Monday, January 25, 2016

The Perfect Amount of Snow...

So since my last post we got more snow.  Not the three feet some areas got, but we still ended up with enough to sideline our city for the weekend. Henry ended up with three snow days and we managed to spend the entire weekend doing basically nothing at all. I mean, besides cooking, Lego building, reading, playing in the snow, watching sports, taking naps... you know, the usual for snowy weekends. Honestly, it was all sorta perfect.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Hopefully there will be more normal blogging around here soon, but for today, let's look at pictures.
Catching snowflakes
"Mama, send this to Nana!"
So. Much. Snow.
The back yard view.
Other weekend shots... someone is wanting to learn to play music. I think we may start with piano, but gotta look into some lessons first!
Playing all the Christmas board games
And putting together several of the Christmas Lego sets. The fact that there are still more to do highlights how many Lego sets this kid has.... Although this space shuttle is one of my all time favorites.

Today school was on a two hour delay, but for the most part we are back to regular life. 


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