Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello everybody.  Thought you might like a quick update on the surgery, and since my pain medication is currently in the small window where it is actually working well, it felt like now might be the best time.  the surgery went very well, but was much more intense than I was expecting.  Turns out the cyst was larger than the ultrasound showed (it was 8.5cm) and was really taking over that left ovary. Nick and mom saw a picture.  Their joint response to it was something along the lines of   "Ew and ouch".  My doctor was able to remove the entire cyst and leave the ovary which was a big win.

In addition to the gnarly cyst, they found 15 different growths of endometriosis.  I didn't get to talk with the doctor (or I did.... but I was really out of it and have no memory of our conversation), so I am not 100% sure where they all were, but I know they decided to cath my and drain my bladder in the middle of surgery, so I am thinking there were some on my bladder. (which makes since considering the pain I had when peeing for the last few weeks).  They had to fill me with gas twice to make sure I wasn't bleeding, and the had to put in an additional incision in order to get to all the endometriosis.  These additional things are making this recovery much harder than my last two surgeries.  I am in a ton of pain and can't seem to get comfortable.  I am hoping it gets better over the next 24 hours.  Attempting to get any sleep last night was a real challenge.

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and support.  I did have them go ahead and put in the Mirena, which I am happy about.  I just can't go through this again anytime soon.  Hopefully this treatment will keep me pain free for a very long time.


  1. So sorry you've had to go through so much trauma. I hope there will be some nice perks for you soon!

    Happy Recovery!

  2. I'm so sorry, that really sucks. :( I'm glad they got it all though, and I'm praying you stay pain free from now on. xo

  3. Been thinking about you. Sending hugs and healing vibes and the hopes that you're comfortable soon.


  4. Hoping you're much more comfortable soon!

  5. I'm an IF blogger in Lexington as well and have been a lurker for a while. I just wanted to pop out of my lurk and wish you a speedy recovery. I am sending you lots of positive, healing thoughts.

  6. Hey Sarah, just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery!

    Take all the drugs - don't try and be brave :)

  7. Ouch. Sounds so uncomfortable. I'm sorry there was so much more in there but I am glad they went in. I hope once you recover from this you'll be in a lot less pain!

    Rest up!

  8. You poor thing! It will get better but it does sound like you went through the mill! Delighted you are now endo-free and your ovary is still there. Get well soon!

  9. i'm a fairly regular reader & lurker. love your blog! so sorry to hear about your surgery. wishes for a quick recovery!!

  10. Oh sweetie *hugs* I'm so glad it went well, but sorry they had to do so much. I can well imagine your discomfort, during my first laparoscopy I had to have an extra (larger) incision to find the source of some bleeding, and during my second they cathed me and pumped me full of gas to check they hadn't perforated my bowel or anything. I know that the extra gas can make you so much more uncomfortable than you really need to be, so I hope that clears soon and the incisions heal well. Hopefully you'll notice a difference once your recovery is well under way.

    Isn't it strange when they show you photos of your insides? During my first op the visibility was apparently "sub-optimal" but after my second a group of doctors came in and were raving about how clear the photos they had taken were and asked me to sign a consent for them to use them in studies/education etc. I wasn't really with it so didn't really appreciate their enthusiasm at the time!!

    Did you have a Mirena fitted in the end? Do let us know how you're doing with it if you did.

    Thinking of you sweetie xx