Thursday, September 22, 2016


Oh Pottermore, you have made my day.

In case you haven't heard, JK Rowling released a game on Pottermore which determines your patronus. If you don't know what a patronus is, you are really missing out in life.  The quiz itself takes only a couple of minutes and is actually sorta beautiful (Harry Potter Nerd!).  I was rather shocked with my outcome, but alas, you can only take it once, so looks like my friend and protector will forever be a Basset Hound.  I then looked basset hounds...

And well, look at that. He IS awfully sweet.  Also, being described as devoted, gentle, tenacious, friendly, sweet-tempered, and affectionate works for me :) Stick with me, little guy. We will keep the Dementors away.

Wanna play?  You can find out yours at!

Also, I pulled up a list of possible answers and well, I am just really happy I didn't get a buzzard, mole, or snake...


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Oh, Hello.

So it's been awhile. A couple of weeks, in fact. Which turns out is a rather extreme blogging break for me.  But things have been insane.  Between the start of the semester, training new TAs, adjusting to increased numbers of courses and students, my new position at work, baseball, and cub scouts the category of "Free Time" has basically disappeared.  Add in the fact that I was in Philadelphia the majority of last week presenting research at an annual work conference and I can comfortably say there was simply no time for blogging.  Not if I wanted to sleep.

But now, settled into the second day of my weekend, as we wait for the baseball uniform to dry so we can get to the field in an hour, I feel comfortable grabbing a few minutes to update.  Although, there isn't a ton to say beyond "Life is busy. We are managing to keep up!"  So how about a few pictures?

Let's see. Since we last spoke (or whatever) we celebrated my mom's birthday. It was great! Look at how happy these babies are.
They sure do love their Nanny!

Baseball has also continued to happen, and our boy it getting better at hitting every single game.  We are down to the last two weeks of Fall Ball.  It has been great and I cannot WAIT for it to be over. seriously.  Let's finish this.
Exciting things were happening in the world of Pokemon Go. Did I tell you we love Pokemon Go? LOVE IT.  I am not even ashamed.  (Although I do regularly blame Henry, as if I am not completely addicted as well)
And then we went to Philly!  Look, the Liberty Bell!
And the LOVE sculpture!
And City Hall!
Oh, and WORK.  The conference was actually great. There were two parts in particular that were extremely powerful to me personally.  One focused on the issues surrounding our criminal justice system and the other focused on how to address adverse childhood experiences through behavioral changes such as physical activity, meditation, and music. In is in moments such as those that I feel the power of the work we are doing, and I am so grateful to contribute to that work.

On the way back to the airport we got a cheese steak, because, it's wrong to go to Philly and not get a cheese streak.

And then finally (FINALLY) We celebrated Boo's birthday yesterday with dinner, a movie (Pete's Dragon. SO GOOD!) and a cookie cake. The dinner, in particular, was a big hit with the kids.  Actually, so was the movie and the cake. It was all a hit. Thanks for being born, Boo!

And with that, I am out of time. Thanks for catching up with us.  I will try to be back in less that two weeks this time.  Seems like a reasonable goal.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome to Coach Pitch!

So Henry has started another season of baseball.  Notice how this time I called it BASEBALL and not TBALL. That's because he is in the big leagues now...
That's right! They are actually throwing balls at my sweet baby.  (Also known as coach pitch)

It has been an experience. We know how our baseball park works. They are all in.  But still, we were not quite prepared for the experience that has been this last week of baseball.  He literally had two hour practices every single day for a week leading up to his first game.  Everyday!  That's 14 hours of baseball! The logistics of school, work, food, baths, and baseball was insane. But we made it. And while I was grumbling the entire way, I must say that weeks worth of practice really did have an impact. He got up to bat in his very first game yesterday and well... there is a video. But before you hit play, I am going to need to request that you ignore his insane mother yelling. Also, the more I watch it, the more I laugh at myself. Mainly because 1. I think he can hear me apparently, and 2. Before this moment I would have said I don't really have an accent...

This epic first hit (A TRIPLE! For those that didn't watch) was a direct result of some awesome coaches that have given significantly more than I have to these kids this week. Henry in particular has received so much one on one attention to help him make the jump from tball to coach pitch, and I am really happy we are on this team.  They have worked hard every single night and man, it was fun to watch them come out and play.

So, go Green Hornets! Thanks for playing so well that the coaches gave you (us) the night off....