Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ick

St. Patrick's Day
Don't let this adorable face fool you...
 St. Patrick's Day
This boy was S-I-C-K this weekend
 St. Patrick's Day
Like the Throw Up kinda sick. Which we have been really lucky and have mostly avoided his entire 2.75 years of life (except for the Vomit-Fest that was Halloween 2010. That was EPIC) St. Patrick's Day
But when Nick and I talk about the vomit of St. Patrick's Day 2012 (you gotta love hanging out with parents, right?), all we keep telling everyone is "Henry thew up... IN THE TOILET!".  You guys, it was so amazing, and sad, but yet AMAZING*. The toilet you all.  Not the couch, not the bed, not on top of Mama, IN THE TOILET. (Although Boo and Nanny were not so lucky. His first vomit of the weekend was actually on Nanny watch... and occurred in Boo's bed during nap time. Sorry Aunt Boo. Sorry Nanny.  Sorry everyone.  Vomit-Fests ... they are not enjoyable.)

BUT...IN THE TOILET AT HOME! Kisses and High Fives all around.
 St. Patrick's Day
What?  you don't want to kiss him?  Why on earth not??

*The credit for the amazing first throw up in the toilet actually goes to Papa who looked at Henry after Henry made this sighing noise and basically had a feeling he was going to be sick.  Scooped him up and RAN and made it just in time.  Way to go Papa, way to go.


  1. It was seriously my proudest parenting moment when Lucky asked for a bucket to get sick in.
    I'm not even kidding.

    I hope he's feeling better today!


  2. I understand your joy. Life is so much easier when kids can throw up in the toilet!

    I haven't been so lucky as to have only two vomit fests in almost three years. My kids throw up ALL THE DANG TIME! And they were both projectile vomiters as babies, too. Throw up is our life! I'm always amazed when I hear about kids that have "only thrown up once" and stuff like that.

    Sorry about your pukey St. Paddy's! I hope Henry is ok now!

    1. Now Henry was a projectile spit up baby, so there was lots of clean up then, but the vomit... oh the vomit is an entirely different category. A terrible category.

      I think Henry get's his strong stomach from me. I threw up exactly two times from First Grade to Graduation. I remember both VERY WELL.

  3. Poor little guy. It is so sad when they are sick. However, it is AWESOME he did most of it in the toilet. *happy dance* Cause cleaning barf is only as fun as cleaning dog diarrhea.

  4. I so hear you on this. I think we freaked out ChickieNob once by saying over and over again how happy we were that she vomited into the toilet. Not that we wanted her to vomit, but to not have the clean up...

  5. Good for Henry! (and I hope he's feeling better now) I was already happy when my son vomited on the floor beside his bed last time instead of in his bed...

  6. Wohoooo!! that's amazing! (and sad, but TRULY amazing!!)

  7. Love it! I think he's such a considerate boy, throwing up in the loo :)

  8. Hope he's feeling better, and though we haven't experienced a vomit fest here (knock on wood), I can imagine the excitement of him making it in the toilet!