Friday, March 30, 2012

Fifteen Down

So it's the end of the first quarter of the year.  Which... in most years means nothing to me beyond Nick's (GOLDEN!) birthday.  But not this year!  This year is was my self appointed deadline to lose fifteen pounds!  I set the goal as a resolution on January first, then revisited the topic at the end of January when I realized I was failing pretty terribly at said goal and really needed to get my act together if I was going avoid being a huge weight loss new years resolution failure.  THE HORROR.

So, I figured you wanted, no you DESERVED an update.  I am very happy to report that as of Thursday morning, I am OFFICIALLY down fifteen pounds.  You guys, I am REALLY proud of myself.  Like REALLY REALLY PROUD.  Which might be clear by ALL THE CAPITOL LETTERS.  But I was only down Three pounds on January 31st, and between then and now I had surgery, which sorta forced me to lay on the couch like a sloth for an extended period of time.  Plus with all the cramping and bleeding I have really just wanted to lay around and eat chocolate, but I FOUGHT IT!  I ate healthy, I cut out snacking, and now I am FIFTEEN POUNDS SMALLER!

As a tall girl (5'9") you would think I could carry an extra 15 without notice.  Alas, that is not the case. I look dramatically different (read: better) with this weight gone.  My clothes fit, I feel more comfortable in my own skin, I am really happy.  I wouldn't complain if I lost another five pounds or so, but I am not pushing for it. I am still tracking what I am eating in My Fitness Pal, and trying to stay aware.  The second half of my resolution was to KEEP the weight off as of December 31st 2012.  With no more fertility treatments and no potential for pregnancy, I truly plan to keep that resolution as well.  Although I must admit, I think that part might be harder.   

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Very Important Post About My New Smartphone

You like how I have two posts up this week about my very important opinions??  Me too!

What?  You don't find my new phone important?  Clearly you do not live inside my head.  This is TOP NEWS around here!  

FINE... scroll down to the bottom. I will include a picture of Henry.  JUST FOR YOU.

So I have had an iphone 3Gs for the last two and a half years.  I wanted one way before that, but our budget was too tight and I had a tiny little baby so I just made due with what I had. Then, one magical day I turned 30 and my sisters decided it was high time I joined the rest of the world and got me my very first bonafied smart phone.  I was ecstatic.  I bought the Apple Care Plan for the extra $100 and thought I was bullet proof.

After nearly a year my phone's wifi stopped working.  I marched into the apple store and they handed me a new phone because I had the Care Plan!  MAGIC!  Except... it sorta bothered me.  I mean, did I have to have the care plan to have them fix an apple product they made that I was contractually obligated to keep for two years?  It felt... I don't know, annoying.  Like if you sell me a phone and say I can't upgrade that phone for two years, it should work for two years. 

But whatever, I was happy.  I had a BRAND NEW PHONE!  I mean... it was exactly like the old one, but still... SHINNY!  NEW!!  And I was happy.  Right up until I dropped my phone a week later on the sidewalk outside of the hospital and it shattered into a million tiny pieces.  It was impressive.   So I called up apple again and was like "So... this care plan..." and they laughed and hung up because things like care plans only work if the product is defective, not for owners who have fingers made of butter. 

So... I did a little finagling and managed to use my upgrade (my sisters had used my mom's to get my original phone) to get a refurbished 3Gs for $20.  I wanted to get the 4, I wanted to get a BRAND NEW PHONE, but really... my butter fingers just destroyed a brand new phone, and we didn't have the money so Apple refurbished it was.  I tried to get the care plan, but they wouldn't give it to a refurbished phone.  "Don't worry"  I was told, "Apple's refurbished are just like new.  It will be fine!"

That was a year and a half ago.  A few weeks ago my battery died.  Like, after charging all night it would stay charged for 1-2 hours. I went to apple and they said there was nothing they could do.  I went to my AT&T store and they said they would be happy to let me an upgrade early!!  BUT because of their Apple contracts it couldn't be on an iphone.  I. WAS. HORRIFIED.  How DARE they keep me from my beloved new iphone that I have been DREAMING ABOUT?!  I am an iphone user!  I CANNOT CHANGE!  Except, I have owned two apple phones, and both died before two years was up.  I didn't want to get refurbished again, but if I waited out the rest of my contract with this terrible dying phone and was allowed to get an Apple, the phone would cost me $200, the Care Plan another $100, and the case to protect it another $50.  That's $350.... which, to me, is sorta a lot of money.  But STILL.. I CAN'T LEAVE APPLE!

Except... I did.  Nick and I did a lot of research, we read reviews and we talked to people, and we found out that apparently these people who make Droids know a thing or two about phones.  So... for a total of $10 each (Not $100, TEN.  TEN DOLLARS) We each got a new Samsung Galaxy S II.  (How did Nick get involved?  Don't even get me started.  That boy has needed a new phone for nearly a  decade.)  You guys, it is so awesome. SO. AWESOME.  Everything about it is compatible to Google, and I don't know if you know, but I am a Google girl.  Every picture I have ever put on my blog is already on my phone, because Google owns Blogger.  All my contacts are there because Google Contacts were imported automatically. It has all the voice activated stuff, so I tell it to do things, AND IT DOES! It's like magic!  In a DROID!

I have yet to find a single thing that my iphone did that this phone can't do.  I realize I was using a three generations back iphone.  I do.  So don't consider this a comparison of iphone vs droid. I can't say I love this phone more than I would the iPhone 4s.  But my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is the total shit.  No lie.  Every app I have wanted is free except for People Magazine (shut up. A girl needs her celebrity gossip), the widgets are awesome, it takes great pictures, It is light a thin and honestly rather impressive looking. It cost TEN DOLLARS and if the battery dies or the wifi breaks in the next two years, it is under warranty and I get a new one for free.  For six dollars a month I can get insurance on it, and if I drop it in the lake they will give me a new one. So basically... it makes me happy.  And I wanted to share.

It even has a forward facing camera, which Henry REALLY enjoys.
"MAMA!  MAMA! Take picture with Henry, Mama AND ANGRY BIRDS!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Following Up

I went to see my doctor today for my surgery follow up.  It all went fine, and yet I ended the appointment in tears.  So... you know... good times.

I have been bleeding for the last two weeks, even though they did a  D&C while they were in there so I could skip this period.  Along with the bleeding (not spotting, this is period style bleeding for two straight weeks) I am having cramps and back aches.  I am emotional and I don't feel well.  I was hoping for answers, I was hoping for a way to make it stop.  It at least got the answers.

Apparently the Mirena can make you bleed.  And it can last for.... wait for it.... six months.  SIX MONTHS.  Although, to be fair, my doctor did say that in most women it stops by eight weeks.  So, you know, fingers crossed. 

I don't know how I didn't know this.  I don't actually know how I didn't even expect it.  I ALWAYS bleed on birth control.  It is the reason I have been on basically every pill known to man.  I should have looked in to it, I was just in so much pain and I wanted to do SOMETHING to treat my endo.  This was the only option.  So I just have to trust it will eventually stop and wait it out.  The doctor seems to believe it will get better.  That I will EVENTUALLY feel normal.  I am just so tired of hurting.

I also talked to him a little about the pain I am still having, especially on the side where I had the large cyst.  He says it isn't surprising with all they had to do.  He then dropped in that he did partially remove my ovary and that needs to heal.  Excuse me?  I lost part of my ovary?  Seems like key information.  He also told me he removed a polyp.  Good to know I grow those now too. 

So, all in all it went fine.  Basically he said I am healing, and I will continue to heal.  He hopes this IUD helps treat my endo.  He seems to believe it will.  I want to believe it too.  I just want to feel normal. And that is why I cried.  Because his statement at the end of the appointment was "do you feel better than before the surgery?"  And I said yes... but what I really wanted to say was "Is better the best we can do?  Better than really really bad isn't that hard. Can't I hope for normal?"

I have a new post up at Bloggers For Hope about managing pain with endometriosis, and since it is National Endometriosis Awareness month, we are also doing a give away!  Come by and leave a comment for your chance to win and adorable bracelet!

Monday, March 26, 2012


You guys.  Do you remember that time some random number of years back when the world series was the Yankees vs the Mets and everyone was like, "Only New York cares about this World Series".  I don't remember the year or the details or even who won (I am betting the Yankees) but I remember that it was odd.  I mean, of all the teams, what are the odds that these two would be left standing?

I give you the Kentucky World Series:


The University of Kentucky and The University of Louisville are meeting in the final four.  THE FINAL FOUR, PEOPLE.

The only way this could be bigger would be if it was the National Championship game, rather than the simi-finals.  But still.. STILL.  This showdown is going to be Epic.  EPIC.  Like "Kentucky born kids will remember where they were when it happened" kind of epic.  Or, at least that is how it feels around here today. The game itself will decide if it can live up to the hype on Saturday.  But with the rivalry between these two teams, it's hard to imagine it could disappoint.

The entire state is going to shut down on Saturday.  And the, crazy thing is, the game just happens to land on Nick's Golden Birthday*.  Of all the days, of all the years.  Well played, Universe. Now as long as we win it could be the best Golden Birthday ever.  And if we lose, well... we aren't even going to TALK about that.

 This year will forever be known as The Rivalry Run to the Championship (if we win it all).  We played Western Kentucky, then we played Indiana, (too bad Duke and UNC lost, because it would have been a nice touch to include them) and now we must take down Louisville if we are going to go all the way.  You can feel the energy in the entire state. It is so awesome.  I am almost sad you all don't get to live here just to enjoy it. 

So, Go Cats! It is going to be all kinds of crazy.

*What's a golden birthday, you ask?  It is when you turn your age on the date of your birthday.  Like my twenty-sixth birthday was my Golden Birthday because it was on October 26.  Nick turns 31 on March 31st.  He waited a long time for his Golden Birthday.  It has the potential to be awesome. 

**I realize that most likely nobody even cares about this post except my fellow Kentucky fans.  I do not care!  I felt the event and the hype required documentation.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games-My Very Important Review of the Movie

**This is not a paid review. It is just because I like to talk about things.  But if anybody ever wants to offer me money to review movies, I am totally game.**

You guys.  YOU. GUYS.  Have you seen the Hunger Games yet?  HAVE YOU?  Because I went today.  And turns out, that apparently the new opening weekend hot spot is seeing a big blockbuster at 12:30 on a Saturday. Seriously.  I mean, MAYBE it was because UK played last night, so our entire city was dressed in Kentucky blue cheering on the boys last night, but I think it's that everyone is just getting cheap and doesn't want to pay full evening ticket prices.  Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, we went to the movie today.  And I didn't preorder tickets, but then I got paranoid that we didn't have tickets so I ran up there an hour and a half early, only to find that the theater wasn't even open yet and I had to wait in line.  Yes, I could have ordered them online, but I was already there!  And so were like FIFTY other people.  No joke.  In line to get in to the first showing.  It was a madhouse.

Okay really, who thought I would spend the first two paragraphs rambling about lines at movie theaters at noon?  Not me.  Let's get to the important stuff.  What you are here for, am I right?  What? You are here for picture of Henry?  Well... maybe tomorrow.  TODAY IT'S HUNGER GAMES! 

 So.... spoilers begin in just a second, but if you haven't seen it yet, I will tell you, spoiler free, that I was very very happy with it.  That it is TOTALLY worth watching.  And that you should get your butt to the theater.


  • Before actually seeing the movie, I thought I was not happy with the casting.  Peeta... Katniss.... Gale.... just everyone.  I was pretty much all thumbs down all the time.  But then I actually WATCHED the movie and you guys, the casting is a great.  AMAZING!  WONDERFUL!  PERFECT! CAN'T IMAGINE ANYONE ELSE!  But really, I was very happy with everyone.  There wasn't a single character that stood out as bad.  Actually, they all stood out as pretty great.
  • I felt like they got the entire story in, and that feels amazingly rare.  Like, really that it never happens with a book I love.  I know there were some changes, but I felt like they were great.  Usually when I drag Nick to a movie of a book I have read, I spend half my time worrying that he doesn't even get it because THEY ARE LEAVING OUT TOO MUCH STUFF!  I felt the extra scenes filled in the blanks and made the movie great for everyone, book reader or not.
  • That being said, I did feel a touch rushed, especially in the arena.  Not that I think they could have cut down any of the pre-arena stuff, but still.  I was expecting a little... I don't even know.  I didn't think it got into the root of Peeta and Katniss enough.  I was all for Peeta in the book, but oddly the movie made me feel REALLY bad for Gale.  WAY worse than I ever did in the book.  Which... was maybe the point.
  • Rue, oh little Rue.  How I loved you in the book.  And then you showed up in the movie, and I think maybe this was one place my hopes were too high.  Or maybe it goes back to feeling like they rushed the arena.  I don't know.  But I was not that attached to you, RIGHT UP UNTIL YOU DIED.  Then... Oh then I cried.  I cried as Katniss put flowers on you, and I cried harder when your district started the uprising because they were so heartbroken over your death.  It was just... all a little much for my little Rue loving heart.
  • Speaking of crying, I also sorta cried a little when Katniss volunteered for Primm, even though that part was in the previews! It still got me!  Emotional much?
  • The capitol. Man, I was worried about that.  Like, all the people all decked out with green skin and cat whiskers.  But you know what, it was awesome! It was perfect! It was truly exactly like I pictured it in my head. The districts amazingly poor, the capitol crazy.  I loved it.
  • I didn't know how they would pull off the outfits on fire, but I was okay with those too.  I mean, I wasn't like OH MY GOD THAT'S AMAZING, I was more like "okay, good.  they didn't make it look dumb".  But I will TAKE IT!
  • Why was the cat not orange?  Is it that hard to find an orange cat?
  • I felt like the very end when they are taking the nightlock was rushed.  Was that just me?  Like I think of all times to drag out a dramatic moment, it was strange that they didn't do it there.  In the book didn't they actually put them in their mouth even?  I was expect more drama.
  • I sorta loved the game maker guy.  Just blanked on his name, but I was a fan.
  • I could actually feel the tension at the end when Katniss said she wants to forget and Peeta said he doesn't.  Then Gale is there with Primm and she is holding Peeta's hand... and then President Snow is all angry looking.  IT WAS ALL AWESOME.
  • I really wish I knew when the next one comes out.  Have they even started making it yet?  I MUST KNOW!
So, I guess that's it.  Unless I think of more things, in which case I will add them.  For the most part, I was insanely happy with it.  Like to the point that I would say it is maybe the best movie remake of a book I love.  I always LOVE the movies of my books because I love the story, but I always obsess about what was missing.  This time I am obsessing about how amazing it was.  Maybe because my expectations were low.  Either way, I was extremely pleased.

Friday, March 23, 2012


So the other day I was working on the computer and Henry was sitting by my desk playing Angry Birds on my phone.  All of a sudden a new email  came in to my inbox.  I clicked over to it and saw that it was an email that was sent to me from my own gmail account. 

The subject line said  "Henry" 

The body of the email just said "Sent from my iphone"

I looked down and Henry and he just smiled.  I think it's safe to assume the child can type his own name, and managed to email it to me as proof.*   I am just curious how he managed to pick MY email address to send it to.  And... did he send it to anybody else?  Did he sent it to EVERYBODY else?
Already sending emails and "signing" his own name.  I didn't know they grew up THIS fast.

Henry says, "What? Don't all two year olds email their parents?  Gotta keep in touch!"
St. Patrick's Day 2012
(This picture has nothing to do with this post.  I just found it on my camera and thought it was too cute to not share.)

*I have actually seen him type his name on the computer, so it isn't a crazy thing to assume.  Still, this child never fails to amaze me.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

BlogHer Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

This is once again a paid review for Blogher Book Club.  I am sure you all know this by now, but I am suppose to include it on every paid post.  My thoughts and opinions are my very own.  I wouldn't tell you I liked a book if I didn't. I pinky promise.

So I already had The Fault in Our Stars on my GoodReads list before the BlogHer email went out that it was a book club selection.  That is the first time that has happened.  A book I was planning to read came up on the list and I get to get PAID for reading it.  And I get a free copy!  In a strange way it felt like blogging was FINALLY paying off.  SCORE.

If you haven't yet heard of The Fault in Our Stars, it was released with a relatively large amount of Internet hype because the author is John Green, who is sorta well known in this crazy internet world.  I have personally never read any of his books and do not subscribe to his YouTube channel, so I had no preconceived love Mr Green before opening this book.  I now have a desire to read anything and everything he has ever written.  This book is that good.

The Fault in Our Stars is the story of  Hazel Grace, a teenage girl living with (but also dying of) cancer. It is written in her voice, and oh how beautiful her voice is.  They are other amazing characters, Augustus being the most important.  The story is actually theirs, Hazel and Gus.  And it is a story of love and connection, of limited time and what you do with it.  Of not letting a disease define you.  Of living beyond a sickness.  I loved Hazel.  I loved Augustus.  I loved her parents and their friends.  I found myself doing exactly what Hazel did in the story, looking for what happens beyond the final page of a favorite book.  When I read the last words on the last page, I thought of  what happens next, how they go on.  How life continues.  because really, that is the point of The Fault in Our Stars.  That life continues, no matter what.  And we are all just along for the ride.

The Fault in Our Stars is heartbreaking but beautiful.  I had originally question if I wanted to read a book about cancer, but this isn't exactly that.  It is just about life.  And is was worth the tears I cried when reading it.

We will be discussing The Fault in Our Stars over the next several weeks with BlogHer Book Club.  We would love it if you joined the conversation!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ick

St. Patrick's Day
Don't let this adorable face fool you...
 St. Patrick's Day
This boy was S-I-C-K this weekend
 St. Patrick's Day
Like the Throw Up kinda sick. Which we have been really lucky and have mostly avoided his entire 2.75 years of life (except for the Vomit-Fest that was Halloween 2010. That was EPIC) St. Patrick's Day
But when Nick and I talk about the vomit of St. Patrick's Day 2012 (you gotta love hanging out with parents, right?), all we keep telling everyone is "Henry thew up... IN THE TOILET!".  You guys, it was so amazing, and sad, but yet AMAZING*. The toilet you all.  Not the couch, not the bed, not on top of Mama, IN THE TOILET. (Although Boo and Nanny were not so lucky. His first vomit of the weekend was actually on Nanny watch... and occurred in Boo's bed during nap time. Sorry Aunt Boo. Sorry Nanny.  Sorry everyone.  Vomit-Fests ... they are not enjoyable.)

BUT...IN THE TOILET AT HOME! Kisses and High Fives all around.
 St. Patrick's Day
What?  you don't want to kiss him?  Why on earth not??

*The credit for the amazing first throw up in the toilet actually goes to Papa who looked at Henry after Henry made this sighing noise and basically had a feeling he was going to be sick.  Scooped him up and RAN and made it just in time.  Way to go Papa, way to go.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Dance

You guys, I LOVE this time of year.   LOVE. IT.  Which... I guess is rather expected considering I live in college basketball country.  And I went to college and now work at the greatest basketball school in the history of time. (That isn't just me randomly making such a claim.  We are legitimately a contender for BEST OF ALL TIME).

So for the next few weeks I will watch as many games as I can.  I will run the bracket pool at work and I will cheer on my cats on any social media outlet I can find.  I will cry when any underdog wins (as long as it isn't against my cats) because I get EXTREMELY EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED in these games.  All of them.  If there is the potential for a college age boy to pull his jersey up over his eyes to hide his tears, I am THERE.

Actually, it's sorta funny because everyone at work seems surprised I am running the bracket pool.  Like, they keep acting shocked about it. Like "YOU are going to do this?? YOU know things about BASKETBALL??"  And I keep randomly saying things like "My dad always loved this stuff when I was little so I grew up loving it" or "Nick and I will watch the games anyway, so it isn't a big deal" but all of a sudden I have wanted to say "Is it because I am a GIRL?  You know girls can like sports too, right??"  I mean, lots of girls are the most die hard sports fans I know.  Girls can LOVE SPORTS!  GIRLS can do the math and keep track of brackets!  GIRLS ARE TOTALLY EQUAL WITH BOYS!  Then I get myself worked into a "this is sorta SEXIST" huff before I decide I don't really care that much about people acting sexist as long as I don't have to mow the lawn.

So... I guess that's it.  I am running my bracket pool at work and I am awesome at it.  I love me some Kentucky basketball.  I plan to lay around and watch games all weekend while maybe enjoying a green beer on Saturday.  How about you?
Random, year old picture included because I couldn't find a recent one where were are wearing Blue to cheer on our boys.  But last year, this year.  No big difference.  March= GO BIG BLUE! 

PS.  I am finally really feeling better.  Honestly, this time I am serious and not just saying that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nice People are Really Nice

Today I decided to jump back on the working band wagon and forced myself to go into the lab for a half day.  I was super sexy, what with my sweat pants, my lack of interest in make up or brushing my hair, and my craving for an everything bagel which added a nice essence of garlic and onion to the over all disaster.  I know you all wish you worked with me.

I did pretty well for the first hour, then the pain started to set in and I got a little teary eyed and asked if anybody could think of ANYTHING I could do that would be super helpful and not require any movement at all.  Amazingly, they came up with a rather impressive list. God bless them.

When I got home, completely exhausted and rather down about the whole "I can't even work five hours without crying" situation, I noticed a package on my front porch.
My sweet fellow Braces Bunch member, blog reader and very very good online friend Alison sent them to me.  You all, it made my day. MADE. MY. DAY.  Thank you, sweet friend. 

So then the presence of the flowers and my desire to SHOW YOU ALL RIGHT NOW HOW SWEET SHE IS reminded me of how wonderful everyone has been over the last few days, and how much it has meant to me.  So, a quick list of thank yous.  I plan to send actual thank you notes in the mail someday, but if I never get around to it, just print out this post.  It's basically the same thing, right?

My amazing Aunt brought over a TON of food that we have seriously been living on for days.   Fresh fruit and veggies, a chicken casserole, cookies, flowers, it was amazing.

My mother in law had Henry sleep over the night after surgery, and when he came home it was with packed deliciousness that we ate every scrap of.  Her home made lasagna to die for.  Seriously, if I had to pick my last meal, it would be very near the top.  Right next to my mom's fried chicken or a bowl full of biscuits and gravy.

My mom and sisters have been a huge help with Henry and have brought food, movies and simply their company.  They are amazing, as always.

Nick has been awesome, taking care of me, watching out for me, making sure I follow all doctors orders to the letter.  He is awesome.

 The phone calls, the emails, the comments here on the blog, the love and support.  It has been really nice.  I am so very thankful for my friends and family both here in town and far away who have taken the time to check in.  I appreciate it all.  I know this surgery is small and out patient.  Really, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.  And in a lot of ways it isn't.  I will be back to full time work this week.  I should be normal soon.  And yet, these few days have been hard.  the recovery has been painful.  And you all's support, it really does make me feel better.

So... thanks guys.  I hope to be my normal self very soon.  But for now, I feel very blessed to be surround by such nice people.  I am a lucky girl.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Steps Forward...

I am slowly starting to feel like myself again.  An important step in the right direction, since in general I enjoy being myself.  I am still very sore, but the swelling does seem to be going down.  I hope to soon be able to wear pants that do not have an elastic waist.  It's sorta funny when "button fat jeans" because an actual goal on my weekly to-do list.

In what can only be described as terrible timing, Henry has come down with an evil virus/infection over the last few days.  We first noticed it on Wednesday, and Thursday morning before surgery I had him in to doctor's office basically begging them to "PLEASE GOD DO SOMETHING BEFORE I HEAD IN TO SURGERY IN THREE HOURS".  We got the expected response of "looks like a virus... fluids, rest.".  A few deep sighs and $25 later we were home and I listened to that "virus" settle into his chest to become the completely expected and unsurprising sinus infection by Sunday morning.

Of course, between the Thursday "virus" appointment and the Sunday morning "infection" appointment we had two solid nights of coughing, gasping for air, high fevers with wet wash clothes, and many many kicks to the tender abdomen of Mama while we all sleep in one big sick/surgery recovery bed. 

Good times, am I right?

Henry is now on antibiotics but still sounds like an 80 year old, four pack a day smoker.  Mama is hoping to go to work for a few hours tomorrow, but we will see how that entire "shower" thing works out first.  I gave it the old college try on Saturday and required a four hour nap afterwards.

So... getting better.  Yes. Or, maybe: "yes?".  Hard to say. I feel like I am moving in the right direction.  Just with a pace of two steps forward, one step back.  Still, it's an overall net gain in the direction of healthy.

Thanks for your well wishes. We really will be back on our feet around here soon.  I feel SURE of it.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello everybody.  Thought you might like a quick update on the surgery, and since my pain medication is currently in the small window where it is actually working well, it felt like now might be the best time.  the surgery went very well, but was much more intense than I was expecting.  Turns out the cyst was larger than the ultrasound showed (it was 8.5cm) and was really taking over that left ovary. Nick and mom saw a picture.  Their joint response to it was something along the lines of   "Ew and ouch".  My doctor was able to remove the entire cyst and leave the ovary which was a big win.

In addition to the gnarly cyst, they found 15 different growths of endometriosis.  I didn't get to talk with the doctor (or I did.... but I was really out of it and have no memory of our conversation), so I am not 100% sure where they all were, but I know they decided to cath my and drain my bladder in the middle of surgery, so I am thinking there were some on my bladder. (which makes since considering the pain I had when peeing for the last few weeks).  They had to fill me with gas twice to make sure I wasn't bleeding, and the had to put in an additional incision in order to get to all the endometriosis.  These additional things are making this recovery much harder than my last two surgeries.  I am in a ton of pain and can't seem to get comfortable.  I am hoping it gets better over the next 24 hours.  Attempting to get any sleep last night was a real challenge.

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and support.  I did have them go ahead and put in the Mirena, which I am happy about.  I just can't go through this again anytime soon.  Hopefully this treatment will keep me pain free for a very long time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I went to my pre-op appointment for my surgery yesterday.  All is well and we are officially good to go for endo removal.  My surgery isn't until 1:30 in the afternoon on Thursday and they said to plan on being at the surgery center for six to eight hours.  Oh, and I can't eat after 4am.  So.... if you do the math, most likely I will go to bed on Wednesday night, and not eat a thing until 7pm on Thursday.  Now that will be crash dieting.

Speaking of dieting, when I weighed in at the doctor my nurse was like, "Um... are you TRYING to lose weight? If not, we might have something else going on. You are down 14 pounds from last August!".  I was extremely pleased.

The basic appointment went fine.  They are a little worried they could have to remove the ovary, which would be sad.  I like my ovary.  We have been together a long time. Still, I told him to do whatever he needs to do.  If my little ovary cannot be saved, just go ahead and put her out of her misery.

We also talked about the Mirena IUD.  I told him to put it in if both of my tubes are blocked.  Otherwise I thought I might wait a couple of months, just in case of miraculous conception against all infertile odds.  After I got home and mentioned it to Nick it was clear he would rather me go ahead and have it put in.  That treating my endometriosis should be a priority.  That we tried to "see what happens" and what happens is giant cysts and terrible pain.  After my last surgery in 2007 we also tried on our own and nothing happened then but pain then either.

So.... I think I am going to tell him no matter what he finds, just put in the IUD.  He says it's a great treatment for endo.  At this point I am ready to embrace the family I have been given, move on from the dream of another pregnancy and try to be as healthy as possible. If we ever decide we REALLY want another baby, I can have the IUD removed and we can go back into treatments.  But we all know that at this point, my body isn't just going to get pregnant on it's own.


Monday, March 5, 2012

A lot of Wind, a Little (Followed by a Lot) of Snow

Friday night we found ourselves all huddled together in my sister's inlaw's basement as the tornado sirens went off around us. Our area was given a 100% chance of having a tornado. School released early, the University where I worked closed. It was intense. Amazingly enough, our city managed to avoid any serious damage. But as I listen to them talk about Henryville on the news, it reminds me of how close it came, and how dangerous and out of our control something like natural disasters truly are.
We did manage to have at least a little fun playing with my dad's ipad while we waited out the storm. The Photobooth app... get it. You will enjoy it.

Sunday morning we woke up to a down pour of snow. Seriously, it looked like a white-out through our window. I quickly bundled up Henry and ran outside, only to have the snow completely stop. Like completely. Right as we stepped off the porch.

We ran back in, stripped off our coats and shoes, only to have the down pour start again. Shoes and coats back on, and back out we ran! It once again slowed way down, and there was no snow on the ground. Still, Henry kept saying "HENRY CATCH SNOW!! HENRY EAT IT!!" Our tiny little burst of snow brought some much needed laughs to a hard week. God, I love this boy.
Winter 2012
Someone has a deep love for snow, even when it is only measured in millimeters.
Winter 2012
"Henry EAT DA SNOW!"
Winter 2012
Who says you need inches of snow to make it fun. One good burst falling from the sky made our weekend brighter.

This morning We actually woke up to a solid 5 inches of snow on the ground. Now THIS will be fun.
My back yard at 6:30 Monday morning.  I don't know why it looks Blue.  Maybe because the entire state of Kentucky turns Blue for the month of March...