Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Very Important Post About My New Smartphone

You like how I have two posts up this week about my very important opinions??  Me too!

What?  You don't find my new phone important?  Clearly you do not live inside my head.  This is TOP NEWS around here!  

FINE... scroll down to the bottom. I will include a picture of Henry.  JUST FOR YOU.

So I have had an iphone 3Gs for the last two and a half years.  I wanted one way before that, but our budget was too tight and I had a tiny little baby so I just made due with what I had. Then, one magical day I turned 30 and my sisters decided it was high time I joined the rest of the world and got me my very first bonafied smart phone.  I was ecstatic.  I bought the Apple Care Plan for the extra $100 and thought I was bullet proof.

After nearly a year my phone's wifi stopped working.  I marched into the apple store and they handed me a new phone because I had the Care Plan!  MAGIC!  Except... it sorta bothered me.  I mean, did I have to have the care plan to have them fix an apple product they made that I was contractually obligated to keep for two years?  It felt... I don't know, annoying.  Like if you sell me a phone and say I can't upgrade that phone for two years, it should work for two years. 

But whatever, I was happy.  I had a BRAND NEW PHONE!  I mean... it was exactly like the old one, but still... SHINNY!  NEW!!  And I was happy.  Right up until I dropped my phone a week later on the sidewalk outside of the hospital and it shattered into a million tiny pieces.  It was impressive.   So I called up apple again and was like "So... this care plan..." and they laughed and hung up because things like care plans only work if the product is defective, not for owners who have fingers made of butter. 

So... I did a little finagling and managed to use my upgrade (my sisters had used my mom's to get my original phone) to get a refurbished 3Gs for $20.  I wanted to get the 4, I wanted to get a BRAND NEW PHONE, but really... my butter fingers just destroyed a brand new phone, and we didn't have the money so Apple refurbished it was.  I tried to get the care plan, but they wouldn't give it to a refurbished phone.  "Don't worry"  I was told, "Apple's refurbished are just like new.  It will be fine!"

That was a year and a half ago.  A few weeks ago my battery died.  Like, after charging all night it would stay charged for 1-2 hours. I went to apple and they said there was nothing they could do.  I went to my AT&T store and they said they would be happy to let me an upgrade early!!  BUT because of their Apple contracts it couldn't be on an iphone.  I. WAS. HORRIFIED.  How DARE they keep me from my beloved new iphone that I have been DREAMING ABOUT?!  I am an iphone user!  I CANNOT CHANGE!  Except, I have owned two apple phones, and both died before two years was up.  I didn't want to get refurbished again, but if I waited out the rest of my contract with this terrible dying phone and was allowed to get an Apple, the phone would cost me $200, the Care Plan another $100, and the case to protect it another $50.  That's $350.... which, to me, is sorta a lot of money.  But STILL.. I CAN'T LEAVE APPLE!

Except... I did.  Nick and I did a lot of research, we read reviews and we talked to people, and we found out that apparently these people who make Droids know a thing or two about phones.  So... for a total of $10 each (Not $100, TEN.  TEN DOLLARS) We each got a new Samsung Galaxy S II.  (How did Nick get involved?  Don't even get me started.  That boy has needed a new phone for nearly a  decade.)  You guys, it is so awesome. SO. AWESOME.  Everything about it is compatible to Google, and I don't know if you know, but I am a Google girl.  Every picture I have ever put on my blog is already on my phone, because Google owns Blogger.  All my contacts are there because Google Contacts were imported automatically. It has all the voice activated stuff, so I tell it to do things, AND IT DOES! It's like magic!  In a DROID!

I have yet to find a single thing that my iphone did that this phone can't do.  I realize I was using a three generations back iphone.  I do.  So don't consider this a comparison of iphone vs droid. I can't say I love this phone more than I would the iPhone 4s.  But my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is the total shit.  No lie.  Every app I have wanted is free except for People Magazine (shut up. A girl needs her celebrity gossip), the widgets are awesome, it takes great pictures, It is light a thin and honestly rather impressive looking. It cost TEN DOLLARS and if the battery dies or the wifi breaks in the next two years, it is under warranty and I get a new one for free.  For six dollars a month I can get insurance on it, and if I drop it in the lake they will give me a new one. So basically... it makes me happy.  And I wanted to share.

It even has a forward facing camera, which Henry REALLY enjoys.
"MAMA!  MAMA! Take picture with Henry, Mama AND ANGRY BIRDS!"


  1. When our phone carrier finally started carrying the iphone everyone was super excited. My husband caved and got one...and he hated it! In fact, he hated it so much that he finally sold it on Craigslist (for a ridiculous price I might add) and switched to the Samsung Galaxy. We both have one and we really like them. My first smart phone was a Droid too and I am a fan! I think iphones aren't worth all the hype and all the money!

  2. Ike and I need to get new phones and are eligible May 1. That's one we have our eyes on.

    So glad you love it.

  3. I LOVE my Droid:-) its not as new as yours...but I still love it. Chris likes his iPhone...I will stick with Droid:-) rhi

  4. Cheryl and I just got new phones. I got a Droid. I'm thrilled. Cheryl got a Droid and is still not sure. She's an Apple girl and may still switch back to Apple. We have 30 days for her to make a final decision. I have the HTC Vivid Android and I can't imagine anything that I want to do that it won't do. It's very impressive. There is so much "hype" about the I-phone and Apple it almost makes me suspicious.Cheryl has had a lot of problems with her last one. I think she should keep the Droid but it's her decision.