Friday, January 1, 2016

Resolutions 2016: Reviewing and Renewing

Happy New Year Everyone! Through the power of technology this is going live while we are still out of town on our little family New Years adventure.  Details for that to come in a few days, but for now let's get right down to our annual reviewing and renewing of my New Years Resolutions...

First thing's first, let's look at last year.

1.  Take Henry to Disney World - YES!  Totally DONE!  And we loved every single second of it and will hopefully be going again this summer. DISNEY FOREVER!!

2. Be aware of charitable giving - YES! I mean, we can always be MORE aware, but we made serious strides in this area this year, which I feel was highlighted with Henry's desire to give money to Santa this year to help buy toys for all the boys and girls.   

3. Read 20 books - Yes!  Actually I read 34, which you can see on my Good Reads account.

4. Get over my fear of public speaking - Oh yes, gotta say this one has happened, which is a pretty big deal! Between teaching both semesters, once with 150 students, then another 100 in the fall, I have pretty much conquered my fear. Add in that I presented at the national conference in November and I feel confident that I could speak in front of anyone.  I mean... as long as I am prepared. And I remember how to breath.

5. Have my research published - Yes! This happened! Although, I would like it to happen more in 2016.

So, FIVE FOR FIVE!  I think this is my best year of resolutions EVER!  It helps that I gave myself a couple of easy wins.  Also, that I didn't put lose weight on the list.  STILL WINNING AT RESOLUTIONS IN 2015!

So on to 2016:

1. Exercise at least three times per week: I specifically decided to not put diet and exercise on my list last year, and I am making the opposite decision this year. We will see how it goes. My hope is it remains a motivation over the next 12 months since that has totally been lacking this past year.  The power of resolutions, right?  RIGHT???

2. Lose Weight - anything below what I am currently at now is considered a win.

3. Publish three papers in academic journals - A work specific goal, which is extremely doable, but would make me feel great by next December if it comes true.

4. Help in Henry's classroom - I haven't gotten to do this at all with his first grade class, and I miss seeing him in the school environment, so on the list it goes!

 5. Read the first Harry Potter to Henry - This is hopefully a gimme since we started it this week, but it will be a long road to read the entire book, and I want to be sure to stick with it to the end. I am so excited to introduce him to my favorite book series of all time, I don't think it will be a problem :)

Not really on the list, but my book reading goal for the year is 25.

And that's it!  Let's hope I can be as successful this year as I was in 2015!


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