Friday, March 30, 2012

Fifteen Down

So it's the end of the first quarter of the year.  Which... in most years means nothing to me beyond Nick's (GOLDEN!) birthday.  But not this year!  This year is was my self appointed deadline to lose fifteen pounds!  I set the goal as a resolution on January first, then revisited the topic at the end of January when I realized I was failing pretty terribly at said goal and really needed to get my act together if I was going avoid being a huge weight loss new years resolution failure.  THE HORROR.

So, I figured you wanted, no you DESERVED an update.  I am very happy to report that as of Thursday morning, I am OFFICIALLY down fifteen pounds.  You guys, I am REALLY proud of myself.  Like REALLY REALLY PROUD.  Which might be clear by ALL THE CAPITOL LETTERS.  But I was only down Three pounds on January 31st, and between then and now I had surgery, which sorta forced me to lay on the couch like a sloth for an extended period of time.  Plus with all the cramping and bleeding I have really just wanted to lay around and eat chocolate, but I FOUGHT IT!  I ate healthy, I cut out snacking, and now I am FIFTEEN POUNDS SMALLER!

As a tall girl (5'9") you would think I could carry an extra 15 without notice.  Alas, that is not the case. I look dramatically different (read: better) with this weight gone.  My clothes fit, I feel more comfortable in my own skin, I am really happy.  I wouldn't complain if I lost another five pounds or so, but I am not pushing for it. I am still tracking what I am eating in My Fitness Pal, and trying to stay aware.  The second half of my resolution was to KEEP the weight off as of December 31st 2012.  With no more fertility treatments and no potential for pregnancy, I truly plan to keep that resolution as well.  Although I must admit, I think that part might be harder.   


  1. CONGRATS SARAH!!! Thats awesome news!

  2. That is awesome, girl! I am hovering around 12lbs gone, but didn't have surgery to fight through! You deserve to be PROUD. I just discovered myfitnesspal, so look me up if ya want more support! (roodieroo is my username)

    1. You are AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - I'm so proud of you - this is big, big stuff.

      Coincidentally I joined at Weigh-Less today and have 16 pounds to go. Oy!

    2. Thanks so much :) I am really pleased with it. xo

  3. Congratulations!!! That is amazing!! I am on MFP, too, and I'd love it if you'd add me as a friend. mjhwall :)