Friday, April 29, 2011

Missy Update

Yes, two posts in one day, but in More-Important-than-the-Royal-Wedding news, there is a new update on Kicking Cancer about Missy and her follow up appointment at the NIH this morning. I know lots of you all care about her and follow her progress through Bio Girl, so I wanted to let you all know!

Everyone's Talking About it (and so am I)

I never understood everyone's love of Princess Di. I mean, I really liked her. Truly, I thought she seemed very nice. I cried when she died, because it was absolutely tragic. But I was way too little to remember her wedding. William is only three years younger than me, so I am much more in line with her children than with her and Charles. What I remember of Di was the scandals. Her constantly being in the headlines and me just feeling sorry for her. Sorry for the way she was harassed, sorry for her boys. I just thought it was sad.

So I guess I took that to mean I didn't care much about the Royals. But then William and Harry got a little older. And I realized I did care about THESE royals. I cared about this Kate Middleton that William was dating. Not a lot, but definitely enough to read about them when they were in the news. "What did this MEAN that he was dating a commoner? Would they let him marry her or would he be forced to marry someone else? Would they call this just a college fling?"

As they stayed together, for years and years, I started to really like her. She is beautiful,but at the same time she seems so normal.
Just an everyday girl, walking down the street. Except now, she will most likely one day be QUEEN.
royal wedding
I love her. I love them. I love that they let him marry who he picked, no matter where she is from. I love that they Royals are learning from their mistakes. But mostly, I just love Kate. And I am pretty sure the rest of the world does too.

I hope they are happy. I hope they get to stay happy for a long long time.
kate 2
(and I love her dress.)
(And I LOVE weddings, so how is it a surprise that I am completely addicted to this Royal Wedding?)

**Updated to include the fact that someone at work just told me I sorta look like Kate Middleton. I don't, but it totally made my day, none the less!

**all images from the Today website and**

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This morning I was laying in bed, nearly ready to get up and start the day, when I heard a tiny little cough. I lay there, hoping he drifts back to sleep, but I hear two little feet hit the ground and scurry across his bedroom floor.

I hear him in the hallway. Did Nick open his door in the night? I guess so. Then his little voice rings out. "Papa?" I call to him and he comes running into our room. Easter egg in hand. Huge smile on his face. I smile back and he reaches to get pulled into the bed. It's a climb he can do on his own now, but he wants me to help him, so I do.

He curls up beside me for a second, laying his head on my pillow, then hands me the little plastic egg. I know the only ones left in his room are full of goldfish and cheese crackers so I pop it open. He lets out a loud "ooooOOOOOOOOOoooooo" and then giggles with delight. He grabs his cracker, but then looks at me. He takes my face in his hands and gives me a kiss. He smiles again and pops the tiny cracker in his mouth.

He lays down beside me and pulls the covers up to his chin, then kicks them off again. Laughing. Always laughing. It's time for me to get up. I have to get ready, but I hate to leave my sweet boy this morning. I kiss him again and leave him with his Papa. They watch cartoons and eat cereal as I head off to work. I say "Bye!" as I walk out the front door. He stops playing with his cars long enough to give me a quick wave, then he smiles and blows me a kiss. I leave for work late, but in a better mood than most mornings when I sneak out of the house on time with him still sound asleep in his bed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National Infertility Awareness Week -Myth Busting

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week, and in support of that, Resolve has asked us to bust an infertility myth on our blogs. I have thought a lot about what myth I could talk about. There are lots of misunderstandings in the world of infertility and lots of amazing blogs are tackling them this week. Melissa over at Stirrup Queens has an amazing one about the land in between those who have struggled, but now have children (like us) and those still in the trenches of trying to conceive. It is a great post and absolutely worth reading. But the myth I decided to write about is this:

"Infertile people are selfish. There are lots of kids in need of a good home. They should just adopt."

This is going to be a two part myth bust, but stay with me, The first part is the "just adopt" part of this statement. This is a myth that is always hard for me to hear, and I have heard it a lot. Maybe it's hard for me because there was a day when I know I would have said it. I can hear my 17 year old self, freshly back from a mission trip working in an orphanage in Haiti, feeling exactly this way. Maybe it's because I have two amazing nieces through the wonderful process of adoption. Nieces that I can say with all my heart that I could not love any more if they were my sisters biological children. They are lights of my life. Truly.

Here's the thing about this myth. I am not sure everyone realizes how difficult adoption is. No part of the adoption process, domestic or international, deserves the word "just" in front of it. The emotional draining and incredibly expensive process is just as difficult, and in some ways harder, than going through fertility treatments. The waiting, the paperwork, the home inspections, the money, the courts, if international, the other countries government, THE WAITING. My sister and her husband have been waiting on their daughter to come from from Guatemala for three and a half years. And they are still waiting. They have spent several times more money than we have spent on infertility treatments. Adoption is amazing, but adoption is not easy. It is not something you "just" do.

And now, to the second part of my myth busting. That infertile people are selfish for spending time and money, for injecting our bodies with these hormones, for going to the ends of the earth to carry a child. Sometimes not even always a biological child. We all know how common egg and sperm donation are. And we keep pushing. Keep trying. Keep paying money for one more cycle. Doing anything to become parents.

And I guess a small part of me sees how, from the outside, it may look selfish. And maybe a part of the process is, but not the part that chooses this over adoption. Only the part that chooses this over living child free. It may be selfish to desire a child this much, but nobody on the outside can begin to imagine how that feels. To want something more than anything else in this world, something that is natural and should come easy, something you feel you are meant to do, and for it to be just out of reach. For me, going through infertility treatments has been and continues to be both the most selfish and, at the same time, selfless things I have ever done in my life. I sacrificed my body to bring a child into this world. Poking and prodding, needles and ultrasounds. Blood draws, hopes, dreams, crushing emotions. All to have a child. The most selfless act. Because in reality, I did it all for him. It was my first test of motherhood. What will I do for my child? My child I don't know for sure exists. The answer was absolutely whatever it takes.

How we get to parenthood is a very personal choice. To assume that people are wrong for choosing fertility treatments over adoption is just a lack of knowledge in regards to both categories. Neither road is easy. Actually, both roads are extremely difficult. Both roads cost insane amounts of money. Both roads are full of questions and emotions and heart ache. But both roads are also, hopefully, full of joy. The greatest joy I have ever known. And that's why we do it. Both roads. That's why we travel down them, to end at parenthood.

**Learn more about NIAW here, and about the basics of infertility here.**

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Picture Explosion

Last night, at 1am after I finished all the stuff for my class (apparently I have not outgrown my procrastination tendencies from my undergrad years), I decided to quickly load the pictures from Easter onto Flickr so I could post them today. I knew it would only take a second because I knew I hadn't taken many pictures. As I carefully selected only the best to transfer from the memory card I realized I maybe DID take a few pictures. Like 200. And I had 50 that were good enough for flickr. It's just that there are basically none of any of the adults in attendance. Right. Soooo...sorry to my extended family who all came together for an amazing Easter celebration! I loved it! It was perfect! Next year I will take pictures of you. I promise (fingers crossed in case I forget).

So, without further ado, lets begin the great Easter Picture Explosion of 2011! (focusing mainly on the two children in attendance)
Easter 2011
First, before you click away overwhelmed with all the pictures, Here is the annual Family pic at the farm!
Easter 2011
And there is this one too... which I am moving to the front because it is too cute to miss. Adorable child!
Easter 2011
Still here? Okay, we will now start at the beginning of the day. Someone loved his Easter Basket.
Easter 2011
Self portrait with Mama after basket opening was complete. I am oddly in love with this picture...
Easter 2011
We went to church, which was wonderful. Actually we went on Saturday night to make Sunday a little more relaxed, but I am moving it in time to after the basket opening. See how I can manipulate you with pictures?
Easter 2011
Then we headed to my parents farm for the big annual Easter Gathering. Henry got to see his log cabin his Nanny and Papaw got him. He LOVED it!
Easter 2011
there was some tossing of children. Always enjoyable (as long as you catch them. I can imagine if they weren't caught it wouldn't be nearly as fun...)
Easter 2011
Someone got to swing, which is always a hit
Easter 2011
Someone else got to swing, and she loved every second of it!
Easter 2011
Easter 2011
Walking with his Papaw. (love this one)
Easter 2011
There were three egg hunts, one for the 0-9 year old group, one for the 10-40 group, and one for the 41-100 group. You all, it was awesome. AWESOME. Everyone should always get to egg hunt!
Easter 2011
Cici's first hunt
Easter 2011
Their egg hunt was a huge success!
Easter 2011
The starting line for the 41-100 Egg Hunt! See, I got some adults in a picture! There are my parents and grandparents, my father in law, my sister in law, my sisters inlaws too... I got (almost) everyone!! SUCCESS!! (*internal shame for this being the only picture with everyone in it...*)
Easter 2011
My cousin helping my Mamaw hunt. I just really like this picture.
Easter 2011
Finally (FINALLY) we opened some Easter Baskets from Nanny and Papaw. Missy really liked her ears!
Easter 2011
Henry and Cici weren't as sure about them, but I think they are awesome!
Easter 2011
Easter 2011
Easter 2011
And we're out!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

We took Henry and Cici to meet the Easter Bunny this week. I was totally prepared for some hilariously awful pictures.
Easter Bunny 2011
Amazingly, he wasn't terrified. I would even venture to say he LIKED the Easter Bunny... go figure.
Easter Bunny 2011
And he liked the live bunnies too...just not enough to sit by them for more than three seconds
Easter Bunny 2011
"Okay FINE, I will smile for you ONE TIME. You better be quick with that camera buddy..."Easter Bunny 2011
Cici was absolutely adorable, as always. (LOVE)
Easter Bunny 2011
Neither one looks too happy here can only take a giant fake bunny for so long before it gets creepy.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Top Three (Help!)

So you know that Circle of Mom's thing I just about pestered you all to death about? The one where you were amazing and voted me into the top four most inspirational families? Well, they are doing interviews of all the winners which will be included in the final list. Which, sounds really awesome right? The thing is, one of the questions I have to answer is 'What are my three favorite Posts?' And... well... I have no idea! I know this sounds awful, but I really love way more than three of them! Not to be all conceded, but I wrote them, and I enjoy them. And, there are a lot of them! Like over 850. EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY. That blows my mind.

So this is where you come in. I need your help picking the top three posts here at Bio Girl. I will give you a list of the Top Ten. I don't expect you all to go back and read four years worth of posts. Don't be silly. So I will present you with the top ten, along with a little reminder of what it's about, and you can vote in the comments or send me an email. It will be fun! Right? (Please help me...) You don't have to read them if you don't want. I am hoping the summery will remind you and you will be like, "Oooo, that was a good one!" and then you can vote for it. Or you can read all ten. You can pick one, you can pick three, you can say "I don't care, just NOT THAT ONE". I am cool with whatever. I just need your help.

SO... I give you the top ten (In no particular order). If they were American Idols they would be heading on Tour, so they really are the best of the best. But we must trim further. So, here we go!

1. Restless, from August 2010- My Creme De La Creme pick for 2010, this post is about a restless night with Henry. He moves from his bed to ours, and I reflect on how I both love and hate these sleepless nights.

2. King Bee, from August 2010- I find Henry playing with a gigantic decapitated bee carcus. This still makes my skin crawl.

3. Pretend, from April 2011- Henry does the perfect impression of a college drunk during his speech therapy.

4. Care Bears and Rainbows and Heart Ache from January 2011- A sad but beautiful post about finding out my little sister would need a second surgery to remove a new cancerous growth.

5. Call Me Anything, I Will Answer, from August 2008- One time I accidentally let a guy think my name was Rachel. Then I continued to answer to it all semester rather than admit I am a fool.

6. The Support, from July 2008- I begin my IVF injections and discuss the amazing support of the online infertility community.

7. 100 Things from April 2008- Maybe a 100 things list shouldn't be in the top ten, but this list makes me laugh. Especially the one about farting in class in second grade and blaming it on a kid named Kevin.

8. Awkward from February 2009- A hypothetical snot bubble occurs while in a very public place.

9. A Letter from May 2009- A letter I wrote to our sweet baby the day before I was induced.

10. New Fear from September 2007- After getting on the roof of our one story house I realize I am paralized with the fear of falling.

Is there a post you loved that didn't make the top ten? Let me know that too! I am always interested to know you what all like around here.

Thanks so much for your help!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, it's International Comment Leaving Week again! I always talk about how fast this comes around, but in a strange way it feels like a world of change has happened from last ICLW to this one. Last month at this time I was still so hopeful. I was talking about our current FET and making plans for a baby at the end of 2011. It feels like a world away. Could it really have just been a month?

So here we are. At the end of another month, this time putting us just a little closer to our Last Chance FET. We have our two little frozen embryos waiting on us and we are so excited to give them their chance! You can see your full TTC timeline here, but the quick version is that I have stage four endometriosis, we were extremely lucky with our first IVF and had our amazing son in 2009. We are now going back for our ice-babies with hopes for a baby #2. Last month we had a failed FET, and I am currently on Lupron for an FET in June.

But that's just our infertility story. This blog is much more about our life. My son loves to dance and is a master of rolling his eyes, although he has no idea what it means. He carefully constructs crash scenes where he lays his truck on the ground them lays beside it looking dazed, hoping we will think he wrecked. My husband and I are addicted to the X-files and Futurama. We laugh at science jokes and at each other. We are a family of nerds, and it's more fun that I could have ever imagined. I am so very lucky. I am just hoping to get a little luckier and have the chance to bring a much wanted and already loved forth member into our home of geeks.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elastic Girl

I had Physical Therapy today for my back, and as we were talking they asked if I had any night sweats. An odd question, but due to my lupron, which makes it hard to regulate my body temperature, I do have a tendency to sweat. (gross, I know). So, I mention to them that this isn't normally a problem, but due to some fertility medications that I am on, I am currently having issues with that. But clearly, I don't think it's tied to my back problems.

They gave each other a knowing look and say, "Oooohhhhh... you are on fertility medications? When did you start taking those?" And I was like, "Well the one that causes the temperature problems just started a week ago, but I have been on hormones for the past couple of months..." I don't think it's a big deal, but they seem excited to have solved this puzzle. The girl seemed giddy when she told me "Oh, that is where this is all coming from!"

Excuse me? So the fact that I am infertile is now ALSO the cause of this awful back pain? Yes, yes it is. Pregnancy hormones makes you all extra elasticy, which... you know, makes since. Seeing as how you do a lot of stretching out over those nine months. But when you do fertility treatments they hit your body with a ton of synthetic hormones all at once. So in one fail swoop you get all super stretchy. And that can cause your bones to just slip right our of alignment due to the more elastic cartilage holding everything together in a much more haphazard fashion (lazy worthless cartilage).

I also found out that the slipped vertebrae in my back has also had the fun effect of leading to my ribs slipping over top of each other in the front. Something about them attempting to over compensate for the back issue or what have you. So my back flipped out when the vertebrae slipped, the muscles tightened up around them as if to say "PLEASE GOD DON'T MOVE THEM AGAIN!" and the ribs were like, "Yo, We GOT THIS! We can handle ALL the moving!" And you know what? The rib's totally couldn't handle it. Not at all. So last night along with my back hurting, I had this terrible pain wrapping around my ribs. You can actually see a bulge between the two ribs where I am all swollen as my body protests it's new uber elastic status.

If someone told me I was going to become super elastic girl I would have pictured it to be way cooler. Something more along the lines of this...

Instead I just need a lot of ice. Not nearly as cool. And much more painful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Year Later

One year ago today I started my new job. One year ago I walked away from something I loved, something I was really good at and took a great deal of pride in, to take a chance on something I thought might be better in the long run. And almost immediately I began to question that decision. I don't talk about work on here often, mainly because I learned my lesson at my last job after having Bio Girl come up in an annual evaluation (not my favorite memory of that job!) but this new job definitely has had it's ups and downs. But now, one year in, I can say I have learned so so much, and I am so happy to have made this change.

I have learned that respect isn't given when you walk in the door, and neither are friendships. I knew that, but it had been forgotten in five years I had spent in one place. It isn't easy to start something new, but sometimes change in the long run is completely worth it. I have learned that not all jobs take over your life, that sometimes a job can just be a job. And even if it is busy or stressful, you can easily close the door on it and go home to your family. Sometimes a job is set up to be done in a reasonable amount of time. No overtime, no weekends, no phone calls saying "Just a little longer..." or "it's going to be late...". Just four days a week, and that's it. I have actually been told twice to not take this job home with me. Don't stay late. Don't worry about it over the weekends. That's what work time is for. It is different, but absolutely the very best kind of different.

It is a different world here, and over a year I have began to love this world. I have made amazing friends. Ones that I will continue to be friends with forever. I talk easily and laugh often with the people around me. After a year, I feel at home. I am working on my Masters Degree for free, something that there never would have been time for at my last job. I am once again proud of the work I do. Proud to be a part of something that I feel is important. But mainly, I am so thankful that this job has brought me time. Time to be free from worry and overtime. Free to spend with the ones I love. Because when it comes down to it, that is priceless, and it's why I made the change.
Henry and Mama

It's been an amazing year. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This weekend Henry moved from being a daily onesie wearing child to an under-shirt wearing child due to his new found interesting in the potty. I am positive this seems small to you all, and maybe you are all just a little surprised that in his two years he has worn a onesie nearly every day of his life. From what I can tell from the blog world, lots of people have given up on the onesie long long ago. But since you know me, and how I get attached to things, I am sure you are not surprised to learn that I wanted to document this huge change in my child's life. The loss of the onesie. So after his bath on Sunday I slid on his very first under shirt and took him to take his picture. For posterity and what not. I stood him up in the kitchen and I sat on the floor to be on his level. I lifted the camera, but then realized that if I was sitting on the floor, he was positive that was the place to be.
Hmmm.... So I stand up, hoping that he will want to copy this. But I still need to be a little lower. You know... to be on his level. So I bend my knees a little and turn my head. Because I am a head turner. I then snap this gem.
I try with all my might to hold my head straight and stand up, but at the last second my knees buckle to get the better shot.
And then it hits me! I will use this to my advantage! I put a REALLY big smile on my face. You know, to show him how it's done! I stand up straight and perfectly mirror the look I want him to have in the picture.
I am positive I didn't look a thing like this on the other side of the camera. POSITIVE.

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Start

Big things begin today. Or maybe little things. Little things that will hopefully add up to one big big thing. In about eleven months.

Tonight is the first shot. The first of many this cycle. But it feels so exciting to finally be starting. Here we go!

**Thank you all for your votes over the last two weeks over at Circle of Moms. I have so much to say about it, but I am waiting for the final list to come out. It might be a few days, but you will get a much more wordy thank you soon. Just know that it has touched my heart that we collected over 700 votes and ended in 4th place. So thank you all for voting me onto this list of amazing bloggers. It truly means so much.**

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I was Jealous of Henry's Therapy, So I Went and Got My Own

So you know that back issue I mentioned the other day? No? You don't remember everything I tell you? Come on now readers. Stay with me! I have been having these back issues. I can't remember exactly when it started (the doctors just LOVE when you say this, by the way) but I distinctly remember the day we found out the FET was negative and I was attempting to do that Jillian Michael's Shred video that I felt it when I was doing sit-ups. (What? I can do a sit-up...I can do at least, like, ten of them) And I remember thinking "Oh yeah... my back is hurt". So I didn't pull it doing the sit ups, but it was there before that. That was a long rant to tell you I don't know how I did it. Moving on.

So it has been getting worse and worse over the last couple of weeks. Finally last Tuesday I broke down and went to the doctor after having a hard time rolling out of bed (turns out, you use your back muscles for all sorts of things). I saw the PA and she chatted with me, then wrote me a prescription for some steroids and some muscle relaxers. She said to call back if it wasn't better by Friday. Well... Friday came and went and it still hurt. The steroids ran out and it hurt more. By Tuesday night I got up to change the laundry and seriously could not stand all the way up. Nick was very impressed with his hump backed 31 year old wife. He informed me I would need surgery to remove my back. Glad he isn't my doctor.

Anyway I call my doctor back and they don't have me come in, they just refer my right to physical therapy. Honestly, I was a little torn on this. I was happy to not have a copay again, but felt like they might be rushing things to send me to PT. I was hurt enough for that to really be necessary?? Turns out yes, yes I was. As soon as I lay down on the table the physical Therapist could tell that two of my vertebrae right below my shoulder blades had slipped out of place. So THAT'S what was bother me. She popped them back into place, then did several exercises with me to show how to strengthen that muscle to prevent it from happening again. They want me to come back twice a week, but it is a $40 copay each time, so I opted for once a week. Still, they sent me home with exercises that will help, and I already feel a lot better. You know, now that my bones are back in alignment and no longer pinching a muscle between their little spinney parts every time I move.

I don't know why I always question myself when I am sick or hurt. I did the same thing before I was diagnosed with my Endometriosis. I questioned if I was really hurting. Or was a I really hurting ENOUGH to need to call a doctor. To go to PT. To have a laparoscopic surgery. Turns out, in both cases, I was really hurting. I don't know why I don't trust myself, but it was really nice to hear I was hurt, and there was something they could do to fix it. Thank goodness. It isn't cute to have to roll out of bed like a beached whale.

**Today is the last day to vote for us for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Most Inspiring Families! (I hear you all sigh with relief) Please take a second to click over and vote for us. We are currently holding on to 4th! It means so much to me that you have all voted and kept me in the top 5 blogs. Thank you all so so much!**

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was going to write a post today about how much I hate my insurance company and their stupid pharmacy. Actually, I wrote a pretty big chunk of it. And I tried to make it a little funny, but really I was just venting. A lot. Because they made me cry today with their utter stupidity. Twice.

But, I worked it out. My Lupron is on it's way. It took five phone calls today and twelve in the last week but it is finally sorted out. And as I was typing it I realized that it didn't matter. You all don't really care about the details or about their incompetence. Just trust me, it was annoying. And now it's fixed. So, instead of that rant, I will show you a couple of pictures of what had made me feel better. Showing what makes things better is always more fun than talking about why things sucked in the first place. So enjoy!

Sweet Henry at the park. Oh how I love this boy.

And the other sweet baby. Ellie coming with us to pick up Henry this weekend. Apparently she has been itching to get the seat of honor for some time now...

Now wasn't that more fun than a rant?

**Today is the next to last day of Circle of Mom's 25 Most Inspirational Families and we are in 4th! Please take a second to vote for Bio Girl. Thank you all so much!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Fear(s)

It's nearly time to start the Last Chance FET. I begin my Lupron injections Friday. Don't even get me started on the fact that my insurance will only cover my lupron from one pharmacy. One pharmacy that seems inept in getting things lined up in a timely manner so I STILL don't have my meds and they aren't even in the mail and I don't know WHEN they will be in the mail because they are waiting on... something. Who knows. But it's annoying and stressful that I can't just order it from my IVF pharmacy that I loved.

Anyway, I am sure it will get here. What I am really wanting to talk about today is this fear that has been creeping up inside of me recently. Ever since we realized we really were rolling forward with this FET now rather than sometime in the future. Or maybe since my meeting with Doc where we totally changed my protocol. I walked out with this feeling of relief. Relief that we were doing everything we can for these two embryos. And then the thought came to me that it might not matter. As scared as I am that the embryos won't stay, I am all of a sudden spending more and more time worrying that they wont have the chance. That they wont survive the thaw at all. And I will spend two months giving myself these injections, I will put on the patches and take the progesterone and then, in the end, it wont matter. On the day of the transfer, we will hear that they didn't make it.

Maybe it's because this is one part that is totally out of my control. There is not a single medicine I can take, time I can spend laying down, food I can cut from my diet, that can possibly have an impact on them making it through the thaw. Maybe it's that we lost two in the last thaw. We lost two of the four we thawed. And then we lost the other two as well.

I guess I am full of fear. Fear that they wont make it to transfer, that they wont implant, that they wont stay. Really, I am terrified that as much as I believe we are meant to have another child, that I will be proven wrong. And I am terrified of how to come to terms with that. But the first fear, for now, is them making it to transfer. And since I can't seem to stop worrying about it, I thought it might be time to blog about it. Because you all always seem to help with my fears, even if it's just to say it's not crazy to fear this. That it's normal. And that it will be okay. Even if they don't make it, or they don't stay to be a forever baby, that it really will all be okay.

**please take a moment to vote for us for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Inspirational Families. It only takes a second and means so much to me. Thank you all!**

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Bash

Well, we had Nick's birthday party last night and, you all, it was so great. So so great. It reminded me why I love having parties. We had amazing weather, the perfect number of people, great food and drinks. Everyone laughed and talked and drank and played games. It was just awesome. I have been smiling about how much I enjoyed it all day. The photo montage was a HUGE hit! I really am proud of it. Do you wanna see it? Now that it had it's big reveal at the party I can share it with you all. It's two and a half songs long and eight minutes, but I think that's pretty good considering Henry had an entire song for his first year alone! I cut it down to a song a decade! Anyway, here it is:

Nick's 30th Birthday Montage from Sarah on Vimeo.

(songs: Carolina in my Mind~James Taylor, I've Got a Name ~ Jim Croce, Simple as it Should Be ~ Tristan Prettyman)

Nick made this trivia game for the party that had sound clips from different 80's TV shows, movies and video games. We borrowed the Academic Team's buzzer system from my sister's school, so we had actual Jeopardy style buzzers to use. It was ridiculously fun you guys. Like the funnest party game in the history of ever. Wanna see a couple pictures from the party? Okay, FINE. You talked me into it.
Nick's 30th Birthday
Here's the birthday cake. Which... yeah. I asked them to put balloons on it. BALLOONS. And then I got there to pick it up and they showed it to me and SERIOUSLY all I could see were sperm. Like, is that how NORMAL people draw balloons? I was thinking more a balloon bouquet, but whatever. Sperm shaped balloons are fine.
Nick's 30th Birthday
Here's the food table. Pretty cool Fruit arrangement, right? Thanks Boo! What's that? You want to know about the picture hanging over our dining room table? Yes, that is a Final Fantasy poster. No, it's not just there for the party. (sigh)
Nick's 30th Birthday
Nick with two of his best friends, one of whom came in from Pittsburgh. Very cool.
Nick's 30th Birthday
And the wives of those three boys
Nick's 30th Birthday
My sister, Boo, with Nick's other best friend, Andy. Andy made us Pixie Stick Martini's all night. It was extremely awesome of him.
Nick's 30th Birthday
Nick's brother and his girlfriend Nicole came in for the party too!
Nick's 30th Birthday
Nick with Candice and Chris, just hanging out
Nick's 30th Birthday
Missy and her roomie, Becky
Nick's 30th Birthday
And last, the birthday boy and his wife! Aww.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I just remembered that I have another story from Speech Therapy this week. (Aren't you all glad we have Henry in speech so I have all this new blogging material? I thought so.) So besides the entire I-Have-A-Booger-And-Don't-Know-It debacle, there was this other amusing (slightly horrifying) thing that happened.

The therapist brings her own toys, but sometimes Henry pulls his own into their games. He had decided to go scout out what cool thing he had to show her and came back with a fake plastic syrup bottle and a small round stacking cup. He gets really excited and takes the syrup bottle and pretends to pour it in the cup. He offers the cup to the therapist, and she happily pretends to drink it. At this point, I am pretty proud. I mean, he is showing her how he is able to pretend AND he is showing his good manners. MOTHER OF THE YEAR!

Then things took a turn for the worse. He takes the syrup bottle, and he turns it up to his mouth. Not just like he is drinking out of it, but like he is guzzling. Like... he is chugging it. And he starts stomping his foot while he does it...sorta like he is counting how long he can chug the delicious pretend liquid. And I am watching, in my head thinking "Huh... he sorta reminds me of some college kid chugging a beer. Hope the therapist doesn't think that too!" But then...oh lord, He drops the syrup bottle, uses his hand to pretend wipe his mouth, then puts his hands out and starts running around all CRAZY like he's dizzy. Or... you know... drunk. All the while making this sound of "woaahhhooooaaahhhoooaaahhh!". He has no control over where his body is going. He's all over the map, head rolling around, arms flailing about as he stumbles around the living room. And then falls to the floor, laughing hysterically.

You all. He looked like a perfect imitation of a drunk person. The kind that turns up a bottle of Captain Morgans to put on a good show at a party, then stumbles around for a few seconds before taking out the coffee table. I just... looked at him. And looked at the therapist. She gave this awkward little laugh, and I did too. Then, I was said "Hahahaha... Henry...hahaha... What are you doing? Where did you learn that?" Sorta just teasing. You know. Because clearly he is playing and it just HAPPENS to look like he knows what a crazy partying drunk person looks like. But you all... the way it came out... It sounded REALLY GUILTY. Like, "Oh baby, don't tell the nice lady about Mama's happy juice she drinks when nobody's looking!".

And the thing is, Nick and I aren't drinkers. I mean, we drink but really not much. Mainly because we are sorta cheap like that and a glass of Sweet Tea is WAY more reasonably priced. We (I) do open a bottle of wine from time to time, and we drink when we are out with friends, but...but... NEVER has my child seen one of us turn up a bottle of liquor then stumble around drunk until we pass out. But there was nothing to say. I just laughed again and left it at that. I have a feeling I will now be the mom with the booger who drinks a lot in front of her kid. At least she will remember us...

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This and That

I feel like I have lots of little things to tell you, but nothing really feels blog post worthy in and of itself. So... you all know what that means. BULLETS!

  • I updated over on my little sister Missy's blog, Kicking Cancer. I know so many of you have her in your hearts and prayers and are always interested in the updates. I am sorry it has been so long between posts, but you can see the new update HERE!

  • We had speech therapy this morning and even though Henry didn't say much, I felt MUCH better about the entire session. His therapist used a lot more signs and gave me a list of ones she thought were good for his age. She asked him lots of questions (like "which do you want to play with? Book or puzzle?" instead of just "book. book. book") and seemed all around more invested in the therapy. I am thankful. And hopeful.

  • At the end of the session we had our little closing chat. We sat at the table and towards the end I felt a little something on my nose. I nonchalantly wiped it and wiped away a huge booger. That was clearly hanging out. So... that should be a fun story for her to share with her friends tonight. The mom with the giant booger.

  • I am reading the most haunting and amazing and horrifying and addicting book. It's called Room by Emma Donoghue. It is written from the prospective of a 5 year old boy who is living in a tiny 10x10 room with his mother. It took me about 25 pages to get used to the language of the five year old, but now I am half way done and can tell you that I am so invested in Jack and his Ma. I am almost not willing to tell you to read it because it is so heartbreaking, but at the same time I want you to so we can discuss it when we are done. this unusual book. Then tell me how amazingly disturbing you find it!

  • Henry has a tricycle now. He can sorta ride it by himself. It seemed bullet worthy.Tricycle

  • I am still collecting votes for Circle of Mom's most inspirational Families! If you haven't voted yet today, please take a second to stop in and click "vote" for Bio Girl. There is no need to sign up, it is just a simple click and it will mean so much to me! We are currently in 5th place. You can vote once a day between now and April 14th.

  • I have somehow pulled a muscle in my back. I am on steroids and muscle relaxers and I can still feel it. What a the back. It didn't help that last night I had a sick toddler kicking my in the back all night as he tossed and turned in our bed.

  • Henry's been sick. And I am only complaining about how it effects me. I am totally inspirational right? Doesn't that make you want to vote for me? That's why I put this bullet after the one where I asked you to vote! (He has a cold. Nothing major, but the drainage is hard on him when he is sleeping so he gets to come join us in bed. So we all can be miserable) (and I can make sure he keeps breathing) (always important)

  • Nick's cousin Matt, who in addition to being a cousin is a very good friend who was in our wedding and everything. So you know... a friend cousin. Is making a short film called "Jack and Jill". It looks amazing. Here is a link to their kickstart page. You can make a donation if you want (they would really appreciate it) but even if you can't please check out the short video they made about the film. It looks awesome.

  • Last link of the day, I promise, but a good friend of mine has opened an etsy shop! Check out her stuff if you have a chance. It's adorable!

  • Henry likes to wear his Mr Potato Head glasses around the house. It is amazingly adorable. See.
  • Henry in Potato Head glasses
  • I have a ten page paper due in two weeks. I have yet to start it. Can you tell I am stalling?