Monday, May 2, 2016

#GreyForMissy and Brain Cancer Awareness Month: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's May, which means it's National Brain Cancer Awareness Month.  And once again I will be hosting #GreyForMissy, a day to wear grey (or gray if you rather) in memory of my sweet baby sister, and in honor and support of all those impacted by brain cancer, on Wednesday, May 18th.

This will be the fourth May without our Missy. I know I say this, again and again, but I cannot believe how time moves so quickly. I cannot believe it has been over three years since we lost our sweet girl.  I cannot believe Henry was only three, and he is nearly seven.  I cannot believe that this will be our fourth #GreyForMissy.  It all seems unreal.

Any maybe that's how we survive it all.  Again and again, I wonder how we move forward. How we live without her here. And I guess the answer is we let each day pass.  And slowly, they add up to this... to over three years.  And every single day I miss her. I miss her laugh and I miss her smile. I miss her sass and her ability to bring out the best in others.  I miss seeing her with Henry and Cici, seeing her with me and Boo, Nick and Chris, Mom and Dad.  I miss every single thing about her.  Every single day.
I wasn't at all sure I would do #GreyForMissy here on Bio Girl this year. I think I say this every year, but with this one in particular I was on the fence. I am not blogging as much as I used to, and I thought it might be time to let the official event go. Then yesterday, I started seeing posts on Facebook from others sharing last years post. Reminding everyone that it is May again, that it's Brain Cancer Awareness month again, That it's #GreyForMissy again.  And I was so moved.  I know I do not have as many readers, but I believe our family and friends have found meaning in this day. I know I have. And while it's sometimes a difficult day, it means more than words can say to see you all show support for her this month. To wear grey and say you miss her too, or that you miss her for us, even if you did not have the privilege of knowing her personally.  Your support let's us know she continues to touch lives.

I am once again moving the official day for #GreyForMissy off of it's original May 8th date.  The day is hard for me, and I need it to be on a day when I have nothing else really going on, so this year the official #GreyForMissy post will be on Wednesday, May 18th. If that day does not work for you, or you would rather wear grey on a different day, that's fine. Still email me or tag your pictures on any social media site with #GreyForMissy or #GrayForMissy between now and then and I will save them for the post on the 18th.  Please feel free to share this post with others, and please consider wearing gray this month in memory of our sweet Melissa.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Possibly the best thing ever found in the Take Home folder...

There are no words for how much I love this... I can't decide what I love most.  The imagination one with him holding a sword and a gun on a pirate ship?? Acting like a cat??  The smile on his face in the tball and video game squares?! I might need a frame...


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Collecting All the Badges

So this week has been keeping us on our toes. Tuesday, in particular, was special as we managed to have a tball game and the final Cub Scouts ceremony at the exact same time. Typically tball trumps scouts since it's a team sport and what not, but on this one I was torn. Henry had worked hard to catch up on all of his badges (belt loops?) so that he could earn the all important Tiger badge. It's the badge that basically says you completed 1st grade scouts, and having him at the ceremony to receive it seems sorta important.  So I contacted the Cub Scouts leaders and asked exactly what TIME do these awards get handed out?  Turns out it's the last event of the meeting, so if we sprinted from the game as soon as it was over we would likely make it in time to hear his name called. 
So we sprinted!  And we made it! Notice how the Cub Scouts uniform is just hastily thrown on top of the Cardinals uniform.  I buttoned two buttons before Nick and Henry started yelling "GOOD ENOUGH! LET'S GOOOOOO"

A very proud Henry earning his Bobcat badge, his Tiger badge, and like eight other badges because getting caught up is hard and his parents are good at procrastination. (We were gluing a bird house together an hour past bedtime the night before this event... but HE MADE IT!)
A very proud scout!
And another very proud scout earned his Tiger Badge as well.  Love these boys!