Monday, September 22, 2014

Questioning Reality on #Microblog Monday

Yesterday Henry was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast when all of a sudden he looks up at me and says "Mama, did you know this is all just a dream?" And I say "What?? Like everything around us right now?" And he said, "Yep. You are just dreaming."  Then he just went back to eating his cereal like nothing was happening.  A minute later he smiled and said "I am happy I am in your dream, Mama."
And that's how a five year old makes you question reality at 8 in the morning.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Game Ball and Other Ramblings

So I just realized I haven't posted since Tuesday... unacceptable.  But this weekend is extremely packed with fall activities, so this is just a filler post to hold us over until Monday.
Someone got the game ball on Tuesday night!  He was SO EXCITED.  As soon as the coach started describing the player who was getting the ball he started pointing to himself with a huge grin!  It was adorable.
1-2-3 Go Green Cats!  (Nick's Lime Drives was voted down by the kids.  They much preferred green cats...Nick feels robbed)
On Friday I went with Henry's kindergarten class for his very first field trip.  I followed along behind the bus and all I could think was "Seriously... WHY are there not seat belts on buses??  My BABY is on there!"  WHO MAKES THESE RULES?  Clearly not a mother.  Seriously, by law Henry has to ride in a booster in our car until he is like eight, but on a school bus it's a 1930's style free for all?  WHERE IS THE PUBLIC HEALTH OUT CRY?  I move to vote for five point harnesses for all.  Who's with me??

Pictures from the field trip to come this week.  Also, pictures from the TWO fall festivals we are attending this weekend.  It's Fall y'all. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bring On the Flannel

This past weekend the temperature surprisingly dropped into the extremely fall like range.  Kentucky is weird.  Sometimes it will be 85 degrees in October, causing us to want to wear tank tops and flip flops to the pumpkin patch.  Other times, like this weekend, we are breaking out the flannel a few days after Labor Day. But the change in temperature turned out to be the perfect lead in for the annual Fall Festival held at a Catholic Church down the street.  Henry spent both Friday* and Saturday night there and loved every single second of the inflatable slides and obstacle course, the fifty cent games, and the $2 pizza.  Saturday night we were with him, so I took some pictures. (Of course I did).
Henry and Cici.  They would have been completely content to sleep in the inflatable obstacle course and just never go home.  They LOVED it!
They also loved running into their cousin, Wesley!
Love these three.
It made me laugh how whatever Henry did, Cici immediately followed in the same way.  Head first?  IF YOU SAY SO!
Boo, Chris and Cici
My little family
Love!  We have been to this festival before, but this year the kids were the perfect age.  Plus, the weather was so nice, it was just awesome.

Can you tell I enjoyed myself? Fall Festivals for the win!

*Friday night he went with Cici's Aunt Gayla (also Henry's Aunt Gayla, because of course) and we FINALLY went to see Guardians of the Galaxy!  I was worried it would be over hyped since so many people had said they loved it but NOPE!  It was awesome!  I highly recommend it to those seven people in America who haven't seen it yet!