Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mary Poppins

You all remember Mary Poppins, right? You know how she had that magic carpet bag that she could pull anything out of...the most ridiculous items just appeared as if from nowhere, with no real effort at all...that was me and Tarp at the audit yesterday. It. Was. Awesome. What’s that...you need a log of every step I took in the lab over the year...*magical noise* ta-da!! Oh, you also want a log that shows that we are perfect in every way and basically we are the best...oh you silly auditor of COURSE I have that for you too!!!

I had a second movie power (I know, I know...get a life). You know in Star Wars when Obi Wan tells the storm troopers *small wave of hand* "These aren't the droids you are looking for" and then the storm trooper turns to his storm trooper buddy and says "these aren't the droids we are looking for...they may proceed". Yep, that was me as well. All those little things that we were so ready to apologize for, to explain how that the takeover had been hard and we had just lost track for a few things, he didn't even ask to see!!!! This is so unheard of! It's was like we were right there heading in the direction, then he just forgot....like I willed it to happen with the power of my mind. When he did ask to see something that was not perfect, as if by magic he looked, (I hang my head ready for the blow) and he says "Great work!"...excuse me?!?! Really!! Let me tell you, if he thinks this was great work, I will blow his socks off next year!

At one point the GM walked in and the auditor raving to her about how lucky she was to have the two of us, and that we are basically the best ever and he just can't find a single thing wrong! Ahhhh hahahahaha!! Talk about the best plug ever from the guy in charge of the entire state program!

Maybe it helped that we took him out to lunch, and then I talked him into splitting a desert. Not normal audit activity I assume, but what I can say, I am a people person! By the end of it, I think he wanted to work there with us. I went over to Tarp and Jim's after work to celebrate our amazing success with champagne and snacks. The perfect end to a perfect audit! This is just about as good as work life gets!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy, Perfect Weekend

You know that lazy weekends that you always dream about but never really happen? Well, let me tell you, I am in the middle of one and it is fabulous! I am never good at doing nothing. As soon as I have a little free time, I always fill it with tons of crap. Not this time!

Friday I was a little productive. I managed to clean up the house, have lunch with Nick and some friends, go to the grocery store, and then go over to Liz's for a wonderful dinner with all my girlfriends. I will get a post up on ZPO about the evening in the next few days. For now I will say that I am so lucky to have suck wonderful girlfriends in my life. I really don't know what I would do without them.

Saturday I made it to 130 club at Charings house. We had breakfast and hung out and talked for a while. So nice that I didn't have to be at work! Boo came back home with me after Charing’s. We ordered in lunch for us and Nick and watched the wedding video!! Oh, how I love the wedding video. The best part is that as a surprise the video guy put together a highlight real for us! (Yes, we are close to our video guy...we have done LOTS of weddings!) I can't wait for everyone to see how great it all looks! After the video there was a nap for a couple of hours, then Nick and I watched an entire disk of the X-files and had dinner. Perfect!

Today we are basically doing a lot of the same. Nick made pancakes for breakfast and my friend Nancy stopped by to hang out for a bit. I think I will make something good for dinner, but that is always fun when you have all the time in the world. Now I am off to play some video games (exercise!). Hope you all had as perfect of a weekend as me!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Just in the Nick (HA) of Time

Although this title might be misleading, it is, in fact, not about Nick. I am writing to tell you the joyous news that I am off work today!!! AMAZING! After 14 days (and the days off before that were with the flu, so I am thinking they hardly count) and 130 hours of work, I have finally got a few days off.

I realized that I really needed it yesterday when I made a quick Wendy's run for some Frosty's for Tarp and me. I pulled up to the speaker, pulled up to the pay window....and then just drove away! NO FROSTY'S!! I stop to turn out of the Wendy's drive through and as I check my rear view mirror (as all good drivers should) I notice the head of the guy running the drive through hanging out the window with a Frosty is his hand...Damn....now this is embarrassing. Even more embarrassing (well maybe not) was when I threw the car into reverse in order to get my delicious treat (I would have driven away and never looked back, what with all the shame and everything, but it would have been worse to walk into work without them..) So I throw the car into reverse and fly back there...but you see...I am not so great at backing up. So, I ended up about five feet from the window. My arms are long, but there was no making it. Yep, I had to park the car, take off my seat belt, get out and walk over to the guy at the window. He wouldn't even make eye contact... I did see a mean little grin on his face though. No doubt he was talking about the idiot at the drive through all day. Awesome.

We had an interview yesterday for a guy who is most definitely the one! I am so excited about him. He actually knew what we do (which is rare) and (GASP!) he had DONE IT BEFORE!!! He did it in a class at school. Well, sir, you have found yourself a job! After he left Tarp was going on and on about how that was the best interview he has ever had with someone... yep this guy was tops....then he felt the heat on his neck when he noticed me looking at him. Ooops..he forgot he did, in fact interview me. He was so tickled with himself...but he was right. This guy was WAY better than me in the interview, but I am better in many other ways, so I am not worried!

Okay, I have a long day of laundry, TV watching and talking on the phone to get to, so I am out of here!