Sunday, March 4, 2007


I was so nearly famous. I was opening up my yahoo mail this morning and the top story is BIO-ART (which obviously can be read by clicking on the link). I went to it, with high hopes that they would mention the great up and coming blogger Bio-Girl(I mean, I DID make this layout all by myself...kind of), but sadly I was nowhere to be found. I mean, writing about my life is surely a combination of the arts and sciences, right? Not compared to what these fools are doing.

They have made a rabbit glow green, which is just mean and not artistic at all! Everyone knows the jellyfish gene is available and that it is florescent, but using it medically and using it for a cheap trick are completely different. Another woman transferred rat tissue onto cells from her own nether reagions...ummm...I am sorry but in no way does this scream art, it just screams crazy(this little fact is making you want to click on the article, right??). They played music to e. coli...which I did find a little interesting only based on if the guy is making money. Tarp and I trash the stuff all the time!

So, I guess my opinion on the matter is that research is needed for basically all advances in medical and technological sciences. In these cases of advancement, the manipulation of living animals is commonly a requirement. I just can not see that the manipulation of living creatures in the name of artistic expression is in any way the same thing. The article actually states that a large percentage of the bio-art involves genetic manipulations and transplantation. Maybe I have seen one too many science fiction movies, but does this seem dangerous to anybody else?? It honestly seems to me the artists are just in if for the shock factor...seems wrong, dangerous and frightening.

**look at me with a science-y post! I was actually going to post about my very enjoyable weekend full of friends and family...but I guess I will post about that tomorrow!***

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