Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Henry had his very first bath in the kitchen sink this weekend. He liked it. A lot.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I love my sweet boy more than I can ever say. He gives me endless joy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well That's Embarrassing

So yesterday I had orientation for my new job. I know I have been working there a week already, but since it is a large university they just hold a catch-all big group orientation every couple of weeks or so. I know lots of people would dread this kinda thing, but for some reason I get endless amounts of joy out of actually understanding the ins and outs of my work benefits. It was a joke at my old job. If someone had a question they didn't call HR, they call me! Anyway, this post isn't about the benefits, which are awesome. It is about me being an idiot at the conference. Of course it is.

So they had a drink and pastry table set up when I came in, and on that table was decaf coffee. So I had a cup. Then another. Then another. And as I sat there I realized that, good lord I gotta pee. So I scooched out the door all stealth like and ran to the bathroom. The problem....well...I guess I went a little crazy with the coffee because about fifteen minutes later I had to pee again. I held off for maybe 25 minutes, but that was my max. I was (of course) sitting on the other side of the room from the door (next to the food table...of course) so when I had to get up for the THIRD time within an hour and a half I was like, this is getting awkward. Not ONE Other person had gotten up to pee. NOT ONE.

So, that isn't the embarrassing part yet. Here it is. On my third trip to the bathroom I was really trying to hurry. I mean, these people are going to think there is something WRONG with me! People I don't know and will never see again might be judging me!! HURRY! So I rush into the bathroom, and as I turn the corner I think, " looks different in here..." (RED FLAG!!) and then I see two men standing at the urinal. Yep. In the men's bathroom. And they didn't look at me, because I guess men don't make it a habit of waving from the urinal to all new entries into the bathroom, so I TOTALLY could have snuck out, but did I? Oh no. I was all like "" as I blush fire engine red (which was really not necessary, I mean, I saw their BACKS) but still.

And really...what embarrasses me most, is that it wasn't like it was my first trip to the bathroom. I knew where it was. I had been there thirty minutes before. So...I am just an idiot.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still Laughing

Well I have spent a good chunk of my weekend buying first birthday supplies (three weeks away!!) and shopping for a big boy car seat. If you want to know anything about extended rear-facing car seats, I am now the girl to talk to! But, those things are fairly boring when it comes to blog posting. I really considered a post on the car seats...I mean, shouldn't all that knowledge go to some good use? But, then I thought of you all....and how much you DON'T want to read that. So, I am opting for a video instead!

I heard several of you were in love with the Socks video. I must agree that his laugh is the sweetest sound in the entire world. So...without further ado, here is Henry and Nick playing with Bunny*!

Laughing at Bunny from Sarah on Vimeo.

*Henry loves when Nick brings stuffed animals to life, and Nick commonly picks the animals that were my favorite when I was little. I think it is really sweet to see Henry playing with Bunny, who was my favorite from when I was about three, and Alf, who I got in kindergarden and who I still love dearly to this day. And would maybe still sleep with if it wasn't for Nick. What? Didn't everyone adore their Alf doll and sleep with it all the way into college? No? Just me? You all don't know what you were missing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Settled

So the new job. It's new. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just, that's the big thing about it. It's new. I guess this is the first time I have made a move from a job that was a decision. Not something I had to do. Not something that was an obvious choice due to advancement. Just a sideways move from one lab to another because I wanted change. I guess when that happens (at least for me) it is impossible to not sit back each day and think, "did I make the right decision?".

I can say that at the end of this first week that I really feel like I did. This is better for me. This has a much better future. Honestly, in most ways it has a much better present. I am co-in-charge of my department. I have people under me. I have a desk and office area! I feel like I am already good at the things I have learned so far, and I have been here four days. I have a lot of respect, which is nice. And...I don't feels right. The work day ends and it's over. The no weekends and no overtime is awesome. There has been some drama with my schedule...people aren't happy with my four days a week...bu that is okay too. As this week winds down the dust seems to be settling about that issue. Everyone has been really nice. Everyone has been really welcoming. It's all been great.

But still, it's new. And I really liked the old a lot. And not really the job, but the people. These people are great. They just aren't my people. I know I will like them too. I already do. Just not as much. Yet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Henry is trying really hard to figure out this walking thing. And let me tell you, he is fearless about it. He has started cutting the corner on our sectional sofa and taking one or two steps on his own before he falls into the cushions other side. He tried this same tactic into his toy table one day last week. It didn't work as well. The picture does not even come close to doing the lip justice. It was gigantic. He got over the pain pretty fast, so I was shocked to look down a little later and see that my son looked as if he has stuffed a grape in his upper lip.
Exactly one week later he took another fall and landed on his face again. Clearly he has my elegance and grace. This time he was in his crib. I don't have pictures of it because the result was lots of blood (yikes), followed by very little swelling. It was pitiful as well, but he was over it fast. Ten minutes later he was begging to get down and run along the couch again. He is such a boy.
For the record, his lips aren't forever changed. He is just making car sounds. Or at least, they sound like car sounds. I don't think he has actually put the two together, he just loves making that noise. Still, it's pretty adorable!
**sorry I have been MIA this week. Working on getting my feet under me at the new job. I will be back to regular posting soon!**

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Day

Man, these last two weeks have flown by. Today is my very last day in my lab. I have a lot of mixed feelings. When I look back at this job I will think of my coworkers who are already gone. My closest friends have left before me. Still, I am surrounded by wonderful people here. People I will miss. People who I know will miss me too.

It's amazing how your coworkers become a second family. You spend so much time together, I suppose it is natural. Still, I feel so lucky. Lucky to have had the opportunity to work here. Lucky to have survived the take over back in 2006 that took the lab from 30 employees to the six we have today. Lucky to have learned so much. But mainly, lucky for the friends I have made here. They made the last five years so much better. They were there for my wedding, there during my infertility, there with Henry. I have done a lot of growing up here. And it feels a little bitter sweet to be leaving.

Monday starts a new chapter for me. A change I am ready for. A change I am scared of. Hopefully I have made the right decision. I feel like I have. Still, today is a little sad.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday Parties

First off, you can really tell by all these picture posts that spring is here because I am clearly out of hibernation and back into the real world! I am not going to lie, it feels good to be out of the house.
Second, all of these pictures were taken with my phone. I have no idea why I now refuse to carry a camera these days. I will attempt to do better so as to have some quality photos next time.

Now to the point of the post! We have had a lot of birthdays around here lately. Nicks brother, Nick's dad and Nicks grandma all have birthdays in March and my brother-in-laws birthday is in April. So...we are sorta birthdayed out. Here are a couple of pictures from the many events of the last couple of weeks!
For Nick's actual birthday he wanted no fan fair. He simply wanted dinner at his favorite restaurant. Steak and Shake. Henry like it, but he wasn't sure about the hat.

Here we are at Nick's dad's celebrating March birthdays. Henry wants to know when he can have some cake.
Nick's brother got his own cake. Why yes, he does look like Nicholas Cage.

Oh yeah, our cherry tree bloomed! Not birthday related, but still pretty!

Next my brother in law had his birthday dinner. Here are him and my lovely sister.

Henry is so excited it is his uncle Chris' birthday, he just can't stand still!

Me and Arielle, who came even though she had her foot put in a cast that day. Poor Arielle.

Hanging out waiting on the wings to arrive with Chris' sister Gayla

Then, on Chris' actual birthday we went out to lunch at Gatti-Town. I have no actual pictures of the birthday boy, but we did let Henry ride a carousel for the first time. Clearly he LOVED it!! (it helped that his Papa was on the ground waving at us each time we came around. Like the worlds best game of Peek-a-boo!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eleven Months

Dear Henry,

My sweet baby, you are growing up so fast. You are wanting more and more independence to explore your surroundings. You crawl absolutely everywhere, and will walk anyplace you can hold on to something. You are completely fearless, letting go and lunging to grab on to a new object with no worries of the consequences. If you fall, you are quick to get up and try again. My heart may stop every time you hit the ground, but you don't miss a beat. You are our little explorer, and you are loving every second of it.
Now that you are on the move, you are becoming more and more in love with Ellie and Sammie. You are so sweet with them, wanting to reach out and touch them both. Ellie loves to follow you around when you crawl or practice walking. I am sure it has something to do with the fact that you love to feed her every chance you get! It is clear already that you were born an animal lover, and we love that about you!
This past month you have started sleeping in the bed with me and your Papa a lot more. You usually go to bed in your own room, but wake up at some point in the night and join us in the bed. I know it is a habit we should break, but we just love it so. You are so sweet to watch sleep. So peaceful. And in the mornings when you wake up, oh there is nothing sweeter in the world. We love those stolen moments with while we all sleep together as a family.Oh Henry, I cannot believe you are eleven months old. But more than that, I cannot believe you will be one year old next month. Each day passes and you get a little bigger. And each day that passes I become more and more proud to be your Mama. I love you my big boy.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls Night

So once a month my girl-friends and I try to go out to dinner and catch up on whats happening in all of our busy and increasingly separate lives. We call it ZPO, and we used to have a blog to document our monthly events and everything. That was actually my first blog, and once I started old Bio Girl it slowly went away. (Sorry ZPO blog). Anyway, we had kinda gotten away from it over the last year or two, but have brought it back since January. I am so happy to be seeing my girls on a regular basis again!

This month we had our night set aside to go to dinner at Bar Louie, and then my sister heard about the most amazing thing that they do there. It's called Martini Night, and the deal is that any Monday-Thursday you can book a table for up to fifteen people and they will give you FREE appetizers for the table (we got three free based on our group size) and two FREE martini's each. yes EACH. Yes FREE. I know it sounds crazy, but we did it and it's true. We just had to tip based on what we ate and drank, not on our actual total, which was next to nothing.

So, basically we had a blast. We ate and drank and laughed and talked and truly had a wonderful time. I figured I have some local people who read this blog, and since we enjoyed our self so much, I thought I would pass along the information so you all can enjoy it as well. If you decide to do a party, you should invite me and I will come and enjoy two more of the Pixie stick Martinis. Because they are the best thing I have ever drank. And the friend zucchini appetizer isn't too shabby either.

Here are a couple of pictures of our little Martini Party!

Candice and Arielle looking cute in their red

Rhi, me and Boo. Not my best picture... I look beat.

Candice enjoying one of the random martini's we ordered.
Cheers to free food, free drinks and great friends.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, here we go. I may be a week late, but I am finally posting some Easter pictures! I am going to jump right into them, because it turns out there are a ton. Go figure. First off, let me tell you that the Easter Bunny had a hard time putting an Easter basket together for a child that doesn't eat candy. A tall order. But you will see that he came up with a cell phone and a remote control...with the hopes that Henry would like them more than the real thing. Turns out the Easter bunny was a fool. NOTHING is as good as a real cell phone or remote. Crazy Easter Bunny.
The basket may not have had candy in it, but Henry was still really pumped about it. He especially loved his first football!
We opted for opening his basket in the bed...because it is the families favorite place to hang out. Just ignore the bed head. It was early.
Showing off his loot to his Papa.
So there is a jump in time here, but basically we all got ready and went to church. You know, the reason for the season and all that. It was very enjoyable. After that we were off for Easter at my parents farm. Here is a family shot with the old trusty white fence in the background. For the record, I LOVE this picture.
Henry then came in and opened his third Easter basket. No pictures were taken of his one from his Nana and Grandpa or Nanny and Papaw, but they were both awesome. This kid is one lucky fella. In this picture Henry has his eye on the Elmo in his Easter basket rather than on the camera.
That basket also contained ears. Ears that Henry was not too sure about. Nick tried to show him they were safe, but Henry wasn't 100%...
So then Mama had to show him they were totally on the up and up.
So he eventually gave them a try. The verdict? NOT OKAY.
Next we headed outside to enjoy the perfect weather. Ellie was really happy about the move.
Aunt Boo showed Henry how to use bubbles. He enjoyed it.
Then there was an Easter egg hunt. One where there was not only candy, but MONEY in the eggs. We took the hunt seriously.
My little sister went for the biggest basket in the house to hold all her loot. She was clearly disappointed with her haul.
After the egg hunt there were more games outside. Nick tried to teach the kids backgammon. Not sure they really got it.
By the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted! We had officially had the best Easter ever!
So, that's out Easter in a nut shell. I once again failed to take any good pictures of a lot of the family. My dad, grandparents, aunt, cousins and great aunts were all there, and I am terrible and didn't take Henry's picture with them. Or any pictures of them that were good enough to post on the blog. We also had a great time celebrating with Nick's families, but I am worthless and didn't have my camera for that. Sorry everyone not pictured! We still love you and had a great holiday with everyone!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Regular

So I have a million pictures to show you all. I have Easter pictures, girls night pictures, my brother in laws birthday party pictures...and let's be honest, it sorta getting a little late for Easter pictures, but I don't care. I have a ton of picture posts and I WILL be writing them. Just not tonight. Tonight I am not up for loading and organizing a ton of pictures. I am only in the mood for easy words. So, let me tell you what happened to me this morning. Then I will post the pictures later this weekend.

The thing you first must know for this story is that chic-fil-a has the best breakfast burrito ever. Seriously. They put their fried chicken in it, and it has these grilled onions and peppers... You all, it's heaven. The second thing you need to know is that there is a chic-fil-a right across the street from my work. So close and so delicious. A dangerous combination. So, OBVIOUSLY I eat chic-fil-a a lot for breakfast. I basically get it every Friday. It's a treat for making it to the end of the work week, plus that's the day my lab partner has off work. He is more of a healthy eater than me, so I try to hide my burrito addiction from him as much as possible.

So this morning I went to get my heaven burrito. I get in the drive threw lane and patiently wait my turn. I order then pull up to the window. It's there that I realize I have a problem. I have no wallet. No cash, no debit card, no NOTHING. So I panic. I try to find a way to just pull out of the line but I am blocked in. I roll my window down in shame. Our conversation went like this:

me: I have no money. I am SO SO sorry. I can run to work and get some money and come back....I suck.

Chic-fil-a worker: Oh it's okay Ms. Biogirl!! (except he used my actual last name...from MEMORY...and he said it correctly which us just INSANE!). You are a REGULAR!! *gives me the biggest warmest smile ever* Just pay for it next time you are here! * hands me my non-paid for food and waves goodbye*

It was so nice. So so nice! But the thing is... I am a little horrified that I eat at chic-fil-a SO MUCH that they actually know my name and consider me "a regular". I MAY need to rethink my Friday reward. But not next week. I mean, I gotta pay them back!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Weeks

Well, I just put in my two weeks at my job. I was offered a job to manage a small section of a much larger lab at the University of Kentucky. It is a sideways move in a lot of ways, but the opportunity for growth at the new job is just exponentially more. The benefits are astronomically better, there will be no weekend work, they are letting me keep my four day a week schedule, they are still close enough to my house where I can come home and see Henry on my lunch break, I can take masters classes for free (if I decide I want to do that to myself)...and...well... after nearly five years I was ready for a change. I have loved working for my company and will always be so thankful for the start they gave me in environmental science. It's just that I have done all I can do with them and it is time to move on. So that's what I am doing.

Now I just need to remember to breath.

**pictures coming from Easter soon. For now, this seemed like bigger news!**

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

From our family to yours, Happy Easter! We hope everyone is having a great holiday with their families and loved ones. I know we will be enjoying our first Easter with our sweet boy.

This is yet again a picture of a picture, but it came out much better than the 1973 classic with Santa! Turned out that the Easter Bunny was on break when we went to get Henry's picture made, but they did have live bunnies. After some thought we figured that he would have a much better chance of not freaking the hell out with the live bunny vs. the giant terrifying Easter Bunny. I am pretty sure we made the right decision. The bunny may or may not agree. Notice how Henry is pinching the poor little thing. A few seconds later the bunny was actually lifted up by it's hair. But still... the picture is adorable!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Post Office

So yesterday I was at work and realized we were all out of stamps. we mail a lot of regular letters as well as large envelopes, so we need regular 44 cent stamps and $1 stamps. We are really short handed so I just took it upon myself to go to the post office. I run in and am immediately stopped by an insane line. How were that many people seriously at the post office at 8:45 in the morning?? So I wait patiently. It is then my turn and I order my stamps. Five sheets of regular and three sheets of $1 stamps. And the lady tells me it's $105. Yes. One Hundred and Five dollars. I would have used all caps there, but it wasn't my money I was spending so there is no need to freak out. Still, it seemed like a lot, but I pay and leave.

I then get into my car and head back to work. It is there that I start to think. How could it possibly be that much? I think she much have charged me wrong. I get to a red light and take out the receipt. It says I got 60 $1 stamps. I think. I only got three sheets. I take them out and count them. And here is the kicker. I count the stamps on the sheets. Twice. And realize I have been scammed. I send a text message to work to let them know I am totally a super sleuth and have discovered that the post office charged me double for my stamps! that is a THIRTY dollar error! If they let me buy the stamps for the entire company I could save them MILLIONS.

SO, I spin around and march right back into the post office. I wait in line and when it's my turn I march up the the girl that checked me out. I tell her she overcharged me. I am ready for a fight. She might say I left three of the sheets in the car. She might say I asked for six and six is what I got, but I had THE TRUTH on my side and I WAS NOT backing down! So I tell her. And she looks at me. And then says, "There are 20 stamps on a sheet. Three sheets...that's $60". And then I remember counting. And I counted 20 stamps. Both times. And..well...that does equal sixty. I'll be damned. So...I leave. And go back to work. With my honest and true $105 dollars worth of stamps. Mail is expensive. And I am an idiot.