Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas is Coming...

Well, it's nearly here. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and in this house that is the true start of Christmas. Nick's parents are divorced, so we rotate each year who we spend Christmas Eve with (the same parent that we spend actual Thanksgiving with) and who gets us on Christmas Day. My parents always get us on Thanksgiving Day and on Christmas Day...because they are my parents...which I am thinking needs no further explanation...

We were planning on staying the night with Nick's mom tonight because it is her year for Christmas Eve, but we just have so much to do around the house. I was out tonight finally finishing up my Christmas shopping (I say this as if it is some big achievement, but really it is the very last minute. Done or not, Christmas is here!) and Nick was sanding the drywall in the addition. We spent the day with my grandparents on my moms side, which was really nice. While we are with Nicks mom tomorrow, my dad's side of the family (you know...the blogging side) will all be getting together. I hate missing the family time, but I guess when you grow up and get married, holidays just seem to get a little more complicated.

Christmas morning Nick and I will wake up and exchange gifts between the two of us. Then, it looks like there is a good chance I will be heading into work. How sad is that? Tarp always does the big holidays, so I have no room to complain, but he called me from North Carolina and said his car is all sorts of messed up. He thinks it might be the transmission, but he isn't sure. Him and Jim are basically stuck until they can get someone to look at it and get it back on the road for them. With it being the holidays, I am thinking it will be hard to get that done and be back in time to work. If I do have to go in, it really will only take me about an is just the hassle of working on Christmas day. Once I am done there we will head to Nick's Dad's house, then back to our house for Christmas Dinner with my family.

This sounds like a lot....I know it is a lot, but to be honest, I just love it. I love the fact that at the holidays you make yourself make time. While I was at my grandparents today I just kept thinking that I should do this more. I should make more time. I am a busy person. We have full lives....and maybe this is one reason I love Christmas so much. It isn't the gifts or the shopping. It honestly is the time with the people I love.

Speaking of the people I love...I finally got around to updating my photo slide show on my Myspace page. Most people do this on a regular basis...mine was like two years old. So, with all that work I thought you all might enjoy watching it as well! I am thinking I will not be blogging again until after Christmas, so I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with the people you love. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas! We appreciate all you and Nick do to see all of us!! We love being together! I love the new slide show!