Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going Gray

I am having a problem. A big problem. I seem to be going gray... REALLY gray! We are not talking, "Well, what do you know, I found my first gray hair!!" Hell no, that is not me. I found my first gray hair when I was sixteen years old. It was very funny to me then. Now, at twenty seven with uncountable numbers of gray hairs, it really is not so funny anymore.

I guess I realized a year or two ago that my sporadic gray was becoming a little less sporadic and a little more noticeable. I am not exactly sure when it all started to really come in because I have been highlighting my hair for so long, these things are not always easy to track. But, a couple of years ago, when I was being really cheap and not getting my roots done when they needed to be, I noticed all this white hair. We are not talking a dull white. We are talking a shine like the moon light kind of silver. I knew graying early ran in my family, I figured "oh well", made an appointment and didn't think about it again.

Now...well, I am still cheap and it has been way to long since I got my hair done. But...this time the gray is serious. We were actually out at a bar the other night and I was sitting down and Nick was standing behind me. He looked down at the top of my head and said, "Dang Baby! You have A LOT of gray!". I figured he was messing around. I mean, to Nick one gray could be a lot...and he always loves that I am a year and a half older than him, so I just said "I know" and that was that. A week or so later I went to the Woodland Art Fair. I was trying on these adorable headbands and when I pulled my hair back I actually saw it. There in the natural sun light was an INSANE amount of gray hair. I panicked a little. What the hell is all that doing there?? Boo told me that it was just the way the sun was hitting my head, that it really is NOT noticeable, and not to worry. She is my big sister...I trusted her. I moved on, although I still haven't worn those adorable headbands...

Anyway, yesterday I pulled my hair back in a ponytail. I couldn't even wear it up. I showed Nick, and he said it wasn't that noticeable, but I am telling you, it is VERY noticeable to me!! It looks like I have put in silver highlights, especially around my odd that I have so much more gray around my face....and even more depressing is the fact that the gray hairs seem to totally have a life of their own. They prefer to stick straight up. Awesome. So...I have made an appointment for new highlights. Looks like I need to start making these appointments a little more often. The thing is, I love coloring my hair, but I am just not loving these feeling of HAVING to color my hair. I am twenty seven...isn't this kind of early for all this...guess not for me.


  1. Welcome to my world. I started graying heavily in my late 20's, early 30's. You know what it looks like now. I fought the hair coloring battle for 30 years. Finally gave up. At least we're lucky. It is a nice shiny, silvery white. Could be dull and grayish. Look at the bright side.

  2. You should wear the headbands, they're so cute! Don't worry about the gray, Tony is a miracle worker!! :)

  3. Sometimes, grey can be beautiful. :)
    Nyway, I'm probably grey too, but I wouldn't know as I've been dying my hair from about the age that you discovered your first grey one :)
    My boyfriend, at 29 is going quite grey now too.
    Guess it's all quite natural. :)

  4. Yeah, it happens to all of us. I think the highlighting works the best for you now because it will just all blend together. At some point, you will have to go to the coloring AND the highlighting, so just get out your checkbook. It's not easy to maintain this level of gorgeousness. I could buy A LOT of shoes for what I spend on more hair. But what can I say? We are high maintenance. The guys all knew that when they got into relationships with us.