Thursday, June 7, 2012


So remember that time we took Henry fishing?  Just like, a week or so ago.  Right.  How could you forget.  Well, in case you were too lazy to click on that link, and yet you don't remember what I am talking about, here is a picture of what Henry looked like on that day:
Memorial  Weekend 2012  
I know. He is adorable. But I am actually showing you this picture because it is important to the story I am about to tell. How about that? A picture with a purpose!

 So before we actually could go fishing, we had to go buy bait.  And that is where this story begins.  We walked in to Walmart, making a bee line for the outdoors section, when the greeter stops us.  He looks at Henry and starts going on and on about how excited he is to see us!!  How glad he is that he just got back from brake so he didn't miss us!! He is clearly a kid person, to the level of a little creepy.

"Come over here!  Come over here! You (Henry) are going to love this!"  he says as he shows him some wind chimes.  Henry isn't really interested, so the greeter moves on to more exciting things.

"Oh, I know what you are going to like!  Come look at this!"  And he practically skips down another row to show Henry the Beta fish.  Henry gives him a small smile and Nick and I say we need to get going.  That there are bigger fish to catch, if you will..

So then the guy says, "Oh, I don't mean to seem strange, and I am not trying to sell you anything.  I just LOVE KIDS!"  We smile and go to walk away from the slightly odd little old greeter.  And that's when it happens.  He starts to sing.

"Sugar and Spice
and Everything Nice....

Then he said "bye sweetie!" To HENRY and we walked away.  As fast as we could.

I mean, I know his hair is a LITTLE longer than most boys, but still.  STILL!  He is clearly dressed like a boy!  And it isn't like his hair was in pig tails.  And long hair on boys is kinda in style right now, RIGHT?

But we didn't correct him.  Because.... well... I have no idea.  We didn't want to embarrass him?  We didn't want to make him feel like he should stop talking to kids so much, even though it started to be strange WAY before the breaking out into song thing?  I don't know.  We just walked away.  And laughed.  A lot.  I mean, I am still laughing about it.  The man sang.  HE SANG "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.... That's what little girls are made of!" to my SON. And although maybe I should on some level be offended, or second guess my choice of haircut for my boy, deep down I just find it all hilarious.  The singing... it just put it over the top.

So after we stopped laughing we put Henry down and took a good look at him.

Memorial  Weekend 2012
Boy. All the way.

But...for not particular reason... I took him for a hair cut on my next day off.  When we sat down I gave the woman my usual instructions.  Cut it, but no clippers, no cutting around the ears, I basically want it to look EXACTLY like it does right now.  She laughed and said no problem.  She loves shaggy hair on little boys. She kept her boys hair the exact same way.  My heart lightened towards the nice lady and I relaxed a  little.  She did a great job on his hair, and at the end I asked how old her boys are now.  She looked a little older than me.  I thought she would say ten... maybe twelve.

"Oh, they are 38 and 36 now!"

So... Your boys had this hair cut in the early seventies.  You know... back when this was REALLY in style.  Riiiight.
Henry's newly-shortener-but-still-70's-style-hair from a distance.  Still all boy.

I really will be sad the day he decides he wants a buzz cut.  But for now when we ask him "do you want your hair short like Papa or long like Henry" he stands firm.  "LONG LIKE HENRY!" 

Good boy.


  1. I got a good laugh out of this!

  2. That is hilarious. Poor old man, it's probably good you didn't tell him.
    I love the longer hair, (though I was apparently never much for gender norms since
    I was often mistaken for a boy with my super short cut when I was a kid.)

  3. Wow! I think that guy would have totally creeped me out.

    Henry's hair looks cute, both before and after :-)