Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This and That

I feel like I have lots of little things to tell you, but nothing really feels blog post worthy in and of itself. So... you all know what that means. BULLETS!

  • I updated over on my little sister Missy's blog, Kicking Cancer. I know so many of you have her in your hearts and prayers and are always interested in the updates. I am sorry it has been so long between posts, but you can see the new update HERE!

  • We had speech therapy this morning and even though Henry didn't say much, I felt MUCH better about the entire session. His therapist used a lot more signs and gave me a list of ones she thought were good for his age. She asked him lots of questions (like "which do you want to play with? Book or puzzle?" instead of just "book. book. book") and seemed all around more invested in the therapy. I am thankful. And hopeful.

  • At the end of the session we had our little closing chat. We sat at the table and towards the end I felt a little something on my nose. I nonchalantly wiped it and wiped away a huge booger. That was clearly hanging out. So... that should be a fun story for her to share with her friends tonight. The mom with the giant booger.

  • I am reading the most haunting and amazing and horrifying and addicting book. It's called Room by Emma Donoghue. It is written from the prospective of a 5 year old boy who is living in a tiny 10x10 room with his mother. It took me about 25 pages to get used to the language of the five year old, but now I am half way done and can tell you that I am so invested in Jack and his Ma. I am almost not willing to tell you to read it because it is so heartbreaking, but at the same time I want you to so we can discuss it when we are done. this unusual book. Then tell me how amazingly disturbing you find it!

  • Henry has a tricycle now. He can sorta ride it by himself. It seemed bullet worthy.Tricycle

  • I am still collecting votes for Circle of Mom's most inspirational Families! If you haven't voted yet today, please take a second to stop in and click "vote" for Bio Girl. There is no need to sign up, it is just a simple click and it will mean so much to me! We are currently in 5th place. You can vote once a day between now and April 14th.

  • I have somehow pulled a muscle in my back. I am on steroids and muscle relaxers and I can still feel it. What a the back. It didn't help that last night I had a sick toddler kicking my in the back all night as he tossed and turned in our bed.

  • Henry's been sick. And I am only complaining about how it effects me. I am totally inspirational right? Doesn't that make you want to vote for me? That's why I put this bullet after the one where I asked you to vote! (He has a cold. Nothing major, but the drainage is hard on him when he is sleeping so he gets to come join us in bed. So we all can be miserable) (and I can make sure he keeps breathing) (always important)

  • Nick's cousin Matt, who in addition to being a cousin is a very good friend who was in our wedding and everything. So you know... a friend cousin. Is making a short film called "Jack and Jill". It looks amazing. Here is a link to their kickstart page. You can make a donation if you want (they would really appreciate it) but even if you can't please check out the short video they made about the film. It looks awesome.

  • Last link of the day, I promise, but a good friend of mine has opened an etsy shop! Check out her stuff if you have a chance. It's adorable!

  • Henry likes to wear his Mr Potato Head glasses around the house. It is amazingly adorable. See.
  • Henry in Potato Head glasses
  • I have a ten page paper due in two weeks. I have yet to start it. Can you tell I am stalling?


  1. I'm sorry about your back. I totally know what that's like. Hope it feels better soon.

    And how adorable is your tricycle riding fella!?! So glad this morning went well.

    Such good news about your sister too!

    Lots of good stuff going on in your corner of the world, except for the back of course. : )

  2. Oh my... just look at Henry on his tricycle!! That is just too darn sweet and makes him look so grown up!

    Sorry to hear you've hurt your back, I hope it heals soon. And I hope Henry feels much better soon too.

    Am still voting every time I remember xx

  3. I have Room on hold at the library. I'm always excited to see positive feedback on books that I already have in queue. That's my inner geek for you.

  4. So sorry about your back pain! Hope you feel better ASAP!

    Oman does the SAME thing with the Mr Potato Head glasses! What a mess our 2 little guys are ;)