Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Throwing in the Towel

Well, if you missed the post from yesterday, then just skip it. I am not making the breakfast bars....not this time. I was at work until nine thirty last night and don't see myself being home any earlier tonight. One day he will get them!! I swear I will make them, but just not this week.

You know when you have an impossible task. One that you stay up at night thinking about, that wakes you up in the morning...that is my work right now. I am not sleeping well, I am so tense, I just need to get it under control. This morning I woke up trying to decide what to tell the GM when I get to work. I just can't do this the entire time Tarp is gone (6 more days!!). I need to slow down. I need to just stop. We did get more time (it now has to go out two days after he comes home), but I can't seem to tell my mind that. I just keep going over and over things. This packet that he would have had in the mail in a day, I am consumed with. So, we will see if I can really let it go. The tense feeling in my shoulders is telling me no, but I will try!

I am trying to think of other things to talk about on here, but as of now work is the only thing on my mind. (If you want to take a break from bio-girl until I get back to myself in about a week, I will totally understand...I am even boring myself!) It even got in the way of us watching Hero's last night! How annoying to think of work when your favorite show is on!! Okay...gotta get to work.

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