Thursday, April 14, 2011

I was Jealous of Henry's Therapy, So I Went and Got My Own

So you know that back issue I mentioned the other day? No? You don't remember everything I tell you? Come on now readers. Stay with me! I have been having these back issues. I can't remember exactly when it started (the doctors just LOVE when you say this, by the way) but I distinctly remember the day we found out the FET was negative and I was attempting to do that Jillian Michael's Shred video that I felt it when I was doing sit-ups. (What? I can do a sit-up...I can do at least, like, ten of them) And I remember thinking "Oh yeah... my back is hurt". So I didn't pull it doing the sit ups, but it was there before that. That was a long rant to tell you I don't know how I did it. Moving on.

So it has been getting worse and worse over the last couple of weeks. Finally last Tuesday I broke down and went to the doctor after having a hard time rolling out of bed (turns out, you use your back muscles for all sorts of things). I saw the PA and she chatted with me, then wrote me a prescription for some steroids and some muscle relaxers. She said to call back if it wasn't better by Friday. Well... Friday came and went and it still hurt. The steroids ran out and it hurt more. By Tuesday night I got up to change the laundry and seriously could not stand all the way up. Nick was very impressed with his hump backed 31 year old wife. He informed me I would need surgery to remove my back. Glad he isn't my doctor.

Anyway I call my doctor back and they don't have me come in, they just refer my right to physical therapy. Honestly, I was a little torn on this. I was happy to not have a copay again, but felt like they might be rushing things to send me to PT. I was hurt enough for that to really be necessary?? Turns out yes, yes I was. As soon as I lay down on the table the physical Therapist could tell that two of my vertebrae right below my shoulder blades had slipped out of place. So THAT'S what was bother me. She popped them back into place, then did several exercises with me to show how to strengthen that muscle to prevent it from happening again. They want me to come back twice a week, but it is a $40 copay each time, so I opted for once a week. Still, they sent me home with exercises that will help, and I already feel a lot better. You know, now that my bones are back in alignment and no longer pinching a muscle between their little spinney parts every time I move.

I don't know why I always question myself when I am sick or hurt. I did the same thing before I was diagnosed with my Endometriosis. I questioned if I was really hurting. Or was a I really hurting ENOUGH to need to call a doctor. To go to PT. To have a laparoscopic surgery. Turns out, in both cases, I was really hurting. I don't know why I don't trust myself, but it was really nice to hear I was hurt, and there was something they could do to fix it. Thank goodness. It isn't cute to have to roll out of bed like a beached whale.

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  1. All I can say is "ouch"! Glad the PT worked and you're getting somewhere with the pain! I am the same... I put things off and put things off until they become unbearable and then kick myself when I find out there was something I could have done about it!

    Just voted for you for the last time *sniff* ;)

  2. I linked my post tonight to your blog. I hope that's okay! Congrats on the Circle of Moms Contest! I'm glad that I found your blog through it.

    I hope that your back heals. Chronic pain is no fun. Have a wonderful weekend.