Monday, September 24, 2007

What a Compliment!

Okay, so I was all about to jump on here and tell you all how extremely excited I am about the new season of Hero's I honestly forgot how much I love this show, but with the new episode only hours away it is all coming back to me...oh the love...BUT right before I went to begin the post I took a look at my comments. Do you know what my number one (and honestly maybe only) fan told me...SHE THOUGHT I WAS BRITISH! My heart is actually busting with joy!

Whenn, you have completely made my day! Now, don't get me wrong, I am very (VERY) proud to be American. I love the USA, and although I might not always agree with everything that we do, I totally feel blessed to be born here and having the amazing opportunities that Americans commonly take for granted...this is not about that at all. What this is about it that for a very long time I have so wished I could be British! I have this overwhelming fascination with everything from England....I used to have this red coat, and I called it my British coat because it was so beautiful it looked like it deserved a trip to London to show it off. You all know I love Harry Potter, but did you also know that I will read any British Novel I can get my hands on? I just LOVE them! I love British movies, British TV shows...the British Monarchy....I just love it all. One day, I will go to London, but for now, the idea that my sweet little Whenn has read my blog all this time believing I was British is enough to make me glow. Thanks you didn't know you were giving me the compliment of my life, now did you?


  1. I'm jealous!! That is an awesome compliment!!

  2. LOL! Phew, not quite the reaction I was expecting! :)
    I'm so glad I unknowingly made your day. YAY!