Monday, October 31, 2011

One Owl, Two Owl...

Halloween 2011
One Owl,
Halloween 2011
Two Owl,
  Halloween 2011
Pink Owl,
Halloween 2011
Blue Owl!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

**Turns out I was a little too proud too soon of my sewing ability. After finally getting the needle threaded (and bragging about it) my first pass managed to sew the front of Cici's costume to the back. After pulling out that stitching, I then managed to snap the needle in two on my second attempt. These costumes now contain a small amount of hand stitching and a hell of a lot of Stitch Witchery.

** If you were curious where we got the idea for these home made owl costumes, you can see the shirts here and the hats here! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Halloween

So you know that Holiday that's coming on Monday?  Halloween?  Yeah, we love it.  And we have been talking for awhile about what would make the perfect costume for Henry.  Once we decided we hit the internet to find said costume, and turns out that it didn't exist.  Or it did...but they weren't nearly cute enough for our boy.  So I decided I would make it.  And when I say "I will make it", I really meant something along the lines of "I will find a picture and my mom or mother in law will make it".  Because...well...I am not one for sewing.  But then I found a picture (which my mother in law ALSO found and brought to me because it was just that damn cute) and I was like, "You know... I think maybe I want to do this all by myself!  LIKE A MOM!"

Or, all by myself with Boo's help, because Cici is being the same thing.  And we are using a sewing machine and EVERYTHING.  You all, I am so DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF.  Yes, it might have taken me an hour to get thread in the machine, but I AM SEWING!!  It shall be the best Halloween costume of all time.  Or...nearly the best.  It's hard to top this one...
Yeah.  That's Nick as Edward Scissor Hands.  Best. Costume. Ever.
And I must admit this home made gem is pretty awesome too.

And okay fine, we do costumes pretty well around here in general. But these new ones for the babies that we made with our own two hands, they will be on the list of favorites.  I can't wait to show you all!  Stop by on Monday for pictures of my craftiness.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am thirty-two today.  
I could tell you I don't feel 32, that is sounds old, but that seems sorta cliche, not matter how true it is. 

I could tell you how lucky I am to have my boys, my friends, my family, my life.  But I think you know I feel that way...I hope it comes through in the posts that I write. 

I could tell you that after 32 years I have figured out that life is sometimes hard, and sometimes it sucks.  But chances are you have figured that out by now as well.  Or if you haven't had to yet, then I don't want to spoil it for you. 

So I guess there isn't much to say today after all. 
Nieem's Birthday
I am 32 today. And life is pretty great.  I am very lucky.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Big Sister

It's a pretty special job, being the big sister.  And not everyone is cut out for it.  I mean, you have to always be on the look out for trouble.  Making sure that little sister is safe and protected.  You go first, to check and see that the road is clear.  You are the sharer.  The one more responsible, the one in charge, even when you have no idea what you are doing.  The big sister has all the answers, and that is sometimes a lot of pressure.

And yet, some people are made to be the big sister.  Not just because they were born first, but because it is in their nature.  They are born  ready to be the leader and to be their little sisters strongest support. I have the best big sister in the world, and ever since Cici came home she seemed to me to be made out of excellent big sister material, just like her mama.  Which works out really well because we recently found out that Cici is about to be the newest big sister!  What a lucky girl, to have a Mama that can show her how to do it just right.

Boo and Chris have been selected by a birth mother to be the forever family of a precious little girl.  She is due in mid December, but they agency have told  Boo and Chris to be ready to go any time after November 16th.  These things are never certain, we do know that. Maybe more clearly than most. This isn't their baby until the birth mom gives her to them, but the agency says that she seems very sure.  And we are moving forward from here like she is our baby.  Things are in full fledged baby prep mode around here, and we are thrilled!  Oh how we cannot wait to see the sweet face of this very special little sister. 

big sisters
The two best big sisters in the world cannot wait to meet the final member of their wonderful family.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Keeper

It's official.  Nick's a keeper.  He planned a surprise for our anniverary.  The only thing I was told was that we were going on a date, and to wear a dress.
It wasn't until we actually got to our local Opera House that he told me we were seeing Romeo and Juliette,  the Opera.
Nick is not an Opera kinda guy, but he knows how much I love going to the theater. (born from my short lived stint in the drama department in high school.  I was fairly awful, but the love was born). I loved it so so much. I can't even tell you.
For the record, I got him a card, two pumpkin Reese's and a Mt. Dew. You know, because it's a special day and everything. No need to discuss who wins at Anniversary presents. We can just call it a draw.
Although the fact that he humored me by letting me take these pictures with my iphone at dinner might possibly tip the scale in his favor.

Seriously, how wonderful is he? We had a great time. Better than great. I loved every single second. Thank you baby.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Years into Forever

Our Wedding
Five Years.
  Our Wedding
It feels like it was just a few months ago.
Our Wedding
Or maybe like it was twenty years.
Our Wedding
But I think that's how it's suppose to feel...
Our Wedding
when you are married to your very best friend.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creme de la Creme

Every year I look forward to the Creme de la Creme. On  January first I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down at my computer to start reading. I usually only make it through maybe the first ten blogs that morning. I carefully write down my place and pick up the next day with where I left off. It may take me the month to read them all, but it is always my goal to finish each and every entry. They are beautiful and touching and funny and heartbreaking. Each one is special, and each one worth the time it takes to read.

Melissa from Stirrup Queens is once again putting this amazing list of blog posts together, and I wanted to let you know so you can be apart of it if you want.  This isn't a contest.  You don't have to hope your post makes the list.  You just submit your best infertility/loss/adoption/parenting post and it will be on the list.  Don't be shy.  We all take the time to blog, we are all proud of what we write.  Not every post is amazing, but over the course of 2011 I am sure you wrote one you are proud of.  One you would like to share.  So click on over to the list and sign up.  Read through the post on how the list works first, but know that it is simple. And it is fun.  And it is rewarding to be apart of a list that is such a labor of love for Melissa. We are all so lucky to have her in the community.  She helps to bring us together, and one way she does that is with the Creme de la Creme.  Won't you join us?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Story about Apple Cider (followed by more Outlander nonsense)

So two weeks ago Henry and I were at the grocery store and I noticed that the produce section had a new inhabitant.  The fresh apple cider was back!   Oh, I was thrilled.  but then, I went to grab it, and noticed that the gallon cost five dollars.  Five dollars?  Really apple orchard? You think your product is more valuable by volume than gasoline?  "THIS IS APPLE CIDER EXTORTION!" I proclaim to Henry, getting looks from a few other shoppers, but really...they too needed to be informed.  I felt it was my duty to make the corruption known.  So I decided right then and there I was taking a stand.  I WAS NOT paying this for cider.  It was absurd.  ABSURD!  ( I have no idea...what does cider usually go for? Is this actually a very reasonable price?)

I mean...okay, so if I was at an Apple Orchard I would most likely pay $5 for a single glass of apple cider.  Aaaaaaand, I am not really good at looking at prices, so there was an even chance that I could have tossed the gallon in my cart and never thought twice about it, spending the $5 without batting an eye.  But since I NOTICED that it was five dollars I decided right then and there it would be insane to buy it.  And so I didn't.

So flash forward to today.  Henry and I are shopping once again, him munching on a banana and me grabbing some fresh veggies and I once again see the cider.  But then I see it has a sign, "NEW PRICE!  Now $2.50!"  I look at Henry, my mouth hanging open, and say "Hey!  We did it! WE SHOWED THEM!"  And offer up my hand for a high five from Henry which he promptly gives me, while also yelling "FIVE!!! YESSSSS!"  Which, isn't so much in support of apple cider but rather because he has an unusual love of the high five.  But still, I felt the support.   And I know what you are thinking, it most likely is crap apple cider, or it is nearly expired.  Well, it tastes fine to me and it has a shelf life of several more weeks. I plan to polish off this gallon in about a day, so we are good.  And I now consider myself a thrifty grocery shopper.  At least when it comes to cider.

Moving on, that story took on a life of it's own there, didn't it?  I actually sat down to post about the latest Outlander book that I finished, The Fiery Cross, but I had my cup of hot Apple Cider with me and... I guess I was passionate about my win over the Corporate Apple Cider Corruption that is taking place in Kentucky.  But now that I am ready to move on to The Fiery Cross, it leads me to question if any of you are actually interested in my thoughts about each of these books.  Are you?  It's okay to tell me you aren't.  I mean, don't tell me I am really boring or anything, just maybe say "You favorite portion of this post was the Rise Against Apple Cider Extortion that you took part in.  I could do without the book review".  Or you could say, "Oh, I love Outlander and I thrilled with your detailed thoughts of each book!  Although I did enjoy your Apple Cider story as well.".  Feel free to copy and paste either and submit them as comments, OR you could write your own.  Totally up to you.

MOVING ON.  So, The Fiery Cross in bullets.  As normal, do not read below this line if you have not read this book and you ever think you might.  It shall be filled with Spoilers!
  • Okay, so my first thoughts on this book is that I wasn't quite as hooked in from the start compared to the others in the series. I mean, I ENJOYED the entire book, but I just felt like it began really slow.  Which might be because it took over a hundred pages to get past the first day.  I mean, it was a big day, and I enjoyed the wedding and I REALLY enjoyed when Jamie called out to his family at the fire, but still...the Gathering could have used a little editing.
  • I love Roger.   You all, I love him like I love Jamie.  I didn't think it was possible, but it's true.  And when they hung him, I actually cried.  And then I cried towards the end when he sand to his son in his broken voice.  POOR ROGER.  First there is the mistaken identity and Jamie takes him to the indians in the last book, and in this book he gets freaking HUNG.  WHAT THE HELL GABALDON?? Give Roger Mac a break.
  • Speaking of Roger though, I love how his and Jamie's relationship has grown in this book.  Love it.
  • The snake bite, and when Jamie told Claire she was going to have to take his leg...that entire part just broke my little heart.
  • WAIT, how did I get to bullet number FIVE before mentioning my love of Ian and how I literally gave a little cheer when he came back!  But I worry about him and his old eyes.  Oh Ian, what happened to you with the Indians? Where are your wife and child??
  • All that stuff about the five guys who came back to change history for the Native Americans...I find all of that FASINATING.
  • Bonnett.... Oh how I hate him.  And I hate that it was left hanging on if he lived or not, which totally means he did and we will see him again. Bastard.
  • My love holds strong for John Gray.  I think I might have to read the books about him because every time he is even talked about I start smiling.  Give me a nice gay man in any series and I will be drawn to wanting to be his very best friend. 
  • I am a nerd and am loving all the talk about genetics.
  • The part where they ask Jemmy to roll his tongue, and you think we will find out if Roger or Bonnet is his dad...I thought I would die.  Like I COULD NOT READ FAST ENOUGH.  And you KNOW Roger wont care either way because he is HIS SON, but still...the fear.  And then he couldn't roll his tongue, so we don't know for sure.  But he could hear the stones...and they seemed stronger to him.  My money is on Roger being his biological father as well as his real dad.
Okay, that's it.  I am starting A Breath of Snow and Ashes as soon as I finish my book club book.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Name Game

I knew one day he would figure it out.  I mean, most kids call their parents Mommy and Daddy.  I figured once he started school he would realize that Mama and Papa weren't the normal names.  Maybe even before school, I thought.  I mean, Cici will call her parents Mommy and Daddy.  So, maybe then.  I knew he would ask, I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

In the car on the way to Florida Henry was sitting the the back with a book and his Buzz Lightyear in his lap.  He looks up front at me and Nick and says, "Mama?"

"Yes?" I say.  Thinking it unlikely that he has an actual question.  He likes to just say our names sometimes. Then he says, "Papa?".

"Yes?"  Nick says back.  Then Henry thinks for a second, turns his head slightly to one side when he is thinking about something, and says "Mommy?"

I smile and say "Yes?".  Henry smiles back and says "Daddy??"

"Yes?  Nick says to him.  And the smile gets wider.









A huge grin fills his face followed by a sweet little laugh.  As if to say, "I have this all figured out!  You are BOTH!  Mama=Mommy.  Papa=Daddy!  IT'S ALL CLEAR!"

Just wait until we tell him we are also called Nick and Sarah.  It will BLOW. HIS. MIND.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Vacation Set to Music

We made it home safe and sound. Amazingly we drove straight through on Saturday, which made for a very long (16 hours) day in the car, but good lord it was worth it to sleep in our own beds and have all day yesterday to gear up for real life again. I didn't actually plan on making the photo montage yesterday, but at 9:30 at night for some reason I got this strong desire to get it done. Which...I do wish I had gotten this productive bug around 2pm instead of around the time I really wanted to be in bed, but what can you do. I hit publish right around midnight, so the last little thing from vacation is officially complete!
Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by  Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

I know the song is not exactly original in the way of photo montage music, but I thought it fit well.  Also, It's funny how I slave over Henry's birthday videos and how I just tossed this one together in the matter of a couple hours (including going through the 280 pictures and 10 videos we took and picking what was slideshow worthy) and it seems to look...pretty much the same.  Good to know.

Hope everyone had a great week!  I am going to try to catch up on blog reading, but my finger is sorta itching to hit the "Mark All As Read" button on my google reader, so if something important happened, please let me know! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Time

Turns out there is no time for blogging around here.
 vacation 2011
We are much too busy.
 vacation 2011
What with the...
 vacation 2011
and the...
vacation 2011
I mean, I just can't find the time.
 vacation 2011
Just. So. Busy.
 vacation 2011
Turns out it isn't as hard as I thought to take a break from the blogging world. We will see you all next week.

vacation 2011
PS. be prepared for an onslaught of pictures and videos from this vacation. The only way to handle this volume of digital footage is with a photo montage set to music. I know you all must be excited. right? right?? Anybody?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Vacation, Paradise, Whatever

So we made it!  The seventeen hour drive was alarmingly uneventful.  Henry read books, ate snacks and watched about 12 hours of Pixar movies.  Apparently he has a lot of his mama and Papaw in him, because he seemed THRILLED with this movie marathon.  As we pulled up to the condo we asked if he was ready to get out and he said, "No.  Lightening McQueen??"
Henry says: "This aint so bad!"
But once we got him in the condo and he saw the view he decided Florida was MUCH better than the car. although he did wake up this morning at six and say, "Papa...McQueen?"  I think he is going through Pixar withdraw.
Vacation 2011
Playing in the sand with Grandpa.  A little someone is MUCH more into the sand and beach this year.  Sand is now on the Henry approved list!
Vacation 2011
So is the Ocean.  Definitely on the Henry approved list as well. 
Vacation 2011
The Bio Girl family out to dinner our first night.  Seriously, is it just me or is Henry adorable? 
Vacation 2011
Yesterday me Nick and Henry worked hard on our first sand castle.  We took more photos and videos of this castle than we did of we were sorta proud of it.  It rained hard last night, so I am thinking we will need to work on rebuilding today.
Vacation 2011
Someone has plans for an large west wing... I am thinking it will be hard work, but we can get it done...
Vacation 2011
In other vacation news, yesterday was Nana's birthday. We are so happy to be able to spend it with her down here in paradise
Vacation 2011
And with Uncle Wayne and Aunt BB! (who are here too, but are only in this one picture so far. Clearly need to work on that)
Vacation 2011
And one more of the family out to dinner.
Vacation 2011
After dinner we headed down to the pirate festival, which was pretty much over, but we  still managed to enjoy it! (I feel like this post is lacking in any transitions, but it is taking me FOREVER and I want to get to the beach, so we are just rolling with it)
Vacation 2011
Our own little pirate
Vacation 2011
working on his sword play.
Vacation 2011
You all, we are having a great time. And it's only Monday morning.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hitting the Road

Packed and Ready to Roll Heading Out
(does he look huge here to anybody but me?)

Okay, I think I totally forgot to tell you all, but we are leaving town.  WHAT?  I know, right? How did I not mention this huge week long vacation before now? Or...wait.  Did I tell you?  Honestly, at this point I am too tired to remember what I have or have not mentioned on here. It's been a long day and I am just too lazy to go back and read old posts to see.  So lets just go with the idea that I didn't tell you.  So I shall tell you now.  Just so we are all on the same page.  (drag it out a little more why don't you?  How do you all put up with me?)
So here's the deal!  The  Bio Girl family is going to Florida for a much needed week of rest and beach and fun! Awesome, right?  But before you get TOO jealous, I will note that we are driving.  And it is almost exactly 1000 miles from our front door to the condo. Did you hear that? ONE THOUSAND MILES.  With a two year old.  That is not the part of the trip I am looking forward to.  But the toes in the sand, family time with my inlaws, memories with my sweet that I can't wait another minute to start.  Just just pray we survive the drive.
I thought about taking the week off of blogging, but then I remembered that I seem unable to leave the blog and will most likely post every day about important things like the shells we are finding.  RIVETING STUFF here at Bio Girl.  So stay tuned. At the very least there should be some good pictures of the boy.
Heading Out
Henry says: "LATER! I am off to the BEACH!"

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Avery Answers

Over the last few months (and years) many of you have regularly asked about Avery, wondering how the adoption is going.  Where Boo and Chris are in the process, is there any movement?  Do we know when she is coming home?  I get comments and emails about her regularly.  You used to follow Boo's blog, you are wondering about Avery.  Thank you all for asking.  It is finally time to answer.
Avery is not coming home from Guatemala.  Or maybe, we have finally realized that Guatemala is her true home.  When Boo and Chris signed up for this adoption they chose Guatemala because the amount of time you had to stay in the country was short, the wait was fast by international adoption standards and you brought home a baby that was usually under one year of age.  Four years later they are still waiting, and it is just time to call it quits and say they the Guatemalan government was never going to allow her to come here.

Around six months ago Boo and Chris made a final push to get her home.  They found a new Guatemalan attorney, one who was known to be able to get children released.  They knew that if he  couldn't do it, then it couldn't be done.  It felt as if she might actually get out of the system and finally get to come home, and then the maternal grandparents stepped forward.  They wanted the child.  There was debate on if they really did or they were just forced to say it, but the next step would be custody court between Boo and Chris vs. the Grandparents.  The new attorney said they could fight, but it would be "a long battle". Boo and Chris made the very hard decision to say no.  They were done.  If the grandparents want her, she is their granddaughter.  They are walking away.

Of course things were a little more complicated than that, as they always seem to be.  There were last ditch efforts by the attorney, but in the end Boo and Chris decided they needed to put an end to it.  Four years is a very long time to wait.  Especially when she is in the exactly same place in the court system that she was when she was six months old.  No true movement in three and a half years.  The grandparents truly felt like a god send. They didn't have to walk away and send her to an orphanage, she could go home.  It seems like at this point it's the best option for Avery, and the best answer for everyone here.  At some point the waiting has to end.  And now it has.

Thank you for following along with our families story. It means so much to me how my readers have not only embraced me, Nick and Henry, but how you have a love for Boo and Missy, Darcy and Avery, for our entire family.  It means more to me than I can say.  Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring.  There will be more updates in the coming weeks and months in regards to Boo's family.  They are in the process of beginning a new domestic adoption, which is very exciting, but for this post we will just leave it with our heart break that Avery will never be coming home.
We loved her, even though most of us never met her.  Boo and Chris held her, kissed her and for four years truly believed she was theirs.  There has been a hole in the family for a very long time as we waited for her to join us.  It will take awhile for that hole to heal, but the healing finally gets to start now.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Very Potter Birthday

So we had an awesome weekend.  AWESOME.  You know why?  Well, it was beautiful, and I got to spend time with friends that I don't seen enough, but mainly because we were invited to Nieem's Harry Potter Birthday Party! And...well... I don't know if you have picked up on this, but I am a fan of the Harry Potter. 
Nieem's Birthday
The Birthday Boy. How adorable is he??
Nieem's Birthday
I am sure you will be shocked to learn that I loved every single thing about this party.  Here is the Book of Spells birthday cake with the broom stick gift bags and the Golden Snitch with the house cup.  There was butter beer and pumpkin juice... I was in kid birthday party heaven. 
Nieem's Birthday
My boys with Henry sporting his Gryffindor tie! Each kid had one, how cute is that?  Henry's lasted about as long as it took me to take this picture, then he promptly broke it.  Maybe he's Ravenclaw like his mama...
Nieem's Birthday
Here's Uncle Chris, Nicole and Nieem before cake and presents.  Nieem had transfigured on an impressive unibrow.
Nieem's Birthday
There was a potions station, a Transfigurations station full of costumes, a Honey Dukes was all so stinking adorable!
Nieem's Birthday
A couple of Gryffindors (carefully) swinging
Nieem's Birthday
Nick, Chris and Candice enjoying the party
Nieem's Birthday
The BioGirl family. Henry seems like he wants down.
Nieem's Birthday
with Nana and Nick. Looking distracted
Nieem's Birthday
And with Granddaddy and Valarie...almost sorta smiling a little! (kinda)
Nieem's Birthday
I sorta love this picture for not particular reason I can name.
Nieem's Birthday
Nieem's Grandma giving him his wizard name before he opened presents.  The boy cleaned up in the lego department. He seemed thrilled.
Nieem's Birthday
All in all, an awesome Harry Potter Party.  Happy Birthday Nieem!