Thursday, December 6, 2007


I love fudge at Christmas time. I really don't like or eat fudge any other time of the year. This past year at the 4th of July I was going to Tarp's White Party and told him I would make these truffles that were filled with fudge and covered in white chocolate. They were heaven last Christmas, but on the 4th of July they were good...very good, but crazy sweet. During the holidays I guess the sweetness doesn't bother me as much...

So, with my insane love of fudge, I got started a little early with the Christmas baking. Last weekend I was at the grocery, noticed the evaporated milk, and basically went crazy filling my cart with all the ingredients I needed. I got stuff to make chocolate fudge, but also figured I could whip up some peanut butter fudge...and why not go ahead and make the white chocolate cookies and creme fudge too...Yep, I bought it all.

So I get home and right away decide to make the chocolate fudge. That very night. I pull out my mom's trusty best-fudge-ever recipe and get to work. The problem...apparently I had bought double ingredients for all three types of fudge. So what do I do people? Do I make the single or the double batch?? The double. Because, you know...everyone will want some. Right.

One batch Nick and I have nearly finished off ourselves. We have had some people over, and they take a piece here and there, but it really is mainly us. The second batch I so thoughtfully packed up and took to work. You know, the lab where only four people work. Yesterday Justin was sitting there eating some and said, "There is no way we ate all that fudge! Someone else must have been back there.." No, no Justin. It was just us. He did go on to say he couldn't wait to finish it so I could make the peanut's his favorite. Looks like another double batch. The peanut butter is also Nick's favorite, so it will be made this weekend. Then, as soon as that is done, the white chocolate...I love it. So it looks like my house will be stocked with fudge through the holidays. When I start bitching in January that I just don't know how I could have possibly put on all this weight, just remind me of the fudge. I will forget. At least I am smart enough to take everyone down with me. If I am putting on weight, so is everyone else around me!!

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  1. Good plan! Let's all get fat together! Looks like I'm heading to your house this weekend for some PB fudge!!