I don't want to give anything away here, but I have issues when the directors cut has A TOTALLY DIFFERENT END. Like the difference between life and death. That is one hell of an alternate ending! I am cool with a few extra scenes here or there, but don't you think it is to much when the ending is that different? summary...I had fun out at the bar last night...and I am not a fan of alternate endings to movies. The End.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome Weekend

Oh my I am ready for this weekend. Every single day of this week I have opened my eyes and just hoped that I have miscalculated the days and that it is, in fact Saturday. the only problem is that tomorrow...tomorrow I have to work. Sucks, right? The week in Chicago wasn't that bad, it was just a very busy week. A week of work. So, when I got home I felt that I DESERVED a weekend. To bad I have to wait another entire week for one.

I was rolling around the idea all week of going to 80's night tonight. The Pro's: they play all 80's music, it is something different, Charing and Tarp are going. The Con's: It doesn't start until 1am (yes. 1am. Like an hour after midnight), I most likely wont get home until 3am, I work Saturday at 9am, I have plans to have breakfast as Charings at 8am, It is really cold outside, I just want to be lazy for a day or two after my big I am sure you all have guessed that know me well....the laziness won. I might make it next week...or sometime in the summer when it is actually warm, but not this week. Tonight we are going out to dinner. Maybe a movie...who knows. Either way I am so happy that tomorrow when I wake up it will actually be Saturday, even if I do have to work.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Sorry I haven't posted since I have been back in town. Monday night we worked the full day up in Chicago, then hit the road for home. I got back into town around ten. I of course could not just go right to sleep. Not with the new car, the new TV and the new roommate! Nick, Missy and I stayed up late talking about our week and watching some, how I missed home!

The car...the car is amazing. It has been so long since I have had a really nice car (ever??). Wanna see a pic? Thought so...

I am not sure why I didn't take the picture of the ENTIRE car, but for some reason when I was outside the zoomed in angle seemed perfect. Now it is cold, so this is all you get. The rest you will just have to imagine! I will tell you that the car is worried about my safety. Last night when I got in, the screen on the dash said, "Possible Icy Conditions" car loves me already! The radio (actual normal old radio) is also worried about my music knowledge. I will never again have to say "I wish I knew who sang this..." because it scrolls over the dash as well...Title and Artist of every song. Amazing...Plus it has OnStar....which I am never going to pay for, but nice to know it is there for emergency's! Okay, I am sure you all don't care all that much about my car, so I will move on.

Wanna see what else I got while I was away??

I love the TV so much that I am not even embarrassed that I am watching the X-files on the Sci-Fi network on it...okay, maybe when I loaded this picture I did think of taking a new one with the TV off...but laziness won again! I will add that the TV is so realistic that when I took the picture, my digital camera recognized Skully's face as a person in the picture...impressive!

We are loving having Missy here too. I would take her picture, but she is at her internship right now. We always love her being around, so it has been a real joy. Now, she might get a little tired of us and our nerdiness eventually, but for now we are all great. We curled up on the couch last night to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. Nick was all like, "I hear this movie is long. I am the only one of the three of us that is going to see it all!" With an hour left Nick was snoring and Missy and I were hooked! I liked the movie...right up until the end. Now it is haunting me. I don't like when Movies end wrong. Why, people, WHY???

Anyway, now I am sitting at home. (this really is a long rambling post...I should have not waited so long to get back on the computer...) I was sent home from work today due to excessive overtime. I was excited about the large check, but this half day is better...I am getting some laundry done, blogging...watching the X-files. You know, BIG stuff! I do have dinner going. Tarp is coming over to eat with us because Jim is down in Costa Rica having some "work" done. I am not telling secrets here. Everyone knows he is going for some "work". Come to think of it, it might be odd for someone to go away and come back with a younger looking face. I guess you always have to tell... Tarp is going down in a few weeks once he is feeling better, but for now he is home alone. What better day to get sent home early? Now I will seem like an amazing cook, and I might even sneak in a nap. I am so so happy to be home...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This picture kinda sums up our day.

(yes, we were drinking when we took this, and yes we thought we were genius, but I still think it is pretty cool!)

Anyway, we had such a wonderful time with Nancy. I always love being with her, so it was such a treat to have her take Megan and I around town. We took the train in, which was packed with people due to a Cubs event and some other boat show...who the ride was just okay. Nothing wrong with it, just lots of people.

Here is a pic of Megan on the train...once we got seats.

And here is me on the train....

Once we got to the city Nancy picked us up at Millennium Station. She drove us around to see some of the sights by car. It was so very cold there was just no walking around to take in the city. We went to the Sears Tower, then over to see where Nancy works (right across the street from the Tower) then we went by Navy Pier. Once we did the quick tour, we went to Nancy's place so she could get cleaned up. Her apartment is truly amazing. It is very small, which is t be expected for a place right on Michigan Avenue. She lives in a high rise, and all outside walls are totally windows.

Here is a pic of her living room. You can't really see the view, but it is amazing. She is over looking the rider and you can see Navy Pier....really breath taking!

While hanging out I decided I was most definitely going to have to claim Nan's Ugg' my feet didn't get to cold. How cute are they??

We popped open a bottle of wine and ended up hanging out around her place for over an hour. When the wine was gone we decided to bundle up and walk to the Grand Lux Cafe. It was amazing. The owners also own the Cheesecake Factory, which I love, so I figured I would be a fan. We got a table in the bubble room, which is all glass and has a wonderful view of the city. We ate our lunch....then some desert...then we headed out to Lincoln Park for some shopping!
The entire area was full of amazing little shops. We went to 1154 Lill, Which Nancy and I have been talking about doing together for years. It is this amazing little boutique where you pick out all of our own fabric's for your own personal bag. The options are just amazing. They had this beautiful bag design that I am going to make when I go back in the summer. For this trip I just got an adorable new makeup bag. So cute...everyone should go to this shop. I loved it!
Once we were done with the shops we stopped for coffee and more talking. Nancy and I might have overwhelmed poor Megan. She had no idea what she was getting into....she said she had a really good time, and that Nancy and I were very much alike and very entertaining. Glad to put on a good show!After coffee we decided to go over to a little bar in the middle of town for some drinks and appetizers. We sat there for the rest of the evening laughing a talking. Nancy and I were drinking beer, which Megan tried, but just couldn't do. After several discussions with the waitress we got a bottle of Raspberry beer. Imagine our surprise when it came in a wine bottle with three glasses! We loved it! I really need to look for this at home...
Eventually we headed out of the bar. We went back to Nan's place to get our stuff together and she drove us back to the train station so we didn't have to mess with the train. All in all it was a perfect day with my sweet best friend. Tons of eating, drinking, shopping and talking. Who cares if it is cold? Days don't get much better!So while driving out of the city I decided I would be able to take a picture of the night skyline...which was amazing. How much do you think I freaked this woman out?? I am thinking a lot.

***Totally off the subject of my day in the city, but we went to see Juno today. I was not into this movie at all, but then I kept hearing how great it was. I loved it. LOVED IT. Something about it is just so funny and sweet. Totally worth seeing.***

Friday, January 18, 2008

Date Night

Well, the weekend is here, and I have to say it has gotten off to a pretty great start. Megan and I went on a "date" tonight. You know, the classic dinner and a movie. We really are managing to entertain ourselves while on this little business trip! There was one thing that was said at dinner that was...a little disturbing. We were talking about a couple of girls that work in the Chicago lab, and Megan says (totally innocently...noting wrong with it...) that she was thinking the one girl, Sarah (obviously not me, but the Sarah that works here) is more MY age, while the other girl, the other girl was HER age. Hum. Well. You see. Megan is 23. In my head, we are basically the same age. Sure, I am 28, but I mean, we are BASICALLY the same age! Have we moved into two totally separate age brackets?? Charing says I gave myself away as old when Megan ordered a strawberry daiquiri and I ordered a margarita on the rocks...WE WERE HAVING MEXICAN!!! A Margarita on the rocks is acceptable at any age damn it!

After dinner we went to see the movie 27 Dresses. I loved it. It has been a really long time since I watched a romantic comedy that I enjoyed as much as I did this one. I was beginning to think I just wasn't that into them anymore, but apparently I was just needed to go see one of the good ones. Oh my, when they sing Benny and the Jetts... I am still laughing about it sitting here in my room. I kinda want to go and see it again...also, totally off the real subject (do I have a real subject? It is in here somewhere..) the main guy in the movie TOTALLY reminds me of Nick's cousin who comes to see us from South Carolina. Odd when you find a famous person that totally reminds you of someone you know it real life! When I sent him a text after the movie to tell him I found his twin, he said "CYCLOPS???" I inform him that the guy totally has two eyes, and no weird zit or mole or big eye or anything...all reasons for a cyclops nickname in my head....and he the tells me he is the guy from Xmen. Oh right. THAT Cyclops. Yeah, he didn't look anything like Matt in those movies...but in this movie...twin.

Tomorrow we are heading into the city, so I will try to take some pictures while trying to stay warm. I do know that I will have a blast with Nancy. I am excited to see her and excited to spend some time in downtown Chicago! Now, back to Surreal Life...amazing the things I will get sucked into on TV when I am all by if only I had something salty to eat along with the candy I bought at Target yesterday...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Silent Victory

Sometimes things just work out perfectly, and for one instant you are given pure joy. Joy that you must contain because it would be rude to yell or pump your fists in the air at these moments. In a way, it may make them even more enjoyable then if you were alone and could celebrate. You hold in the joy and it lasts just a little longer. This morning when Megan and I got into the car I mentioned that I needed to pick up a contact case after dinner. She then said....wait for it....that she needed to go get some more clothes because she clearly didn't bring enough stuff. Oh how I wanted to celebrate in my over packing victory! But I did not. I held it in. I just said of course we could do that. We could go where ever she wanted...because I had no need for clothes, seeing as how I packed every single winter item I owned. This did not, however, stop me from buying a new super cute T-shirt at Target tonight. I also picked up some candy and pop for my room. That mixed with the wonderful meals we have been eating will lock in the five pounds I am putting on while in Chicago.

We didn't make it into the city last night. We worked until about eight thirty, and the last train in for dinner time was 6:45. We decided to just go over to Abuelo's (grandfather in Spanish...I am so on top of my New Year's Resolution) because work gave us a gift card. We both ordered Margarita's due to the long day, plus we had appetizers, dinner and desert. It was great. Then we went back to our rooms and crashed. Work was better today. We got out around six, then went to dinner where we once again ordered drinks to celebrate getting out at a reasonable hour. We did hold off on desert...hence the candy from Target. I think we will just stay around here tomorrow when we get off as well. I am trying to talk Megan into a movie. I keep hearing how great Juno is, so that might be our big Friday night plan. The rest of the weekend I will have to work out with my friend Nancy, but I am sure we will spend some of it in actual Chicago. Should be wonderful!

As a side note, it is cold as hell here. Seriously. Burn your face off cold. I know everyone told me it was cold. I believed you, I swear I did. The thing is, it is hard to imagine this kind of cold. It isn't just that the temperature is low, it is that freaking wind! It nearly took the car door off tonight. The temperature is dropping and the high tomorrow is...four degrees. There was a discussion at the lab on if it was four or negative four, but I think they decided it was going to be least tomorrow. It is suppose to get colder over the weekend. Didn't we pick the perfect time to visit Chicago....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting Settled

Well here I am, sitting in my lovely room (seriously lovely. what a treat to be in this nice of a hotel...). Since my post yesterday I have decided to stay the entire week and not drive back Friday, just to turn around and come back Sunday. Turns out that Nick will be home until at least Tuesday, and all that driving just seems crazy, especially if I will see him when I get back. This does mean that I have settled in for a full week. All of a sudden this really seems like a long trip!

I showed up in the main lab, which is an hour and a half from my lab,to pick up my coworker Megan. To my horror, she seemed to have fit an entire weeks work of clothes into the small size suitcase. That's right people. The carry-on. I myself brought the large suitcase, the briefcase with the laptop, the additional large tote full of bathroom know, the bare essentials for a week away from home. I tried to explain to her that I needed all that room because I needed big clothes due to the cold weather up here. This held little water seeing as how were heading to the same location...I also added that I had a DVD player, and lots of DVD's in there, along with two books, my Nintindo DS, my ipod know... still sticking with essentials...but this maybe didn't really help me either. She may think I am a touch odd...Oh well.

Megan and I had never actually met, so I was a little worried that we would be able to keep a conversation rolling for four hours. I then remembered that I never seem to be able to stop talking, so we managed just fine! I actually am really enjoying her and am very happy that we are on this little adventure together! I am hoping that she is also liking her time with me and not sitting in her room on the phone telling the horrors of her day...

Once we went to the lab and got our basic plans for the week worked out, we went to our rooms to get settled. The we went out to dinner with a couple of people from lab at a perfect little deep dish pizza of those places you could only find in Chicago. This heavenly little place called Uno's. What? What's that? I can't hear you. It was one of a kind damn it. ONE OF A KIND!!

Anyway, that is it for the night. We are actually a little outside the city, so I haven't seen the big lights yet. I will be taking the train in tomorrow after work to have dinner with my friend Nancy. Then I might actually have so interesting stories and pictures. For now, I will leave you with this lovely self portrait... Now don't I look warm? I had plans to take lots of pictures today for this post. This is the one right before I left town. It is the only one on the camera thus bad.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Traveling Family

Well, I just got a call at work to see if I would still be able to make the trip up to Chicago. The project has yet again changed and they need us there tomorrow. Thank God I did all that laundry... I said I was all about going, so looks like I will be on the road first thing in the morning. Although I am so excited...excited about the work, excited about the new people, the new opportunities, and of course excited to be seeing my best friend and having her take me around the city...this really isn't the best week for me. How very annoying.

We are getting our new car on Wednesday-ish. This means I will be gone for that! I mean, I am sure Nick can handle it, but that is an exciting day! Not just a normal boring old Wednesday, but a GOOD Wednesday. Plus, our new TV comes in on Wednesday! I mean, that is huge! The car AND the TV!! PLUS, Missy is moving in this week. Like...on Wednesday. Right. All of these things will still happen without me home and when I get back the change will still be exciting. I just hate to miss it.

When I called Nick to say I was going up in the morning he asked when I would be home. They had left this decision up to me. I could come back on Friday, then go back Sunday until Tuesday, or I could just stay the weekend. I figured with Nancy up there I would just stay. That was until Nick told me that he was leaving for Pittsburgh on Sunday. Oh. Right...I think I want to come home for those two days now. I am going with a girl from the main lab, and I hear she needs to be home for the weekend as well, so looks like I will be home for a couple of days. I will bring the laptop, so look out for some updates from the city. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rainy Day

So when Nick and I rolled out of bed this morning we started making our plans for the day. This was, of course, after our delicious French Toast breakfast that he made...god I am spoiled...anyway, we made plans. Nick knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to work on the new patio. This required drilling through concrete, laying stones, levels, saws...bla bla bla. I am sure he was aware of what he was asking of me and the breakfast was no coincidence...hmm. Well, I totally agreed to whatever he wanted. I would work in the yard. I would help (watch) him drill the holes and cut the stones. Whatever. It wasn't how I wanted to spend my Sunday, but I would do it because it was important to him. It was important to the slow but steady progress on our home.

I cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry, and decided I am ready. I just needed to run up and pick up a prescription. I walk out the door and...rain. Lots and lots of rain. I guess with all of our plan making we never really thought to look outside and make sure the weather was working with us. I tell Nick it is raining, and he says he is sure it is just sprinkling. I shoot him a look that says "Sprinkle=rain when you stand around for ten minutes". He caves. Since I have been back from the store we have done nothing....nothing being that of course I am still working on the laundry and picked up some...and I (yes me. all by myself...thank you , thank you) did move the TV out of the bedroom and into the living room so we could watch the Colts lose...and he is playing Zelda and I am playing my Spanish game....but in this house that is a bunch of nothing. It has been a perfect rainy day. Hope you all are enjoying it too. Maybe I will make it to the grocery before the day is done...or maybe not.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, I know you all have been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear this...we finally bought a car! Yes, yes. It's true. I know that it has been nearly a year that I have been talking about this car search on here, but that will finally come to an end. The long search has ended and we could not be happier with our new wheels! It is in PA right now, so we are having it shipped to us, but we bought a dark blue (with tan leather interior) Trailblazer. I am in love. Seriously. I thought it was going to go for way to much, but I logged in to bid on it just in case. We did have to go $100 over our budget, but what is $100 in the big picture? After a year, I am going to say it is nothing! I am hoping it will be here early next week and I will get some pictures up here for you all. I know you must be as excited as I am about this huge purchase...

We actually made another large purchase last night. Last week we started rearranging the living room. We thought if we turned the room around, we would have way more space. We(Nick) were so right. It is amazing. We had enough room for an entire recliner! The only catch was that now we needed a new flat screen TV...darn. Due to my amazing price matching skills we ended up with a TV that was for sale at Best Buy for $1500...and we paid $1079! We were thrilled. You should have seen the two of us walking out of there with these big grins on our faces. The only also has to be shipped. This means we have no TV in the living room until next Wednesday. We have one in our bedroom, but due to the renovations it does not have cable. This means our only TV with cable access is in the guest room. Guess where we ended up sleeping last night...

Besides that I have just been crazy busy with work. I was working out of town one day last week. The rain was back so I stayed the night with my in laws and had to be at the main lab at 4:30am....that is just crazy talk. Who has to work in the middle of the night?? Now there are discussions of my work sending me up to Chicago on Sunday. Yesterday the plan was a go and I was so pumped about it. My childhood best friend lives up there and we were going to hang out and...I don't know what. Gossip non stop for a week I guess...but now it looks like this trip might be canceled. I should know this afternoon. Anyway, these are my poor excuses for not posting this week...I will do better!

.....YEA for my new Trailblazer!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Nothing Says Fun Like Babysitting, Football and Monopoly

Is it a little sad that the highlight of my Saturday night was a fun filled game of Monopoly...wait...before you judge me and my very boring life, I will tell you that it was debit card Monopoly! I know you are dying of life is amazing. In my own defence (which I am not sure I even need...I mean, doesn't everyone enjoy the Monopoly from time to time...) I had a rough weekend with my endometriosis. I had Carter on Friday and Saturday, so when I handed him back to Charing on Saturday afternoon I was totally ready to crash.

Nick really wanted to go out something. I just wanted to sleep. We had so much fun with Carter, but just maybe we are not ready for a two year old. Good thing they don't come to you that age. We ended up watching the playoff games, ordering pizza, and then breaking out the board games. Once I crushed him (I could be a Monopoly pro...) we watched the movie Super Bad. We thought it was okay. We kept hearing it was wonderful, and I guess it didn't live up to all the hype.

Sunday was a bunch of the same. We did run a few errands and have lunch with his mom and step dad. Then it was more football and video games. I got a new game for my DS which teaches you Spanish. Boo and I both got it and I am so excited about it. I have always hated that I didn't really have time to learn Spanish when I took it in school. I just memorized enough to get through the tests and graduate. Now I really wish I had tried. I think it would be amazing to speak a second language. So...I am trying. Boo and I both think it will be fun to be able to speak Spanish to Avery, so I will let you know how we do. I am on lesson 39 right now...and there are 994 lessons. I think I am going to go ahead and call this my New Years Resolution! Speak Spanish by 2009. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 4, 2008


So have you noticed how I have been posting, like every day...I have. I think it is pretty darn impressive. You would think it was some crazy new years resolution (oh yeah...I never made one of those...) or something. Really it is just that the holidays have passed and the addition is at a resting point...and I guess I just actually have some time!

The time is a little twisted today because although I am off work, I am also babysitting sweet baby Carter! Scott is having surgery today, so Carter is spending the weekend with me and Nick. He stayed the night last night, and will be spending the next three days with us. We are loving it. Loving it in that "what the hell are we thinking when we plan on having one of these things all the time" kinda way...but we really are enjoying him. He has been so sweet. We have watched Thomas the Train about a million times, set up a train track, read a train book, for a while Nick took on the roll of train last has been a train filled event thus far...
We did also make a stop at the DMV today. He was asleep so I thought I could just run in...right. The wait was like an hour. We jumped in the line and I figured if he went crazy we would just go. He was an angel people, AN ANGEL. One lady told me he makes her want to have another baby. He was perfect. Unfortunately the bitch behind me must just dislike every living thing. Over the hour wait she managed to tell me that it was clear I was NOT his mother since I didn't have toys for the line, that I shouldn't give him pop, that he shouldn't play with my necklace, that he shouldn't play with my bracelets, she let out a loud sigh when he was playing with my hair....He was standing beside me jumping up and down and laughing (yes, he can entertain himself well) and she actually let out this he hurting you in any way? Is he crying? Is he screaming? NO. What the hell did she want me to do?? Get out of line I guess so she could move up one precious spot in line....I did not do that. I did get my registration. Not on a new car or anything...then this might be a more interesting story...

Anyway, this is not a great post, but honestly, I wasn't quite ready to let this daily posting streak die...I am really freakin' proud (yes, it has only been like five days...don't care)! Here are a couple of pictures that make take away from the dull factor on this here blog entry...


When you say cheese...this kid knows what you are talking about!

Ellie thinks this train track is curiously close to her bed....Notice how there seems to be a high number of accidents in that general area...

And here is just a really great one...

And now I think I am going to go crawl into the bed with Mr. Carter and join in on the afternoon nap plan...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Project Master Bedroom!

I promised pictures, and pictures you will receive! Sorry it has taken me so long. I actually took these several days ago, but it has taken me this long to sit down and load them. Yes, I know I loaded the New Years pictures, but that was a time sensitive post. If I let a few days pass, all would be lost....

So, of course I was not smart enough to take the start picture of the room before we cleared everything out. I am not just an idiot, it is really that sometimes I don't know it is time to move stuff until I come home and the bed is now in the guest room. I am not complaining, because this means I do not have to move the bed....but anyway, the point is that this is the first shot I have of the room
and here is one under construction. The first pic is where the door to the bathroom and the additional two feet on the room will be. The little square to the left is a built in bookcase. This picture is of the old closet, which we opened up are eventually putting a new built in desk into. This will be the spot for the computer when a baby comes and takes over the office! (aren't we smart for thinking of this...I mean isn't Nick smart)
Here is a shot of the actual addition to the room framed in, alone with the framed pocket door. All that you see used to be two feet into my back yard.

This is Nick after drywalling....and how sad that this is Christmas Eve...

And the final product! Here is the room with the new carpet and paint. We still need to get things hung up. We are putting up curtains that frame out the bed, and we are getting a head board, but this is the basic idea...And here is the computer area, which currently has the new Black Friday TV in it...

So, that is our room update. We LOVE it. It doesn't show as well in the pictures, but the addition just makes the room feel so much bigger. The King size bed used to just fill this room, but now it looks right. love love love...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Technology is Great..As Long As it Works

So I am back at work after the glorious day off yesterday. This week is a straight up mess in my head. Work Monday, off Tuesday, Work Wednesday and Thursday, then off Friday. I have this deep rooted feeling that I really should not have to be here at all. Like I am doing them a favor gracing them with my presence these two days. I think the company might look at this a little differently...

We arrived at work today and got to have a very pleasant meeting of things we need to do. Our GM worked for us in the Bio lab yesterday so we could all three get the day off (awesome). As is to be expected, she found many things she wanted to discuss this morning. It was not to bad...not as bad as it could have been, but it definitely got us all three on track this morning. So, what better morning for our server to crash. That's right. We had the Internet, but that was it. No network. No files. No reports. Basically no work at all. The main lab said to just consider it an extension of our here, but don't really work. HA! You can imagine how well that went over with the GM. She just told us to get a load of stuff done, and then we were at a stand still. She informed us that it was not an option and that was just not a luxury we had! How sad for us.

Fortunately for her there were many things on her list that we did not need the server for. Really terrible things I would have tried to avoid like dishes and cleaning the lab. Cleaning Fish tanks, making new solutions...all the extra stuff. That means I got to spend the day at the sink. I washed more dishes than you have ever seen in your life. BY HAND! I really don't know why we allow ourselves to have so many dishes, because we will always use them all and let it get out of control before one of us breaks down and washes them. I did get to wear my lovely white lab coat, that I have and adore and thought I would wear every day when I went to get measured for it. Come to find out those suckers are kinda warm, so I only wear it when I am doing something I think I might get on my clothes. I do feel like such a little scientist when I have it on though...even with that perk, Friday can't come fast enough for me!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I kinda sorta hate New Years Eve. I am usually all about parties and Holidays, so you would really think I would love this day, but it is just always either to much work or to much build up and not enough pop. (Yeah, pop was the best word I could think of.) I have had a few really good New Years over the years (the millennium stands out...maybe because I had the party and it rocked) and last year was actually tons of fun at the Kelsey's, but all and all it is a day I would rather just skip.

This year I was really worried. Charing and Scott were going to have a big party again, so that was going to be great...but then Scott got really sick, and with the family in town we realized it was best if they took the year off as ultimate party Hosts. We had no plans for days and days and I was really concerned. I mean, I would really be fine just staying home, but we had promised a party to Nick's cousin Matt so he was coming to town. I don't really even care to tell him it is all off, but he was bringing his new girlfriend! I just couldn't bring myself to tell them to settle in on our couch for the night...

As it turns out, Candice and Davis decided to have a party, and after all of that worry, it really did end up being a perfect New Years Eve! They had food and lots of good old alcohol. There was a champagne toast at midnight. There was even a 1am game of Pictionary that was seriously a blast. I am going to have to say that if all New Years can be this easy and enjoyable, I might have to stop hating the holiday after all!

Here is me and Nick enjoying the festivities

The host and hostess were clearly glad we all came to party

Ryan and Alyssa. She loved seeing Hannah Montana at New Years Rockin' Eve....oh that Hannah Montana.Boo and Chris

Matt and Tori seemed to enjoy themselves! PS. I love Tori. Did you know that she actually got to meet JK Rowling and have her book signed? That's right. And she is in fashion school in NYC. AND she is really funny and fun. Big fan. She can come stay with us anytime!

Hanging out waiting for the ball to drop...

Andy and Ashley...poor them. They had no idea Nick's family was so competitive at Pictionary!

The gaming was fun, but we have now learned to never allow Candice and Davis to be on the same team. They might look happy now...but at game time it was serious...and they didn't like last place one bit!

I am sad to report that Nick and I did not win at Pictionary either....clearly we were shocked because we are usually totally in sink with this sort of crap. We were just beaten out by Matt and Tori. I forgive them though...did I mention that she actually meet JK Rowling??

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve with the people you love and today began what is going to be the best year yet!