Monday, September 17, 2007

Football Fan

I am a HUGE football fan. I am not sure I have ever made this really clear on my blog, so let me just get it out there now. I LOVE it. Not in the common girl loves football kind of way of being happy to sit and talk to the other girls while the game is on. Oh no, I would be happy to do nothing but sit and watch game after game all day everyday. It gives me endless joy to see amazing catches, last minute comebacks, crushing defeats by my favorite teams, amazing comebacks from the-little-teams-that-could which should not have a chance in hell of beating the big bad team, but then do win because they are pure of heart and want it more!! Right...I love it. So much that sometimes it makes me cry with joy...but I try to hide it because that really isn't tough at all. Anyway, my love has prompted me to write a couple of open letters to some teams. Enjoy.

Dear the University of Kentucky Wildcats,

Boys, I would like to say I always knew you had it in you, but I didn't. I have never given you all the support you clearly deserve. The game on was amazing! I have never been so in to the end of a UK football game in all my life (even all those ones I went to when I was a student). Way to stick it to the Cards. You have made work so very enjoyable for me with all the Louisville fans...Thanks for the win. Welcome to the top 25. I promise to support you from here on out.

Glowing with Pride,

Dear the Cincinnati Bengals Defence,

What in the hell was that? I was all like, "I am so smart! I picked up the Bengals D for Fantasy Football! Six turnovers against the Ravens, they will DESTROY the Browns"...Thanks for making me look like a idiot. Do you really think it is ever okay to allow 51 points? AND TO THE BROWNS!?!?! Oh my my my...looks like you all were not taking them seriously. Sad for you, sad for your fans...and sad for my fantasy football team.

Hoping for Better,


  1. When your Dad took that football to the hospital when you were born, he certainly knew what he was doing. I can't relate, but glad YOU enjoy it. I always like to see people enjoy themselves.