Friday, June 29, 2012

A Follow Up Post on the Grey Ones

So... turns out you all feel my last posts about the Grey Ones is a little... is disturbing the right word?  I mean, I tried to write it up as sorta funny and "oh those crazy things kids say", but as soon as I hit publish I had a text from Whitney telling me that it was T-E-R-R-I-F-Y-I-N-G. 

Yeah, I mean, it's a little disturbing. But kids say random stuff.  He doesn't seem AFRAID of the Grey Ones.  And being afraid seems as if it would be key.  And it isn't like he went missing or anything. I feel CONFIDENT that he was not abudcted by aliens.  REALLY.  I DO.  It's just one of those funny stories about kids! 


Okay. I must admit that it did slightly creep me out.  Because it DOES really sound like he is talking about aliens.  But Carrie said something about the X-Files and I realized that maybe that's why it sorta rolled off my back. I mean, I have spent a lot of time... HUNDREDS OF HOURS studying the discovery of extra teresterials by watching every epidsode of the X-Files ever made.  And what I learned from all that hard fought research was that MOST things aren't actually alients at all.  Which is good to know, really.  Thank God for television.

 But also in the comments was a post from Aunt Candice that said something about you all not knowing the entire story.  Which... okay fine. I should MAYBE mention that there is a history of 'Things that look like alien abduction that most likely aren't alien abduction' in this family but I didn't mention it because then it just all seemed like too much of a hoop-la over what was most likely a pile of screws.  No need to get you all worked up for nothing, AM I RIGHT? 



Nick's brother Chris could POSSIBLY have also been abducted by aliens when he was 3-4 years old.  I mean this in the most vague since of 'possibly' available.  That kind of possibly that has absolutely no proof whats so ever.  But when he was young (I always pictured him like 8 in this story, but Grandaddy told us this weekend that he was 3-4 which I WILL admit made it more terrifying to me) They tucked him and his siblings (Nick and Candice... in case you are lost) into their beds.  The doors of the house were locked.  Sometime later that night their parents heard a knocking on the back door and opened it to find Chris outside alone still wearing what he wore to bed, but locked out of the house.  With the doors all still locked from the inside.

So... you know.  That sounds pretty creepy too.  How in the hell did he get out there on his own and lock the doors back?  CREEPY.  Sorta 'Grey Ones' like if you ask me!

BUT!  I talked to Chris about it before posting this story, just to do some fact checking (serious literary author here, remember?).  And he feels pretty confident that he WAS NOT ABDUCTED.  Which, his opinion is important.  You would think he would be the one to know.  And he thinks he wanted to go find his dad, so he went outside and saw a light in the garage (THE ALIENS!), but he thinks his dad was welding (LOGICAL EXPLINATION!).  But then he got locked out. And maybe after he was outside the locked the door.  Who knows.  (You are all saying "the ALIENS KNOW!" aren't you?)

So yeah.  Fun family abduction stories abound.  But everything has an explination.  So I say there are no Aliens around here!  But it is all kinda creepy.  I get that.  And fun to talk about, because who doesn't like a good alien abduction story?  I mean, unless it terrifies you.  then this post isn't for you.  But since I didn't think to warn you until the end of the post, it might be too late.   Damn.  My bad.

*waves hands around with an attempt to use the force.* "These are not the droids are looking for.  Nobody has EVER been abducted by aliens in this family.  Or any family.  EVER."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Grey Ones

So, according to Henry, he got abducted my Aliens this weekend.  No big thing. 

Shockingly this has nothing to do with the picture I posted earlier this week, but I will show it to you again, just because it is awesome and sorta fits with the theme of the post:
If you are confused, the theme of the post  is 'things that look like alien abductions but most likely aren't'. It's a complicated theme, but it's still a theme. I am nothing if not a serious author of fine literary work.

Okay, enough with the stalling.  Here is the alien abduction story.  Thursday night Henry stayed the night with my parents so he could celebrate his Great-Mamaw's birthday.  When I met my dad to pick him up, he looked like this in the back of the car.

So he might have been a little tired.  Who can know for sure?  But he got upset on the way home, mostly because by the time he woke all the way up he realized that he was now in my car and his beloved Papaw was gone and... well... basically he wasn't pleased.  But after a few minutes he calmed down and was just quiet.  After a few minutes of the silence he speaks up.

Henry: "Mama, my tummy hurt."

Mama: "What's wrong with it, baby?"

Henry: "Da Grey Ones cut it"

Mama thinks:  well that's startling

Mama says: "What are you talking about?  What grey ones??"

Henry: "Da two Grey Ones. Dey cut my tummy."

Mama thinks: This is sounding more disturbing that I previously thought.

Mama says: "Where did the Grey Ones come from Henry?"

Henry: " From de tunnel.  Da Tunnel with da lights."

Mama thinks: This sorta sounds like aliens, but I am reasonable and will not jump to conclusions.  I shall clarify this information.

Mama says: "WHAT?  Two Grey Ones from the tunnel with the lights came and CUT YOUR STOMACH??"

Henry says: "YEAH!!!"

Henry thinks: Now you get it!  Took you long enough!

Mama thinks: Holy shit, my kid was abducted by ALIENS!!! 

Mama says:  "Okay... well, I am sorry baby.  Watch out for those Grey Ones next time!"

(What the hell, right?  I know.  but like, what is the CORRECT reply to your kid telling you two Grey Ones cut his tummy?  Really.  It's a real question.  Was there a better answer than suggesting caution in your next encounter?  I think not.)

We get home and I tell Nick to ask Henry about his tummy and what happened.  He gives the exact same story.  Nick and I find this hilarious and also extremely disturbing.  But like, what can you do? I can't blame the aliens.  I keep telling you this kid is the coolest boy in the world.  The aliens must be drawn to his awesomeness just like everyone else.

The next day we were telling Granddaddy about this encounter and we once again asked about the Grey Ones.  Nick asked if they have eyes, and Henry said "NO PAPA!  Da Grey Ones don't have EYES!"  Like it was the silliest question in the history of time.  And then it occured to me that maybe the Grey Ones are like, two nails in the play ground at the park or something.  Two grey items, not alien in nature at all... I guess it's POSSIBLE.  I mean, there are a lot of grey things that could cut his tummy, and MOST of them aren't extra terestrial.

Still... I am sticking with the alien story.  It just sounds cooler.

For the record, I did check his stomach for scratches.  Or... you know... tiny lazer incisions from medical technology that far exceeds our own.  There was nothing there.  It's a mystery.

**Just a quick non-alien related addition here, but thank you all for your sweet and wonderful comments on my last post. I always apprecaite your support and love as I move through the emotions of this crazy life.  It was good for my heart to hear from so many of you, so thank you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finding Peace in Our Only

Last night I saw that Babble had a short article about reasons people are choosing to have only children.  It was really just a list of responses they received from parents of only children listing the reasons they decided to stop at one.  Number five on the list, which was from another blogger, said " Some of us feel lucky we get to have one, because it looked like we might have none."  And the simplicity of the answer has stayed with me.  It's the peace of that answer I feel in my heart when I now think of Henry as an only child.

In a strange way I feel like my decision to have the IUD placed, the jump from hoping for more to closing the door, was very swift and sudden and done without any thought beyond "How do I make this pain stop?".  Or maybe it was so slow and drawn out that when it was time for the decision there was really nothing to say beyond "it's time".  We knew it was coming, we knew the chances of more were so unlikely, that there were no tears when the IUD made Henry's only child status official.  In a strange way it was a relief.  A relief from the monthly cycle of ups and downs, of hope and heartbreak. A relief from the dream of something that was not meant to be.

  A year ago this week we came to the end of our final FET.  The heartbreak from that time still weighs heavy on my heart.  I think of how hopeful we were then.  How I truly believed we would have another.  that we were meant to be a family of four. But one year, two surgeries and one removed ovary later, my only deep feeling on the subject is not that I am broken from the loss of the idea of another, its simply to thank God we have Sweet Henry.  Thank god for our one, because it so easily could have been none.

How do I feel about being the parent of an only child?    My one baby is enough.  He is more than enough, he is my heart and soul.   It may not be what I would have chosen, but one is so very much better than zero.  Our family of three is pretty amazing.  I am happy.  We are happy.  And I no longer feel like someone is missing.  He is one and we are three.  I have found peace in three.  I love three.  Three might be my new favorite number.

  Henry and Caterpillar
He will always be enough.

Monday, June 25, 2012


This weekend we went out to Waveland, a local historical site/park area, to check out for a potential location for Cici's 2nd birthday party next month.  I know, right?  How is Cici still only one year old.  Like, time flies and all that, but that girl seems WAY older than one. Maybe it's how well she talks, but this girl seems wise beyond her year(s). 

ANYWAY, we met Boo, Chris and Cici out for dinner in the picnic area to see if the shade was enough to allow for a late July party.  What we discovered is that we don't really care for any of the side dishes from KFC.  Good to know. Also, the place is super nice. I took lots of pictures.  Wanna see?
being outside leads to amazing discoveries of things like green bugs that look just like leaves. Nature, it is amazing.
There was a tiny play house, which they seemed to really enjoy. Also, there was a play ground, but those things are a dime a dozen. You don't want to see that, right? Good because I forgot to take pictures of it.
We did find this door that was oddly appealing.
I mean, it's a pretty good door, am I right?
I couldn't stop with pictures of the door. I can't explain it. Except by saying "look how awesome these door pictures are.  I am a photography genius" (just let me believe it)
After we broke away from the door and it's addictive qualities we headed to the flower garden. Unfortunately there was a large outside wedding happening right by the gardens so we moved away pretty quickly. Also, it is sorta funny to see how pinterest is influencing weddings and parties now. Like you look at decorations and think "Yeah... you got that idea on pinterest". It's like a pinterest epidemic. It's the most awesome of all the epidemics
After quickly leaving the wedding area (which was hard for me. WEDDINGS! I LOVE THEM!) we decided to take a hike on the little trail. And guess what we found?
A grave yard! For some people, this might seem creepy, but Nick and I have an odd love of old grave yards so we were legitimately excited.
we then moved on from the graves and enjoyed the rest of the short trail. Nice, right?
The kids had such a great time and I am so happy with some of the pictures.  Yes, they are holding hands playing with a beam of light.  (PHOTOGRAPHIC GENIUS!)  (full disclosure, Nick took this picture.)
Doesn't it look like Henry is being beamed up to the mother ship? That isn't a picture you get everyday.

So all in all Waveland was a great time.  And yet I worry that this post along with our recent fishing post would almost make you think we are outdoor kind of people.... which I feel compelled to tell you is not really true.  Maybe I should post more pictures of us laying on the couch reading and watching TV, just so I don't feel like I am lying. We really do like air conditioning about 99% of the time. We just seem to take more pictures during that eventful 1% spent in the great outdoors!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Olympian in Training

You know how the Summer Olympics are this year, right?  You guys, I love the Olympics. Like, I get sorta obsessed with them and get rather angry if you try to change the channel or stand in my way of watching every American in every sport known to man. And I cry.  Lots. I can't help it. THE EMOTIONS! THEY ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME!  I get very U-S-A at this time of the year.  Or at this time of the four year cycle.  Whatever.

 So since it's nearly Olympic time, and more importantly, it is the first Summer Olympics that Henry has been alive, I realized that maybe we should start working on his athletic ambitions in order to find out early if we have an Olympian on our hands. It's gotta be somebody, right? Why not Henry?? I mean... besides the fact that I am his mother and I sometimes have a hard time putting one foot in from of the other and possess exactly zero natural athletic ability, BUT STILL! He COULD have Olympic level talent hiding in there! And as his mother it's my job to find it! So I am on the look out. We were trying out the classics, like baseball.
Summer 2012
But then I remembered that they cut Baseball and Softball from the Olympics this year. What the heck, Olympic committee? I mean, I don't love to watch baseball, but it is a real sport! Totally worth an Olympic medal! So there was one afternoon of Olympic training down the drain.  Good thing we aren't locking him in to baseball as his only option. We are open to other Olympic sports. Sports that might not have as stiff of competition as things like soccer or basketball.
Summer 2012
Sports like fencing.
Summer 2012
Or shooting (it's a sport)
Henry's 3rd Birthday
Maybe mountain biking is more his speed. (picture this as a mountain bike. Turns out tricycles aren't an Olympic sport)
 Easter 2012
Or nice in door bowling.  This Mama could really get behind some Olympic bowling in an air conditioned bowling alley!
 Summer 2012
Or, you know, we could go with an summer Olympic classic like swimming.  You can't go wrong with swimming! As you can tell, we are serious about this training, that's why all those dishes are in pool.  It's like an obstacle course of swimming.  Keeps him guessing.

So we are working on it.  I mean, you can't get started too early. Tiger Woods was on Johnny Carson at the age of 3 showing off his mad golf skills.  His talent could be found any day now. Maybe Henry will come forward as the next Michael Phelps... just as soon as he is okay with putting his head under the water.  But until his talent is discovered, I will at least work on teaching him how to chant U-S-A.  That's Olympics 101. Gotta start with the basics...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Like When You Like Bio Girl

So you know how you can 'like' things on Facebook?  Yeah.  Of course you know that.  Everyone knows that.  That is like my grandma asking me if I have heard of those cell phone things people are carrying around these days.  I am an idiot.

Let's start again!  I added a new fancy thing to my blog where you can click to 'like' any posts that tickle your fancy on facebook!  Why did I say 'tickly your fancy'? I don't know.

Let's start again! Like buttons.  They exist.  People use them.  I wanted one so I found it online and installed it.  It was alarming easy and I really should have done it long long ago.  Each blog post now has one so you can tell people how much you love Bio Girl (or... you know... at least that you like it).  Which is fun for me because then people see it on Facebook and are like "What is this?  Wow! This blog is THE GREATEST BLOG EVER!  I LIKE IT TOO!" and then they click the thumbs up and Bio Girl goes viral.

Just let me believe it.

Anyway, you all should click on it sometimes.  I mean, maybe not on THIS post.  It might not be 'like' worthy.  But sometimes.  On other posts.  Like ones about Balls or ones about eBook Reading Lists or whatever you enjoy around here.  I don't really know what that is.  I just throw everything at you and hope something sticks. But maybe your likes will fill me in like a little science experiment.  I can plot it on a graph and then whatever you 'like', I will write more of that.  Lots more. So use the like buttons!  It's for SCIENCE!

(Also, As you can see, there is a twitter button and a google plus button and... well... a million other sharing button options.  Obviously I would like you to use those too.  Use whatever you like most! Use ALL OF THE BUTTONS!  If you like something I write, just consider taking a second to share it. It makes a big difference in my traffic and that is always nice and makes me feel good.  Thanks!!)

Today is my last day posting with Bloggers for Hope.  My final post is about being grateful for the life I have, infertility and all.  Check it out if you have time.  Thank you to my amazing friends from B4H for asking me to write these last six months on endometriosis.  It has been an honor. xo

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gayla and Wil Get Married!

Hey, you all know how I love weddings, right?  Well guess what I did this weekend??  I will give you a hint. 
Someone was in charge of the very important job of carrying flowers.
And two people you all know and love were dressed as fancy-occasion twins.
Oh, this might help. There was a bride and a groom. Can you guess it??  Gayla and Wil got married!
Oh crap.  Did I give it away with the title of the post? 
You all, Cici was the cutest thing you have ever seen running full sprint down the aisle with blankie in her hands instead of her flowers. Then she stood up on the stage and yelled "Der's Uncle Nick!! Aunt Sarah. HENRY!!!!" The love.  Every time the music stopped Henry would point to the front and say "What is Uncle Chris doing?!?!" (Uncle Chris is Gayla's brother and was a groomsman.)  Both kids made it exactly three minutes into the ceremony before Nick and I politely (loudly) excused ourselves.
I did discover that when you bring kids to a wedding your available time to follow around behind the photographer and steal their photo ops is really diminished

Still... I managed to get a few good ones!
Gayla and her dad made me cry (of course) when they danced to 'Roll on Highway'. Roger used to drive an 18 wheeler in the summers...and... I can't even tell you. It got to me.
Boo, Chris and Cici were all part of the wedding party and they looked so great! I wish it was still the time of Downton Abbey where we all wore tuxedos and formal gowns to dinner every night.
I mean, come on. How cute is he dressed up like this?? Maybe we should make it his dinner attire and bring it formal dinner wear back.
 because kids are always adorable when dressed up.
I should really finish this post with another picture of Gayla and Wil, but I am out. That is what happens when these two come to a wedding. My camera is drawn to basically nothing but them!

The wedding was amazing. We had such a great time celebrating Galya and Wil's big day. They read these letters to their parents and, you guys, it was the sweetest thing in the world. The food was great, the wedding and reception locations were beautiful. They had a photo booth that was rock awesome. All in all, I say it was a perfect day for a wonderful couple! 

Congrats Gayla and Wil!  We are so happy for you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Henry's Confession

The other night Nick, Henry and I were hanging out at the house.  It was bedtime for our sweet boy but we hadn't really forced the issue yet.  Still, he was in his PJ's and we had started to mention it a few times, giving him time to process that, you know, EVENTUALLY you really do need to get in bed, kid.  He was a little wild, that mix of exhaustion and energy that hits little boys of three years old around that time of the night.  Nick and I were on the couch and Henry was on the side of the  recliner doing... who knows what.  Something he shouldn't, because right in the moment we hear this "POP!" as a stitch on the arm of the chair pulled lose and the cover came loose.  Henry's head snapped over in our direction and you could see it on his face "Please don't say you heard that, please don't say you heard that..." 

Nick looks at him and says "Henry, WHAT HAPPENED?" in his stern papa voice.

And Henry apparently panicked.  He dropped his hands from the recliner arm where the arm rest cover was hanging loose and announced "HENRY GOING TO BED NOW!"  And then he just power walked to his room.  Like, not a run, as if he was trying to look casual, but still, a very swift, arm pumping walk that screamed "PLEASE GOD GET ME OUT OF THIS ROOM BEFORE THE KNOW SOMETHING IS AMISS".

Half way to his room I say, "Henry?  Where are you going??"  Trying hard to keep the amusement out of my voice, because at this point the overall emotion has swiftly moved from annoyance to humor.  He sticks to his story.  "Henry going to bed. NIGHT NIGHT!" and he disappeared into his room. A second later we heard him climb into his bed.  

Nick and I looked at each other, trying hard to not laugh because... well it didn't seem like the most constructive thing to do, but if you could have seen his little eyes so wide, and his quick thinking to head for bed... the little power walk, it was just too much. We sat there for maybe 30 seconds holding it together before we head in to talk to him about being careful and not being rough with the furniture.  It really wasn't long that we left him alone, but I guess the time was too much.  The guilt was too great.  It must have hit him there in his room alone that he MUST CONFESS.  We hear his feet hit the floor and he runs to his door, looks out into the living room at us, throws his head back and loudly says "HENRY DID IT!!"

I guess he thought he had pulled one over on us.  That by quickly leaving the room and declaring it bedtime he had fooled us and we would then be completely stumped as to HOW this armrest cover was broken!  That we hadn't followed him into his room, not because we didn't want to laugh and make light of it, but because he was a MASTER ACTOR and that he had fooled us to the point that we stayed in the living room to discover what had actually happened to the chair.  I mean, there are only three of us living in the house, and the two adults were on the couch, and the one child had his hands on the chair when the fabric ripped away... So I hate to break it to him, but the Bed Time Rouse was really not that effective, but he clearly THOUGHT he had us fooled.  And the foolery was eating away at him for those 30 seconds in his bed.

You all, he looked so miserable and pitiful standing in the doorway, confessing to his unsolvable crime.  We both went over and Nick scooped him up.  His head went right onto Nick's shoulder and he whispered "I sorry".  I asked if it was an accident and he whispered "yeah".  We told him it was okay, that accidents happen, that he just needs to be careful.  Then we told him how proud we were of him for telling us the truth.  Because no matter how obvious it was to us, it was a big deal to him.  And he came forward and told us.  And my lord, it broke our heart.  And it was just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  And to be honest, I am pretty proud of him. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Artist's Way Toolkit: A BlogHer Book Club Review

*This is a paid review for BlogHer bookclub.  As always, my thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

The Artist's Way Toolkit is a little different that what I normally review for the BlogHer Book Club. As in, it is not a book, but an interactive online guide to help with a 'creative renewal and rediscovery' of yourself.  When I signed up to be a part of this review group, my entire reasoning for it was that I had on my list of New Years Resolutions that I wanted to start painting, and somehow I saw this as the push I needed in the right direction. I still have not started painting. Turns out The Artist's Toolkit isn't really a method for getting you to draw and  paint, it is much more like a meditative, self discovery to finding a more centered, artistic version of yourself.

The toolkit includes daily affirmations and creative soundbites, which are nice, but also rather forgettable.  The toolkit excels more with it's 'Artist's Way Exercises' which sends you on a trip each week that you are expected to go on alone.  They are simple things like "go to a place in your city you have never been" or "visit a thrift shop", but they push you to take time for yourself.  The daily writing is also a therapeutic and rather meditative way to slow down and connect with yourself and your own thoughts and feelings... that is, if you actually make yourself do it each day, which was a challenge.

So here is the thing about the Artist's Way Toolkit.  It takes time and dedication to actually do it.  It isn't something you simply read through and are all of a sudden a new, renewed artistic version of your old self.  This is a process and almost like therapy.  There are writing prompts and, daily journaling and field trips.  It is a process and you need to WANT to do it, and even more,  you need TIME to do it.

I could see The Artist's Way Toolkit being great for a high school or college student. I could even see myself finding enjoyment from it before I was a full time working wife and mom who is also in school for my Masters degree and does a fair bit of blogging on the side.  I wanted to like it, but for me, it was just extra work.  I didn't take much from it, but I feel like that is my fault for not putting enough in.  If you are wanting to work on yourself and are really willing to invest the time and energy it takes to do that, The Artist's Way seems like a wonderful option.  If you are busy and already overwhelmed and relatively happy with your inner artist, then this really isn't for you.  I fall in the latter category.

We will be discussing the Artist's Way Toolkit for the next few weeks over at BlogHer.  Come join the conversation!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Kindle (or iPad or eReader) and the Library-A List of What is Out There

*My compilation of books worth reading that are available at the public library for eReaders is at the bottom of this post. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, just leave them in the comments or email me and I will add them!

So when I first got my kindle touch this summer one of its big selling points was the whole "The library now carries ebooks!" thing.  Back in the day before I had infertility debt or a kid or a lower paying job with better hours for a family I used to buy a lot of books.  A lot of them.  And I loved my precious books.  But then one day I realized I had no room in my tiny house for all these books, AND I realized I couldn't really AFFORD my reading habit.  Like a fool, I just stopped reading for an extended period of time, but eventually my relationship with the library was reborn, and I was a happy girl. 

Then all of a sudden everyone was into these fancy ereaders.  And I rolled my eyes because... COME ON PEOPLE, I JUST REMEMBERED THE LIBRARY EXISTS!  I looked up how much the books I wanted to read cost and they were usually between $8-12.  I may not be a mathematician, but I can average that out to $10 a book in my head.  I am on pace to read around 50 books this year.  That is $500!  And yes, it's cool that I can carry $500 worth of books around in my purse, and yes it's AMAZING that my text books are on there (I am still taking classes. It is fun) but I just wasn't sold on paying for an Kindle and then paying for books until the library deal was announced.  Then I was sold.

So I get my Kindle, and I log on to get the first book I wanted to read, the last book in the Outlander series,  and it wasn't available for the kindle from the library.  Then I wanted to read The Night Circus, which at that time also wasn't available (but turns out it is now!) and I was discouraged.  I mean, I bought this thing mainly for BlogHer book club books and the library and now the library has nothing I want to read!  So over the last six months I have used both the library for hard copies of books and used my kindle for BlogHer books, anything free that I thought sounded interesting on Amazon, and for the select few books I have been willing to pay for because I think I would want to someday reread them (Insurgent (just learned it's avaiable at the library too!), Prized, ect). 

I feel like between those outlets I use my Kindle a lot, and it was worth the purchase, but I was a little disgruntled about the library thing.  That was, until two weeks ago.  When I logged on to put a book on hold, and found out that "HOLLY CRAP, THE LIBRARY HAS THE EBOOK ON THIS ONE!"  So I put it on hold, and a few seconds later had an email to add it to my kindle.  It was SO EASY!  And awesome!  So I started poking around for some other books on my "to read" list and found two more that I wanted to read that had e-versions!  And I added those too! And read them! And now I am on the Kindle Library band waggon. 

But it has a flaw.  They don't have enough books.  And who in the heck knows what they have and don't have? And who wants to log in to try to find a book worth reading in the Kindle Library catalog.  I assume lots of you are like me and go in to find one specific book, and if it isn't there (which it commonly isn't) you give up.  SO I HAD AN IDEA!  I am going to post a list here on this here blog about the enjoyable books I find at the library for the kindle.  I know not all libraries have the same ebooks, but if one has it, then that means it's available (which is the problem with new books and some publishers. They don't release an e-version for libraries to distribute).  That way If you want to get a book from the library for your kindle (or ereader) you can come here and see a list of things that I thought were worth reading and pick from that!  And the chances of it being there are MUCH MUCH higher since we know they are at least on my local library's eBooks list.   And if you read a great book on your ereader from the library, leave it in the comments or send me an email about it (biogirl79 at gmail dot com) and I will add it to the list (with a link to your blog if you like, just so you get credit for your contribution to my kindle library list!)

It's a good idea, right?  I have no idea.  But I am doing it!  I will post a link to this post on my sidebar to make it easy to find from now on, and you can always come by and find something to read that you should be able to get for free for your eReader.  So here we go!

Bio Girl's Library Kindle/eBook Reading List
These are all books I personally have read and enjoyed
Bio Girl's Reader's Library eBook Reading List
Some I have read and like, but still want to give credit to who told me they were at the library.  The rest are on my To-Read list!
I know the list isn't long yet, but it will grow.  And for now, at least here is a starting point for actually taking advantage of the library/eReader relationship!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sweet Melissa

MIssy's 30th Birthday
Today is Missy's 30th birthday, and that's a big deal.  I mean, 30 is always important.  And Missy being 30 carries a bigger joy with it than your average 30th birthday.
  MIssy's 30th Birthday
I try not to focus on her cancer, to talk about it much on here, because Missy is so much bigger than her cancer. And cancer sucks, so I don't often tell you how it hurts my heart every single day, because I feel like it is obvious.  I don't often talk about how incredibly thankful I am that her treatments are working. That there is no new growth and how very very grateful we are for that miracle.  MIssy's 30th Birthday
About how lucky we feel to be here, celebrating her 30th birthday, when two years ago her life turned inside out.  But of all days to talk about it, to open up and say we are so thankful for our Sweet Melissa, today seems like the day.
MIssy's 30th Birthday
I love her more than I could ever say, and I am so very thankful for the medicines that have allowed her to be here with us, celebrating her BIG birthday in a big big way.

MIssy's 30th Birthday
Happy birthday little sister.  I love you so.

MIssy's 30th Birthday
Our family had Missy a big birthday bash this weekend to celebrate this very important birthday.  Here are some pictures from the party.  It was perfect in every way.  I don't know if I have ever seen Missy happier, and today, on Missy's day, that brings tears to my eyes. Because it was a perfect night.

Here are a few ( a lot) of pictures from the party.

MIssy's 30th Birthday
Her giant 30 picture collage was a big hit
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Missy with three of her best friends
MIssy's 30th Birthday
A bunch of long time friends who stayed to close the party down dancing with the birthday girl
MIssy's 30th Birthday
Cake, pictures, decorations (the cards with her pictures on the mantle had information on Missy and facts about what was popular that year on the back. They came out so cute!)
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Me, Charing and Candice all three wearing the exact same dresses we wore to Charing's last big birthday 5 years ago. When you find a good dress, hold on to it!
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Center pieces that we made. The cassette tapes had candles inside. The hats and gloves were dancing accesories for the Michael Jackson/ late 90's hip hop dance theme! The music at this party made me so happy.
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Boo and Mandy
Missy's 30th birthday
Becky and David
MIssy's 30th Birthday
The Kelsey's looking adorable
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Me and Nicholas
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Whitney and Mike
MIssy's 30th Birthday
Sweet Missy with Lauren, another one of her BFF's
MIssy's 30th Birthday
Rhi and Chris (and sweet baby on the way!).
Missy's 30th birthday
Our adorable Mama with her sister, Aunt Josie
MIssy's 30th Birthday
 Liz and Arielle
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Nick with his own BFF's (Not that boys usually refer to their guy friends as BFF's, but still...)
 MIssy's 30th Birthday
Action shot of hanging out and eating early on in the party
MIssy's 30th Birthday
Another action shot of later in the night. Turns out dance party pictures are really hard to take, but I think you get the idea. It was awesome.

Actually, that pretty much sums up the party.  Hard to capture in pictures, but absolutely awesome. A perfect party for our sweet Melissa. 

Happy Birthday, little. I sure do love you.  xoxo