Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Like When You Like Bio Girl

So you know how you can 'like' things on Facebook?  Yeah.  Of course you know that.  Everyone knows that.  That is like my grandma asking me if I have heard of those cell phone things people are carrying around these days.  I am an idiot.

Let's start again!  I added a new fancy thing to my blog where you can click to 'like' any posts that tickle your fancy on facebook!  Why did I say 'tickly your fancy'? I don't know.

Let's start again! Like buttons.  They exist.  People use them.  I wanted one so I found it online and installed it.  It was alarming easy and I really should have done it long long ago.  Each blog post now has one so you can tell people how much you love Bio Girl (or... you know... at least that you like it).  Which is fun for me because then people see it on Facebook and are like "What is this?  Wow! This blog is THE GREATEST BLOG EVER!  I LIKE IT TOO!" and then they click the thumbs up and Bio Girl goes viral.

Just let me believe it.

Anyway, you all should click on it sometimes.  I mean, maybe not on THIS post.  It might not be 'like' worthy.  But sometimes.  On other posts.  Like ones about Balls or ones about eBook Reading Lists or whatever you enjoy around here.  I don't really know what that is.  I just throw everything at you and hope something sticks. But maybe your likes will fill me in like a little science experiment.  I can plot it on a graph and then whatever you 'like', I will write more of that.  Lots more. So use the like buttons!  It's for SCIENCE!

(Also, As you can see, there is a twitter button and a google plus button and... well... a million other sharing button options.  Obviously I would like you to use those too.  Use whatever you like most! Use ALL OF THE BUTTONS!  If you like something I write, just consider taking a second to share it. It makes a big difference in my traffic and that is always nice and makes me feel good.  Thanks!!)

Today is my last day posting with Bloggers for Hope.  My final post is about being grateful for the life I have, infertility and all.  Check it out if you have time.  Thank you to my amazing friends from B4H for asking me to write these last six months on endometriosis.  It has been an honor. xo

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  1. Somehow you can also add a "pin it" button for pinterest. It might be amazingly easy too and then everyone can pin you adorable projects!