Monday, March 26, 2012


You guys.  Do you remember that time some random number of years back when the world series was the Yankees vs the Mets and everyone was like, "Only New York cares about this World Series".  I don't remember the year or the details or even who won (I am betting the Yankees) but I remember that it was odd.  I mean, of all the teams, what are the odds that these two would be left standing?

I give you the Kentucky World Series:


The University of Kentucky and The University of Louisville are meeting in the final four.  THE FINAL FOUR, PEOPLE.

The only way this could be bigger would be if it was the National Championship game, rather than the simi-finals.  But still.. STILL.  This showdown is going to be Epic.  EPIC.  Like "Kentucky born kids will remember where they were when it happened" kind of epic.  Or, at least that is how it feels around here today. The game itself will decide if it can live up to the hype on Saturday.  But with the rivalry between these two teams, it's hard to imagine it could disappoint.

The entire state is going to shut down on Saturday.  And the, crazy thing is, the game just happens to land on Nick's Golden Birthday*.  Of all the days, of all the years.  Well played, Universe. Now as long as we win it could be the best Golden Birthday ever.  And if we lose, well... we aren't even going to TALK about that.

 This year will forever be known as The Rivalry Run to the Championship (if we win it all).  We played Western Kentucky, then we played Indiana, (too bad Duke and UNC lost, because it would have been a nice touch to include them) and now we must take down Louisville if we are going to go all the way.  You can feel the energy in the entire state. It is so awesome.  I am almost sad you all don't get to live here just to enjoy it. 

So, Go Cats! It is going to be all kinds of crazy.

*What's a golden birthday, you ask?  It is when you turn your age on the date of your birthday.  Like my twenty-sixth birthday was my Golden Birthday because it was on October 26.  Nick turns 31 on March 31st.  He waited a long time for his Golden Birthday.  It has the potential to be awesome. 

**I realize that most likely nobody even cares about this post except my fellow Kentucky fans.  I do not care!  I felt the event and the hype required documentation.


  1. You are cute. :) I need Kentucky to win, and Kansas to win, then Kansas needs to beat Kentucky. Only so my bracket wins. :D

  2. I can't WAIT for the UK game. My BFF is a UK grad and she bleeds blue and white.

    Go Cats!

  3. I can't believe I missed all my golden birthdays and didn't even know it!