Friday, December 21, 2007

A Random Story

Sorry I have not been posting as much as normal. I am sure I don't have to explain that it's Christmas,'s really busy around our house. On top of normal Christmas crazy, we have the addition in full swing. (mental note to self to eventually load pictures of addition on blog...). Missy is moving in in January, plus we have company coming into town for New Years, so we are really trying to get the bedroom done, so people who come to stay don't have to sleep on the couch...that just doesn't seem as hospitable.

Anyway, last night Nick was working on the room. I came home from work late(Tarp and the GM are both off so they can travel to their families for the holidays) and throw together an easy dinner. Have you all had the TJM Philly Cheese Steaks? I just searched for a link to show them to you, but couldn't come up with it. It doesn't matter. They come in a bag in the freezer section. They have the break and onions and cheese...They are WONDERFUL. Now, as a fair warning, they are terrible for you. Don't even bother to look at the nutritional information. It will only break your heart. Wow, totally of the actual subject of this post here...lets try again...

So, after dinner Nick goes back to work in the bedroom and I head out to do some Christmas shopping. I am extremely unsuccessful, but do come home with two new things for me! I get home around ten. I walk in, toss on my new cozy sleeping pants and ignore Nicks protests that I already have ten pairs of sleeping pants, and many do I need. I lay on the couch and then I remember. I need ovulation strips. Damn it. I really need them. We are using this magical little digital meter, and if I miss a day I have this feeling that all will be lost. I yet again ignore Nicks protests that with the insurance deal, we aren't even trying this month, so what does it matter. I want to let the meter to get to know me...I want to track my days. I want to go get the strips. go the sleeping pants and on go the jeans. I tell Nick I am running down the street to Rite Aid. Well, who knew that Rite Aid closes?? I didn't. I go to get out my phone to let Nick know I will be a little longer than I thought, but apparently I didn't bring my phone. Whatever, he will figures it out. I run to Kroger. No strips. I run to Walgreen's. VICTORY! Now, here is the point of this never ending story....When I get back home Nick is in the driveway. When I left he was in his boxers on the couch. He has on his cords and his baseball hat (so cute in a hat as a side note). He has his jacket on and the hood up...because it is raining. Now, here is the kicker. He has his bike out. That's right. He was pumping up the come and look for me. Yes. I pull up and he has this huge grin on his face. He is embarrassed. It takes me a second...I say, "Were you...coming to look for me?? On your bike?!?!" We both get so tickled. He says, "WELL...You have been gone a REALLY long time!!"

He then says he spent so long getting the tires pumped up he wants to go for a ride...but I talk him out of it. It is raining...and really late. We both just laugh and head back into the house. I have thought about it all day. I have decided a few things from the events of last night.

1. I sure do love my husband
2. I really need to remember my phone when I go out late at night
3. We could really use another car...maybe Santa will bring us one


  1. Do the cheese stakes go through your heart like when you stake a vampire?

    Sorry, couldn't help it.

    You DID read my post about my concern when Tom was late because I saw your comment. We really love and worry about our spouses, don't we? It's a nice place to be.

  2. I've had to learn NOT to worry about my spouse. No point. I'd drive myself insane. She leaves in the late afternoon and returns anytime from a few hours later up to the next day. I've learned not to go insane when she's not home at the end of a shift. It means she has a case and I might as well relax. Time means nothing to her. Only the kids are important as she pulls them out of "hell holes" and puts them somewhere safe.

    Personally, I like me some steaks after I've been out staking vampires.

  3. LOL...I am a fool. Corrected! I just dont see spelling mistakes. I don't have the eye. I read over it, but I just ignore them somehow...

  4. Oh, Sarah, what a sweet, sweet story!