Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Settled

So the new job. It's new. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just, that's the big thing about it. It's new. I guess this is the first time I have made a move from a job that was a decision. Not something I had to do. Not something that was an obvious choice due to advancement. Just a sideways move from one lab to another because I wanted change. I guess when that happens (at least for me) it is impossible to not sit back each day and think, "did I make the right decision?".

I can say that at the end of this first week that I really feel like I did. This is better for me. This has a much better future. Honestly, in most ways it has a much better present. I am co-in-charge of my department. I have people under me. I have a desk and office area! I feel like I am already good at the things I have learned so far, and I have been here four days. I have a lot of respect, which is nice. And...I don't feels right. The work day ends and it's over. The no weekends and no overtime is awesome. There has been some drama with my schedule...people aren't happy with my four days a week...bu that is okay too. As this week winds down the dust seems to be settling about that issue. Everyone has been really nice. Everyone has been really welcoming. It's all been great.

But still, it's new. And I really liked the old a lot. And not really the job, but the people. These people are great. They just aren't my people. I know I will like them too. I already do. Just not as much. Yet.

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  1. Glad to hear the first week went well... leaving people behind is always the hardest part, but you will still see them, I'm sure (I left my previous job about 6 weeks ago and have been out on two girls' nights out and several shopping trips so far - and I even bumped into a colleague I worked with 2 years ago yesterday in the supermarket and she asked me round for coffee!!)

    I am really glad you're settling in so well so quickly though - yay for you x