Thursday, March 8, 2007

Round and Round...

So here we go again. My period is back, wrecking havoc on my life. Gotta love it. The most annoying part about this one is that it is a full week late. This is very frustrating! I have accepted my endo and just deal with it to the best of my ability. One way to do this is just to be sure not to schedule anything around the time I am suppose to start. How is this possible when I am a week late?!?!

So, last weekend was nice and open...totally free to take pain pills and watch TV. This weekend I have tons of shit going on. I am actually off work tomorrow (score) but am keeping Carter during Morgans surgery (very, very excited about this!). Saturday I have SIS day. I have a life! I am hoping this will not interfere to badly, but it is just frustrating to feel bad. It takes way from things I want to be enjoying, and it really pisses me off! As of now I really don't feel as bad as I usually do, so lets all hope this is an easy month!

Anyways, enough of the complaining (This is a post you will most likely get to read each month...exciting, right?) I will move on. We didn't get our taxes done. Big bummer. Boo and Chris got theirs done, but it was just to late to get started on ours. We are planning on doing them tonight, but I guess it will depend on how I am feeling. I am sure they will be finished by then end of the weekend! I also missed American Idol, which was sad. I love watching the girls sing. Some of them are so amazing! I don't really like the vote off show as much...kinda annoying. Maybe I will DVR it and then just fast forward to the idea!

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  1. What happened to your cool bubble background? Is it just my computer? Looking forward to SIS day!!