Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Day

I made it.

I only got four hours of sleep last night. I cried when I went to bed. I cried when I woke up. I cried as I nursed him this morning. I cried on my way to work. I cried a little at work too.

Still, once I got to work and got rolling I was able to get things done. I thought of him constantly, but I was okay. I knew he was safe and loved. I knew I had work to do. I knew it was only five hours. I knew in my heart he was okay.

I got home at one and he didn't look any bigger than when I left him. He didn't look like he forgot me. He didn't look mad. He nursed and I kissed him a million times and we were both okay.

It will be easier tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Time

Well, sweet Henry had some out of town visitors this past weekend! We had Nick's family in from South Carolina and Alabama to meet our perfect boy. My sister-in-law and mother-in-law even had him a cook out. Everything was so great. All in all it was a perfect last weekend of my maternity leave! (back to work tomorrow...booooo) Anyway, here are a few pictures of the weekend (and a couple cute ones from last weekend just to work in some more of these millions of pictures I have of this perfect boy spending time with his family)!
Here is our Henry meeting his MawMaw for the very first time. It was a big deal for her to come in from SC to see his sweet face in person. Nick and I were so excited that she came!
And here he is meeting his great-grandma. She had to come in from Alabama, which is also a huge deal. This boy has a serious fan club!
The entire South Carolina Family!
Two Great Grandma's together!
Here is some grand parent love from Nana and Grandpa. I love this picture!
And his Granddaddy and Grams
And then this one I never posted of my parents, Nanny and Papaw (just to round out the grand parent pics!) My dad is a big fan of his first grand son!
Here is Nick with his brother and sister. Aunt and Uncle love.
And one from last weekend of me with my sisters
Hanging out with Aunt Candice and Uncle Awesome (uncle Awesome picked out his own name...I think it's a winner)
One more good one with his Nana
And with his Granddaddy (seriously relaxed!)
Oh, and he still loves his Mama!
Hope you all had a great weekend! Wish me luck with work tomorrow. I think it is going to be a rough day...

Friday, June 26, 2009


So pretty much the scariest thing ever happened on Wednesday morning. I will go ahead and tell you Henry is fine. He has a cold. That is important to know before I tell you the story, because otherwise it will be terrifying for you all too. Since you know the outcome, I can now fill you in without building unneeded concern for our sweet little guy!

Tuesday night Henry was cranky. Not bad, but not his normal self. He kept spitting up, and it was always this thick sticky spit-up. When I put him in his bassinet that night he was making odd noises almost like he had something in his throat. I thought it was strange, but didn't worry about it much. He got up at four to eat and he was normal, then we got up at seven. This is when things started to go wrong.

I took him into the nursery to get him changed. I laid him on the changing table and he spit up. It was once again that thick sticky spit up, and it was a pretty large amount. It came out both his mouth and nose, so it clearly had some force behind it. Still, my first impression was that it is just spit up and not a big deal. Then he started turning really red. He was making these horrifying gasping noises that were these short sharp breaths. His eyes got huge and started to look glassy. He clearly was having a very hard time breathing.

I ran him into the living room and grabbed he nose sucker while calling for Nick. He could hear the gasps from the bedroom and asked if he was chocking. I couldn't get anything sucked out, so Nick asked if we should go to the hospital while pulling on his pants (clearly he wasn't waiting for my response). I flipped him over to hit it back, and he was so stiff. All the muscles in his body were tight. He just kept getting more and more red and he gasped for air. He was breathing, but just these tiny breaths. Not enough to catch his breath. Not even enough to cry. He looked so scared. It was horrible. HORRIBLE.

We ran to the car and I got in the back. We didn't even put him in his car seat because the idea of laying him down while he was choking was totally out of the question. We live about a mile from the hospital, so Nick drove and I held him begging him to just cry. When we pulled in to the hospital parking lot he finally let out a gasp and then finally (FINALLY) let out a cry. He sorta looked like he was foaming at the mouth because he had this really thick spit that was bubbling out of him. He was still so red and ridged.

We called him doctors office to let them know we were going to the ER and they said they were in the office. It is at the same location so we ran him there instead. We walk in and I am in tears. My mom works at the office, so we are well known and Henry is very loved there. They were all so wonderful. Here I stand with a crying baby and I am crying saying, "He can't breath!" (clearly not true seeing as how he is screaming). The doctor came in and looked at him right away. He listened to his chest and checked in his nose and ears. They told us Henry has his very first cold. A cold. A horrifying and mentally scarring (for me, not him) cold.

This is where I would usually make fun of myself for over reacting, but I can't. This was so terrifying. I know it is a cold, but he was CHOKING. He was red and ridged and his eyes were glassy and....it was just so awful. When we got home he ate, then spit up, then spit up again and it was the HUGE blob of mucus. Not the thick spit up, a super nasty ball of mucus. Like, if this had come out of me it would freak me out, so seeing it come out of my eight pound (hey, he weights eight pounds now!) son was horrifying. It was clearly what had gotten him so choked. It had been what was causing him problems the night before. Once he got it out he looked so tired. Like he had been fighting it forever.

The rest of the day we kept an eye on him and he did better. They had told us to call if he had a fever of over 100.4. Of course, at nine o'clock at night his fever went up to 100.8. We called, expecting to be told to give him Tylenol. Instead they told us we really needed to go to the ER. Yes, the ER. SO...off we went. They were wonderful there. They absolutely loved our little guy (how could they not!) He was wonderful and didn't cry at all when they did the x-ray (yes he had to have and x-ray) and he looked pretty annoyed, but didn't cry when they had to give him a catheter (YES, he had to have a catheter) but he really REALLY hated when they pinned his arm down to give him the IV. That didn't go to well at all. The blood work came back and said he has....A cold. They thought about doing a lumbar puncture, but decided against it. Thank the lord. We finally were discharged at 2am. It was a VERY long day.

You would think his first ER visit would be scary, but really it felt like a technicality. It was a "better safe than sorry" situation. The choking...the choking will haunt me. His little face...he was just so terrified. I am happy to report the entire family is doing much better now. Hopefully I will never have to see him choke again. I don't know if my heart can take it.
Here is the poor baby with his IV ( Yes, I took pictures at the ER...we were there FOREVER! Might as well document it...you know...for the blog)
Here he is calming down with his mama. A mama who looks super sexy what with the no shower and the sweat pants and I am sorta sitting weird....and no, my shirt is not tucked in, it is just pulled up from where I was nursing him to make him feel better from the HORROR of the IV. Thank God for the calming effect of nursing.
And here he is relaxing with his Papa waiting on the results to send us home! Poor poor baby. It was a bad six week birthday

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Readers Ever

I love you guys. Seriously. Thank you all for you wonderful and loving comments. They really helped. I know I will be okay. I know Henry will be okay. It will just take time for both of us (more time for me than him I think) to get used to the plan. I will hate to be away from him, but it is really our only option. My income is not disposable at all. The only way for me to leave my job to stay home would be for us to sell our house. So...that is not an option. I need to work, and that is okay. I want him to have a college fund and for us to be able to take him on vacation. I want him to be able to need new clothes and us to be able to go buy them. These are things my job lets us do. That and pay the mortgage. ( Oh and pay off the IVF...which is the best money we ever spent, but still must come from somewhere) It will only be two days a week, and we have a while before it is time. I know it will be hard, but in my heart I truly know it is best. Thank you for you sweet comments. It makes it easier to know you all understand.

Stay tuned for a post full of drama and intrigue. Tentative Post Title- "Diagnosis: A Cold"...It may be a two part series that also includes, "Diagnosis: A Cold Confirmed at the ER at 2am". Should be up tomorrow. We have had a long couple of days around here! For now, I just wanted to say thanks for being so great!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And Then I Cried

Well, I have one more week of my maternity leave. ONE WEEK. I cannot believe that we are almost done. I cannot believe he is going to be SIX WEEKS OLD tomorrow. I cannot believe that I have to go back to work. I breaks my heart every single time I think of it. It will be easier because I am only going back part time for the first two weeks. It seemed like a good idea to ease back into the work deal. It will also be easier because once I go back full time, I am changing my schedule to only work four days a week. They will be four ten hour days, but still, only four days away. I can handle that. It will also be easier because sweet Henry does not have to go to daycare just yet. We have teachers in the family (YAY!) so he gets to stay with his aunts over the rest of the summer. These things make the idea of going back to work livable. I can survive it, but it breaks my heart to think of leaving him with ANYBODY.

Still, it is under control. I am okay to go to work next Tuesday for five hours. I know he will be fine. But I realized yesterday that before I go back I need to go meet everyone at the daycare he will eventually be attending two days a week. I have had great recommendations for them. He has been on the waiting list forever. I KNOW it is a good place with good people. Still, I was going to take him over there and look around. The place was nice. It really was. I was holding up okay on the tour. Everything made since. Everyone was really sweet. Then I started to ask a few questions. "tell me about what his day will be like" and she started. It sounded good. It sounded like a perfect daycare day. But then...out of nowhere. I burst into tears. Yes I did. I BURST INTO TEARS. I know they will take care of him, but I WANT TO TAKE CARE OF HIM. He is just so tiny. I see that it will be good for him in a year or two, but for now I want to be the one that is there. I want to be the one that rocks him to sleep and helps to teach him to roll over. I want to make sure that even though he is such a good baby and so easy, that he is always held and loved and played with. I want to make sure that he never left out or ignored. I want it more than I want almost anything else in the world.

I guess the one thing I want more is to provide for him. To give him the best life we can. And because of that, I have to work. I have to take him to daycare two days a week and he will be okay there. I know they will love him and take wonderful care of him. But not like I would. Because I am his Mama. And I take care of him best. That is what breaks my heart. I want what is best for him, and I truly believe that is me. It is just hard to not give that to him, when it is what I want more than anything.

And now I am crying again.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We have waited for a long time for a Father's Day in this house.
He was totally worth the wait.
*This is what I woke up to on Sunday morning. Nick had gotten up and put Henry in the bed around seven. They look like they really enjoyed their first Father's Day together.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Peanut Butter

So...I just sat in front of the TV and ate 1/3 a jar of dark chocolate peanut butter. What's that? You all have never even heard of Dark Chocolate Peanut butter? It sounds like something that only children would eat? You would never actually BUY it and put it in your house?? Shut up. You see, I bought it for Nick because he loves Reese's...I wanted the white chocolate peanut butter but thought I would get the one we would both like...plus then I wouldn't be as tempted to sit there and eat it like it was candy. Right. Showing some self control.

Don't worry though. It isn't like that was my entire lunch. Before that I had two gigantic slices of New York style pizza. THEN I added on the 1/3 tub of peanut butter. I was only going to have a little spoon full. You know, for something sweet. Then I had to FORCE myself to put it down when 1/3 of it was gone. I just kept doing that "even up the top" thing. You know...to make it smooth. "Just a little more off the top and it will look like NOBODY ate any of it!!". You all do that too, right?? RIGHT??

I am a little embarrassed for Nick to come home. Then I will have to be all like, "well, the jar isn't really as big as it LOOKS!" and maybe toss in a "It was HONESTLY only a couple of (HUGE) spoons full!" and maybe I will add in " I AM BREAST FEEDING!" just to remind him that I am eating for two. Yeah, that should take care of it. I am sure he will find the situation better then. And he definitely won't roll his eyes when I am all like, "WHEN am I going to be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes?? I have NO IDEA why these last 13 pounds won't come off!" Right.

**For the record, I am feeling MUCH better! The hives are officially gone and so is the crazy itching. Steroids are magical drugs. I did have a little incident where I forgot to read the directions and took all six pills for the first day at one time...instead of spread out over the day. And then I PANICKED and called the doctor because...you know...HENRY and BREAST FEEDING and OVER DOSING ON STEROIDS. Come to find out it is totally fine to take all six at once. Good to know. **

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Itchy Itchy Itchy

Oh. My. God. I am broken out in hives. Not just one or two little hives. We are talking hives ALL OVER MY BODY. They are on my arms. My legs. My stomach. My back. MY EYE LIDS. YES. They are on my eye lids. It's serious. I am about to crawl out of my skin I am itching so bad. So I went to the doctor. They put me on steroids. They gave me something for the itching. They have NO IDEA what on earth caused it. All in all a medical mystery.

So, I am going to bed as long as this little boy will let me. Just wanted to give you the update. Just for fun, here is the link to Henry's newborn picture at the hospital! I have meant to post it forever, but now seemed like a good time seeing as how this post is lame and all just, "I AM ITCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Now we can tack on, " LOOK how much my baby has grown!!" Enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures of Firsts

Sweet Henry had a couple of firsts this weekend, and since I have nothing else to talk about I will show you some of them in pictures! Here is Henry with one of his first (okay, his second) bottle! I have officially started pumping once a day to get him in the habit of taking a bottle before I go back to work (two more weeks...so sad). Nick really loves getting to feed him, so that is great. I sorta don't like him taking a bottle and want him to only eat WITH ME, but that isn't possible, so I am getting over it. The boy has to eat while I work (and I gotta work...also so sad)! Lucky for all of us he is doing really well with the bottle. I am having some issues with the pumping, but we will get into that another time...Henry's first trip to the Farmers Market! The market is every Sunday at a little shopping center right down the street from our house. We took the stroller from the house and got some great food. Hopefully we will do it more this summer. Even though the market is ridiculously close, I usually make the walk down there about once a summer. Maybe Henry will motivate me to do it more! First Shoes! My mom got him these adorable little tennis shoes and I had to put them on him. Good thing I did because his feet are so stinking long he wont be able to wear them for long!First picture where you can see the color of his eyes! Okay, this is reaching a little in the "first" category, but I like this picture, even though it is totally washing him out. His eyes are really grey right now, but have the look of maybe going blue. He is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.First blooms on the rose bush! Okay, this has nothing to do with Henry, but check out our rose bush. We planted it before Henry came home and it has officially started to bloom. I looked out the kitchen window the other day and this is what I saw. Then I woke up the other morning to find cut roses in a vase on the dinning room table. Yeah, I think I am going to like this rose bush!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Month

Dear Henry,

I can't believe it has already been a month that you have been with us. Time is already moving too fast. Still, I look at your perfect little face and have a hard time remembering how you were ever not here with us. You make us a family. Me and your papa are completely in love with every little thing about you.

We have had a pretty huge month around here considering we went from a family of two to a family of three. That is a big change. Still, we rolled with it and now looking back on the last month it seems like it went pretty smooth. A big reason for that is because you are such a good baby. I don't know how we got so lucky. You make everything easier for me and your papa. You don't do much crying. You love it when we hold you and give you kisses. You like your swing and your play mat, but what you love best is your family. You are always content in our arms, and that is where we like you best!
In the last month you have become a champion of breast feeding. I am so proud of you. You love to eat and love to spend that time with me. You are so adorable when you curl up and start to nurse. I love to just sit there and watch you. I know it won't be long before you are so much bigger and our nursing days will be gone. For now I am loving that special time that we get to have together.
We have started leaving the house a lot more in the last week. Everyone loves to look at you and say how beautiful you are. I mean, of COURSE you are, but it is nice that even strangers notice. They all are amazed with how tiny you are, which is funny to me. You look so much bigger already. I just can't believe how fast you are growing.
Before you got here I knew your family would all love you, but I was not prepared for the level of that love. Sweet boy, you have stolen our hearts. Everyone is so taken with you and loves to spend time with you. You make that easy because you let everyone hold you and love on you. You have such an amazing family that will be such a huge part of your life. I love seeing you with them. It will be amazing to watch you grow up surrounded by so much love.
Me and your Papa love you more than we could ever say. My heart aches when I am away from you. You are my sweet boy and I cannot imagine my life without you now. You watch me with those big eyes and I see so much of your papa in you. You study everything. Taking it all in. It warms my heart to watch you see things for the first time. To try to understand what is around you. I love to watch you watch your family. You are so perfect. I love you.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


I have decided to not do the weekly picture update of sweet Henry. Mainly because I post pictures of him everyday. I think I am going to move the general updates on how perfect he is to a monthly event, so look for those around the 13th of the month. If, by some crazy chance, I have not posted a single picture of Henry over a weeks time, I will make sure to post his weekly growth picture just so you all can see he is alive! Hope you all are okay with the new plan.

In other news, I am absolutely in love with this picture (LOOK a 4 week photograph!)
He is trying out his new bunting from his great aunts out on the west coast! I know it looks a little (A LOT) big, but it actually fits in his car seat and has slits in the back for the buckles and everything. It is super easy to use and will keep him warm all winter! Plus, this one is adjustable so it can be used in car seats and strollers until he is four years old! When it arrived yesterday I was like, "Hmmm....this looks pretty large..." but then I put it in his car seat to see how it works and it is SO AWESOME. Plus it is adorable and looks like a super cute winter coat for his car seat. PLUS it makes Henry look like the cutest baby to ever lay in a bunting. The love.
Also, these pictures may or may not have been taken in the full size, four year old version of the bunting...just for effect. Their are pieces that zip off the bottom and it tightens at the top...to make it actually fit a sweet LITTLE baby!
So thanks to my wonderful Aunts! Henry loves his present and will use it for years and years!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emotional Disney

So yesterday Henry and I were hanging out and he talked me into watching Homeward Bound on the Disney Channel. I mean, I TOTALLY would have watched something much more grown up if it was up to me, but I try to be a good mama and do what Henry asks. I mean, I don't even check out the Disney channel if I am alone...this was all Henry.

So anyway, he BEGGED to watch Homeward Bound so I figured we would go with it. You know what I learned?? Disney is evil. I mean, why would they make these super charged emotional movies? are they trying to kill us all? Do you all remember Homeward Bound?? Where the two dogs and the cat are taken to a farm to stay for a little bit and they don't understand where their family went. The oldest boy tells his golden retriever Shadow to stay, and he gets in the car and leaves. Shadow wants to run after him, but he keeps saying "Stay....stay..." because he is a good dog! Yeah, that made me cry.

Then they run away and try to cross the mountains to get home... and they lose the cat for a while and then she finds them again and she is all like "MY BOY'S!!! MY BOY'S!!" as she Runs to meet them. Yeah....that made me cry too.

But THEN at the end when you think Shadow is too old and he didn't make it because he fell in the mud pit, but then he comes limping over the hill and he is all like, " OH PETER!! I LOVE YOU and I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! You are my boy and I will NEVER leave you!!" Yeah people. There were full on rolling tears. It was...sorta embarrassing since Nick had just walked in the house and I was all like, "THIS MOVIE!!! It is totally making me CRY!" Which was sorta stating the obvious what with how my voice cracked and I had STREAMS of TEARS and everything.

So I learned two valuable lessons. Number one, Henry doesn't get to pick the movies anymore. Clearly he likes things that are a little to emotional for his mama. Second, I sure do love my Ellie girl.
Here she is with her Big Sister shirt (which clearly she isn't really wearing...because it is for a child not a dog...and we don't make Ellie wear clothes because it seems like she would hate it. Still, the shirt was a gift to Ellie from a baby shower and is pretty stinkin' cute!). She would totally cross a mountain and climb out of a mud pit to get home to us!
Also, just for fun, here is me and Henry enjoying something on TV that doesn't make me sob like a little girl!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Henry = Champ

Well we went to Henry's four week check up today (can you believe it is time for his FOUR WEEK CHECK UP?!?!) and he has managed to gain an entire pound and grown an inch in the last week and a half! He is officially six pounds ten ounces and 20 inches long! This boy can put food away just like his mama!

(He is really working on that smile. It warms our hearts!)
It was actually great to hear that he has gained so much weight and that he is doing so well because we had a rough weekend around here. I went to the doctor on Friday and found out I had a bladder infection. No good at all. They put me on meds, but I felt like garbage on Saturday and Sunday. I was running a fever and had the body aches and chills. Just terrible.
Unfortunately Henry was not feeling great this weekend either. I didn't actually realize he was sick, I just thought he was cranky, but he did not want to sleep. At all. That is not good with a sick mama who wants to do nothing but sleep. He was up all night Friday and Saturday. Like didn't sleep and wouldn't let me put him down from 10:30pm - 5am. It...sucked. He was also spitting up a lot and his poop was different (what? Doesn't everyone blog about poop?? gotta love the mommy blogging...oh how times have changed). when I mentioned the poop thing to the doctor she said he had a virus. Apparently that is a classic sign. I am happy to report that the poop went back to normal last night and so did his sleeping habits. We were up for one feeding in the night which took about an hour and a half, but that is pretty typical. All is now right with the world again.
Anyway, here are a few new pictures of our little man. Are you all getting a little tired of all these pictures of Henry yet? I know I will get back to blogging about other things eventually, but for now he is still the top of the blogging topics...and will most likely remain a top topic for a very long time...like forever. Still, I will someday work in other topics along with our sweet boy!
How funny is this picture? When I look at it all I can see is what he will be like when he is 16. He just has so much attitude in it!We made the big trip to my parent's house last night for my dad's birthday! Henry is a big fan of his Papaw!Before the trip he had to have his first real bath! We have given him many sponge baths, but it was time to break in the official bath tub! I thought he would hate it but he seemed okay with the entire process. Maybe he was tired of smelling like milk.
Of course, once he was clean he was ready to eat again. This is the face he makes to let me know it is time to eat. He makes it pretty much whenever he hears my voice. I have started referring to myself as the milk machine. Clearly the breast feeding is going well what with the ONE POUND weight gain in nearly two weeks. We are both really proud of ourselves!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Must Have List

I was going to end this post with this sweet picture of Henry laying on top of Nick, but then I thought you all might not make it to the end of the post. I wouldn't want you to miss such a sweet baby just because I ramble!
So anyway, I know this post is sorta pointless to anybody who isn't about to have a baby, but I am not getting out of the house much, so this so this is what I think about these days; "How would I SURVIVE without ____???". So here we are at three weeks post delivery and I am building a mighty list of things that one MUST HAVE in order to bring how a baby. How people used to do this in the old days is a total mystery to me, but whatever. Henry was lucky enough to be born in good old 2009 so his mama can get spoiled with all the modern conveniences! If you are having a baby soon, or just find my ramblings amusing, check out my list. If you have a baby and I am missing something that you thought was the most important baby item ever, make sure to let me know so I can buy it too!!
This here is a sleep positioner. It is the entire reason for the post. It basically allows you to put your baby in the bed and not feel bad about it. Baby is safe, mama and papa can actually sleep because baby is sleeping. EVERYONE IS HAPPY! Of course, lots of people just put the baby in the bed without it, but I am sorta neurotic and needed this to allow me to be able to sleep during the times the baby is in the bed! Henry actually sleeps at night in his bassinet, but we can get him to sleep after his early morning feeding (around 6 or 7 am) by putting him in the bed with us. Otherwise, he is definitely AWAKE for the morning. This thing has made my maternity leave so much easier...the love is strong.

I know some people find the old Boppy pointless, but I LOVE MINE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Makes the entire feeding process a lot easier. Genius. Also, the person who made this is like a gazillionaire and all other mothers before her are like, "DAMN, I TOTALLY thought of that first!!"No snaps, no buttons, no zippers, just pull it up to change the diaper, then pull it back down. Amazing. I was calling them Henry's gowns, but my dad informed me that boys don't wear gowns, they are totally long t-shirts. Good to know. Unfortunately I heard Nick refer to them as a dress the other night...I have a confession...I find the whole "carry the car seat everywhere you go" thing pretty annoying. And Henry weights all of five pounds. It isn't that it is heavy, it is just cumbersome! If we are going someplace I want him to stay in his seat, then I am all for it, but if we are going someplace like his doctor, where we walk a long way, just for him to get out as soon as we get there, I would MUCH RATHER just pull him out in the car and drop him in the sling. Seems much easier to me. So that is what we do. All the time. Me and the hotsling are totally best friends.Henry has a love hate relationship with his passie (spelling passie with a "c" just looks wrong, so even though it is pacifier, we are going with passie), but I still add it to the list of must haves. When he is stressed, it makes him happy. That is the only reason I need. We had him at the doctor and she was checking him out. He was naked except for his passie and it fell out of his mouth and landed right on the table beside him. His eyes got really wide and when she rolled him to that side he turned his head all the way so his mouth could have reach the tip of the passie. He then started sucking on it like a mad man. It was like he was saying, "As long as I have this passie I will be OK!!!" It cracked me and Nick up. Sometimes he takes it at night and it helps him sleep, but sometimes he hates it. Such is life.Dear Lord,

Thank you for inventing the swing. It actually allows this mama to get things done around the house during the day (like laundry and long random posts on Bio Girl). You are a miracle worker. I am sure you did other things bigger than the baby swing, but for now it is at the top of my list. Thanks!!



Henry LOVES his play mat. He just lays there and looks at all the stuff. I feels like he is actually doing something when he is under it because he looks so serious as he studies. Makes me feel like I am teaching him something. Like how to lay on the floor. It's awesome.

Anyway, that is my list. There are a few honorable mentions like bibs to control the spit up and Pampers newborn diapers, which are the only ones that currently fit him, but they don't get pictures and details because I am bored and Henry is hungry, so we are out of here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3 Weeks

Our sweet boy is three weeks old today. Tomorrow is his due date. How crazy is that? I cannot imagine still being pregnant right now...or not having met him yet. So glad we got these three extra weeks with our little man! Anyway, I took like a million pictures today trying to get a good three week pic. I am not really happy with any of them because I feel like none of them show how adorable he is. Still, I will share some of the highlights from the day...

okay, he is the sweetest thing ever when he is sleeping. Look at how he puts his hands under his head. ADORABLE.Then when he is first waking up, he likes to yawn and stretch...which is also the cutest thing I have ever seen. (This picture warms my heart)

Then we get all cleaned up. He doesn't like it much, but he tries not to cry. Still, he doesn't like having his picture taken all naked. I mean, who does?? (note that his belly button fell off...*sob*...but also YAY because it was sorta gross)

Next he gets all dressed and ready, but then decided he is NOT going to look at the camera. WILL NOT DO IT. That's okay. He is still pretty perfect.Finally Mama gives up on pictures (thank GOD) and we hit the road to visit Charing. He is still pretty tiny in his car seat, but clearly getting bigger!

Anyway, there is the three week review. A few pictures that can't possibly capture how great he really is. Still, I will keep trying!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon

So was anybody else a big enough dork to sit around and watch the MTV movie awards just to see the New Moon preview? Anybody?? Just me?? Well, I was feeding Henry and all...and it just happened to be on my DVR... and seriously people, I am really excited about this movie. I have a deep love for the second book, and I think they might actually make this movie a lot better than the first (and as bad as parts of the first one is, I love it). Now they actually have money to put into it, and they know they have a HUGE following, so I am hoping for something great! Just in case you didn't sit around and watch MTV all night, here is the preview...


Also, for the record, I can't believe I used to think the MTV movie awards were by far the BEST awards show on TV. I remember telling people they were way better than like, the Oscars, because they give awards to all the GOOD movies Right. They are just...awful. Parts of it were funny, but most of the show was really annoying. And I mean, I am a big Twilight fan, but seriously people, you think they should have won EVERY award? I guess I have officially grown out of MTV. Also, the preview for the new Real World made me feel really old. How sad.