Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter at the Farm: 2016 Edition

So last weekend was Easter! And, to the surprise of nobody, I took a lot of pictures.  I might not be quite as obsessive as I used to be in the blogging and picture taking department, but on holidays there is no stopping me...
We will start with the required Easter basket picture.  The Easter Bunny was exceptionally proud of himself for NEARLY fitting everything in the basket this year. The miniature Quidditch set was never going to fit, but everything else made it in!  And as for the miniature Quiddich set, when I ordered it I actually thought it was like, full size, because I do not read descriptions and sometimes just hit BUY BUY BUY! But the fact that it fits on the table is sorta an Easter win. (Or loss... if, like me, you WANTED a full size Quidditch set for $15)
I failed to get many decent pictures of him opening his basket, because he never stood still, but I did capture this blurry pic of him finding his Harry Potter Lego set. It was tiny, but DANG, those things are hard to find! Turns out size didn't matter. The fact that it had HARRY in it was enough.
He passed out from the excitement.

He also was completely taken with his new book, A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. So, reading and Harry Potter won Easter morning. This kid has a little bit of his Mama in him.

After basket fun we got all dressed up and headed out to the farm to celebrate with our families. And, shocking to nobody, I took some photos.

They are so adorable, I can hardly stand it!

 I would use all the pictures to build a story, with words, but you would be shocked to learn how long that can take and, well, I am sorta busy. So I am going to just drop all the pictures below here and let you figure it out on your own :) It is safe to assume we had an amazing meal and visited with a our wonderful family. The kids had an Easter Egg hunt and fun was had by all! We love the tradition of Easter at the farm!