Friday, December 19, 2014

The Official Holiday Season has Begun

So it's rolling.  Within the last week I attended three Christmas celebration events, all of which were extremely enjoyable.  We had my work party, which was one of the better work Christmas parties I have ever attended.  Ignoring the fact that when I walked out (alone. NOT intoxicated) I fell down two stairs and into a bush on the side of the walkway.  I seriously tacked that bush.  Like my hands went down into it and could feel the base of the roots at the bottom.  Thank god it was there or it would have been an epic wipe out.  I keep meaning to ask my coworker who hosted the party if it looked mutilated the next morning, but maybe I should just leave it alone and not mention the epic fall...

Wednesday night we had a Christmas dinner/wrap up meeting for the class I have been working with this semester.  I have come to like this teaching team so much and am even a little excited for next semester.  Although starting in January I will be the head professor of a class of 130-150 students, and that is TERRIFYING.  I am at least happy to know I will be surrounded by great people who want the best for me and will do whatever I need to make this work.

Then yesterday I went to Henry's classroom party, which was great! I mean... it looked great for everyone else.  I unfortunately chose my station to volunteer poorly and spent the entire party trying to peel impossible sticker paper off the back of felt in order to make the most intricate ornaments you have ever seen.  They came out super cute, but next time I am serving food or volunteering for the marshmallow toss...

Today will be Henry and Nick's last day of work/school until January 5th.  I am working the beginning of next week, then will join them on our extended Christmas break filled with lots of family time.  It is going to be amazing.
With my boy at his school party.  Love him so.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thank You

Last night our family went to a beautiful service put on by the group Compassionate Friends.  One by one names of those lost were read out as the families came up to light candles in their loved ones honor.  After the service we all went outside to add our candles to a tree display.  It was heartbreaking and beautiful and I am just so thankful that groups like this exist to help us remember we are not alone in our grief.

The candles so many of you lit last night for #CandlesForMissy are another way for us to feel the love and support of those around us.  Thank you so much for that, and for all of your thoughts, prayers and support for our family. I know it is a busy time and we all have our own burdens and grief, but the love and support you all continue to show us through things like this and the #GreyForMissy posts lift us up when our hearts are heavy with our loss.  So thank you again.


Sunday, December 14, 2014


Pictures have started coming in for #CandlesForMissy, and since right at 7pm I will be at the candle lighting service I thought I would go ahead and begin the blog post of photos from around the world. Please share your photos and tag them with #CandlesForMissy , or send them to me directly at biogirl79(at)gmail(dot)com and I will add them to the  post once I get home.  And if 7pm doesn't really work for you, that's okay.  Any picture, anytime.  We feel the love. As for me, my candle has been burning all day long. 

As always, I cannot say thank you enough for the love and support you all give me and my entire family.  It means more than words can say.