Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, here we go. I may be a week late, but I am finally posting some Easter pictures! I am going to jump right into them, because it turns out there are a ton. Go figure. First off, let me tell you that the Easter Bunny had a hard time putting an Easter basket together for a child that doesn't eat candy. A tall order. But you will see that he came up with a cell phone and a remote control...with the hopes that Henry would like them more than the real thing. Turns out the Easter bunny was a fool. NOTHING is as good as a real cell phone or remote. Crazy Easter Bunny.
The basket may not have had candy in it, but Henry was still really pumped about it. He especially loved his first football!
We opted for opening his basket in the bed...because it is the families favorite place to hang out. Just ignore the bed head. It was early.
Showing off his loot to his Papa.
So there is a jump in time here, but basically we all got ready and went to church. You know, the reason for the season and all that. It was very enjoyable. After that we were off for Easter at my parents farm. Here is a family shot with the old trusty white fence in the background. For the record, I LOVE this picture.
Henry then came in and opened his third Easter basket. No pictures were taken of his one from his Nana and Grandpa or Nanny and Papaw, but they were both awesome. This kid is one lucky fella. In this picture Henry has his eye on the Elmo in his Easter basket rather than on the camera.
That basket also contained ears. Ears that Henry was not too sure about. Nick tried to show him they were safe, but Henry wasn't 100%...
So then Mama had to show him they were totally on the up and up.
So he eventually gave them a try. The verdict? NOT OKAY.
Next we headed outside to enjoy the perfect weather. Ellie was really happy about the move.
Aunt Boo showed Henry how to use bubbles. He enjoyed it.
Then there was an Easter egg hunt. One where there was not only candy, but MONEY in the eggs. We took the hunt seriously.
My little sister went for the biggest basket in the house to hold all her loot. She was clearly disappointed with her haul.
After the egg hunt there were more games outside. Nick tried to teach the kids backgammon. Not sure they really got it.
By the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted! We had officially had the best Easter ever!
So, that's out Easter in a nut shell. I once again failed to take any good pictures of a lot of the family. My dad, grandparents, aunt, cousins and great aunts were all there, and I am terrible and didn't take Henry's picture with them. Or any pictures of them that were good enough to post on the blog. We also had a great time celebrating with Nick's families, but I am worthless and didn't have my camera for that. Sorry everyone not pictured! We still love you and had a great holiday with everyone!!

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  1. I have picture regret all the time! I would love to get pictures of Wyatt with everyone I love. Sometimes too much is going on or my battery is dying or... anyway, I know how you feel. xoxo