Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Change of Plan

So, remember how I told you all like a million posts ago that we were going to be buying a new truck? For real. Did you look at when that post was written. It was in April. I am just a little embarrassed. Well anyway, we have had our car guy looking for our truck that entire time. The problem was that we were being extremely specific with what we wanted and it just is not that common. He has seen it, it does in fact exist, but it is just not common. So...the truck hunt has continued with little to report for five months.

A couple of nights ago I had this idea. An Epiphany really. It just came to me that maybe, just maybe we didn't actually have to get a truck. I mean, sure, it made since that we HAD to have one when we made the plan. We have the addition, Nick needs to move crap all the time, we are totally a truck family. But....we haven't really been a truck family for five months now. Nick has been driving the Buick, and I had been driving the Pathfinder until it was taken from me and since then I have been getting rides from my very wonderful friends who are way to good to me. I am thinking it is the need to constantly bum rides that has really sparked my thinking on this subject actually...

So, to the point. I thought to myself that just maybe we could a car. You see, I am not really a fan of driving the Buick. I kind of hate it, although I will admit it is a smooth ride. I just don't like the idea of it being MY car. I was going to suck it up and take it with the NEED for the truck, but now...maybe not. So I carefully ask Nick what he thinks about this thought process. This was critical. I mean, sure he likes the Buick okay, but I am sure he was excited about the new truck that would be his own! When we talked about it though, he totally agreed. We figured it would be much smarter for us both to have a car that would hold a car seat for when we are able to start our family, plus maybe we would have more luck actually getting a car if we changed what we were looking for.

So now I am on a car hunt for myself! I actually think I might get an SUV rather than a car...actually we are pretty sure we are getting an SUV for sure. This way we can still go to the old Home Depot for lots of stuff, but when a truck is really needed we can either take our little run down truck up there (that we will now be fixing the radiator in and getting new tires for), or just borrow one of our dad's trucks. I am really liking the idea of of Xterra, but we will see what we can get. I will keep you all updated, but I just can't tell you how excited I am getting about having a new SUV that will be just mine and I will be able to drive myself everywhere and it will be so adorable!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going Gray

I am having a problem. A big problem. I seem to be going gray... REALLY gray! We are not talking, "Well, what do you know, I found my first gray hair!!" Hell no, that is not me. I found my first gray hair when I was sixteen years old. It was very funny to me then. Now, at twenty seven with uncountable numbers of gray hairs, it really is not so funny anymore.

I guess I realized a year or two ago that my sporadic gray was becoming a little less sporadic and a little more noticeable. I am not exactly sure when it all started to really come in because I have been highlighting my hair for so long, these things are not always easy to track. But, a couple of years ago, when I was being really cheap and not getting my roots done when they needed to be, I noticed all this white hair. We are not talking a dull white. We are talking a shine like the moon light kind of silver. I knew graying early ran in my family, I figured "oh well", made an appointment and didn't think about it again.

Now...well, I am still cheap and it has been way to long since I got my hair done. But...this time the gray is serious. We were actually out at a bar the other night and I was sitting down and Nick was standing behind me. He looked down at the top of my head and said, "Dang Baby! You have A LOT of gray!". I figured he was messing around. I mean, to Nick one gray could be a lot...and he always loves that I am a year and a half older than him, so I just said "I know" and that was that. A week or so later I went to the Woodland Art Fair. I was trying on these adorable headbands and when I pulled my hair back I actually saw it. There in the natural sun light was an INSANE amount of gray hair. I panicked a little. What the hell is all that doing there?? Boo told me that it was just the way the sun was hitting my head, that it really is NOT noticeable, and not to worry. She is my big sister...I trusted her. I moved on, although I still haven't worn those adorable headbands...

Anyway, yesterday I pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I couldn't even wear it up. I showed Nick, and he said it wasn't that noticeable, but I am telling you, it is VERY noticeable to me!! It looks like I have put in silver highlights, especially around my odd that I have so much more gray around my face....and even more depressing is the fact that the gray hairs seem to totally have a life of their own. They prefer to stick straight up. Awesome. So...I have made an appointment for new highlights. Looks like I need to start making these appointments a little more often. The thing is, I love coloring my hair, but I am just not loving these feeling of HAVING to color my hair. I am twenty seven...isn't this kind of early for all this...guess not for me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

What a Compliment!

Okay, so I was all about to jump on here and tell you all how extremely excited I am about the new season of Hero's I honestly forgot how much I love this show, but with the new episode only hours away it is all coming back to me...oh the love...BUT right before I went to begin the post I took a look at my comments. Do you know what my number one (and honestly maybe only) fan told me...SHE THOUGHT I WAS BRITISH! My heart is actually busting with joy!

Whenn, you have completely made my day! Now, don't get me wrong, I am very (VERY) proud to be American. I love the USA, and although I might not always agree with everything that we do, I totally feel blessed to be born here and having the amazing opportunities that Americans commonly take for granted...this is not about that at all. What this is about it that for a very long time I have so wished I could be British! I have this overwhelming fascination with everything from England....I used to have this red coat, and I called it my British coat because it was so beautiful it looked like it deserved a trip to London to show it off. You all know I love Harry Potter, but did you also know that I will read any British Novel I can get my hands on? I just LOVE them! I love British movies, British TV shows...the British Monarchy....I just love it all. One day, I will go to London, but for now, the idea that my sweet little Whenn has read my blog all this time believing I was British is enough to make me glow. Thanks you didn't know you were giving me the compliment of my life, now did you?

Thursday, September 20, 2007


So...I got another freaking ticket! I must have the worst car luck EVER! I mean, people break the law all the time, right? You are all sitting there like, "Not me!! I never would break a single law!" but you are all full of crap. You only come to a slowing pause at some stop signs when you know there is nobody coming, don't you? You creep a few miles over the speed limit from time to time, You go through a yellow light when you could have maybe stopped...I know this is not just me...yet not even three weeks past traffic school I get another ticket. Kill me. wanna know what happened, right? I had to go back to Ohio today. You remember, the twelve hour trip of nothing but my mind to keep me company... well, it was that time again. It was actually Tarps turn to go, but I was all like, " Friend, I can TOTALLY use the over time, plus I don't mind the drive. It is relaxing and gives me time to think deep thoughts". Tarp jumped at the chance to get out of the trip and sent me on my merry way. I get to Ohio with no issues (except that I forgot my wallet, but no fear, I couldn't make it more than a mile past my house without stopping at Chick-fil-a for breakfast, so I really lost very little time). so, I am driving along, on the phone with my perfect mom and notice a cop. I say, "Oh, God I hope I don't get a ticket!". I look down and I am going about 73. I am so pleased with myself because I am TOTALLY not speeding. Then the cop comes out. There are cars all around, so I am not worried. I was in a pack, and was in the middle lane. Must not be me, I was going 73 in a 70.

Then the lights come on. What. The. Hell. I pull over, HONESTLY surprised. He comes to my passenger side window and says, " I pulled you over for going 78 in a 65". I say, "REALLY? I thought I was going right around 70, and I thought the speed limit was 70! I am so sorry!" ( all nice and friendly and southern bell like, but it was actually the honest to god truth, and I was sure that showed in my eyes.) He looked at me and said, " I am writing you a ticket. Give me your licence and registration." Well, mister cop, way to be considerate. Way to have a freaking heart! I said I was sorry! What more does he want? (plus he could really use to learn some manners and use "hello's", "please's" and "thank you's". but whatever). He came back with my ticket and was so annoying. I then got a little rude and was like, "What am I supposed to do with this? I am not even FROM Ohio!" (for a second I think I believed I was the first out of state person to ever get a ticket...) He pointed at the number to call, told me I could contest it in court, and then walked away. I pulled out, then about a second later he pulled out and pulled over the guy right in front of me. He clearly was a little over zealous.

So, as it turns out, I took the long drive for the over time so I can pay off my stupid speeding ticket. I am kind of thinking of fighting it in court though. I SWEAR I looked down right as I saw him and I was going 73! (Now, I do realize that is still speeding, but honestly in my head 8 over doesn't count. Think the Judge will by it?) There were so many cars around me, how can he be sure it was me he scanned? When was his scanner last calibrated I ask you??? Okay, that might be reaching, but I feel so robbed. Who in the hell gets a ticket on an interstate in a non-work zone for going UNDER 80? I should get a medal if you ask me....instead I get another ticket.

PS. Nick was thrilled.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Movie

Brace yourself...I believe I might actually have a new favorite movie. "What?!?!" You all scream. The long standing number one movie of all time, Rudy, has actually fallen from its top spot?? Well...I guess actually the jury is still out. I have only seen the new top movie one time. There is a chance it was a fluke, I loved it upon first viewing, but then it could let me down in the end...yes this must be taken into consideration. Also, there is the fact that the new movie is...well...completely incomparable to Rudy. Yes, there is that. Sports hero overcoming all odds (makes me cry every time when they start chanting his name...and then when he makes the tackle at the end...oh lord, I love it!!) vs. total Fairy Tail Fantasy. My old friend Rudy, the more I type, I am thinking you are still safe at number one, but there just might be a new sub-category that ties with you in the fairy tail genera. You are just dying to know, right?

Friday night for Boo's birthday we went to see the movie Stardust. To be honest with you I had not heard anything about this movie. Something about Clair Danes falling from the sky as a shooting star. Sounds stupid to me. Well, we watched the preview when picking a movie, and I must say I was intrigued. Looked...good. I somehow did not realize it was all other world and magic (not surprising I would like this with my love of HP). Boo decided on Stardust for the night and we ran to the movies. I will not give anything away, because I HATE when people do that. All I will say is that when the lights came up, I was sitting there happier with this movie than I have been with any movie in a very long time. I loved every second. It reminded me of The Princess know...with a TOTALLY different story line. What it really reminded me of was a movie I would have loved as a child. When it was over, I so wanted to turn around and walk right back into the theater and watch again. I love movies. I will watch anything, and usually enjoy it, but this kind of love is rare. I can't wait to see it again!

**Small disclaimer before you rush off to get your tickets. I TOTALLY know this movie is hokey. I love hokey.**

**Also...Boo and I both LOVED it, but this is key...both of our guys liked it too. Amazing but true.**

Monday, September 17, 2007

Football Fan

I am a HUGE football fan. I am not sure I have ever made this really clear on my blog, so let me just get it out there now. I LOVE it. Not in the common girl loves football kind of way of being happy to sit and talk to the other girls while the game is on. Oh no, I would be happy to do nothing but sit and watch game after game all day everyday. It gives me endless joy to see amazing catches, last minute comebacks, crushing defeats by my favorite teams, amazing comebacks from the-little-teams-that-could which should not have a chance in hell of beating the big bad team, but then do win because they are pure of heart and want it more!! Right...I love it. So much that sometimes it makes me cry with joy...but I try to hide it because that really isn't tough at all. Anyway, my love has prompted me to write a couple of open letters to some teams. Enjoy.

Dear the University of Kentucky Wildcats,

Boys, I would like to say I always knew you had it in you, but I didn't. I have never given you all the support you clearly deserve. The game on was amazing! I have never been so in to the end of a UK football game in all my life (even all those ones I went to when I was a student). Way to stick it to the Cards. You have made work so very enjoyable for me with all the Louisville fans...Thanks for the win. Welcome to the top 25. I promise to support you from here on out.

Glowing with Pride,

Dear the Cincinnati Bengals Defence,

What in the hell was that? I was all like, "I am so smart! I picked up the Bengals D for Fantasy Football! Six turnovers against the Ravens, they will DESTROY the Browns"...Thanks for making me look like a idiot. Do you really think it is ever okay to allow 51 points? AND TO THE BROWNS!?!?! Oh my my my...looks like you all were not taking them seriously. Sad for you, sad for your fans...and sad for my fantasy football team.

Hoping for Better,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Down Sizing....Again

So, my lab is down sizing once again. Back before I started Bio Girl my lab had about forty employees working in all areas of environmental testing. There was an office staff, and then the Biology department, Organics, Inorganics, get it....a lab. Well, I got the job through my brother-in-law who worked in the wet chem lab (thank God because I so needed a job in my field) and was working along happy as a clam for about six months when they came in and said we were bought out. My BIL was all like, this sucks, we are all totally fired. But I (always the optimist) was totally like, " No, no! Tarp says this could be a really good thing! I think we will all keep our jobs and get HUGE raises and really make a difference!" and all that jazz. Well, as it turns out, Chris was way more right than I was. Everyone got fire and all the work got moved to the Buy-out labs location about an hour and a half from us...everyone, that is, except for the Bio lab.

As fate would have it, the lab that bought us had everything except a Biology department. There were three of us working at the old bio lab, and one was let go. Thank god that was not me, but I held on as one of the last employees hired at the old lab and one of three analysts to keep working (they also kept on one wet chem analyst...coincidentally Ryan, Nick's best friend) . Along with the three of us, there were three field guys and three front office people. In January of this year they moved Ryan to the main lab. That left two analysts (Tarp and I, who you know well). About three months later, after several breakdowns, we got to add Justin to the mix. This was HUGE for Tarp and I. We finally felt like we had the right employees to get everything done.

Well, we found out this week that we are now losing two more people. Not any of the Analyst (THANK GOD) but two of the three front office people. Did you hear me? TWO OF THE THREE. That's right. Things they are a changing around the lab once more. We have been down one office person for about six months because she was on maternity leave, but it was always just temporary. Well, I guess after six months they realized we might just not need that position any longer. We are also losing the secretary, which was really surprising. The new plan is for Tarp and I to take over some of the Biology client management responsibilities, and learn the ins and outs of sample receiving and all that jazz.

In all honestly, things could be worse. They could have, you know, shut down bio. This would mean no job for me. They also could have cut one front office person and one Bio person. This would mean many more breakdowns for me. The way it went, it is looking like they are wanting to keep the Bio lab up and running for the long run. So, that is great. They are sending a lot of the secretary work to be done by their main lab, and Tarp and I are going to be made much more valuable to the company with our new found responsibilities. It is just so had to start this again. Working closely with the people and now they are leaving in a month. They are coming to work each day knowing that we are staying and they are going. With a lab as small as ours, we are all really close. It just sucks. Cut backs suck, people leaving sucks. I just wish there was something I could say, but there is nothing. We will just wait for the end of October and see how things really change.

**By the way, it is my big sister Boo's birthday! Happy Birthday Boo! I love you!!**

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Fear

So, somehow I have made it all the way to nearly my 28th birthday without realizing that I seem to have a paralyzing fear. How could this be possible? Well, I guess I have no clue...except that I have never been in a situation to find said fear, so it just has never come very odd. Anyway, I am officially afraid of heights...or maybe no exactly heights because I have been in tons of very tall buildings and on roller coasters and had no real fear. Of course I have adrenaline, but that is different than the panic that consumes your body when you are truly afraid. I guess the real fear is of falling. Yes, that is what it is. When I am in a situation where I feel that I could fall, I am TERRIFIED.

How did I come to this realization you are all asking....I know you are. Well, I got on the roof with Nick this weekend. Seemed completely harmless to me. Let me first point out that we HAVE A ONE STORY HOUSE. The roof is NOT overly slanted. It is a normal little ranch. I have seen Nick and his dad working up there for a couple of weeks now. I have never thought twice about it. Then this weekend Nick asked me if I would come up and help him finish up the shingles. I say of course. I always wanted to get up there, but never really had a reason. So, I begin to go up the ladder. All is good until I get to what I believe to be the top. My face is even with the roof. I can totally see the top of the house. cool. Then I realize I need to keep going. I have to get high enough to actually get my FEET on the roof. Hua. How in the hell do I do that. There is nothing to hold on to! (This is my actual problem with the entire being of the roof thing, come to think of it)

So, I get myself on the roof. I knew by my refusal to let go of the top rung of the ladder that I was in some trouble, but I was still to proud to admit it. I slowly walk over to the chimney. I GRASP on for dear life. I am trying to be cool, act like I am just getting adjusted, but the whites of my knuckles are giving me away. Nick tells me to go down a couple of feet and hold these shingles. Me feet are glued in place. I just keep looking at the pitch of the roof, and how if I fall, there is NOTHING at all to stop me but the ground. I just keep running all the times I have tripped over nothing at all in my head. I am a real disaster on perfectly flat land. What in the hell is going to keep my clumsy ass on the roof I ask you??

So, I move down the two feet. I am THRILLED that I get to sit in order to get the job done. Nick has noticed my fear by this point, and keeps telling me I need to get used to it. To get up and walk around. Right. Finally he realized I am absolutely no help and says I should go on down. Here is the new problem. I has scooched on my butt half way across the roof....and the fear was really taking control. I could do NOTHING. Nick came to get me and help me to my feet. I was all hunched over while taking the smallest steps you have ever seen in your life. Every few seconds, I would just panic, my knees would give way and I would sit back down. My safe spot. Not many people fall off roofs while sitting down. Nick was great. He kept telling me to take big boy steps (he thought that was hilarious) and that I could do it. He never got mad, and I am sure to him it was crazy, but he was patient with me.

Right about the time I got back to the beautiful chimney, the neighbor came out and yelled, "I can't help but notice you don't look to comfortable on that roof!" He was laughing and smiling. I smiled back (fingers digging into the chimney) and just laughed. Did the fool not know that I didn't have time for small talk? I was TERRIFIED! Finally Nick got me to the ladder, where my feet were all of a sudden glued to the roof. How was I going to get back on that thing? I kept trying, but it was like an invisible line was tied to my feet. My body just kept bailing on the effort. It really was getting embarrassing. Nick was so tickled. Finally (FINALLY) I got my ass back onto the ladder. Then I was able to really understand how silly it was. I got really tickled, laughed so hard that I blew a little snot on myself, and told Nick I was really glad I could help out. I am pretty sure he will never ask me to get back on the roof...fine by me!

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Hammer

So, with all the excitement of New York and then the annoyance of traffic school, I totally forgot to tell you all what happened to Nick this weekend! So, I am in New York, (actually running around like a freak trying to get ready for the surprise party in about fifteen minutes due to us getting lost on our way into the city and have NO time to get ready and to the party before the birthday girl...but that is a totally different story), when my phone rings. Boo actually answers (because I was a disaster) and Nick says " I have had an accident working on the house. I think I might need stitches, but there is a six hour wait at the ER, so I am going home."

What the hell. I take the phone and try to work out the details. So, here is what seems to have happened. He and his dad were putting on the new roof. Nick went to move a ladder, and forgot that there was a hammer on the top of it. As you can all imagine (and cringe with the thought) Nick looked up right as the hammer came down. the hook end hit him right on the forehead. He said he doesn't remember much, but his dad told him it hit his head, and Nick said, "Oh, man", then he put his hand up to his head, took it back, saw the amazing amount of blood and yelled, "OH CRAP!". He is so sweet I could die. Crap is as serious as it gets.

Anyway, he ran into the house, and basically bled all over the kitchen. He was about to pass out, I think his dad was about to pass out, but they finally got the bleeding under control. They went to the ER, but there were so many people, and they said it would be at least six hours. When he said he was going home, the clerk said, "Yea, that is probably best". He woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror, and realized he really should see someone about this little accident. He went to the Urgent Treatment Center, but there was not much they could do at that point. they re-taped it (Nick and his Dad had cleaned it up and bandaged it) and gave him a tetanus shot (which Nick said hurt like hell and also nearly made him pass out). The doc did also tell him that he will most definitely have a scar.(when I found this out in New York I was SURE I was coming home to a husband with a forehead to eyebrow Harry Potter scar, but it really isn't that huge or noticeable. Middle of the forehead, right below the hair line, about an inch long) When the doctor walked out of the room, Nick did get to hear him say, "Man, that Guy hit himself if the head with a HAMMER!" Shame. I guess from now on he will see what this addition has taken out of him every time he looks in the mirror...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So today is my perfect little mom's birthday. As I have already mentioned here, due to the evil police officer who gave me a ticket, I had traffic school this evening. How dare they get in the way of my mom's birthday, right? that's what I thought too! The annoyance of traffic school was worse than just the issue with my mom's birthday. You see, Nick and I still only have one car. I know, I know, we have been planning on getting a new truck for ages, but we still don't have it. Work finally realized I never had any intentions of giving the Pathfinder back, and they said it was not really for personal use. So sad. Anyway, Tarp has been taking me to and from work (thanks buddy). I get out of work at 6pm, and traffic school starts at 6:15...and I have no car.

So, I have this plan for Tarp to drop me off at class (because he is totally my personal driver... I was going to call him my bitch, but then he might just refuse to come and get me anymore and I will have to start thinking about biking again), then Nick to pick me up at ten tonight. There was the issue of no dinner, but I would just have to starve. Yet another price they don't tell you that you are going to pay for breaking the law...anyway, at the last minute Nick leaves work early. This worked out perfectly because Tarp and I were having a hard time getting out of work on time, so it would have been a real race to get me there before they lock the doors and issue a warrant for my arrest. Anyway, Nick comes, gets me then I head over to the hotel that was having traffic school.

The only problem...I get there, and there seem to be no cars in the parking lot. I think to myself, "Man, I guess not many people have been busted lately....". But then I look a little closer. Seriously, there are like, three cars. Someone must work here, right? then there would be a teacher, so it is just me and one other person?? Seems strange. Maybe I should check the address again...then I see it. That's right people. I look at my paperwork (the same paperwork that has been hanging on my fridge for a month now) and it very clearly says that traffic school is on the 6th. Not the 5th. Not my mom's birthday. SHAME.

To make matters worse, I was all woe is me about missing mom's birthday and they moved the family tomorrow. SHAME. So, I figured I would drive the hour to my parents house and hang out with them tonight. I call, and they are actually in the city having dinner at Outback! I run right over and have a delicious dinner with my perfect mom. My sisters are really going to thin I planned this, but I SWEAR I thought that damn traffic school was I just need to work out a ride for tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I bet you all though it would be totally impossible for me to ever keep a secret, right?? WRONG! I have know, for like ages, that my sweet and perfect best friend Charing was having a HUGE surprise birthday party in New York City, and I have managed to talk to her every day, then pack, take one of her cars (that's right) and head up there without ever slipping up once! I am so proud I could die.

So, that's right. Over the long weekend, Boo, Missy, Candice and I all jumped into the car and headed up to the city to be apart of the big 40th birthday surprise blowout. The trip was amazing. Seriously, amazing. Charing has an incredible family. They were so wonderful to us, and welcomed us in. They even let us take Charing and Scott away from them for a couple of hours to show us around the city. We know they so rarely get to see them, and it really meant so much to us!

Anyway, there were tons of drinking, dancing and partying. Her birthday was a blast, the city was a blast, the cookout/birthday for her niece was a blast....We just had an amazing trip. I will get tons of pictures and details up on ZPO once I get everyones pictures (for real, I really will get it done! We have tons of great pics we want everyone to see and so many stories to tell!). Here are just a couple of pictures from my camera.
Me with the birthday girl on the Staten Island Ferry
The ZPO's who were able to make the trip at Battery Park
Me...clearly in Time Square
The sisters at the big 40th birthday bash!