Thursday, March 29, 2007

Different Prospectives...

So we are having to do a big move at work. When our company was taken over a year ago we were in a HUGE building. We have stayed there the entire year, but we only work in about one third of the space. We always knew that when the year was up we would either switch buildings, or make a new deal with the landlord and just rent a small portion of the space. Well, here we are a year later and the decision was made to stay and just keep part of the space. So what is the moving you ask? You see...the rest of the building, the 2/3 we are not the other 1/6th (that's right, I am really using the fractions now) that we have been using but we are now also giving up, has to be totally Saturday.

This might not sound that huge, I mean, we are not down there now, right...not exactly. We don't WORK down there, but god knows we have a ton of shit down there. I'm talking tons of desks, computers, old lab equipment...just crap everywhere. We have been trying to get it out, but now we are really down to crunch time and we just had to get it done.

We realized that nobody had cleaned out the attic yet, so Tarp, Justin and I said we would do it...okay actually I volunteered us, but whatever. So we get up there and it is totally full of junk. We create an assembly line, get it all out, decide what to do with it, make new homes for some of it, trash most of was manual labor, I was sweating and dirty and everything.

So here is the point. When we are done with this huge project (HUGE PROJECT) we are sitting outside and Tarp ran to get us Biggie drinks from Wendy's (I know you are thinking you are proud of us for skipping the Frosty's, but the truth is there was already a Frosty run earlier in the day...) and I am thinking to myself "My God this was hard work...I mean, I really don't make enough money for this kind of thing"...and right then (RIGHT THEN) Justin turns to me and says "Wow, what an easy day...I can't believe we get paid this much and we just spent the day moving around some boxes!"....I am officially a big lazy baby...shame.

***For those of you worried about him, Nick made it to New York safe and sound. He said the flight was terrifying, but he was okay. He has a really nice hotel that's cool. It would be cooler if I was there, but whatever.***

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My List

Well, Nick's big trip is nearly here. He is heading off to New York Thursday morning at like 6am....I am getting up and taking him to the airport at like 4:30 or 5....I know I am the best wife ever, no need to tell me. Anyways, he will be gone for eight or nine days, so I have been racking my brain to figure out what I will be doing with myself. Want to see my list? Thought so!

1. I have ordered the entire series of Ann of Green Gables from Netflix. I am really pumped about this. There are three movies all together and they used to be played as a miniseries on Disney when I was little. I loved it! Seeing as how it is something Nick would rather die than watch, it seems like a great time to revisit good old Green Gables. For the record I informed both of my sisters I would be watching this and they thought it was genius...I am not alone in my love.

2. Big plans to weed the front flower beds...I know this is so are all really jealous.

3. Eat dinner at as many friends houses as I can. Seems silly to cook for one, so you all go ahead and send the invites my way...

4. Nap

5. Spring cleaning. I am talking move all the furniture and everything. Another one to be jealous of.

6. Take Ellie for long walks. Doesn't that sound like a nice thing to do?

Okay, now I am kind of stretching. Come to think of it, I have nothing for the weekend or anything. I feel like I have given this tons of thought, but now that I think back on it, I was mostly thinking about what movies to get and what I was going to eat. Those were pretty well covered in #1 and #3. It might be a long week.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Operation Master Bath

First I just wanted to mention that today was my cousin Gina's birthday. We lost her eleven years ago and if you are a normal reader here, but not over at my aunt's site on the Left Coast, you should stop by and take a look at the post she put together for her. It is really wonderful.

Now on to my rather pointless post about my day in the yard....So Nick and his dad have been busting their butts working on the addition all weekend. Take a look at the new block wall!

One more layer of block, then we (and of course by "We" I mean them) get to lay the stone so we can back-fill the dirt...this meaning I will regain my backyard, which I am really pumped about. I actually regained a little control of it today while Nick and Dale worked in the large hole. I got all of the back yard vegetable and flower beds all weeded and ready to be planted. Might not sound like a large job, but I am telling you it was serious work! I also weeded the top patio, so the back yard is starting to look like a place people would like to actually spend some time!

I was, of course, not smart enough to put on sun screen so I am sporting a very nice tank top burn...I know you are all really jealous of me. I tried to take a picture, but do you all have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your own back?? I got three of the side of my face, one of the wall, one with the flash blanking out the mirror, then I decided it was not nearly that important and I gave up...maybe next time I will just ask Nick for help...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ice Cream

I have recently developed a serious love of ice cream. I am not sure where this love has come from. In the past I have always been much more of a "get your nasty ice cream away from my delicious cake" kind of girl...but oh no more! I will take ice cream any way I can get it. With birthday cake--gooood, as a sundae--gooood, and a milk shake--good lord it's gooood!

First off, Nick makes a hell of a good milkshake (just ask Liz). I am not sure how he does it, but for some unknown reason his are just really great. Add that to the fact that we now have a I discovered Dibb's...have you all had these things? GREAT!

I am also thinking I can at least partially blame the new found love on Tarp. He is a huge fan of ice cream, and I am a sucker to a persuasive argument! I mean, he talks about wanting ice cream, and I can't help it, I seem to just want it too! Plus there is the entire Frosty issue...yea, that has had an effect.

So, last night for Family Night we ate at Chick-fil-a. We had a really great time. Missy had us tickled with a story of where she got her sun glasses and there were lots of talks of Tubby Smith leaving UK...but a true highlight of the night was the Mint Cookies and Cream milkshake. Oh. My. God. So great. And that is what I woke up thinking about on my day off (YEA!!!) and just thought I would share....maybe I will go get one after I watch Grey's Anatomy...gotta love a day off!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

So Scary

My Brother in Law was in a car accident yesterday. He is okay, which is honestly amazing. He was driving to work when he blacked out. he has diabetes and when his sugars get out of whack, this can happen. It is not something we ever think of, something that is just a far off possibility.

The story of what happened in long, and detailed and my sisters story to tell. He is fine. So fine that he didn't have to go to the hospital or anything. We had normal dinner last was not changed. But it could have been. It was so close. Isn't it amazing how one small thing can change everyones life around you. I have been so fortunate in life. I have lost one cousin, which was terrible, but I was so much younger when it happened that it was different that it would be now. Just this summer I lost my first grandparent, and although it was very difficult, it was easier knowing he had such a full and wonderful life.

The idea of losing someone now, someone like Nick, my sisters, my family, my friends...I cannot begin to imagine. As an adult you realize how important the people in your life are. You understand the astronomical absence that would occur within you if you lost a pillar in your life. I am not who I am on my own. I am supported by a very close knit group of people. They make me, me. Sometimes when there are close calls, like Chris's wreck, it reminds you of how fragile life is, and how fortunate we are.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


two new examples of me making a fool out of myself:

Number one:

A few weeks ago I told Nick that he was a complete fool for thinking his soon to be step-sisters were twins...I mean, I had met them several times and what with me being extremely observant and everything, I am sure I would have noticed. It turned into this big thing about him SWEARING they were twins and me really looking forward to proving him wrong. Here he is confusing sibling similarities with twins...FOOL....but then we had dinner with them...and damn, they look, like, EXACTLY THE know, kind of like identical twins. How in the hell am I suppose to tell them apart???

Number two:

Tarp, Justin and I went out to lunch yesterday. There was this white stuff blowing around outside the window. I inform them that it is snow. They both inform me that I am wrong. I hold strong...look at it, clearly it is snow! It is not unheard of to snow in March! Justin points out that it doesn't even really look looks tan and that the trees are pollinating. WRONG I tell them. Nothing is pollinating yet. It is snow! We walk outside and I'll be damned...pollen.

This would not be so bad in not three weeks ago when I was walking out of work there was all this white stuff floating around and I was like, "Is some tree pollinating or something???" Then I saw it hit my car and melted...yep, that time it was snow. A girl can't catch a break.

Monday, March 19, 2007

New Job

...not for me mind you, but for Nick. The title is a little misleading, but I thought it would grab some attention! Actually, in an even more uneventful twist, the job really is the exact same job he already has, but with full benefits, a 50% salary increase (Hell Yea!!!), free masters classes, and his absolute favorite...paid time off. I am still mostly pumped about the money, but the man deserves some paid holidays and vacation days for sure.

If you are wondering how Nick got this amazing deal, it comes down to the fact that he was hired as a student employee, then they basically loved him and thought he was tops so they created a full time position for him. It has taken a little while to work out the details, but he officially started today. It is so perfect because he really loves his job. Yea for us!!

In other random news, we spent Sunday with Nick's dad for his birthday. We found out that him and his girlfriend Lisa are getting married. Very exciting! Lisa has three young girls so the family will be growing. Looks like the wedding will be at the end of summer. Should be a good time.

Staying on a Nick update kick, he is heading to New York in two weeks. He will be flying, which he is not excited about. He will be there for a week working on a government base with a particle accelerator...sounds cool, right? Reminds me of the book Angles and Demons. If you haven't read it, you really should. He will be on Long Island, and about 30 minutes from the city. I am sure he will have a good time. He will be gone over his sad. Anyways, this is a random post, but Nick is passed out and it was the best I could come up with...time to watch some tv...

Saturday, March 17, 2007


So something really exciting has happened in my blog life...someone has written on their blog about my blog! Jenn over at informal critique has not only mentioned my blog, but done an entire post about it! She is really great and has good advice about blogs and blog she donates her hair to locks of love, and seeing as how I am now all about locks of love, I think this is great! Anyways, I am really amazed that she liked good old Bio-Girl enough to tell everyone about it. It is exciting to realize you really have other people reading and interested in your daily ramblings besides your friends and family (please don't leave friends and and Jenn make up just about my entire fan base!)

So... now that she has linked to me, I feel the need to say something really funny and entertaining....hmmmm...*blush*...getting a little bashful. Okay, the truth is that I am never bashful, but I am sometimes just a touch boring. Doesn't that make you all want to blogroll me right away?? I knew it!

This weekend Nick and his Dad are working on the addition. How lucky am I that they are building a new room on my house all by themselves! Here is a pic of them hard at work.

See that wall? that wall rocks. That wall will be under my new soaking tub in my new master bathroom...right beside my walk-in closet. I can't wait!

Besides that I am planning on going over to my best friends for St. Patrick's Day dinner and some NCAA basketball tonight. Should be a good time. I was so excited UK won last night. I have them winning it all on my I need them to keep it up! Yes everyone called me a fool, but how bad are they going to feel about not supporting their team when they win?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Locks of Love

I am really sorry I didn't post my new hair picture last night...I was tired and had a long day at work and basically figured you all could wait until morning. Then, when I got up this morning my computer was off and I didn't really have time to get it all back on and do an entire post. Especially since it was the new guys first day and I didn't think it would be smart to be 20 minutes late on his first day....any other day that would have been fine. it is!

I will say that I don't think this is the best picture of it, and I actually like it a lot more in real life. Nick took this pic late last night and I just look kind of bla. The color is actually brighter than this....okay, I decided to take another quick self is me today!

Now, that being say, I will tell you that I love love love my hair. I really forgot how much I love it short. When I went into work yesterday I was telling a couple of girls how I was a little anxious about the cut. One of the girls then says "Oh, but it will be so great! Even if you don't like you hair, the fact that you are donating it to Locks of Love will make it so worth it!" and I think in my head "Shit! Did I tell you I was donating my hair to locks of love???" I mean, I THOUGHT about the way you think maybe I will join the peace core or maybe I will move to Costa Rica and save the sea turtles (that's just for you Tarp) but a couple of people told me it was kind of a pain, and I don't really mess with things that are in any way annoying, so I had TOTALLY let the thought go.

Why do I do this to myself. What I should have said to her a week ago was "I am thinking about donating my hair, I might look into it if I ever get around to it, but I most likely wont", But instead I said " I am cutting off my hair and donating it to the children because it is so big hearted of me and clearly the right thing to do" (or something like that). So after taking a few peoples advice who shall remain nameless to just lie about it and pretend I donated it, I finally got around to googling it. Well, let me tell you, it is no big deal at all! As a matter of fact, I will even link to it just in case anybody else wants to donate hair to locks of love! It just needs to be 10 inches, and you just mail it in! How easy to be a good person!

Now, when I get to the salon and tell Tony that I want to cut it off and sent it in to Locks of Love, I became an instant celebrity! Everyone was telling me how great I was, and every new person who came into the salon was told about it and then they showed them my chopped off pony tail! They all Ooh-ed and Ahhh-ed and were just shy of throwing me a parade. Everyone kept telling me I was basically the BEST and they just couldn't believe I was so kind hearted to grow my hair out for charity. I did tell them (over and over) that I did not grow my hair out for charity, but rather for my wedding. I left out that I was guilted into donating it. I figured that info would do then no good at all. Anyways, now I have wonderful short hair and the good feeling of giving a wig to a child. Can't beat that!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So today is the day that I am chopping off my hair. What's that, D-day was a very important historical event and should not be reduced to explaining the fear of a hair cut? Shut up. I have no idea why this is such a big deal to me. I have grown my hair out long and then cut it off a dozen times. I have never really been attached to my hair. I am excited to cut it, ready to end the annoyance of it being past my bra strap, but still I am having some separation issues....

Maybe this is because Nick as always been a large supporter of the short hair. He loves it short, and always is asking me to cut it. I always just ignore him because I really like it long as well, but when haircut time rolls around I know he will be excited, so that is great. Well, this time Nick has decided he really likes my hair long so he is good either way. WHAT?!?! So you are leaving all hair cut decisions up to me? I am not sure I like that much at all! It sounds good, but then if it looks terrible there is nobody to blame but myself...hmm...

I also should add that although I grow my hair out, it is not normally this long. I am thinking it hasn't been this long since high school. It might never be this long again. This crap took some serious time and effort (okay, maybe not effort as much as just time...)! I would have cut it at least 6 months ago if it wasn't for the wedding...I think I have grown attached!

Okay, so I took a few pictures (I know I am really getting ridiculous here...just deal with it) So everyone can see my long hair. If it looks really stupid this afternoon there will be no after picture, but assuming all goes well I will show everyone the end result. Here you go!
So here is the front...

and you guessed it...the back. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Walmart vs. Walmart

Has anybody been to the new Walmart that is not a super center, but only a grocery store? It is called something like the Walmart Family Market or something. I am not sure if they have these everywhere, but we have just gotten one, and there is a second on its way. Now, I was really excited about this entire idea. You see, I hate shopping at Walmart. There are never enough checkout people, the lines are terrible, they always need to restock, can't find a parking place...bla bla bla. I go there for one reason and one reason only...the prices.

I wish I just went to Kroger. I love it there, I think everything is perfect, but I just cannot justify spending more for the exact same thing. It does occasionally make me feel like a sell out for not supporting the little guy, especially since my brother in law works for Kroger, but in the end the pricing wins out.

So, I hear about the new stores, and I am really pumped. Here is this great chance to get my bargain basement grocery pricing at a store that has that home town grocery atmosphere. No more shopping in a warehouse! I head off to the new store yesterday with very high hopes. I walk in and I am instantly in love. There are no crazy crowds! The produce looks so fresh! There is an actual ceiling and not just the light gray abyss of a super store. They actually paged twice while I was shopping to let people know there were check out lanes with no wait. AMAZING!

Then I head to the checkout. Ummm...excuse me, but if they are called Walmart, and they use the Walmart bags and what not, don't you think the prices should be exactly the same? WRONG! Well, I am thinking it is wrong. The truth is that I don't really pay attention to what I put in my cart and I really don't know the individual price of items. What I do know is what I usually spend...about $150. Give or take $30 it is in that ballpark. This trip had nothing special. I would have assumed it would be on the higher end of the average what with the need for dog food and things, but nothing crazy...not like second cart crazy or anything. Grand total...$240! That is nearly $100 more than normal! So, I did try to look on Google to see if they are suppose to have the same prices, but I can't find anything. Has anyone else been to one of these stores? Was it a crazy one time fluke or is it really just more? Any input would be greatly appreciated. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I would much rather go one second from my house to the Kroger store!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day O' Fun

I already told you all that I spent part of my day of Friday with Carter, but I figure you have to see the pictures to truly know how much fun we had!
We started off our day with some delicious Chick-fil-a breakfast. So, in all honestly Carter had most likely had breakfast seeing as how it was 10:30 in the morning, but I was STARVING...and he seemed pretty pumped about it, so I think it was okay.
After breakfast Carter decided to tell me all about his feelings on life in general.
He found the flash fascinating....
We decided it was time for some serious playing, so we bounced around until Carter covered my house in drool, then we practiced our ABC's...he thought they were very funny...or maybe that was my singing voice...

After playing for a bit we both decided we could use a little R&R. A couple of episodes of Backyardagains and we were in business...We did try Grey's Anatomy, but we were both annoyed to see it was a repeat so be went back to Nickelodeon...I do think Carter likes my couch....

Just not as much as he likes my bed. There should be a big indention right next to him where I also napped for about three hours. Like I said in my last was a pretty perfect day off work!

Friday, March 9, 2007


So here I am, off work and having a really perfect day. First off, have you all been outside? BEAUTIFUL! I am sure it will get cold again before it is all over, but today makes me feel like spring has sprung and there is no going back!

I actually have Carter (my best friends 17 month old boy who is basically perfect in every way) sitting on my lap laughing hysterically as he punches keys and I back up over them....quite the prankster! We have had a really great day full of food and cartoons and a nice long nap for the both of us! I am about to take him home and thought I would toss a quick post up before we ran out the door. I have taken some pic's of him, so I will get them up tomorrow or so (just so you all can see how cute he is!).

I am feeling basically fine today in regards to the endometriosis. This is so exciting. I do need my pain medication, but it is enough to keep me up and moving. It is a nice change. I went into work this morning to get some stuff done before I picked up the baby (how long can I keep calling him that? He is turning into such a little boy...does time really move that fast?) I am now free for the rest of the weekend. Okay, Carter is now down and plucking on Nick's guitar...time to get off the computer!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Round and Round...

So here we go again. My period is back, wrecking havoc on my life. Gotta love it. The most annoying part about this one is that it is a full week late. This is very frustrating! I have accepted my endo and just deal with it to the best of my ability. One way to do this is just to be sure not to schedule anything around the time I am suppose to start. How is this possible when I am a week late?!?!

So, last weekend was nice and open...totally free to take pain pills and watch TV. This weekend I have tons of shit going on. I am actually off work tomorrow (score) but am keeping Carter during Morgans surgery (very, very excited about this!). Saturday I have SIS day. I have a life! I am hoping this will not interfere to badly, but it is just frustrating to feel bad. It takes way from things I want to be enjoying, and it really pisses me off! As of now I really don't feel as bad as I usually do, so lets all hope this is an easy month!

Anyways, enough of the complaining (This is a post you will most likely get to read each month...exciting, right?) I will move on. We didn't get our taxes done. Big bummer. Boo and Chris got theirs done, but it was just to late to get started on ours. We are planning on doing them tonight, but I guess it will depend on how I am feeling. I am sure they will be finished by then end of the weekend! I also missed American Idol, which was sad. I love watching the girls sing. Some of them are so amazing! I don't really like the vote off show as much...kinda annoying. Maybe I will DVR it and then just fast forward to the idea!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Well, it looks like we are going to try and get our taxes done tonight. Yes, we totally could have done them back on January 31st, but for some reason we decided to just let the government hang on to all that extra money we have given then for safe keeping. I mean, HELLO, we are pretty sure (if we don't then just kill me) we are getting a nice rebate, and we totally have stuff we want to spend it on (like, you know, a big addition or maybe, just maybe a car of our own) and all we had to do was buy the software and do it. Well, today will be that day! Boo and Chris are coming as well, so I am sure it will get done!

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate the fact that Chris got a promotion at work! YEA!!! He will now be the assistant manager. How exciting for them! Exciting for us too that we got to go to Tony Roma's with them! mmmmm.....I did miss American Idol, but I think I will live. It does still come on tonight and tomorrow night...yea, that should be enough.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What the Hell?!?

Okay, so I am a little upset with NBC right now. How could they wait until April 28th for a new episode of Hero's??? Don't they remember that they took like a month and a half break from December to the end of January? Don't they remember that it is only the beginning of March??? It is so annoying that they can do this and I (and the rest of America) will just sit around a wait for it to come back on. This used to never happen. Sure, you had a repeat here and there in a season, but during the regular months you had new episodes almost all of the time. Are they still taking a summer break? Really really annoying.

Now, that being said, I LOVED the episode last night! How cool is the girl that can change into anybody (just like the girl from X-men, but still cool). Do you think they killed Clair's mom? I am just starting to like her dad, but I am thinking he might be a goner....They haven't been afraid to kill off any main characters, so it is possible.

I, of course, don't think Peter is going to get killed, but I do guess this is how he gets the scar they have talked about before. Pretty cool. I hope Mohinder doesn't die...really like him. When Clair met her grandmother I was like "WHAT!?!?"...but then I remember we already knew that....This show really does have a lot going on!

So, clearly all I did last night was watch TV. I did also eat wonderful Chinese food, which is rare for me. Nick does not like Chinese or Mexican, and although I could go two places to pick up dinner, I just usually don't. (oh the things we give up for love...seriously, it's hard) Last night the craving was too great so I got Wind and he got McDonald's...his loss!

Monday, March 5, 2007

A Mess

I am a total mess today. I am almost always an emotional mess, but today this is a mess in the way of appearance, which I usually try to avoid. I woke up this morning at 8:30...and I have to be at work at 9. This is not as bad as it sounds due to the fact that I have a 5 minute commute to work, and I had showered last night. The shower did create a different problem though....I had not bothered to dry my hair. I figured I would have plenty of time to straighten out the rats nest in the morning and I was just too lazy. I might also need to mention that I have A LOT of hair right now (not for much longer though! It is getting chopped in about two weeks....I have been having nightmares about it, but that is a totally different story).

So, anyways, my hair was really out of control. No big deal, I have time. So I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and all that jazz and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Oh, dear lord. How did I let my eye brows get this bad? Now, I have a slightly compulsive side. Once I decide something is out of control, then it must be fixed. Now, in all honesty they looked the exact same yesterday...but this does not matter. I am heading out into public and I just cannot allow anyone to see the thick forest that has sprouted up between my eyes and my forehead (for those people who grow like three eyebrow hairs...I hate you). So I start to pluck. (I used to refuse to pluck, but those days are gone...some control MUST be maintained!!)

Fifteen minutes later I emerge from the bathroom feel mighty proud of myself and my personal grooming...only to look at the clock and realize that it is basically time for me to leave for work. Damn. The hair. So, I try to pull it up into a bun, but there is just no way. It would take an army of bobby pins to get this to lay flat. So, I try a pony tail...still a no go. The "tail" if you will was just not working what with the bed head and the half curl half frizz thing I had going on. So, I ended up with the Jagger (pony tail/bun combo.) The new problem was that due to sleeping on my side, the hair was all pressed to my head and no amount of brushing or pulling was going to make it look right. So out comes the bandanna (which I had for some reason washed and it was all wrinkled and a wadded up mess) tick tock tick tock...really running late now...I tie it around my head to cover as much bed head as possible. I am ready to roll. I did take an extra second to laugh at myself...this look that I am sporting I used to love. I wore it to school all the time. I truly thought it was really, really cute and nobody could tell that I was a mess. Then I felt a little old....

**For the record there IS a way to do this look right, and I still wear it and love it, but it takes time to look like an organized mess and pull it off in a cute way. This is NOT me today. I am just a straight up mess**

Sunday, March 4, 2007


I was so nearly famous. I was opening up my yahoo mail this morning and the top story is BIO-ART (which obviously can be read by clicking on the link). I went to it, with high hopes that they would mention the great up and coming blogger Bio-Girl(I mean, I DID make this layout all by myself...kind of), but sadly I was nowhere to be found. I mean, writing about my life is surely a combination of the arts and sciences, right? Not compared to what these fools are doing.

They have made a rabbit glow green, which is just mean and not artistic at all! Everyone knows the jellyfish gene is available and that it is florescent, but using it medically and using it for a cheap trick are completely different. Another woman transferred rat tissue onto cells from her own nether reagions...ummm...I am sorry but in no way does this scream art, it just screams crazy(this little fact is making you want to click on the article, right??). They played music to e. coli...which I did find a little interesting only based on if the guy is making money. Tarp and I trash the stuff all the time!

So, I guess my opinion on the matter is that research is needed for basically all advances in medical and technological sciences. In these cases of advancement, the manipulation of living animals is commonly a requirement. I just can not see that the manipulation of living creatures in the name of artistic expression is in any way the same thing. The article actually states that a large percentage of the bio-art involves genetic manipulations and transplantation. Maybe I have seen one too many science fiction movies, but does this seem dangerous to anybody else?? It honestly seems to me the artists are just in if for the shock factor...seems wrong, dangerous and frightening.

**look at me with a science-y post! I was actually going to post about my very enjoyable weekend full of friends and family...but I guess I will post about that tomorrow!***

Friday, March 2, 2007

Family Night

We had Family night last night. We met up for dinner and then went to see Ghost Rider. The movie was fine, but the dinner was much, much better. I swear my family are some of the funniest people ever!

My parents were telling us this story about how they went to bed the other night. My dad, who usually falls asleep in about three seconds was laying there wide awake. A few minutes goes by, his mind racing, and he says to my mom “are you awake?". My mom jumps a little and says, "oh no, I had just drifted off to sleep". Dad says back “My mind is racing, I am just not tired at all!". So mom (totally being my mom and always being up for talking) starts telling him about her plan for the flower beds. She is just talking away when she hears my dad say "Shhhh...It’s time to sleep now". Mom, a little taken aback says, "so, did you just wake me up to tell me it was time to sleep?!?!" Dad just says "Shhhhhhhhh..." Then he starts snoring!!! Mom, of course is now wide awake thinking about her flower beds. She actually laid there for half an hour then got up to take a Tylenol PM! My parents just crack me up.

The entire night was filled with stories and laughing. There was even a little political debating going on (never should have told my parents about my liberal side). We then headed to the movie, which in my opinion was a little over done. Mom and Boo had issues with the ghosts and what not, but I would not ever call it scary. It wasn't anything I want to own...or really ever see again, but the movie doesn't really matter. We had a wonderful night hanging out with the entire family. Perfect!