Thursday, September 20, 2007


So...I got another freaking ticket! I must have the worst car luck EVER! I mean, people break the law all the time, right? You are all sitting there like, "Not me!! I never would break a single law!" but you are all full of crap. You only come to a slowing pause at some stop signs when you know there is nobody coming, don't you? You creep a few miles over the speed limit from time to time, You go through a yellow light when you could have maybe stopped...I know this is not just me...yet not even three weeks past traffic school I get another ticket. Kill me. wanna know what happened, right? I had to go back to Ohio today. You remember, the twelve hour trip of nothing but my mind to keep me company... well, it was that time again. It was actually Tarps turn to go, but I was all like, " Friend, I can TOTALLY use the over time, plus I don't mind the drive. It is relaxing and gives me time to think deep thoughts". Tarp jumped at the chance to get out of the trip and sent me on my merry way. I get to Ohio with no issues (except that I forgot my wallet, but no fear, I couldn't make it more than a mile past my house without stopping at Chick-fil-a for breakfast, so I really lost very little time). so, I am driving along, on the phone with my perfect mom and notice a cop. I say, "Oh, God I hope I don't get a ticket!". I look down and I am going about 73. I am so pleased with myself because I am TOTALLY not speeding. Then the cop comes out. There are cars all around, so I am not worried. I was in a pack, and was in the middle lane. Must not be me, I was going 73 in a 70.

Then the lights come on. What. The. Hell. I pull over, HONESTLY surprised. He comes to my passenger side window and says, " I pulled you over for going 78 in a 65". I say, "REALLY? I thought I was going right around 70, and I thought the speed limit was 70! I am so sorry!" ( all nice and friendly and southern bell like, but it was actually the honest to god truth, and I was sure that showed in my eyes.) He looked at me and said, " I am writing you a ticket. Give me your licence and registration." Well, mister cop, way to be considerate. Way to have a freaking heart! I said I was sorry! What more does he want? (plus he could really use to learn some manners and use "hello's", "please's" and "thank you's". but whatever). He came back with my ticket and was so annoying. I then got a little rude and was like, "What am I supposed to do with this? I am not even FROM Ohio!" (for a second I think I believed I was the first out of state person to ever get a ticket...) He pointed at the number to call, told me I could contest it in court, and then walked away. I pulled out, then about a second later he pulled out and pulled over the guy right in front of me. He clearly was a little over zealous.

So, as it turns out, I took the long drive for the over time so I can pay off my stupid speeding ticket. I am kind of thinking of fighting it in court though. I SWEAR I looked down right as I saw him and I was going 73! (Now, I do realize that is still speeding, but honestly in my head 8 over doesn't count. Think the Judge will by it?) There were so many cars around me, how can he be sure it was me he scanned? When was his scanner last calibrated I ask you??? Okay, that might be reaching, but I feel so robbed. Who in the hell gets a ticket on an interstate in a non-work zone for going UNDER 80? I should get a medal if you ask me....instead I get another ticket.

PS. Nick was thrilled.


  1. You're just unlucky. I drive 80 on the commute every day. I'm in the middle of the "pack" just like you, so I don't stand out. I saw a cop yesterday and when he turned on his lights, I almost had the big one. I KNEW I was speeding, but so was everybody else. He pulled over someone else. Not me. You're just unlucky. So, since you now KNOW that you're unlucky, stop speeding. It will be cheaper. The secret? Use cruise control. Set it exactly on the speed limit and go. I always use it when I'm in my Mother's car, cuz if I get a speeding ticket while driving her car, she'll kill me for driving so fast!

  2. My god, this comment has nothing to do with the speeding ticket. You are American??? No problem with that, just that for.some.strange.reason, I've been thinking you are British. Living in England. Not in America. No idea what gave me that idea??