Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Movie

Brace yourself...I believe I might actually have a new favorite movie. "What?!?!" You all scream. The long standing number one movie of all time, Rudy, has actually fallen from its top spot?? Well...I guess actually the jury is still out. I have only seen the new top movie one time. There is a chance it was a fluke, I loved it upon first viewing, but then it could let me down in the end...yes this must be taken into consideration. Also, there is the fact that the new movie is...well...completely incomparable to Rudy. Yes, there is that. Sports hero overcoming all odds (makes me cry every time when they start chanting his name...and then when he makes the tackle at the end...oh lord, I love it!!) vs. total Fairy Tail Fantasy. My old friend Rudy, the more I type, I am thinking you are still safe at number one, but there just might be a new sub-category that ties with you in the fairy tail genera. You are just dying to know, right?

Friday night for Boo's birthday we went to see the movie Stardust. To be honest with you I had not heard anything about this movie. Something about Clair Danes falling from the sky as a shooting star. Sounds stupid to me. Well, we watched the preview when picking a movie, and I must say I was intrigued. Looked...good. I somehow did not realize it was all other world and magic (not surprising I would like this with my love of HP). Boo decided on Stardust for the night and we ran to the movies. I will not give anything away, because I HATE when people do that. All I will say is that when the lights came up, I was sitting there happier with this movie than I have been with any movie in a very long time. I loved every second. It reminded me of The Princess know...with a TOTALLY different story line. What it really reminded me of was a movie I would have loved as a child. When it was over, I so wanted to turn around and walk right back into the theater and watch again. I love movies. I will watch anything, and usually enjoy it, but this kind of love is rare. I can't wait to see it again!

**Small disclaimer before you rush off to get your tickets. I TOTALLY know this movie is hokey. I love hokey.**

**Also...Boo and I both LOVED it, but this is key...both of our guys liked it too. Amazing but true.**


  1. It's so true!! My heart just swells thinking about it! It. was. sooooooooo. great! So, so great! It is my favorite movie ever! Now, we have hyped it up a bit but I really loved it that much. Very Princess Brideish. Perfect love story, adorable hero, overcoming the odds, quirky characters...perfect. It was perfect!!

  2. and Boo have made me want to see this movie soo bad. SO bad that I already made Becky promise she'll go with on Friday. THEN we can discuss :)

  3. Okay, I know this post is about 2 years old but I just came across your blog and I am really enjoying so I started at the beginning...anyways after the last post about football and now Rudy as your favorite movie I have decided you really do rock! I am also a huge football fan; however I am a Cowboys and an Auburn Tigers fan but I am a huge Rudy fan. I have actually meet the real Rudy and got his signature! He is a motivational speaker and was at the college I went to. Just wanted to share this with you! Sorry if this was a little weird :)