Friday, August 28, 2015

And the new semester begins...

So the new semester started this week and... well... yeah. Things are busy. Again.  Always.  I am teaching again and am excited to be back in the classroom.  I mean, half excited, half considering never doing this again.  I did have my first lecture on Thursday and it went well.  My new building is... rather unusual for a college class.  I felt like a picture was needed to really explain how unusual.

That's right.  It's a chapel.  Like is SAYS "CHAPEL" on the outside.

And it has stained glass windows. And a balcony. And really fancy church lights.

Also, it DOES NOT HAVE air conditioning.  Oh, and half way through my first lecture the projector broke*.  

Try not be be jealous of me and my glamorous life.

I have 100 students and they did seem to enjoy the first lecture... or at least they laughed when I wanted them to and I didn't even see anyone asleep.  I will choose to take that as a sign that this is a good group!  

Nick is teaching his engineering lab again as well, plus he is taking a class so it's going to be all school/work all the time around here.  You know, except for when it's all baseball all the time... a see a lot of carry out dinners in our near future.

*Luckily one of my 100 students works for the University IT and he got up and helped.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back to Baseball

Henry had his first fall ball practice last night which means... well, I guess it just means we are back at the ball field like 3-4 nights per week. We have a new coach and a totally different team, but we did manage to get these two together.

I know, with the faces, right?  But I took four pictures and this was BY FAR the best. Also, I am getting Henry's bangs cut today. 

Anyway, not a lot to say about practice really.  It went well.  I took pictures.  Like this one:
Just look at him!  Gah.  Love.
And this one....
And the (always required) break down cheer.  In fall ball the teams don't get names so they always let the kids pick.  Last year we were the cats but somehow this season we are the Cardinals.  I think Henry's hat might of had something to do with it...

When we were leaving the park we did run into some of the old Cardinals crew, which was great. They had two snakes with them, which was... less great according to me.  EXTREMELY AWESOME according to Henry.  As we walked away Henry said "You know... I think I might want a pet snake.  That or a wolf"

Wolf is far more likely, kiddo.

Monday, August 24, 2015

When Bee Stings Go Bad

So I assume you are all surprised that I am once again talking about my bee sting. I mean, I posted about that a week ago. A WEEK AGO.  Could I really have more to say?


So over the last week I have slowly realized that my foot is really NOT okay post sting.  You can't really tell in the picture, but it was swollen as hell. Plus it hurts, it itches like there was no tomorrow, and it burns/tingles/feels sorta numb. It's been fun.

In typical me fashion I put off doing anything about it until Sunday because I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor about a bee sting.  I mean, bees happen, I don't need to be a baby about it or anything.  I think on maybe Friday I googled it because, you know... my foot looked freakish, and it say a mild reaction can last up to ten days, so I figured that's what I had.  But by Sunday it was definitely getting worse and not better and it had me up several times in the night because of the ITCHING so I broke down and went to the weekend clinic.  The nurse practitioner took one look at it and was like "Yeah.... that should NOT look that way at day eight." 

Turns out I am having an intense localized reaction with a secondary infection.  She took measurements and told me to pay close attention to if it changes.  She said it it gets any bigger to go back to the doc right away and if it starts streaking go straight to the ER.  AWESOME!

Twenty four hours later, with two antibiotics and a steroid pack, it's looking significantly better.  The redness looks brighter but the swelling is WAY down and it no longer feels like a huge knot under my skin. It still itches like hell, but I am hoping that's the next thing to get better.

So... in sum, I hate bees. And apparently they hate me.