Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow Day

So today is our first snow day of the year. It was actually one of those dangerus days where it was supposed to basically start snowing around the time school starts and then snow all day. You  never know how those days are going to go.  Will they call it as a precaution? Will they send them and dismiss early?  Will they keep them out of school and then we get like four flakes of snow?? IT'S A MYSTERY!

Turns out they decided to call it as a precaution and they totally made the right decision.
 I mean, that pile of snow is a little misleading.... it is what we shoveled off the sidewalks, but STILL.
 Completely worthy of a snow day.

of course, there is now more snow moving in for Friday morning so we may or may not be home the rest of the week.  Not that I am complaining. I never get tired of being home with this kiddo.

Today is also my Aunt Jan's birthday, and I haven't updated around here in awhile on how she is doing, so now seems like as good of time as any.  She is back in Kentucky, which is wonderful. She did several weeks in an inpatient rehabilitation place and was on the cusp of going home (SHOCKING BUT TRUE! They work miricales at those places) then things started to go down hill. Turns out she had an infection which they just could not kick with antibiotics. She had to go back in for another surgery to clean out in incision. She has been in ICU for nearly a week. She is now ready to head BACK to the rehab center for at least a little while. Hopefully she will be home soon.  She has been in wonderful hands and we are all so greatful for the care she has received. Now, to get her home!

Liz went over to the hospital today to visit so we got to get some quality time with Wesley.  I love having these two boys together!

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