Friday, September 7, 2007

The Hammer

So, with all the excitement of New York and then the annoyance of traffic school, I totally forgot to tell you all what happened to Nick this weekend! So, I am in New York, (actually running around like a freak trying to get ready for the surprise party in about fifteen minutes due to us getting lost on our way into the city and have NO time to get ready and to the party before the birthday girl...but that is a totally different story), when my phone rings. Boo actually answers (because I was a disaster) and Nick says " I have had an accident working on the house. I think I might need stitches, but there is a six hour wait at the ER, so I am going home."

What the hell. I take the phone and try to work out the details. So, here is what seems to have happened. He and his dad were putting on the new roof. Nick went to move a ladder, and forgot that there was a hammer on the top of it. As you can all imagine (and cringe with the thought) Nick looked up right as the hammer came down. the hook end hit him right on the forehead. He said he doesn't remember much, but his dad told him it hit his head, and Nick said, "Oh, man", then he put his hand up to his head, took it back, saw the amazing amount of blood and yelled, "OH CRAP!". He is so sweet I could die. Crap is as serious as it gets.

Anyway, he ran into the house, and basically bled all over the kitchen. He was about to pass out, I think his dad was about to pass out, but they finally got the bleeding under control. They went to the ER, but there were so many people, and they said it would be at least six hours. When he said he was going home, the clerk said, "Yea, that is probably best". He woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror, and realized he really should see someone about this little accident. He went to the Urgent Treatment Center, but there was not much they could do at that point. they re-taped it (Nick and his Dad had cleaned it up and bandaged it) and gave him a tetanus shot (which Nick said hurt like hell and also nearly made him pass out). The doc did also tell him that he will most definitely have a scar.(when I found this out in New York I was SURE I was coming home to a husband with a forehead to eyebrow Harry Potter scar, but it really isn't that huge or noticeable. Middle of the forehead, right below the hair line, about an inch long) When the doctor walked out of the room, Nick did get to hear him say, "Man, that Guy hit himself if the head with a HAMMER!" Shame. I guess from now on he will see what this addition has taken out of him every time he looks in the mirror...


  1. Hey! I haven't been around in a while as you might have noticed? Anyway, WOW, I LOVE your new template! :)
    I'm also in the process of changing my blog a little. :)
    I have a lot of catching up to do!
    I have missed your funny stories :)

  2. I feel so sorry for Nick because I had the exact same thing happen to me. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the same thing. It was a staple gun on a 6 ft ladder and it happened in high school, but 6 stitches right between the eyes and almost the same thing!

    I know how he feels though. I didn't feel a friggin' thing and it didn't start bleeding until I stupidly touched my forehead. Tell him he didn't miss much at the ER. The shots they give to numb the area hurt worse than getting hit!