Friday, February 2, 2007


I have this love/hate relationship with good old Friday. You see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE every other Friday. This love is easy to explain...I don't work. Now, before you all decide you hate me due to my 9am work schedule with every other Friday off, I have a reason. You see, I also work every other weekend. This creates an 11 day on/3 day off the weekend days are almost always half days, so this really is a good deal.

The only problem is that other Friday. The one that I work. You see, if I work, then Tarp doesn't. This is all good, he deserves it, bla bla sucks to work alone. I mean, first off, you are so damn busy. You are doing the work of two. Plus, not to sound like a baby, but it's looooonely. I mean, who doesn't like sitting around all day with a friend??  But ALONE?  Where is the fun in that?? Oh well...a small price to pay for two three day weekends a month! Okay, gotta run and get a pot roast in the crock pot before my lunch is over! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

***woo-hoo!!! Seven posts in seven days! Amazing!!!****

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