Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games-My Very Important Review of the Movie

**This is not a paid review. It is just because I like to talk about things.  But if anybody ever wants to offer me money to review movies, I am totally game.**

You guys.  YOU. GUYS.  Have you seen the Hunger Games yet?  HAVE YOU?  Because I went today.  And turns out, that apparently the new opening weekend hot spot is seeing a big blockbuster at 12:30 on a Saturday. Seriously.  I mean, MAYBE it was because UK played last night, so our entire city was dressed in Kentucky blue cheering on the boys last night, but I think it's that everyone is just getting cheap and doesn't want to pay full evening ticket prices.  Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, we went to the movie today.  And I didn't preorder tickets, but then I got paranoid that we didn't have tickets so I ran up there an hour and a half early, only to find that the theater wasn't even open yet and I had to wait in line.  Yes, I could have ordered them online, but I was already there!  And so were like FIFTY other people.  No joke.  In line to get in to the first showing.  It was a madhouse.

Okay really, who thought I would spend the first two paragraphs rambling about lines at movie theaters at noon?  Not me.  Let's get to the important stuff.  What you are here for, am I right?  What? You are here for picture of Henry?  Well... maybe tomorrow.  TODAY IT'S HUNGER GAMES! 

 So.... spoilers begin in just a second, but if you haven't seen it yet, I will tell you, spoiler free, that I was very very happy with it.  That it is TOTALLY worth watching.  And that you should get your butt to the theater.


  • Before actually seeing the movie, I thought I was not happy with the casting.  Peeta... Katniss.... Gale.... just everyone.  I was pretty much all thumbs down all the time.  But then I actually WATCHED the movie and you guys, the casting is a great.  AMAZING!  WONDERFUL!  PERFECT! CAN'T IMAGINE ANYONE ELSE!  But really, I was very happy with everyone.  There wasn't a single character that stood out as bad.  Actually, they all stood out as pretty great.
  • I felt like they got the entire story in, and that feels amazingly rare.  Like, really that it never happens with a book I love.  I know there were some changes, but I felt like they were great.  Usually when I drag Nick to a movie of a book I have read, I spend half my time worrying that he doesn't even get it because THEY ARE LEAVING OUT TOO MUCH STUFF!  I felt the extra scenes filled in the blanks and made the movie great for everyone, book reader or not.
  • That being said, I did feel a touch rushed, especially in the arena.  Not that I think they could have cut down any of the pre-arena stuff, but still.  I was expecting a little... I don't even know.  I didn't think it got into the root of Peeta and Katniss enough.  I was all for Peeta in the book, but oddly the movie made me feel REALLY bad for Gale.  WAY worse than I ever did in the book.  Which... was maybe the point.
  • Rue, oh little Rue.  How I loved you in the book.  And then you showed up in the movie, and I think maybe this was one place my hopes were too high.  Or maybe it goes back to feeling like they rushed the arena.  I don't know.  But I was not that attached to you, RIGHT UP UNTIL YOU DIED.  Then... Oh then I cried.  I cried as Katniss put flowers on you, and I cried harder when your district started the uprising because they were so heartbroken over your death.  It was just... all a little much for my little Rue loving heart.
  • Speaking of crying, I also sorta cried a little when Katniss volunteered for Primm, even though that part was in the previews! It still got me!  Emotional much?
  • The capitol. Man, I was worried about that.  Like, all the people all decked out with green skin and cat whiskers.  But you know what, it was awesome! It was perfect! It was truly exactly like I pictured it in my head. The districts amazingly poor, the capitol crazy.  I loved it.
  • I didn't know how they would pull off the outfits on fire, but I was okay with those too.  I mean, I wasn't like OH MY GOD THAT'S AMAZING, I was more like "okay, good.  they didn't make it look dumb".  But I will TAKE IT!
  • Why was the cat not orange?  Is it that hard to find an orange cat?
  • I felt like the very end when they are taking the nightlock was rushed.  Was that just me?  Like I think of all times to drag out a dramatic moment, it was strange that they didn't do it there.  In the book didn't they actually put them in their mouth even?  I was expect more drama.
  • I sorta loved the game maker guy.  Just blanked on his name, but I was a fan.
  • I could actually feel the tension at the end when Katniss said she wants to forget and Peeta said he doesn't.  Then Gale is there with Primm and she is holding Peeta's hand... and then President Snow is all angry looking.  IT WAS ALL AWESOME.
  • I really wish I knew when the next one comes out.  Have they even started making it yet?  I MUST KNOW!
So, I guess that's it.  Unless I think of more things, in which case I will add them.  For the most part, I was insanely happy with it.  Like to the point that I would say it is maybe the best movie remake of a book I love.  I always LOVE the movies of my books because I love the story, but I always obsess about what was missing.  This time I am obsessing about how amazing it was.  Maybe because my expectations were low.  Either way, I was extremely pleased.


  1. Maybe we were an emotional row. I also cried during all those parts. Tears kept streaming down my face the longer those scenes played out. I tried to keep it under control but those scenes were put together so well! Dang you movie makers! loved the movie & the company.

  2. Supposedly Catching Fire comes out nov 2013! I can't wait

  3. I didn't cry when Rue died but I teared up when Prim was screaming for Katniss at the Reaping... and when she had to leave her in the room afterwards. So, I don't think it was just you. I think it was actually just really good acting. :)

  4. The reaping was so emotional for me! I think when you see the scared kids it makes it more real. It's amazing how much they had to condense the film and yet it was still 2 1/2 hours long! I did feel that the ending was a bit rushed, but overall they did an excellent job of adapting a very internal novel (after all, it's all Katniss and her thoughts) and making it into a very real experience for the viewer. The fact that Suzanne Collins helped write the script was probably a big reason it came together so well. My one disappointment was that they didn't show Haymitch falling off of the stage when Katniss volunteered. I kind of wanted to see that.

    You know what's next, right? FINNICK WATCH! Catching Fire will film in Hawaii and I want to know who is going to be Finnick!!