Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Well, it looks like we are going to try and get our taxes done tonight. Yes, we totally could have done them back on January 31st, but for some reason we decided to just let the government hang on to all that extra money we have given then for safe keeping. I mean, HELLO, we are pretty sure (if we don't then just kill me) we are getting a nice rebate, and we totally have stuff we want to spend it on (like, you know, a big addition or maybe, just maybe a car of our own) and all we had to do was buy the software and do it. Well, today will be that day! Boo and Chris are coming as well, so I am sure it will get done!

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate the fact that Chris got a promotion at work! YEA!!! He will now be the assistant manager. How exciting for them! Exciting for us too that we got to go to Tony Roma's with them! mmmmm.....I did miss American Idol, but I think I will live. It does still come on tonight and tomorrow night...yea, that should be enough.

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  1. Taxes? I have to file my taxes? Crap, I missed February completely.