Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best of 2007!

So, I keep thinking of writing up a post of all of my New Years Resolutions, but I am just to lazy to think them all out... maybe not being so damn lazy should really be at the top of my resolution list. It would help with many other resolutions like start working out a little, or maybe cook at home more...anyway, I figure I can totally buy a little extra time on the resolution topic with a year in review post from Bio-Girl!

I love going back and reading my blog. I always feel a little silly doing it, and it isn't at all like I sit there thinking, "MAN, I am a GREAT Writer!!", but I do get a kick out of some of the old posts. Usually it just brings back memories of things that would have long ago been forgotten had I not gotten it down in writing. So, as a special treat to you all (what, this doesn't really seem like a treat at all...having you reread old posts...whatever) I will go ahead and list a few of the posts that I think top the charts from 2007. You don't really have to go back and read them...but you know you kinda want to!
  • Remember this little gem when I busted out the seam in my pants.
  • and then there was that time I decided (and then was held to my word) to donate my hair to Lock's of Love
  • and I had totally forgotten about the time I was driving around with the "broken" AC
  • of course that annual evaluation at work...
  • or when I was so sure it was snowing...
  • and when I realized I was the key master
  • or when I allowed my mind to wonder for 12 hours in the car
  • and that one time I got stuck on the roof...
  • Oh, and pushing the truck
  • and (Just for you Mandy) that picture of my curly hair
So, there are ten posts that are worth reading over. They might not be the best, because due to the previously mentioned laziness, I did not actually read them. Rather, I scanned the titles and grabbed the ones I remembered. Hope you enjoy them and have a wonderful New Years Eve! See you in 2008!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back To Normal...but Bigger

Our house is small. It works really well for us, and although we commonly think it would be nice to have a little more room (maybe a larger dinning room so we can have more people over for dinner and use that China, or a larger family room so we can actually host parties when it is cold outside) on a daily basis it is perfect for us. I commonly think of the country song "Loves Grows Best in Little Houses" and it makes me smile. Loves grows well at our house.

So, most of the year our house is small, but comfy. Then Thanksgiving rolls around and it is time for the Christmas decorations. We go all out. We both have big families that we buy for, so by the time actual Christmas rolls around we are busting at the seems with the tree, the decorations, the TONS of wrapped gifts. I love every second of it! Now, this year we added in the fact that we were down one entire bedroom. All of the furniture from our room was in the guest room, which was where we were also living. Christmas in the living room, dining room and kitchen, two bedrooms, two adults one dog and one cat living in the guest room. Our house was about to bust.

That was up until Monday. Monday the gifts started clearing out, and by Tuesday night the living room looked half empty with only the decorations and the tree. Then on Thursday they came and put in the carpet for the master bedroom. The last step. We could move back in! When I came home Thursday night Nick had somehow managed to put the entire room back together by himself. IT. IS. AMAZING! I will load pictures soon...really. But for now I will tell you how wonderful it is to be back in our bed. Back in our room. Back to normal...

Yesterday I came home from work with plans of cleaning up the house for Nick's cousin who is in from South Carolina with his girlfriend. I get home and imagine my extreme joy to see that Nick had single handedly taken down all the Christmas decorations!!! (How much do I love that the University gives him off the entire week between Christmas and New Years...) He had packed them all up and just needed me to hand them up to him in the attic. I usually wait until New Years Day to take them down, but Nick thought with our company it would just be easier to get it done. No complaints here! I love putting them up, but HATE taking them down. Once they were in the attic we cleaned up the house. Really cleaned. Spotless cleaned. Then we went to the grocery and stocked the fridge. Let me tell you, all is now right with the world. All is better than right. For now, my house feels like a palace. We have so much room! The addition on the bedroom makes all the difference in there. It is perfect. The guest room is back to normal, the entire house is back to normal...normal, but bigger. And bigger is great!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

20 Questions

Our Christmas totally rocked. We had two days of eating and laughing and opening gifts. I wish we could have seen everyone we love, but considering the amount of time we actually had, we did pretty great! We also walked away with an amazing haul of presents...not that that is what Christmas is about, but just saying...MAN, we cleaned up! We got a new flat screen TV for the bedroom (with build in DVD player...that was totally worth going out on Black Friday to get) and a portable DVD player (so I can stop stealing Charing's kids...) plus Nick got a new table saw, and I got the new debit card Monopoly....Nick got a drill, I got a blow dryer, tons of clothes, a beautiful new ring, Wii Olympics....lots and lots of great gifts.

We loved it all. Seriously. But there was this one gift that has totally captured my mind. This one little random extra present from my mom. She got me this Harry Potter 20 Questions game. You can think of anything, (ANYTHING) from any of the seven books or five movies. It will play 20 questions with you and it ALWAYS gets the answer. I am talking really obscure things. Blast Ended it. Hagrid's Pink it. her. Godric's it. Resurrection it. SERIOUSLY. I know how 20 questions works, but this still blows my mind. Any character, any item, any location...20 questions. It did take 22 questions to get the resurrection stone, but in its defence it guessed Tom's Diary, which is down the same lines. I also liked that it didn't give up. Oh no, it knew it could figure it out! Plus it taunts you. That's right. It tells me it is smarter than I is so funny to me.

So, I guess my point is that I think that I have rediscovered a lost joy of Christmas. It has been a very long time since I got a simple toy like this. I usually get clothes and maybe some big electronic. Those gifts are wonderful the entire year long. We use them and love them and always always appreciate them. But sometimes, sometimes it is nice to just get a simply toy and play with it a million times over a period of about a week. Then, most likely, never look at it again. But that doesn't matter. Because for now, I am totally in love. thanks for the wonderful gift mom!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas is Coming...

Well, it's nearly here. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and in this house that is the true start of Christmas. Nick's parents are divorced, so we rotate each year who we spend Christmas Eve with (the same parent that we spend actual Thanksgiving with) and who gets us on Christmas Day. My parents always get us on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas Day...because they are my parents...which I am thinking needs no further explanation...

We were planning on staying the night with Nick's mom tonight because it is her year for Christmas Eve, but we just have so much to do around the house. I was out tonight finally finishing up my Christmas shopping (I say this as if it is some big achievement, but really it is the very last minute. Done or not, Christmas is here!) and Nick was sanding the drywall in the addition. We spent the day with my grandparents on my moms side, which was really nice. While we are with Nicks mom tomorrow, my dad's side of the family (you know...the blogging side) will all be getting together. I hate missing the family time, but I guess when you grow up and get married, holidays just seem to get a little more complicated.

Christmas morning Nick and I will wake up and exchange gifts between the two of us. Then, it looks like there is a good chance I will be heading into work. How sad is that? Tarp always does the big holidays, so I have no room to complain, but he called me from North Carolina and said his car is all sorts of messed up. He thinks it might be the transmission, but he isn't sure. Him and Jim are basically stuck until they can get someone to look at it and get it back on the road for them. With it being the holidays, I am thinking it will be hard to get that done and be back in time to work. If I do have to go in, it really will only take me about an is just the hassle of working on Christmas day. Once I am done there we will head to Nick's Dad's house, then back to our house for Christmas Dinner with my family.

This sounds like a lot....I know it is a lot, but to be honest, I just love it. I love the fact that at the holidays you make yourself make time. While I was at my grandparents today I just kept thinking that I should do this more. I should make more time. I am a busy person. We have full lives....and maybe this is one reason I love Christmas so much. It isn't the gifts or the shopping. It honestly is the time with the people I love.

Speaking of the people I love...I finally got around to updating my photo slide show on my Myspace page. Most people do this on a regular basis...mine was like two years old. So, with all that work I thought you all might enjoy watching it as well! I am thinking I will not be blogging again until after Christmas, so I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with the people you love. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Random Story

Sorry I have not been posting as much as normal. I am sure I don't have to explain that it's Christmas,'s really busy around our house. On top of normal Christmas crazy, we have the addition in full swing. (mental note to self to eventually load pictures of addition on blog...). Missy is moving in in January, plus we have company coming into town for New Years, so we are really trying to get the bedroom done, so people who come to stay don't have to sleep on the couch...that just doesn't seem as hospitable.

Anyway, last night Nick was working on the room. I came home from work late(Tarp and the GM are both off so they can travel to their families for the holidays) and throw together an easy dinner. Have you all had the TJM Philly Cheese Steaks? I just searched for a link to show them to you, but couldn't come up with it. It doesn't matter. They come in a bag in the freezer section. They have the break and onions and cheese...They are WONDERFUL. Now, as a fair warning, they are terrible for you. Don't even bother to look at the nutritional information. It will only break your heart. Wow, totally of the actual subject of this post here...lets try again...

So, after dinner Nick goes back to work in the bedroom and I head out to do some Christmas shopping. I am extremely unsuccessful, but do come home with two new things for me! I get home around ten. I walk in, toss on my new cozy sleeping pants and ignore Nicks protests that I already have ten pairs of sleeping pants, and many do I need. I lay on the couch and then I remember. I need ovulation strips. Damn it. I really need them. We are using this magical little digital meter, and if I miss a day I have this feeling that all will be lost. I yet again ignore Nicks protests that with the insurance deal, we aren't even trying this month, so what does it matter. I want to let the meter to get to know me...I want to track my days. I want to go get the strips. go the sleeping pants and on go the jeans. I tell Nick I am running down the street to Rite Aid. Well, who knew that Rite Aid closes?? I didn't. I go to get out my phone to let Nick know I will be a little longer than I thought, but apparently I didn't bring my phone. Whatever, he will figures it out. I run to Kroger. No strips. I run to Walgreen's. VICTORY! Now, here is the point of this never ending story....When I get back home Nick is in the driveway. When I left he was in his boxers on the couch. He has on his cords and his baseball hat (so cute in a hat as a side note). He has his jacket on and the hood up...because it is raining. Now, here is the kicker. He has his bike out. That's right. He was pumping up the come and look for me. Yes. I pull up and he has this huge grin on his face. He is embarrassed. It takes me a second...I say, "Were you...coming to look for me?? On your bike?!?!" We both get so tickled. He says, "WELL...You have been gone a REALLY long time!!"

He then says he spent so long getting the tires pumped up he wants to go for a ride...but I talk him out of it. It is raining...and really late. We both just laugh and head back into the house. I have thought about it all day. I have decided a few things from the events of last night.

1. I sure do love my husband
2. I really need to remember my phone when I go out late at night
3. We could really use another car...maybe Santa will bring us one

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Party!

So, do you know what is an absolutely terrible idea to do on the day of your Friend Christmas Party??? Trying a totally new hair style. You may think this sounds harmless, but you are mistaken. You see, when you try a new hair style, you need to work out all kinks...and that is difficult to do when you are already running a little late...

So here is what happened. I usually straighten my hair. While in the shower one hour before we are suppose to be at the party I think, "Man, it has been a long time since I let my hair be curly. I am going to go with that!" I jump out of the shower and put in the gel. I then manage to get some rockin' 80's kink going on. All is well until I go to get my curling iron to get it under control. Apparently my curling iron has been lost. How is this possible? Who the hell knows. It has gone the way of my blow dryer...I am currently using a travel blow dryer from my high school days, but that is a different story. Yes, I am a fool. Anyway, I then quickly grab for my hot rollers. All I apparently own in that department are these spiral "Lock and Roll" hot rollers from the mid 90's...right. So, I go with that. This is the result. I know you are all totally jealous.

I have about three minutes and Nick keeps asking me if I am ready yet (but yes, I did stop and make him take my picture...come on, this was worth it). I am digging through all bags and baskets in the bathroom looking for a God forsaken hair tie. I yell to Nick that I cannot seem to find ANY hair ties and he says (innocently I might add) "well, there are always so many around the house I have been cutting them and throwing them away"...WHAT! So now I have nothing to pull this back with...I do manage to dig up a couple of Bobby pins. I solemnly swear to never do a new hair style when I will have one million pictures taken of myself...*sigh* Anyway...on with the party!
Here is me and Nick at Charing and Scott's annual Christmas Party! (The hair did actually come together okay I think...)

Our Christmas party has really grown over the last few years. It started as just the ZPO girls at Charing's house, but eventually we made it for couples. This year we were up to twenty people. That's a large group for a sit down dinner and Christmas exchange! Everyone did really wonderful with their secret Santa presents and we all had so much fun! Now..for lots and lots of pictures!

Here are all of the ZPO's!

My little sister Missy and her boyfriend Weston

Boo and Liz...such a group of bloggers....

Me and Tarp...

Candice and Davis looking adorable in their matching red

Me and the perfect hostess!

Ryan and Arielle

Rhi and Travis

Liz and Cory

The boys...I totally stole this pic from Liz's blog because they were both a blur in all my pics and they are so stinkin' cute here!

Anyway, there were tons of great pictures because it was really a great night! I love Christmas and I love parties, so basically this was perfect! Hope everyone had as much fun and we did!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Not the Best Start...

Well, I am officially on my three day weekend. This one had been greatly anticipated, seeing as how I had hellishly long days at work last Saturday and Sunday and we are all around extremely crazy busy this week. That being said, I am having a little bit of guilt with being out of the lab. I mean, since the beginning of the Friday-off routine, we have said that we take our day no matter what. If we get into the habit of coming in on our days off, then we will eventually lose the days entirely. Two people are always capable of handling it for a day...and if they are there late that night, so be it. It will be you there late next time and you will know it is okay, it is just one day and isn't that big of a deal...except today it seems like a big deal. I just feel like I am abandoning them...I called Tarp and told him I would come in (something we have all done from time to time when we are worried it is just to much) and he is thinking it over. Usually the answer if automatically no, but this week is different. This week is CRAZY. We will see, but looks like my long weekend might be cut a little short. Not that I really mind. I got to sleep in and pick up my house...I am good to go in for a few hours!

In addition to the guilty start to my three day weekend, Ellie managed to take the joy of the day down a bit for me too. I let her out this morning, then made my coffee. I let her back in and we headed to the office, her with her treat and me with my jo, for a nice relaxing morning of checking emails and reading blogs. As I sit down...I smell something. I think she may have gas because, is just the two of us here, and I don't have gas, so it must be Ellie. I ignore it (it is polite) but then it gets stronger. I think maybe she is sick or something...but then I look at her. For the very first time in her life she had decided to sounded like fun to roll in poo. That's right people! I know some dogs do this a lot, but not mine! This has never been an issue in our house. Why in the heck after six years of life would she thing, "Man, you know what sounds fun?? Some Poo rolling!!"

So, that was the end of the nice morning of coffee and blogs. Instead I dropped her in the tub. She was in serious need of a bath anyway, and now she has the lovely smell of Pantene on her coat. Once the bath was done, then I started to clean the house. Starting in the hair covered bathroom. Now I am locked in my office with Smelly Ellie because I have a Chimney Sweep going to town in my living room. One of Nicks Dad's Friends had his house burn down because of a Chimney fire, so we thought we should have it checked out. He informed me that "Nothing had been done to this chimney in "a VERY long time". Well, that's why we called you! I really want to ask him to speak with a British accent and maybe do a little song and dance, but I just can't bring myself to say it...come to think of it, that is probably best.

And...just because I think she is so cute...
I almost made it the whole year being good....Can I still get my presents...also mama, you make me look like a demon dog with my crazy red eye...
**UPDATE** Ellie says" Thank God my Papa can make me look normal! Nobody wants to look like a demon dog at Christmas."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

All Wrong

So, apparently when I choose to do an update post, I should really check all my facts first. Lets see...we are not buying the car from our friends any more. They just aren't sure if they want to sell just yet (and I totally can't blame them, they are both finishing up school and they live in Cleveland, so the four wheel drive is nice) and we figured we should move on without them.

In other lies, it looks like Nick does not have to go to Pittsburgh until after the first of the year. They don't have the samples ready yet. With the holidays fast approaching, they are just going to wait a few weeks. On a side note, how awesome is it to work for a University?? I am not even talking about teaching here, which we know has wonderful hours, but just regular old working. Nick (and nearly the entire university staff) is off work from Christmas until after New Years Day. This is not vacation time, the entire week is just scheduled why can't the rest of the jobs in the world realize we all need that time!

In other updates, this has by far been the easiest period I have had in years. I was so sure it was going to be terrible with me being so late. I just knew the endo was back, and it was all down hill from here. Not so much. I have nearly been like a normal person! I can't tell you how exciting this is for me...not to miss an entire week of life. Looks like I might be okay with the 43 day cycle!

Now, all of this is not that exciting. So if you want to see something really amazing, run over to Optimistically Waiting and check out the newest picture of my gorgeous niece!! I can't tell you how much it means to all of us to see her sweet face again...we just can't wait to bring her home!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Dream

So I have gone over before how I feel about people telling all these details of their dreams....I am not a fan. Yet sometimes I break my own rules (I am crazy like that), and this is my blog so I can do what I want. I do want to say for the record, that I do know that I hate when people do this, and I don't care. Also, this isn't even my dream I am about to jump into, so there is something in that, right?

So here we go. My mom was at the post office in the town where she lives. (This is not the dream. This is a true part to my tale). My parent live in a town about an hour from the city where I grew up. This town is where my mom grew up, my parents met, and all my grandparents live, but when my parents had us they moved to the "big city". When my grandfather was sick my parents moved back to their home town and bought the house my grandparents had lived in forever. They now live their with my grandmother. Okay...good details on the back story...

So, like I said, my mom was at the post office the other day. While she is waiting her sisters childhood best friend walks in the door (we will call her Cathy...because I am about 80% sure that is her name...). They start chatting, being that they hadn't seen each other in years. They talk about their children, then Cathy says, "So tell my about your grandchildren!" My mom tells her that she doesn't have any grandchildren here just yet, but that her daughter is in the process of adopting her daughter from Guatemala.

Now, here is where the dream comes in. Cathy looks at my mom and says, "Well, I know this is strange, but I had a dream about you the other night!" My mom looks at her, thinking this is very odd indeed, but Cathy goes on. She tells my mom that in her dream, she was at my grandparents (on my dad's side...) house. She adds in at this point that she has no idea why she would be there, and she doesn't even know if my dad's parents still live there. My mom informs her that actually, her and my dad have lived in that house now for about 18 months. Cathy seems amazed by this fact and goes on with the rest of her story. Apparently in her dream she walks into the farm house and there is a little girl who is about two or two and a half years old with black curly hair. There is also a little nine month old boy that is reaching for the little girl with a really sweet little smile on his face. Cathy said she woke up and thought, "Now why in the heck am I dreaming about Nancy??", but now she knows it was my moms grandchildren.

So...I know I don't believe in dreams...but you gotta admit this one is a little crazy. I mean, this lady didn't even know my parents lived at the farm house...or about the adoption...and okay, I will admit it. I just really, really like the dream. Even if it is nothing more than a story, it really makes me happy to think that when Avery is two or two and a half we might have a new little boy here...who has a really sweet smile...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Things I Keep Meaning to Write About...

I have a million things I have brought up on here, then later I realize I never talked about any of these topics again. I always think, "Man, I should really post an update on that topic!" Then I promptly forget and go about my day. Later I sit down to write a post, my mind blank, and I finally settle on " I love Fudge"...Really?? That is my best topic?

So, on with the random updates:

*Looks like we might have a new car. We were talking to our friends who live up in Cleveland about our car search and told them we were looking for an 02-03 Xterra. They informed us that they have an 01 Xterra with 60,000 miles on it and they were thinking of trading in, and maybe we could just work out a deal! How amazing is that?? They are seeing if they are really able to get something new. If so, then we are doing the transfer when they are here for Christmas. We will soon be a two car family!

*The addition is really coming along. This deserves its own post, and I will give it one soon with pictures of the progress. You all will not believe how far it has come. It is an actual room now! It was windows and framed walls....the bedroom is drywalled and ready for putty, then paint. We are hoping to get the carpet in over the next couple of weeks and move back in!

* Did I mention that Nick and I had to clear out that entire room in order to get this done? We are living in the guest room, and my house is seriously overflowing with stuff...I can't wait to get everything put back together!

*Justin won tickets on the radio AGAIN. this time to some random concert. He is really the luckiest person I know.

*I finally started my period. It took 43 days. Lets hope this is not a new trend...

*Looks like Nick is heading to Pittsburgh next week. He has no idea what days he has to go because he avoided the guy who would have told him on Friday. I did tell him he was crazy and that he was not going to get out of it just by never finding day he will hunt him down and say "Go NOW!". He is going up there by himself, and he is driving. I think it sounds exciting, but he thinks it sounds terrible. We are thinking he wont have to be there that much because this new microscope has amazing programing that will do a lot of the work for him. As soon as he actually finds out the details, I will let you all know!

And that is all I can think of off the top of my head on updates. Now, for some new topics that I will never go back to:

*Tonight is my works Christmas party. We are doing dinner at Outback and then going bowling. It should be a really great night! Okay, actually I hate bowling and really just wish we were doing dinner, but I am sure we will have a good time because we always do. Tarp has a new camera, so I am thinking there will be tons of pictures. I will try to remember to post them...

*My little sister Missy is moving in with me and Nick. That's right. I am thinking this will definitely be mentioned again...We are really excited about her coming to stay. She is living with our other sister Boo right now while she finishes up school. With baby Avery coming home soon, Boo and Chris need that extra room. Missy is graduating this month, and will then be looking for a job and saving up some money to get her own place. It will be really great having her in the house!

Okay...I am out. I am sure as soon as I hit post a flood of other topics will come to me, but for now here are your updates!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I love fudge at Christmas time. I really don't like or eat fudge any other time of the year. This past year at the 4th of July I was going to Tarp's White Party and told him I would make these truffles that were filled with fudge and covered in white chocolate. They were heaven last Christmas, but on the 4th of July they were good...very good, but crazy sweet. During the holidays I guess the sweetness doesn't bother me as much...

So, with my insane love of fudge, I got started a little early with the Christmas baking. Last weekend I was at the grocery, noticed the evaporated milk, and basically went crazy filling my cart with all the ingredients I needed. I got stuff to make chocolate fudge, but also figured I could whip up some peanut butter fudge...and why not go ahead and make the white chocolate cookies and creme fudge too...Yep, I bought it all.

So I get home and right away decide to make the chocolate fudge. That very night. I pull out my mom's trusty best-fudge-ever recipe and get to work. The problem...apparently I had bought double ingredients for all three types of fudge. So what do I do people? Do I make the single or the double batch?? The double. Because, you know...everyone will want some. Right.

One batch Nick and I have nearly finished off ourselves. We have had some people over, and they take a piece here and there, but it really is mainly us. The second batch I so thoughtfully packed up and took to work. You know, the lab where only four people work. Yesterday Justin was sitting there eating some and said, "There is no way we ate all that fudge! Someone else must have been back there.." No, no Justin. It was just us. He did go on to say he couldn't wait to finish it so I could make the peanut's his favorite. Looks like another double batch. The peanut butter is also Nick's favorite, so it will be made this weekend. Then, as soon as that is done, the white chocolate...I love it. So it looks like my house will be stocked with fudge through the holidays. When I start bitching in January that I just don't know how I could have possibly put on all this weight, just remind me of the fudge. I will forget. At least I am smart enough to take everyone down with me. If I am putting on weight, so is everyone else around me!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been extra good this year. I know that you have forbid me from wearing any of my new Christmas present clothes before actual Christmas day, but I was so hoping you would look into your heart and possibly make one exception. You see Santa, I have this Christmas work party coming up, and you got me this perfect hot pink sweater and dark jeans that would make the the absolute cutest person at the party. I would be so cute in fact that when I walk in, they will most likely give me a raise on the spot...and maybe stock in the company, just for being so put together and adorable...I am sure it will happen. The problem is that all will be lost if I am not able to wear said hot pink sweater and wonderful skinny-butt dark jeans...then I will be forced to wear a paper bag and most likely get fired. This will most likely lead to the worst Christmas ever. I will leave the decision with you, Santa. Please let me know what you think. Also, totally off the subject...I sure do love you Santa. Lots and lots and lots...

Your Favorite Middle Child (in the whole world),

Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!!

The title is better if you are a member of my family and know the tune to the Anniversary song, but alas, you are not all that lucky. I would write it all out for you, but that is basically it...again and again. When Boo called me and Nick (separately, on both our cell phones) and left us messages of the song, he thought she had lost her mind. One day he will sing it too...he is already saying "You want it, we got it..Toyota" Whenever he catches someone (especially me) reading street signs. He has not hope.

Anyway, I am totally off my topic is my parents 30th Anniversary! How amazing is that? I knew it was their anniversary, but it just occurred to me this weekend that it was the big 3-0. It just doesn't seem like it has been five years since we had them their big 25th Anniversary Party. Just another sign that I am getting older...but this is not the point either. The point it is that my parents are the best and I hope the have a wonderful Anniversary! You guys have set such an amazing example for your children with your love for us and your love for each other. Congratulations!