Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So today is my perfect little mom's birthday. As I have already mentioned here, due to the evil police officer who gave me a ticket, I had traffic school this evening. How dare they get in the way of my mom's birthday, right? that's what I thought too! The annoyance of traffic school was worse than just the issue with my mom's birthday. You see, Nick and I still only have one car. I know, I know, we have been planning on getting a new truck for ages, but we still don't have it. Work finally realized I never had any intentions of giving the Pathfinder back, and they said it was not really for personal use. So sad. Anyway, Tarp has been taking me to and from work (thanks buddy). I get out of work at 6pm, and traffic school starts at 6:15...and I have no car.

So, I have this plan for Tarp to drop me off at class (because he is totally my personal driver... I was going to call him my bitch, but then he might just refuse to come and get me anymore and I will have to start thinking about biking again), then Nick to pick me up at ten tonight. There was the issue of no dinner, but I would just have to starve. Yet another price they don't tell you that you are going to pay for breaking the law...anyway, at the last minute Nick leaves work early. This worked out perfectly because Tarp and I were having a hard time getting out of work on time, so it would have been a real race to get me there before they lock the doors and issue a warrant for my arrest. Anyway, Nick comes, gets me then I head over to the hotel that was having traffic school.

The only problem...I get there, and there seem to be no cars in the parking lot. I think to myself, "Man, I guess not many people have been busted lately....". But then I look a little closer. Seriously, there are like, three cars. Someone must work here, right? then there would be a teacher, so it is just me and one other person?? Seems strange. Maybe I should check the address again...then I see it. That's right people. I look at my paperwork (the same paperwork that has been hanging on my fridge for a month now) and it very clearly says that traffic school is on the 6th. Not the 5th. Not my mom's birthday. SHAME.

To make matters worse, I was all woe is me about missing mom's birthday and they moved the family tomorrow. SHAME. So, I figured I would drive the hour to my parents house and hang out with them tonight. I call, and they are actually in the city having dinner at Outback! I run right over and have a delicious dinner with my perfect mom. My sisters are really going to thin I planned this, but I SWEAR I thought that damn traffic school was I just need to work out a ride for tomorrow...

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