Friday, March 11, 2016

Green Eggs and Ham

Henry's school held their first grade performance last week, and guys, it was so awesome. I realize, in that detached way, that maybe not EVERYONE would see it as awesome, but as a mother of one of the kids in the production, I was absolutely in love with the entire show.
 They opened the show with a song called "Ew, Yuck, Green Eggs and Ham". As you can see, Henry manned one of the many xylophones. That's him, front and center in the long sleeved green shirt. Pictures, of course, do not do this little song justice, which is why we videoed the entire event. With two cameras. Because I will NEVER be fully over the camera crash of last year's kindergarten graduation. NEVER! Although, for the record, I have now managed to acquire two other parent's copies and, you can see Henry in at least half of it.

ANYWAY, this isn't about that. This is about how stinking adorable this little show turned out to be. So you can watch it in full by scrolling to the bottom of the post, or you can read through my ramblings and pictures for a few more minutes THEN watch one of the videos (first one is just of the dance and lasts 4 minutes. Second is of the entire 20 minute show). Or, I guess, you could not watch. But what a shame that would be...

ANYWAY AGAIN- the play. It was... fairly simple. The kids took turns reading lines from Green Eggs and Ham, and in between there were four different songs.  This might sound rather basic, but THEN I will remind you that it was done with all the first graders in the school. And THEN I will tell you that each year the school music teacher writes an entirely new play for the first grade class, and then I hope you will be a little impressed. I was extremely impressed. And fell a little more in love with our awesome elementary school.

 Luke... a master at voice projection :)

After the four songs on stage the kids all got to come down to the main floor and dance...

And this is when things got really interesting.

 I mean, once again, speaking from the prospective of a parent, it was one of the greatest things I have seen in a long long time.
 The part of the video when this is all going down the camera is shaking because I COULD NOT CONTAIN THE LAUGHTER. It was just so sweet. And they were SO PROUD.

After the dance there was one final song, and 1st grade Green Eggs and Ham production came to a close. It was everything I hoped it would be :)

Video of the Dance:

Video of the Full Production- For the grandparents mainly... but also YOU if you are interested :)

And of course, a couple of pictures from his cheering section. Not pictured, Nanny, Papaw, Aunt Boo, and Uncle Chris. We bring a crowd!

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  1. How cool!! Green Eggs and Ham is a firm favourite in our house (as are most Dr Seuss stories to be honest) and I love the way everyone got to take part :) The dance was so adorable!