Friday, October 31, 2014

Henry and Cici's Halloween Memory Lane

This year is not shaping up to be the best of Halloweens. Last night Henry started running a fever and then... wait for it... started throwing up. Because of course. And also, this is the SECOND Halloween the kid had spent throwing up. I am not sure the holiday agrees with him.

Add in the fact that Boo spent the night in the hospital for a mutant allergic reaction to a medication AND The fact that they say it may FREAKING SNOW and I will have to admit Halloween 2014 may not end up as my favorite.  Still, Henry has an adorable homemade costume and we are going out to trick or treat!  At least for a house or two.

But, let's not dwell on tonight.  Let's look at the collage I made of Halloween's gone by.

 Seriously, with these two.  The love is strong. 

Happy Halloween!!  Come by tomorrow to see a picture of Henry in this' year's adorable costume!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well That's Weird... (FYI:Odd Medical Information Ahead. Read at Own Risk)

It feels like it has been awhile since I did any serious over sharing here on Bio Girl. I thought after my hysterectomy the days of medical over sharing may be behind us.  But turns out, my body is such a mess that even without a uterus I can find ways to give way too much detail about my (lack of) female reproductive parts.  You ready to hear my newest issue?  Read ahead only if you find medical problems interesting.


Seriously... only people who aren't squeamish about girl issues keep reading.

Okay, ready?


This Sunday I randomly started having heavy bleeding like a period.  Which... would not be super odd if I still had a uterus.  BUT I DO NOT. I also do not have any ovaries or a cervix, so... WTF. 

As you may imagine, I was rather bothered by this turn of events.  I was also bothered by the fact that along with the new bleeding came pain/nausea that was very similar to what I dealt with from my endometriosis.  It was a Sunday (my birthday!) so I called the on call doc and she said that she would send me to the ER, but that ER docs are REALLY not able to handle freaks of nature like myself.  She said if I could wait until the next morning it would be much better to be seen at their office.

So... Happy Birthday to me.

Monday morning I went in to see my doc and he said I have something called Tissue Granulation. Once I got home I promptly googled this and, well, you cannot UNSEE things you have seen, so I suggest you NOT do that.  Basically what it is is when scar tissue begins to randomly grow new connective tissue full of blood vessels on top of itself.  This basically makes a large open wound on top of your scar.  And my scar that is doing this is the one that closed off where my cervix used to be.


So, he treated it and says it should begin to heal.  I think he re-cauterized it, which is the SECOND time I have had to have that done.  ( I spared telling you about the first, which was a few weeks after my surgery, but at some point things MUST be talked about on the blog.)  I am now also on estrogen.  For the last eight months I have not been on any hormones, but he said it was time and hopefully would help keep this from happening again.

So... That's happening.  It's still painful and I am not at all happy about it.  I also find it amusing (in a bad) way that I am once again a freak of nature who's body continually tries to regrow body parts.  If you are keeping count, I have randomly grown endometriosis, a second layer of gum tissue (TWICE!  Surgery in December to remove it AGAIN), my tonsils (or new tissue where my tonsils used to be), and now, apparently, a new fake cervix.

I should be kept in a lab.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Someone lost his first tooth...

Is it just me or does he seem a little young for that?!?!   The one right beside it is also loose and I expect it go follow suit in the next couple of weeks.  FUN TIMES.  The Tooth Fairy needs to build up a secret stash of cash....

Also, it was "Dress for Sucess" day at school. 

I can't even...