Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Boy Wizard

A few months before Christmas I ordered Henry his first present, the fully illustrated edition of Harry Potter. You might remember I shared a picture of it when it came it because, well, because I instantly fell in love with this thing.

But, I guess that's not really a big surprise. I love everything to do with Harry Potter. EVERYTHING. So as you can imagine, I was a little anxious to introduce the stories to Henry. I had decided years ago to hold off showing him any of the movies or telling him any real details of the story until we could read the books together. I know he will likely hear spoilers over time, but I just wanted to experience that first walk into the magical world with him, through the first book.  I wasn't sure he was ready, but thought with the illustrated pictures to go along with the story he might get hooked. Plus, I just couldn't wait any longer.  But deep down, I sorta worried he wouldn't find the magic quite as...well... magical has his Mama.

We are now over half way through the Sorcerer's Stone, and apparently I had nothing to worry about.  He talks about the book constantly.  When we are reading, he will regularly have me pause so he can get up and act out what happened. I told him to hold on so we could keep reading and he said "but I love it so much, I just need to get it out!" as he pretends to be playing Quidditch, nearly being shaken from his broom, then catching the snitch in his mouth.

When we get to the end of a chapter, he begs for more.  Half way through a section, he will ask me to go back and find a specific picture so he can visualize it all better in his head.

He is constantly making predictions of what he thinks will happen "Snape is DEFINITELY working with Voldemort!" he says, and I smile to myself. 


"What book do we find out why Snape is so mean to Harry?" he asks, as we read about Snape again taking points from Gryffindor.

"I am not telling." I say, and smile again.


And the love is moving beyond our evening reading time. He was playing Mario Maker the other day and I hear him say "Mama, do you want to come play me level? I named it Harry Potter. See, they are playing Quidditch! And there's Voldemort!

Laying in bed at night, he says "Mama, I really think I might be a wizard. I can feel it."

"You might be, sweetie.  They keep magic a secret from muggle families until the kids are 11. You might get your letter. We just have to wait and see."

"I am going to get it. I just know it."

 And all I can think is, I really hope so.


 My plan was to wait to read book two until the illustrated version is released.  Now, I am not sure we can wait that long. After we finish book one we will watch the movie, then I figured we could work our way through Pottermore... maybe listen to the first audio book. I am not sure how far I can stretch book one before I have to read him book two.  Maybe not for him as much, but for me. Because watching the magic come alive in his eyes is just everything I always hoped it would be. And I am not sure I can wait a year to see it again.


Monday, January 25, 2016

The Perfect Amount of Snow...

So since my last post we got more snow.  Not the three feet some areas got, but we still ended up with enough to sideline our city for the weekend. Henry ended up with three snow days and we managed to spend the entire weekend doing basically nothing at all. I mean, besides cooking, Lego building, reading, playing in the snow, watching sports, taking naps... you know, the usual for snowy weekends. Honestly, it was all sorta perfect.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Hopefully there will be more normal blogging around here soon, but for today, let's look at pictures.
Catching snowflakes
"Mama, send this to Nana!"
So. Much. Snow.
The back yard view.
Other weekend shots... someone is wanting to learn to play music. I think we may start with piano, but gotta look into some lessons first!
Playing all the Christmas board games
And putting together several of the Christmas Lego sets. The fact that there are still more to do highlights how many Lego sets this kid has.... Although this space shuttle is one of my all time favorites.

Today school was on a two hour delay, but for the most part we are back to regular life. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day

So today is our first snow day of the year. It was actually one of those dangerus days where it was supposed to basically start snowing around the time school starts and then snow all day. You  never know how those days are going to go.  Will they call it as a precaution? Will they send them and dismiss early?  Will they keep them out of school and then we get like four flakes of snow?? IT'S A MYSTERY!

Turns out they decided to call it as a precaution and they totally made the right decision.
 I mean, that pile of snow is a little misleading.... it is what we shoveled off the sidewalks, but STILL.
 Completely worthy of a snow day.

of course, there is now more snow moving in for Friday morning so we may or may not be home the rest of the week.  Not that I am complaining. I never get tired of being home with this kiddo.

Today is also my Aunt Jan's birthday, and I haven't updated around here in awhile on how she is doing, so now seems like as good of time as any.  She is back in Kentucky, which is wonderful. She did several weeks in an inpatient rehabilitation place and was on the cusp of going home (SHOCKING BUT TRUE! They work miricales at those places) then things started to go down hill. Turns out she had an infection which they just could not kick with antibiotics. She had to go back in for another surgery to clean out in incision. She has been in ICU for nearly a week. She is now ready to head BACK to the rehab center for at least a little while. Hopefully she will be home soon.  She has been in wonderful hands and we are all so greatful for the care she has received. Now, to get her home!

Liz went over to the hospital today to visit so we got to get some quality time with Wesley.  I love having these two boys together!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


This blog post is a mess, but it's the best I can come up with today...

  • So I have an ear infection.  I know. I am an adult.  Apparently they happen to adults sometimes.   Go figure. Turns out, similar to bee stings, ear infections are significantly more painful that I would have thought prior to experiencing one. Not to be a baby, but SERIOUSLY. I also have a sinus infection and feel all around blah, so you know, good times.

  • Today was also the first day of lecture in my class, so that happened.  It's sometimes funny how easy teaching has become.  I was supposed to have 90 in the class but somehow have let in 104. People keep asking and I am TERRIBLE at saying no. Here's to packing the room and educating the masses on the importance of public health!

  • This weekend I am heading to my parents for my annual Father Daughter weekend with my dad. It was technically for his birthday which was back in June, but you know... life is busy.  Honestly, I am so excited for the weekend.  They will be lots of movies and football, plus lots of rest which is apparently what I need because EAR INFECTION.

  • Today is the anniversary of losing Mawmaw. I am not sure what to say about that beyond I miss her. I wish she was still here. I wish I could sit around her table and listen to her stories while playing cards. Time keep moving and sometimes that sucks.
  • Speaking of time moving, I have been thinking about Missy a lot lately.  We are in that window of time where I begin the game "three years ago at this time...".  Three years.  Man. I had a dream about her the other night and it was so real. I don't dream of her often, or maybe, I don't dream of her like THIS often. When it feels like she is sitting there with me. But it did. It felt like it was her, taking my hand and smiling. I smiled back, squeezing tight, and it was like I could feel her. Like I could physically feel her hand. I remember exactly how it felt in that dream, how tightly I held on. I looked at her for a second and smiled, and then I broke down. In the dream. In real life. I am not sure which. But ever since it, I am still feeling a little raw.  Three years is a long time to not have your baby sister.

  • On a lighter note, I didn't win the lottery. Shocking, I know.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cousin Weekend: The Beginning of the Bourbon Trail

I am constantly shocked with the date. I mean, January 11th, REALLY?

Anyway, we had another busy (awesome) weekend around here, so rather than actually put some thought into a meaningful blog post (like about the Bengals and my depressed state over the disaster that was that playoff game) I will just share some pictures!
Turns out this is the only picture I got of the entire group, and Nicole isn't in it since she stayed home with sweet baby Cosma, but still.  Look!  We like bourbon! Also, not the best picture of Henry... sorry kiddo.
Maybe that statement needs some context (or does it?). Kentucky is famous for it's bourbon.  And at some point people around here realized that people like bourbon, and they like bourbon tastings, so they set up the bourbon trail.  Every stop on the bourbon trail will get a stamp in your bourbon trail passport. It's genius really.  So we decided we will start making a stop along the trail every time they SC family come to town.  This trip was our first official stop at the Bulleit distillery.

The group learning about prohibition and bourbon. Did you know you could get a prescription for alcohol during prohibition? And apparently Kentucky had 6 million written prescriptions among a population of 2.6 million. So... yeah.

The tour was awesome, and at the end you do a tasting, so win win. We are excited to hit the other stops on the tour. (Some pictures stolen from cousin's social media pages because... I like them)
Random picture of Nick on the tour which I like a lot...
Also a required stop on this trip was bring the SC crew to meet the newest family member. Can you even stand how adorable this baby is?!?!
I can't even...
Aaaaand here is a random picture of Henry from our dinner on Saturday night... I have around ten of these, and the conclude my picture taking from the weekend.  I apparently dropped the ball on photo taking this visit, which I guess means we will just have to do it again as soon as possible!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Years in Cincinnati

So somehow a week has already past since the New Year.  I don't even know. But let's pretend like it's still only the 2nd or 3rd and you still find our New Years Eve activities extremely interesting!
Nick had mentioned a few times leading up to the holidays that he would like to go to a hockey game over the break. I looked up tickets and found out that they were playing on New Years Eve, so one of my Christmas presents to the boys were Cincinnati Cyclone shirts and the promise of tickets! I wasn't positive we would go on NYE, but THEN I saw they were also having indoor fireworks and we were sold.

We invited along company, just for fun :)

Okay, so I am just now realizing why maybe I waited to write this post.  Turns out I took a LOT of pictures.  How about, for time sake, I just tell you what we did with a few pictures, then dump the rest at the end of the post... is that too lazy? Does anybody even care?  LET'S GIVE IT A TRY!

So, Hockey!

Cyclones won, 4-0. It was exciting :)
And then the Fireworks! Which... were as exciting as indoor fireworks can be... I mean, there aren't a lot of creative options, but everyone seemed to find it festive. I thought it was a little alarming when sparks landed on the ice and the arena slowly filled with smoke... I am officially old.
After the show we headed back to our hotel to ring in the new year like the party animals we are...

Honestly, it was a ton of fun. One of my best New Years Eve's ever. We played games, ate pizza, drank some beer, and counted down the new year. Fun was had by all, even Super Kitty.

The next morning we headed out the the Cincinnati Museum Center.

They were having a Lego Exhibit which was AMAZING
 I mean... these are made of LEGOS

More pictures of this at the end of the post...obviously. After the Legos we moved into the science museum, which was... also amazing.
I mean, it had a FREAKING THREE STORY CAVE in it!
And this entire glacier section...
And this giant sloth that apparently used to be a thing...

After we wrapped up the history museum we jumped to the Children's museum.... ALSO AWESOME. (go figure)

Aaaaaaaand after that we left.  I mean, there are a ton more pictures (just keep scrolling) but by the time we wrapped up the children's museum they were closing (and who am I kidding, we were EXHAUSTED) and we didn't have time to go into the history museum (So looks like a return trip is needed!)  On the way back into town we swung in to Aunt Candice and Lucas' New Years Day Dinner.
It was a perfect end to a perfect first day of 2016!

Now... pictures. It really was quite the mini-vacation. You can pack a LOT into 24 hours!