Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Dream

So I have gone over before how I feel about people telling all these details of their dreams....I am not a fan. Yet sometimes I break my own rules (I am crazy like that), and this is my blog so I can do what I want. I do want to say for the record, that I do know that I hate when people do this, and I don't care. Also, this isn't even my dream I am about to jump into, so there is something in that, right?

So here we go. My mom was at the post office in the town where she lives. (This is not the dream. This is a true part to my tale). My parent live in a town about an hour from the city where I grew up. This town is where my mom grew up, my parents met, and all my grandparents live, but when my parents had us they moved to the "big city". When my grandfather was sick my parents moved back to their home town and bought the house my grandparents had lived in forever. They now live their with my grandmother. Okay...good details on the back story...

So, like I said, my mom was at the post office the other day. While she is waiting her sisters childhood best friend walks in the door (we will call her Cathy...because I am about 80% sure that is her name...). They start chatting, being that they hadn't seen each other in years. They talk about their children, then Cathy says, "So tell my about your grandchildren!" My mom tells her that she doesn't have any grandchildren here just yet, but that her daughter is in the process of adopting her daughter from Guatemala.

Now, here is where the dream comes in. Cathy looks at my mom and says, "Well, I know this is strange, but I had a dream about you the other night!" My mom looks at her, thinking this is very odd indeed, but Cathy goes on. She tells my mom that in her dream, she was at my grandparents (on my dad's side...) house. She adds in at this point that she has no idea why she would be there, and she doesn't even know if my dad's parents still live there. My mom informs her that actually, her and my dad have lived in that house now for about 18 months. Cathy seems amazed by this fact and goes on with the rest of her story. Apparently in her dream she walks into the farm house and there is a little girl who is about two or two and a half years old with black curly hair. There is also a little nine month old boy that is reaching for the little girl with a really sweet little smile on his face. Cathy said she woke up and thought, "Now why in the heck am I dreaming about Nancy??", but now she knows it was my moms grandchildren.

So...I know I don't believe in dreams...but you gotta admit this one is a little crazy. I mean, this lady didn't even know my parents lived at the farm house...or about the adoption...and okay, I will admit it. I just really, really like the dream. Even if it is nothing more than a story, it really makes me happy to think that when Avery is two or two and a half we might have a new little boy here...who has a really sweet smile...


  1. That was not a dream. That was a premonition of things to come. Life is about to become very exciting around here. Can't wait!!

  2. Do you remember Roseanns (stepmother)dream that she had about me? I too think it is a premonition.

  3. Not to be all hippy-dippy here, (even though I am, hee hee...) but some people do have premonition-type dreams. You will be a great mom and Nick will be a great dad. Have faith!


  4. What I want to know from Cathy the dreamer is if that little boy and girl were brother and sister or 1st cousins. Premonitions indeed! They certainly happen. I'm a believer. The next few years should be very exciting indeed.

  5. So...I am still reading...but just think, you have now have that little boy :)