Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyone's Talking About it (and so am I)

I never understood everyone's love of Princess Di. I mean, I really liked her. Truly, I thought she seemed very nice. I cried when she died, because it was absolutely tragic. But I was way too little to remember her wedding. William is only three years younger than me, so I am much more in line with her children than with her and Charles. What I remember of Di was the scandals. Her constantly being in the headlines and me just feeling sorry for her. Sorry for the way she was harassed, sorry for her boys. I just thought it was sad.

So I guess I took that to mean I didn't care much about the Royals. But then William and Harry got a little older. And I realized I did care about THESE royals. I cared about this Kate Middleton that William was dating. Not a lot, but definitely enough to read about them when they were in the news. "What did this MEAN that he was dating a commoner? Would they let him marry her or would he be forced to marry someone else? Would they call this just a college fling?"

As they stayed together, for years and years, I started to really like her. She is beautiful,but at the same time she seems so normal.
Just an everyday girl, walking down the street. Except now, she will most likely one day be QUEEN.
royal wedding
I love her. I love them. I love that they let him marry who he picked, no matter where she is from. I love that they Royals are learning from their mistakes. But mostly, I just love Kate. And I am pretty sure the rest of the world does too.

I hope they are happy. I hope they get to stay happy for a long long time.
kate 2
(and I love her dress.)
(And I LOVE weddings, so how is it a surprise that I am completely addicted to this Royal Wedding?)

**Updated to include the fact that someone at work just told me I sorta look like Kate Middleton. I don't, but it totally made my day, none the less!

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  1. I always find it quite amusing just how much the Royal family are loved and respected by non-British people. Like, when I was working in Germany, the Queen came on a visit, and we took some of the residents from the care home I was working in to watch as she drove by. They were far more excited than I was. Don't get me wrong, I like the Royal family enough (especially William and Harry's generation) but there are just as many people in this country who are anti-royalists and feel it is an outdated institution and so it just seems so strange that other countries take such a huge interest in them when so many British people don't.

    Wasn't her dress glorious though? And the trees in the Abbey were amazing!